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Berba: I play for a club I love, the biggest club

Speaking with Paddy Crerand in an interview for MUTV, Dimitar Berbatov has again reaffirmed his love for Manchester United.

“My mind was always set on joining Manchester United,” he said. “How can you not go to United? I don’t play for money. I play for glory and winning championships. I’m happy here. My family is together in Manchester. I hear people complain about the weather, there’s nothing to do and the food. But, for me, it’s not like that. I play for a club I love, the biggest club, and everything else doesn’t matter.”

Reflecting on United’s initial interest in signing him from Tottenham, the 30-year-old was contacted by his agent Emil Danchev.

“He called me to say we have interest from Manchester United,” added Berbatov. “I said: ‘Don’t joke with me’ but he said he was serious. So I was speechless. When the biggest club contact you, it’s a big deal for me coming from a small country like Bulgaria.”

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  1. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Berbie = Top Cat = TC = Tom Clevs :shock:

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    Good on ya, Berb!

  3. kiccha says:

    He took a look at city and told fuck off !!! .

  4. Costas says:

    “Play” is a rather misleading term in Berba’s situation…

    Nonetheless, his attitude is top notch. If his signing meant getting rid of the Argie troll, I am even more glad it happened.

  5. Ross says:

    Berbie is top class…both on and off the field. Only problem with him is that if the game doesn’t start well for him, he loses confidence and becomes irritated, hence the misses he makes. But when his confidence is maxed out he is BerbaGOD. Nuff said.

  6. Cyril Sneer says:

    @Costas – The tonsilitis is new, he sold the virus to Real Madrid. :-)

    Dimitar Berbatov you are awesome. I wish I was a Berba too. The only way you could be more awesome is if you had a Wolverine haircut, though your Dracula thing is still cool. :cool:

  7. parryheid says:

    Watched that interview,down to earth bloke who comes from an athletic family.His father a top Bulgarian football player,his mother a champion athlete takes a lot of advice from his father,outrageous he isn’t involved in every match for United anybody would think we were overloaded with quality forwards,this rotation is being worked to death imo.

  8. dasilvatwins says:

    hope he starts against liverpool with rooney playing a deeper role pushing the two center mids back. our defence looks shakey we will have to counter on the wings :D and someone like berbatov can hold up the ball so easily

  9. Costas says:


    Haha, is that so? Thank God for that. Hope Real get tormented by the virus as much as he did. :)

  10. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    Great to read such commitment from a player who has been forced to the sidelines by not necessarily BETTER players, but players who are MORE SUITED to the way Utd traditionally play football, and the way the top players in the team like to play.

    Like it or not, and expect to get abuse on this site for saying it, he does not fit in at Utd. Fergue clearly believes it. A lot of Utd fans believe it. And the proof is in the pudding when he plays, and Utd look poor, and he looks poor.

    We play quick passing, counter attacking, running with the ball at pace. Three things Berbatov never has, and never will do.

    Like it or not, his days are numbered, unless Rooney gets a long term injury, and we have to switch up our style of play. I firmly believe thats the only reason Fergie has kept him around anyway.

  11. ididnotzeeit says:

    Seeing as how the role of “Most Interesting Man in The World” is already taken, Berbatov occupies the role of “Coolest Fucking Cat Alive.”

    In good company I’d say.

  12. Alom says:

    Berbatov is King.. shimples!!

  13. Zibbie says:

    Berba a pro all the way.
    I get that STR is still hurt by what Rooney has done. Here is what Danny Lad has said of the EPL leading scorer has meant to him.
    Hello, hahahahahahahaha STR.
    Berba anatomically correct dildos for sale, just 1000 pounds. Limited signed cast reproductions. Only 1000 made. Each one is numbered and signed by the man himself. If I had a hint of cock sucker in me, I would suck Berbas cock as well. Only 852 left call 1-800-876-5309 !!!!

  14. EDCUNITED1878 says:

    A few of his comments were shots at Tevez. You stay classy Berbenbauer.

  15. Zibbie says:

    Berba=Bugs Bunny the to coolest dudes around.

  16. King Eric says:

    North Stand Tier 2 – Disagree to an extent mate. We cant play fast counter attacking football all the time. Like on Saturday when Norwich parked the bus. Its a myth we play like that all the time. Sometimes we need someone like Berba to unlock the door. Anyway how about his second or third against Blackburn last season? Was that fast enough for you? Or his winner at Blackpool. I do not believe he cannot play on the break.

    Saw the interview and the man is top class. Go’s out on occasion with Vida, other than that is like Scholes and hates the limelight.

  17. alfredb says:

    Dedicated to the United course top time. Protects the ball well,and gets everyone involved. If only he could find and keep the pace at which he powered through Blackburn last season. Recall his goal (United’s 3rd) against Chelsea in the Shield, and overhead against Scousers.

  18. CedarsDevil says:

    What a class act and what a gentleman……Would rather my club won nothing but have players with great attitude than the other way round

  19. Zibbie says:

    Another thread up already, a real winner.

