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Becks: Nice To Play In A Full Stadium

Manchester United beat AC Milan at the San Siro last night in what was David Beckham’s first appearance against his former club.

After delivering the cross which lead to Milan’s opening goal, Beckham became more ineffectual as the game went on, and was eventually subbed off with twenty minutes to play.

Beckham recognises Milan paid the price for not putting away their earlier chances, although was pleased to play in front of a full crowd for a change. The 80,000 seater San Siro was sold out last night which made a big change from the average attendance of 40,000 it has had in the league this season.

“I think we played really well in the first half,” said Beckham. “We went a goal up and had three really good chances. If we’d put them away obviously it would have been a different game but you have to put those chances away, especially against a team like Manchester United. In the second half the game opened up and they created a few more chances and they put them away. But Clarence getting the goal doesn’t finish the tie off. We’ll go to Manchester and it’s going to be a tough game, we know that.”

Despite being on the losing team, Beckham still enjoyed the occasions. “It was all right,” he continued. “I enjoyed it. The fans were great to me. It’s great to play in front of a full stadium.”

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    so the San Siro is never full unless they’re playing man united. . . good to know. someone should write a song about that

  2. Costas says:

    Jeez, how much does Berlusconi charge their tickets. I wonder if this is how he gets the funds for his campaigns. :D

  3. ManchestHairUnited says:

    haha “it was alright”

  4. Gee says:

    Its typical of italian fans that and has been for years. If it isnt a big game they dont show up. Even when Juve had a great team only 20000 would turn up to watch some of their games. Sad really!!

  5. KevKev says:

    The San Siro….

    Is never full….

    The San Siro is never full….
    Unless their playing…..Man United….

    The San Siro is NEVER FULL!

  6. Zulu-Malta says:

    80,000 only turned up to see UNITED ! Great desplay and a very good job done by our heroes ! 10x guys cos last night you made me veryyyyyy happy !!!

  7. spencer says:

    The two best things that the managers did were:

    (1) Leanardo starting Beckham, who was hopeless. Only that cross for ronaldinho’s goal but evra should have cleared it. seedorf would have been much better and sadly leanardo will probably learn from that

    (2). Fergie not starting Berbatov

  8. number7shirt says:

    Fair do’s. Heard the United fans singing ‘There’s only one David Beckham’ just after he was taken off. Nice to see. If he did get “too big for the club”, he got what was coming to him when he was sold to Madrid. Was reading an article on here yesterday where everyone was slating him. It’s great to see the real fan’s still appreciate what he did while he was wearing the shirt…

  9. trevor says:


    1 i thought becks did all right, i thought his set peice play was quite good. Ever ball he put into the box was a difficult one to defend. You have singled out becks, did pirlo play better?. Did the other center mid play better? With regards to seedorf, can he last a whole match? Does he play full matches?
    2 Fergie not starting berbatov is irrelevant what Fergie did to was play a 451 formation which only had room for 1 striker which of course is rooney!

  10. wiggsman says:

    Who’s the big dog?

  11. Haakon says:

    “It’s great to play in front of a full stadium.”

    He knew what he was saying.

  12. King Eric says:

    Good to hear the lads singing “theres only one David Beckham”.

  13. spencer says:

    ” i thought becks did all right, i thought his set peice play was quite good. Ever ball he put into the box was a difficult one to defend. You have singled out becks, did pirlo play better?. Did the other center mid play better? With regards to seedorf, can he last a whole match? Does he play full matches?”

    I singled our beckham because there is one player who in my opinion would have been better to start than him. he was rubbish mate. he is a shadow of his former self. and yes seedorf does play full matches. pirlo was OK in my opinion but there is no one really to grab his place regardless. beckham had seedorf as competition. I feared leonardo would pick seedorf but luckily he chose beckham. I was dreading the return match because I would have to read all the ‘SAINT BECKHAM MAKES EMOTIONAL RETURN TO OLD TRAFFORD’ headlines. Aye, the same Beckham who turned down a new contract but seedorf will probably take his place and beckham won’t get a minute

  14. spencer says:

    and yes i liked the fans chanting ‘there is only one david beckham’. i too will give him a good reception in three weeks time. but none of this ‘he was chucked out’ or ‘he is still a good player’ rubbish please

  15. King Eric says:

    Spencer – I saw a bit of the Beckham interview on MUTV last night and found it bizarre when he said “Manchester United is one of those clubs you just don’t want to leave”. Priceless.

  16. wiggsman says:


  17. AlphaRS says:

    Beckham was on the decline when he left United.
    Don’t believe a word he says to be honest with ya.
    His words and his actions are 2 very different things.
    Chased the money to big up the Beckham brand. That’s why he went to America wasn’t it?! He stopped being about football and started being about the brand along time ago. Not the legend Giggs is by a country mile.

  18. Rooney22United says:

    I was actually scared whenever Evans or some one fouled Milan players around that box, having the thought that fuck, Beckham is taking it.

  19. lucasthebest says:

    Becks being Beckham.. being Diplomat .. has to look after his nice image for his wealth… Can’t blame him for that though!

  20. bchilds says:

    “The San Siro…. Is Never Full!”


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