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Berba: I love United but it’s time to go

Dimitar Berbatov has today confirmed he wants to leave the club after hardly getting a look in on the team last season. Despite being the Premier League top scorer the season before, Berbatov only played in 12 league games last season. He scored 7 goals in these brief appearances but that wasn’t enough to convince the manager he should be anything better than fourth choice.

“The truth is, I love this club, but I am not going to be useful to anyone, if I am not playing,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “And I want to play, I want to help. But for unknown reasons it’s not going to happen, or my chances will be limited, so it’s better for everyone if we say goodbye. If not, I am professional and I will keep doing everything I can, to help my team and my team-mates, whenever I have opportunity to do so. Because I am tired of speculation, I am telling you this. I read the papers and I see they say £10m is my price. I go and talk with Sir Alex [Ferguson], and he says to me £5m, so who is telling the truth, what do you think?”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    Head & Shoulders Shampoo……….Oh sorry its Shamboo

    The day RvP signs for us I pledge to sky dive from the roof of my building shouting ‘fuck yessss’ However it sadly will never happen

  2. Costas says:

    @Marq at 00:15

    Great question. That’s what I’ve asked myself for over a year now. If that decision was based only on football reasons, then it begs the question as to why Owen never came on in the 2nd half.


    Hi mate. I fully agree with you about the “he didn’t fight for his spot” notion. I think we’ve distanced ourselves enough by now to realize that Sir Alex wanted to give more time to his young strikers. And that was going to happen regardless of how well Berbatov did. Because no one can honestly tell me that Berbatov was playing like a 4th choice striker last December. When he scored 6 in 3 games, was average the next week at Newcastle (no more than his partner on the day mind you) and then started only 2 out of our next 24 games. And like I’ve said before, there were times during the last 4 months of last season that Danny and Chicha didn’t look like 2nd and 3rd choices either. But Fergie made up his mind and went with youth (I wish he had done the same with our midfield). So in my estimation Berbatov did what he had to do (a fact confirmed by Fergie complimenting his professionalism).

  3. Devil310 says:

    ALERT ALERT – RvP spotted in Manchester…..

    I got the news from my father’s cousin and former roommate who his sister in law’s netew is best friends with someone that used to work at old Trafford park time. the source says he say a Dutch man going inside old Trafford.

    Might be Rene tho :P

  4. CedarsDevil says:


    Ha ha ha

  5. dapdan says:

    Berbatov can still be the first choice striker for most of the teams in Premier League. When he accepted Park’s demands and let him go, I don’t know why he is not letting Berbatov go. Truly a sad situation.
    But Berbatov, what a professional. RESPECT !!

  6. Sandeep1878 says:


    Morning buddy,

    Bad luck with your lads at the Euros..

    its Spain yet again..

    but well done Greece lads,

    @ Balaji, Cedars,

    who is that ID thief?

    drop me an Email ;)

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    So because he had the golden boot (he was the joint top scorer with another player, not overall top) then he should be guaranteed a place?. Whatever a player did in the previous season is noted but now irrelevant, the playe has to step up again in order to keep his place. If that’s the case then madrid should have stuck with raul.

    Berbatov was never gonna be a sustained first choice. He has the talent but hasn’t got that more required to stay at the top at high pressure club like united. It’s a fact and i know some will invent every excuses to make berbatov the vulnerable victim but it’s football, an industry in which the most ruthless and courageous succeed. The manager has to make decisions that are important for the club.

    I can only assume owen didn’t get on the pitch to “Nick” united a goal because united were chasing shadows for majority of the game, owen or berbatov coming on would have made no difference. I still feel he should have made the bench at the very least for that final but banging on about some golden boot he won a while ago is tedious now.

  8. Devil310 says:

    Lol…apologies for the bad joke. This whole Berba leaving thing got me in a weird mood.

    I’m exited to see the boys play, though. Looking forward is the name of the game.

  9. Sandeep1878 says:


    go check how many goals Berba scored in how many starts in the immediate season after the golden boot season..

    agreed previous season shouldnt be a measure to ti giver berth for starts in the games.

    but that point arises if Berba was given chances and all the more if he failed in them on the trot..

    no that’s not true..


    Berba was shit is a poor excuse..

    if anybody tells me he dint fit in, i will accept and move on..

    look at the strike rate of Berba and you can compare that with 4 strikers..

