After United and Chelsea scored late winners this weekend, it was a pretty miserable time for the scousers. Liverpool take on Everton tonight in a game they must win if they want to go back to the top of the table.

Just like before their important game against Stoke, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has been talking about United again. Will he ever learn?

“When you win, you are right. When you don’t, you are not. That’s what people will say,” said Benitez. “That is a very simple analysis and I’d hope people are cleverer than that. I am 100 per cent sure the players are focused. When I talk to them they understand the position and they understand what it will take to stay at the top. I think what I said will help us for the rest of the season for different reasons. One is that it will take some of the pressure off the players. And I was really pleased to see the TV cameras following Mr Ferguson and the referees at Old Trafford last week! But the players are not distracted. They have been training really well.”

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