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Benitez: United Are Top Whilst We’re Struggling For Top Four

Last season, things were looking good for Liverpool to win their 19th title, until Rafael Benitez opened his big gob.

Ahead of Liverpool’s game against Stoke, Benitez chose to dedicate his pre-match press conference to Sir Alex Ferguson, bringing a long sheets of carefully prepared notes, claiming to have several “facts” about our manager.

Unfortunately, his facts were unfounded opinions and he came across as a rambling mad man, more concerned with United and our manager than his own team.

Liverpool drew three games in a row before being knocked out of the FA Cup by Everton, whilst United won game after to game to go top of the table, then later were named champions, equalling LFC’s record 18 titles.

Benitez has today acknowledged that he’s in no position to enter a war of words with our manager, given that we are challenging for the title whilst they are struggling to even make the top four.

“We both said a lot of things last year but this year is different,” said Benitez. “They are at the top of the table and we have to do our job to be in the top four, so the main thing for me is to concentrate on my team. I had a relationship with him before, and now I know him a little better, though we do not talk. There is the personal relationship and the professional one, and you have to separate them.”

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  1. Sammylad says:

    Guys a prick, and we owe them a good hyding!

    Roll on tomo!!!!!

  2. scruffynat says:

    love the smell of reality in the morning eh, Rafa?

  3. Wayne Wonder Rooney says:

    Sir Alex > Rafa, Wenger, Ancelloti
    Glory Glory Man United

  4. Costas says:

    Personal relationship? After his famous rant?

  5. Xyth says:


  6. Brio the Red says:

    Let’s us give him a beating of his life so that he learns some respect.FACTS INDEED!

  7. Stephen says:

    We have a better relationship but don’t talk??? Sounds like mine with the Mrs!

  8. Wayne Wonder Rooney says:

    Lol Costas… Nice one hehe

  9. Wayne Wonder Rooney says:

    How much Michael Owen would have wanted to play this one :-(
    We miss u Micky!

  10. Brio the Red says:

    If FSW hadn’t been a manager he would have been a strip dancer or a choirmaster! Lol. At the rate he’s going I suspect he actually does these ‘things’ part time at ‘unfilled’.

  11. Lexxy says:

    He’s learnt his lesson

  12. Brio the Red says:

    The sheepish Dirk Kuyt has opened his mouth & declared his own set of FACTS. Incredible! as if we needed any more catalyst to ram it down their throats. Scumbugs.

  13. Costas says:

    Sir Alex hasn’t beaten Liverpool without Quieroz at his side in almost 7 years. Time to set the record straight.

    @Wayne Wonder Rooney

    Yeah me too. :( I wanted Mikey to score the winner in this fixture

  14. Wayne Wonder Rooney says:

    Does that mean we miss Quieroz? No! The main reason is we haven’t been taking them seriously because they aint good enough lol can’t wait

  15. Costas says:

    No it doesn’t mean that we miss Quieroz. Just that we approached those games much better from a tactical standpoint IMO. 7 years doesn’t tell the entire story though. The actual number of games is 4. And 4 defeats. :( Until tomorrow hopefully.

  16. Costas says:

    Lol, another nice stat is that the last 6 games have featured 5 red cards. 4 for us and 1 for them. So much for “Mr Ferguson” controlling the refs…

  17. SnitchForBucks says:

    Rafa is a fat ignorant prick.

  18. jonathan OGBE says:

    personal relationship………!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder…………. many managers made a rant……….. that turned out to kill liverpool……………best to put it suicide……………. Benitez was the intiator of the mind game….. but now he knows it and admited it that he will never do it again…………………..

  19. kevin says:

    Exactly what he did last year – try and talk up how they are underdogs and how they really need the win to get them into a battling mindset.

    Let’s hope Fergies gets our boys revved up properly this time and Nani has a blinder

  20. King Eric says:

    Costas – Surely two sending’s off for the dippers mate isn’t it? Bet you forget that Mascherano was sent off at Anfield this season in the dying minutes?

  21. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Oh year. I totally forgot about it. So it’s 6 reds in the last 6. 4-2 in our favour. I don’t see anyone getting sent off tomorrow though. Not from our team anyway…

  22. King Eric says:

    Costas – Yeah I saw it on a clip last night, as I had forgot as well. They keep talking about how our defence is the “weak link”. They are convinced Vida will have a nightmare again. To be fair apart from the hoof over the top which due to the wind he mistimed badly he has done ok. WILL NOT get sent off again. Anyway how the fuck is the defence the weak link? No goals conceded at home in the league since December 12th. Yeah real weak.

  23. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    The midfield has been the issue in my opinion. Look at the last 3 games they beat us in. Carrick-Scholes, Carrick-Ando and Carrick-Scholes again. Not the best combinations for a big game, especially when you play 4-4-2. With Fletcher adding extra bite in the midfield area, we should give the defence proper protection this time.

    In fairness to the waiter though, he did say that he expected Vidic to be focused this time. He won’t get sent off, but he must pay attention to the ladyboy and not get fooled if he acts like he is hurting…

  24. Zulu-Malta says:


  25. willierednut says:

    Stop talking a lot of wafaaaaaaaaaa

  26. Fze123 says:

    KRAP indeed. There isn’t any manager around who can do his job better than Rafa is at the moment.

  27. Manchuchu says:

    Manuel can eat a bag of dicks

  28. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    18 Times soon to be 19 AND THATS A FACT!!!

  29. wayne says:

    the guys a fucking idiot not sure why he’s so rated

  30. lidija says:

    just masacre them tomorow – same as fucking italians – humiliate them- so they remember and fear us forever


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