  10. Sandeep1878 says:


    I believe the reason we are not letting berba go is Keane is injured, Berba is a back up for Roo, Danny and Chico..,

    Danny welbeck is burn out..

    along with Rooney..

    we cant bank on two young strikers in danny and Chico with all respect to them..

    we need some other striker for cup games..

  11. CedarsDevil says:

    Sandy Baby

    No need for anyone to email you mate, just be ‘smart’ enough and you will get it

  12. Jeet says:

    Not to get on Zibbie’s tits, but just as Berba should not have been able to take things for granted after winning the golden boot, similarly Rooney should not have been “nursed back” into the starting XI after ambitiongate, juicyjenny-gate and the subsequent american fitness exile – that too at the expense of the former, who till then had been banging them in.

    Rooney as a footballer > Berba is an opinion I can understand (though frankly debatable IMO)

    Rooney fitting in with SAF’s plans more than Berba is something that I can understand (I may choose
    to disagree though)

    But there is no question in mind as to who has been a better professional, and respected the club more over the last 2 years…

    As Stateside Aussie got it spot on in one of his recent posts – loyalty is a 2-way street. Frankly, most clubs don’t think twice, and neither do the players.

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Phil jones bird streaks – i think you’ll find that’s what you call a player reinventing himself on the pitch and being more mature.

    Rooney would usually do everything you’ve pointed out. rampaging bull like runs. smash them in, curl them in, try do the spectacular in every game and take the glory but he scored fewer goals, he was mainly a supporting cast to the phenomenal cristiano Ronaldo. Rooney has developed now, he’s the main focus in team, most attacks are either ignited or are finished by him. He’s more of an efficient, clinical striker these days. He’s there to bag goals.

    I agree that Berbatov has more technique. His touch and awareness can be brilliant but that’s not enough to get a starting place. You need to perform and as much as i respect berba, i feel he didn’t step enough in key games.

    My conclusion is, berbatov is a quality player but in the wrong team to make true use of his talent. At spurs, the team was built around him, everything went through him. At united, he had to prove himself over again. For a following couple of seasons, he didn’t quite live up to his reputation and transfer fee. He still always showed glimpses of what people could expect but he didn’t do enough. The season in which he scored 20 goals was his best. FERGIE, however always left him out in key crucial games. Indicating that he hasn’t got full trust in the bulgarian.

    Welbeck gets lambasted for starting more games and not scoring enough but he just returned from a loan spell, still not experienced enough, still not composed enough. Welbeck suited/suits the fast flowing counter attacking game FERGIE wants, so does hernandez. This is why they’re ahead, they both are more likely to adapt to united’s style than a slower berba.

    I feel berba departing would be good for him and the club. The issue is dragging on & on.

  14. Sandeep1878 says:


    You mean the safari lad?

    dont tell me,

    by the way, where the heck is Albertex?

  15. Sandeep1878 says:


    well said,

    Berbatov has got the wrong bill many a times..

    on the other hand, this is not to hate or something against Rooney, but he has got preferential treatment because he is english and he is a fucking global star..

    anyway the Rooney ambitiongate is a different debate all together..

    Berba dint fit in or we diont make him to fit in can be acceptable but Berba is shit is not acceptable..

  16. Sandeep1878 says:

    corection – not because he is english..

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Sandeep – no One is saying berbatov is shit. He’s a classy player that would start at most clubs but he doesn’t blend in with the way the manager wants his team playing. It’s the manager’s choice.

    Let’s be honest, berbatov has done well here. Has won titles and cups but he hasn’t lived up to both his personal expectations and the club’s. Maybe united should have known what they were getting themelves into, what sort of player he is and whether he suits the team’s style. He seems a marquee signing, FERGIE thought he found another cantona to glue up an already formidable attack at the time. Problem is, berba has all the skill but he lacks that more to really own oldtrafford as his stage.

    Me personally, i respect berbatov. Both as a player and a man but i also look at football as a ruthless sport. If you’re not living up to the hype then someone will grab your chance. It also happens in other way round in terms of players holding the club to ransom and pissing off. Harsh world of football.

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    You can’t pick players based on nationalities. The idea that Rooney gets picked because he’s english is confusing. How does that benefit FERGIE? he’s a born and bred scot, he wouldn’t do england any favours.

  19. lordrt says:

    Cannot blame the man for wanting to leave, he has been a gentleman so far in his approach and yes deserved more involvement last season, but alas he was overlooked by SAF and was left on the bench most of the times. His attitude also shows that he’s not one of those mercenaries around, he wants to keep on playing instead of wasting his talent warming the bench and collecting fat wages at the end of the week.. IF only he had played more games last season, who knows we could have won the league instead of those bitter-heads…

  20. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    Great comments from Berba and agree he handles himself with ciomplete class and dignity.

