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Becks: United The Best, Fans The Greatest And I Want To Go Back

‘Top red’ David Beckham thinks we’re the best.

“I’d love to go back to United because they are the team I support,” said Beckham. “They’re the best club that I’ve played for, but I’m 34 years old now – I’m getting a little bit older. I was very successful there and made a lot of friends and for me they are the best fans in the world. As a supporter, I’m really happy they’re having a lot of success. Manchester United is always a team that any professional would want to play for.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    take him back right now alex ferguson
    oh no wait its not 1999
    leave him where he is sir alex ferguson
    him and his kids markers

  2. Micky says:

    Is there where everyone who slagged him off next week for saying he’d play against us in the league turns around and says they love him?

    Beckham is a fucking star, and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have won in Barcelona in 99..


  3. RB says:

    I think the idea of playing again for the great Mancunian Republik is out of the question. But wat about fc united becks?

  4. Jack says:

    well said becks..legend

  5. hurr says:

    He should go to Milan. Leave that joke club, joke fan, joke players Galaxy.

  6. 9jmac says:

    if you dump your wife youre more than welcome dave

  7. Wiuru says:

    Not up to us , think the SAF fellah may have something to say about it .

  8. Trevor says:

    Past it! Nothing to offer us if he came!

    Would be up for him joining city tho!!!

  9. Sniper says:

    Well, he always decides to praise united whenever things don’t go too well with his present club. Last time we heard this kind of stuff from him was when he was benched by Capello while at Madrid and they weren’t renewing his contract, and now that he’s getting some well deserved slag from the LA riot, guess what? United fans are the best again.
    I’ve nothing against him and I admired him while he was at united but I don’t really like all this “I was forced out” , “I still love the club”, kind of nonsense. He’s a moron for having gone there. Did anyone force him to go? He wanted to live in beverly hills,didn’t he?

  10. Mic says:

    I’d take him back, if anything on a similar contract to Owen and just think of the shirt sales across the globe! Would be quality! Legend.

  11. ash says:

    no i wont buy him . i admired this guy and still do but i think he will be blocking a place of a young player but maybe i would bring beckam as a assistant manager or something like zidane is now with real madrid.

  12. Jack says:

    @ sniper
    becks knows he wasnt forced out and he does love the club, his been a man utd fan all of his life so of course he does.
    i’d have him back, not to play in the prem but we could use him in the carling cup, fa cup etc

  13. herdino says:

    for me, still the real United number 7 after Eric Cantona…Legend..

  14. Jack says:

    i cant see him ever comeing back anyway, i dont think it would happen but i’d love it if it did happen or do something like what ash said.

  15. Sunday says:

    we still love him anyway!!!
    but he should wait for others to shine because united has been a ground for stars to shine.

  16. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    micheal owen is your number 7
    get behind him

  17. Macheda is GOD says:

    dont want that cunt becks
    You already played the english “challenge”
    go feck off to germany

  18. kel says:

    Actually i be happy to see him come back. He learn his lessons. I bet now he has less bodyguard and will train hard. If we are able to buy him cheap and take less salaries, i could like to see him back. It could be a dream as he is more mature and no big ego. Hope my wish can come true.

  19. Tony Starks says:

    Let’s get him back – Purely for commercial reasons!

  20. Y.k says:

    I will love to have him at united because he was a hero at united and he will always be

  21. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Tony Starks if nani has it he wont tap into it while siting on the bench
    my favourite signing of the summer valencia will find it hard to et to grips with the team sitting on a bench
    beckham will stunt the team
    he cannot give anything fresh to manchester united
    and the fact that he can sell shirts doesnt stop the growth of this team

  22. Sniper says:

    Let’s not get him and have city dominate the back pages. I fhe comes back then it’s back to becks and family.

  23. King Eric says:

    herdino – Robbo > Beckham.

  24. mancstan says:

    kel, maybe you are right.

    He (and his bint of a hasbeen wife) got way too big for their boots. But hey, we got Ronaldo in to replace him.

    Would I have him back????? He is after one last hurrah to bunce up HIS image, and it being world cup year and all.

    With no transfer fee and low salary, maybe. But he would have to train like fuck and be happy as part of the squad.

    As an aside, anybody hate that cunt stevie me???? anyone?

  25. Jack says:
    off topic anyone watching serbia u19s .. lajlic playing i think

  26. 20legend says:

    We all hate stevie me. Beckham was a great player for us but he’s a cunt. He isn’t a United fan and he never was. His comments about Real Madrid being the greatest club in the world and all that have burnt his bridges with United. I hate that bastard.

  27. Jack says:

    becks isnt a utd fan hahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahahahha ok then 20legend also where did he say madrid are the greatest club in the world

  28. the redmod says:

    we’d only be taking him back for nostalgic reasons,i do like Becks,but there’s nothing he can offer us now,think it’s best to keep him confined to our memories…you mean…stevie (me mates u’ll take the heat for me) wee…(cos thats what he smells like).

