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Berba: Big Step Down After United

Dimitar Berbatov turned 30 this year and after missing out on the Champions League final squad, looked to be on his way out of the club. However, the Bulgarian has shown his determination to stick at it.

Speaking from the USA tour, Berbatov has reflected on how he would like the fans to remember him.

“As a good player, doing things the fans enjoyed,” Berba said. “I always tend to think my goals are beautiful goals. That is what I want to score; beautiful goals, and create beautiful chances.”

Berba has also reiterated his determination to stay at the club, claiming that moving on anywhere else would be a step down.

“Smaller clubs might be able to match Manchester United with the way they play, with their organisation, everything. But Manchester United are at the top,” he continued. “Where can you go from there? Maybe Barcelona. At the moment, I don’t see anything else. If you go somewhere else it is a big step down. I come from a small country. I have the good fortune to play for Manchester United. For the time I am here I try to do my best and win everything there is to win. There is no other way I can play.”

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  1. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ moscow JT – you don’t want to read, skip my comment jack ass – yours wasn’t particularly interesting

  2. wayne says:

    I really just have to shake my head,honest to God Berba haters are just very obtuse people with no understanding of football.Berba is world class there isn’t one team who wouldn’t take him.
    What really gets me mad is without him utd wouldn’t have won 19 and all the haters show no loyalty towards him whatsoever and are prepared to forgive Rooney who treated the club,the players and Sir Alex as bad as anyone has.
    Sorry I don’t give a fuck if you’re all season ticket holders,slagging berba off and giving him no respect makes all of you a disgrace.Onion head or whatever the fuck the name is.Those comments smartalex dug up,how can you write such vile shit and claim to be a fan,that isn’t expressing a point of view,that’s being a total cunt

  3. smartalex says:

    NBI Red Onion

    It is in the best interest of the team not to attack the players viciously with lies.

    Don’t do that, and we’ll be fine.

    Have an opinion and express it. That’s what this space is for.

  4. Twenty20 says:

    @ smartalex

    I am afraid I with @ Tears you apart, @ GoatinaUnitedshirt, @ fergie is the boss and NBI Red Onion on this one – at least they try to explain their point of view and it’s worth reading, I am not sure why you are so upset.

    I have to say I am curious to see where lots of the players will fit in with the goalie and back four fairly settled and covered and Javier and Rooney first choice strikers, I would expect Nani/Valencia/Young, Fletcher/Anderson, Carrick/Cleverly, I also think Young plays well behind the striker, I saw him play when Villa played United and he is a powerful little player and can really pick a pass.

    I find it difficult to see where experiened players like Berbatov will get games while giving Wellbeck, Macaeda and Diouf experience, which is the reason why great servants like Bown and O’Shea left. I have a preference for bringing United players through and I can see Wellbeck doing a job behind a lead striker and I would rather bring him on. Also with Young and Valencia we have great crossers and Javier, Rooney and Wellbeck are better headers of the ball that Berbatov in my opinion as he likes the ball played in to his feet.

  5. willierednut says:

    Fuck Tevez, love Berba!

    Quote me on that!


  6. smartalex says:

    Fuck Tevez, love Berba!

    (with credit to WRD)

  7. fergie is the boss says:

    CedarsDevil – This summer was always about a reshape and moving players not needed and coming to an end of their careers which was the case with VDS Gneville and scholes, not careers who have loads to offer. I always say selling oshea still seems a strange one and even keeping owen when we are not greatly stocked at the back, and have a ton of options upfront, unless the boss cannot agree terms with berbatov ,could it be a case of, the boss preparing for berbatov’s departure in summer 2012.

  8. Scolar Visari says:

    Wouldn’t fuck Tevez if I was gay and horny.

  9. King Eric says:

    Cedars. Yes good thanks and thank you for asking. December seventeenth. I appreciate that mate.

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    All the best my friend, and I hope you are rubbing Mrs Eric’s feet as much as you can…. Pregnant women love that!

  11. smartalex says:

    Laughing loudly at CedarsDevil’s descriptive Mrs Eric!

  12. willierednut says:

    Fuck the feet Cedars! Only one thing I want rubbed mate ha ha ha ha

  13. CedarsDevil says:


    Glad you laughed buddy…. I guess I was inspired by our friend TonyBee who always refers to his wife as Mrs TonyBee! Hahaha


    Well you ain’t getting that from King Eric anytime soon I can assure you! :-)

  14. Zibbie says:

    @willie that makes me laugh every time.
    Herpes simplex 10 lol.
    Tell him Ramoan from the other night is here to see Mr. Mateland.

  15. willierednut says:

    No banana in the tailpipe! Lol.

  16. Zibbie says:

    Welcome to the madness in the shade of Red. You and the Mrs a big hello from Dubuque Iowa USA.
    Thanks for your sentiments and let me say sorry to you and the Mrs. for my past and future attacks on people. The future part we be much more civil as most here know how feel. Attack ones opinion, call it foolish, stupid a ravaged Syphilitic brain conclusion. But leave the cunt personal attacks to the Liverpool fools the Chity fans and the Leeds scum ECT. ECT. ECT. BBBUUUUZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

  17. Zibbie says:

    The brother sounding all honky like…. lol !!!!!!!!!

  18. Zibbie says:

    wee wes will come, so say’s Gill.
    When will SAF be Lord Alex? Just say it out loud, Lord Alex….. evil scientist laugh here__________ mmmmuuuHHHHAAAHHHAAAMMMUUHHAAAAAHHHAAAHHHAAAMMMMMMMMMUUUUUHHHAAAHHHA!

  19. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Thankful for Berba, he gives me hope. Hope for loyal true players.

  20. Manchuchu says:

    Berbatov is a great player.

    Whether or not he’s a great United player destined to go into the hall of greats, I have to say he still has got some way to go.

    I remain unconvinced but I’m more wanting him to prove me wrong. I would
    love him to be up there like Cantona. A talisman on who’s performance and attitude can drive and spur on the entire team.

    That being said I do want to slap him in the face when he’s having a bad day and we see him throwing his little whiny hissy fits at everyone at himself. Those days, he really doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt.

    But I got Chicharito’s shirt. Not Berbatovs so I guess I know what kind of player attitudes I like more..


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