    Fans who are having a go at SAF saying we have traeeted him unfairly need to realise to be the best club in teh worl you have to be ruthless. Fergie will never bend over to be nice he does what he feels is best for the team. Berba states above he has spoken to SAF and he has been advised he can go for 5m, you cant say fairer than that.

    Wether or not he was top goal scorer the year before he has never really hit top form for us. Sometimes its square pegs and round holes and unfortuantely for Berba he doesnt fit.

  21. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    I love Berba but he joined United at the wrong time. We are in a rebuilding era. Trying to get younger blood in. Unofortunate that a man with such a big heart like Berbatov had to go through this. I wish him all the best. It is best to get some money for him now rather than let him walk. Too good to join someone else on a free.

  22. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    LMAO for people claiming Fergie picks based on nationality. Wayne Rooney is THE BEST player we have. Whether you want to admit it or not is irrelevant. His goals kept us in that title race last year… FACT. this has completely NOTHING to do with nationality. stop that nonsense.

  23. idriys says:

    do not leave dimitar berbatov we still love, u play a big roll for united, u will do better coming season

  24. Utd4life says:

    I don’t think the Gaffer ever picks players on nationalities but I do think he has a soft spot for Rooney which could explain why the Gaffer did everything in his power to keep Rooney here during ambition gate. Yes, Rooney is the best player in the team and is probably the only superstar we have in the team but I have never seen the Gaffer go to the extent of speaking about such a sensitive issue in a press conference. Anyways, before people think I am a Rooney hater, let me just clarify that I am not but I am merely pointing out that the Gaffer probably does have a soft spot for Rooney which made it easier for Rooney to get back into the team after the ambition gate episode.

  25. DreadedRed says:

    Fred and Jeet – Good day sirs!

    You may remember advising me to rather re-use my old username “DreadedRed” as a way to avoid this blog becoming re-contaminated by sachu posting comments while falsely using my preferred username.

    Your advice was good, and I hope that I will not be targeted by that cretin.

    The fact that I am using a name that many quality old-timers (WillieRedNut and Costas, for example) on RoM would immediately recognise confirms categorically that NO deception of locals was or is intended by me. The opposite is patently true. Further, my obvious retention of somewhat unique linguistic style reinforces the simple conclusion that I am not hiding from the forum.

    WillieRedNut and Costas – Good day sirs! You both immediately knew who I am, and chose only to allude to it. I believe that you realised that I was not hiding from you, as I would not use this name if that was my intention. Thank you for that.

    CedarsDevil – you claim that you always had my back. This is a lie.
    You were never my friend, nor will you likely ever be.
    I was your friend and still am, for true friendship transcends all.
    You have no qualities that I aspire to.

    Happy days!

  26. AlphaRS says:

    As I said when United signed him. The guy won’t fit in to the United system.
    He is too slow and holds up play for too long.
    Yes he scored a hat trick against Liverpool but hasn’t done much else in 4 years.
    Bye bye Berbatov.

  27. Sandeep1878 says:

    Danny and Samuel,


    my post was immediately followed by correction post saying not because he is english..


    Hope you guys read that..


    yeah sometimes its frustrating but still I WILL STAND UP AND SAY all other strikers have got more chances than Berbatov even when they were in poor form..

    its not like Berba fell behind those strikers in goals scored per minutes,

    its just that we wanted to fast track young strikers,

    nothing to do with Berba not doing enough to force a starting XI. thta’s not true..

    in my opinion he did enough to force thriough the team wheneve he got the chance..

    we people defend other strikers for not scoring in games like at Etihad, they defend saying it was a defensive strategy in the game..

    but with Berbatov, no such defenses..even if he misses a single chance, the fans are all over him talking about it for months..

    how much the fellow reds rate him in that 19th tells you the whole story..

    anyway let it go..