  29. herdino says:

    @ Gotta hate tiny tears n King Eric, i mean after Eric Cantona’s departure,number 7 is so DB,not ronaldo nor owen, evnthough ronaldo is better than him ,but his charisma still stuck in that number..and of course Robbo is bigger than becks, but here im talkin’ after cantona’s era ..i will choose George Best indeed, if i have to choose the best #7 ever..n owen, hes already our player, so i just wish owen to give his best for us..

  30. kel says:

    I not sure if it is good for him to come back as it might not be too much games for him to play as our squad is big and there might be no place for him. However, if he is able to come back, we might have a very very good free kick specialist and also for commercial reasons. if he able to come back, it means Ronaldo will be able to come back too if he wants.

  31. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    george best wore 7 8 9 and 11
    and a few times in 10 when law was out

  32. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    when ryan giggs burst on the sceen
    george best was the greatest number 11 in the history of football

  33. rdhanson says:

    Becks is a traitor.
    He saw the money and went for it. That’s a Mercenary. Exactly what we’re trying to avoid.
    Fuck Tevez!
    Fuck Ronaldo!
    Fuck Beckham!

  34. Matt says:

    Well, its all fair what you say – he fucked off when he shouldn’t have.

    But he still can put a cross in from the right with awesome accuracy as good as anyone else in the world – there are going to be days when that will be exactly what we need. With our new look strike line up, I think he could play an important role for us – low transfer fee and pay as you play wages. I’d fucking love to see him come home. He is awesome.

  35. willierednut says:

    I used to be a becks hater, but lets be honest he was a top player for us and as some1 has already said he played a big part in us winning the treble, so i give becks repect but i dont think he shud come back.

  36. Tufty says:

    Funny how Beckham suddenly starts making good comments about utd, when he knows his acreer is at the end and he needs Utd. Obviously angling for a Bobby Charlton type ambassador role.
    For a lifelong Utd fan, strange how he didnt know who he wanted to win when utd played Liverpool a few years back, as Ive got mates in both camps, maybe a draw” were his comments at the time.
    “Maybe a draw” “Mates in both camps”, you wouldnt hear any Utd fan come up with that.

  37. Jack says:

    becks is always saying good things about utd and i highly doubt becks said that…some people read the papers to much

  38. rdhanson says:

    Becks never says a good word against United because it’s bad business!! Imagine how many fans he’d instantly lose – bad for his profit.

    Loved him while he played for us – but fuck him!!!

  39. Dave Mack says:

    I fiqure 90% of those who hate Becks and wouldn’t have him back are also glad Ronaldo’s gone. There are some people, a high percentage that post on this site, that don’t understand how football works in the 21st century or can accept players who combine great ability with “star attraction”.
    Anyone who has watched Beckham’s performances for Milan would surely have to agree that he would be a good addition to our squad if we got him on the right terms. And DB’s been consistent about the fact that he always was and always will be a United supporter. (Of course there’s always morons like rdhanson who think he only says that for the money ….like he needs it!!!)

  40. 20LEgend says:

    Fergie won’t..but I would
    Remember the free kicks…

  41. red rossa says:

    macheda is god ur a legend, dead right feck off to germany or saudi arabia if you want another ‘challenge’ ;)

  42. Ted Pere Challi says:

    Yes, he left us for Real Madrid and could have gone to any Premiership Club had he chosen to… but he did not. Why? … Because he is a Manchester United fan through and through. Wife or no wife, he is one man Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United and we, the fans, can depend on 100% even at 34. Perhaps we should do a Mark Hughes and bring him back. He will repay in kind … maybe even more than expected.

  43. RedMist says:

    All you people knocking Becks should try reading a good book instead of vomitting up all the same shit the tabloids spew on Becks.
    Always talks up United, never puts us down, and if anyone has seen him watching a United game since he left, you’d know he was a genuine United.
    Leave the lad alone, ffs.

    Have a pop at Stevie “self defence” Me if you want to rip a real cunt.

  44. Dave Mack says:

    Well said @RedMist,
    Great to see there’s still plenty of support for Becks. I very much doubt that he will ever play for us again but there is absolutely no doubt who he supports.

  45. Saad says:

    @ GTHH…. love your attitude mate, always look forward to your comments

  46. Saad says:

    oops sorry…. GHTT

    juz the insomnia gettin to me

  47. Red Rupert says:

    “Yes, he left us for Real Madrid and could have gone to any Premiership Club had he chosen to… but he did not. Why? … Because he is a Manchester United fan through and through. Wife or no wife, he is one man Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United and we, the fans, can depend on 100% even at 34. Perhaps we should do a Mark Hughes and bring him back. He will repay in kind … maybe even more than expected”.

    erm, oi fanboy…..never mind any Premiership Club , he should’ve stayed put and put as much effort into his last two years at United as he did for Ingerlund.

    I’ve nothing against Becks apart from him wanting to go to Madrid and the Alice band affair.

    Becks back at United? More chance of Taibi making a comeback.

  48. man_utd123 says:

    beckhamwas the best…..
    the ultimate duo of beckham from right and giggs from left….
    what an attacking force…..


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