  28. slim says:

    Anyone concerned about the defensive part of the squad.
    Everyones made the assumption that visas come back will be smooth as a baby bottom.
    Rio and Evans fitness is a cause for concern.
    Smalling and Jones still being eased in.
    A shrewd CB signing might do wonders for the squad

  29. slim says:

    Anyone concerned about the defensive part of the squad.
    Everyones made the assumption that
    vidas come back will be smooth as a baby bottom.
    Rio and Evans fitness is a cause for concern.
    Smalling and Jones still being eased in.
    A shrewd CB signing might do wonders for the squad

  30. Marq says:


    Berbatov won us No.19, period

  31. Costas says:


    Good morning pal. Nothing to thank us about really. I have no problem with anyone changing their usernames. God knows the one you introduced yourself with over here got utterly ruined by our loveable troll. I didn’t think you were trying to hide anyway. You’ve made it clear who you really were in the past and your eloquent writing is a giveaway. :)


    Yeah, didn’t go well last night mate. The Spaniards were better and they fully deserved it. Their second juniors’ Euro in a row. They’ve done an excellent job of caltivating their home grown talent and the results are evident in all categories.

  32. CedarsDevil says:

    Never had your back? You ungrateful tit……..Thanks for showing your true colours though

  33. DreadedRed says:


    Thank you for your encouraging confirmation that my true colours are clearly evident.

    I am pleased to know that the care I take to represent myself and my views, is worthwhile.

    The readers on RoM hail from all over the world. Their native tongues include all the major languages and many of the various dialects. I find it very difficult to structure my comments such that all may clearly understand me and my view. I am disheartened when readers state that my submissions cannot be understood or not worth reading. I have always hoped that through perseverance and considerate attention I might improve my comments to a level where my truth is easily apparent to all.

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Showing my true colours is paramount.

  34. AlphaRS says:

    If you say so mate.
    If he is that good why can’t he get a game?

  35. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    This thread is probably dead now but agree with the comments supporting Berbatov obviously. Class act sad to see him go and should have played more of a role last season, wasn’t even on the bench vs Wigan away. A game which we lost and our forwards were shit that day.

    There will always be comparisons with Rooney, people need to just relaise that instead of slagging off United players and their supporters. Never forget 2010 and the vitriol thrown at him and there’s one or two who still act like the cunts that were on here slagging him off back then.

    He’ll be sold by the window, hopefully abroad wouldn’t want to see him at another PL team. Thanks for scoring a hat trick vs the vermin on my birthday. Not appreciated by many but was by me.

  36. Jay says:

    Seriously I don’t get why Berbatov is receiving this treatment, he needs to be a bit more ruthless. I can now see why agents are important for footballers. Berbatov and his agent seem to have a lot of respect for Manchester United so they are not acting aggressively. To me it seems like acting aggressively is what’s the clubs and managers take notice of. Look at Rooney and his agent and now recently Van Persie for Arsenal. Being amicable and pleasant gets you nowhere, he deserves better than this. It would be like Mourinho dropping Ronaldo to play Callejon instead. I wasn’t even his biggest fan but if you want players to respect the club you need to give the respect back to players. I understand why players are not loyal to clubs now, they have to do what is best for themselves. He does not want to waste away on the bench and why should he? He is 31 and still has it in him to play well. If United are looking for top money how do they expect to get that if they do not play him.

  37. james21 says:

    Berba is no more a red. Fucking brilliant now can we bring in Carroll.

    Good afternoon mate. You can have my back, its fucked. :D

  38. CedarsDevil says:

    Will address you for the last time, dreaded what ever the fuck…………I did have your back you ungrateful tit…..Remember all the songs you donated for me? Remember the passion we shared for Sir Alex? Remember Shine on You Crazy Diamond? And you fucking dare call me a liar…..

    You are finished as far as I am concerned, good thing too…….You’re too fucking weird

  39. mickjk says:

    Honestly Berbs has been mistreated badly. Such a talent.

  40. Niklusbee says:

    Absolute class. Treated shamefully by us. no excuses. All the best Berbaaaa

  41. Sir Alex says:

    Love the lad to bits. Class act. Love him on and off the field. I’m sure he’ll be loved where ever he goes next.

  42. parryheid says:

    seems like I am suddenly a ghost as I cant get on Mozilla firefox where I originally opened my account and now on explorer which I have never used I’m a ghost

  43. parryheid says:

    This is weird how the hell can I be told no personwith my username or email exists in fact how the hell can I be on here?

  44. DreadedRed says:

    Anyone seen parryheid?

  45. parryheid says:

    This is something else just tried again but no luck suppose if I persist who knows,

  46. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Still can’t fathom how we’ve managed to disrespect a fantastic guy like him, and I’m honestly peeved at ourselves.

    Really Berba, don’t go, I’ve got loads of man-love for you. and on top of them, you’re just a class act. but if you do, you’ve got loads of support!


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