  20. Cyril Sneer says:

    @Costas – It’s currently masquerading as Mesut Ozil / Admiral Ackbar :-D

  21. StatesideAussie says:

    I don’t subscribe to MUTV so I can’t see the full inteview. I see it is juxtaposed next to coverage of a report from that paragon of journalistic ethucs, the daily star, that Valencia plan to bid for Berbatov in the January window. According to the report, “Berbatov has stated more than once that he will quit Manchester United in the next transfer window unless the champions hand him a new deal.”

    That was news to me!

    It goes on: “Berbatov is in the final 12 months of his current £100,000-a-week deal and can open talks with new clubs in January. Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan are also monitoring his situation. United have the option of extending his deal by a further 12 months between now and the end of the season. And they are considering triggering the option of adding another season to Berbatov’s deal to stop the £30.7m signing leaving for nothing next summer. But the former Tottenham hitman knows he could secure a more lucrative deal elsewhere as a free agent and will tell United he wants out unless a new offer is put on the table.”

  22. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Read about Fletch. Hm hopes it’s not the same thing again, wonder what is was, must be something really nasty, he looks a whole lotta older now. Okay, not old, but matured. Ah can’t get the right word.

  23. Costas says:


    Bwahaha, it’s a trap!

  24. nina says:

    Berbatov – one of my favorite players, top player and briliiant guy! It’s such a shame that he hasn’t played as often when he really should because when he is good, that man is one of the greatest players I’ve seen and with such a brilliant attitude. Where I never question the manager, I think he might be using Berbatov a little wrongly, he needs to play first and then if the game goes a bit wrong be replaced as equally as a player like Rooney should. Berbaclass!

  25. Rai says:

    Cedars @ 16:33 – Very well put my friend I couldn’t agree more…

  26. WillieRedNut says:

    Nice thoughts from Berbatov. Won’t make much of a difference though. The scoring form of others will leave Berba restricted to a supporting role. Too good to be seating on the bench, I think he could depart in the summer. Shame really, as I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him in a United shirt. The boss has to take some blame for this. Which he’s big enough to do.

  27. StatesideAussie says:

    Zibbie … hahaha! ever heard of the Plaster Casters? They were two groupies in the 60s and 70s whose “thing” was to take plaster casts of rock stars’ cocks. One of the pair would blow the rock star, the other would take the cast. Apparently (according to Frank Zappa, who had a, er, hand in this) the trick was all in the timing. If they took the cast too early, the rock star might flop. If they waited too long, it all get too messy. They started with the Jimi Hendrix. Zappa even had plans to open an exhibition. Anyway, they’re still in business, but I don’t think they have the Berba model. Cynthia, one of the original plaster casters, has a website here:

  28. yunus ahmad says:

    Thanks barba if you want to be with utd you need to improve

  29. Zibbie says:

    @Stateside LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha they stiffen when you pickem. LMAO!!! Frank is the MAN!
    I saw a Real Sex episode and they have this high tech liquid plastic and porn stars men and women have casts of their party parts, tits, twats, and cocks. The sell big time. If my women gets on my pc I prefer to shop those sites together less explaining to Lucy that way.

  30. Zibbie says:

    So you can Google party parts.

  31. aimanunited says:

    “He called me to say we have interest from Manchester City,” added Berbatov. “I said: ‘tell them to fuck off!”.

  32. keegan4england says:

    I could say how wonderful and great the club is and how much I love and then play shit. Anyone can do that. I’m sorry, but Berbatovs attitude on the pitch isnt great. He’s passed it and will never recover it. His peak years were at Tottenham and he hasnt adjusted his game, where the like of Giggs have.

    Its all good making positive comments, but what counts is performances. That goes for Evra as well, who of late, has been our weakest link.

    carrick – Another who marvels at the size of united and “im at the best club in the world” etc. Shit performances so words dont mean anything.

  33. keegan4england says:

    so i agree with “north stand tier 2″ 100%. His days are over.

  34. Xyth says:

    Fergie sign him up, Fergie Fergie sign him up!!!
    Fergie sign him up, Fergie Fergie sign him up!!!

  35. bobkoh says:

    Compare Berba to that dickhead tevez, and you know only quality players play for our club. I’m so glad all the shit is coming out from City, Garry Cook, Tevez, etc etc. No wonfer it is called wasteland!

  36. Chicharitoooo says:

    Fergie could always play Berba in the center of midfield as his passing and touch is pure class

  37. five says:

    It’s strange how people refer to Berba like his 2 or 3 outings for Utd this season is all he’s done for us, this is our top scorer from last season who carried us when we needed him to, he faded out towards the end of the season cause Rooney’s form and Valencia’s return meant they were entrusted.

    I agree that priority should go to Rooney,Welbeck,Chicharito and the fast wingers because it suits us more but just flogging Berbatov would be a mistake, there will be games when we need him to hold up the ball and unlock defenses and it’s a long season we arent even half way through writing anyone off at this point is ridiculous!.

  38. Wallace says:

    Yeah i think saf shd test him with another role, maybe midfield.

  39. King Eric says:

    Keeganforengland. Bollocks pal. Fuck all wrong with his attitude on the pitch. When he gets on it that is. Does it not evenchange your views that without him we wouldn’t have lifted nineteen. Some of the “supporters“ make me ill. What’s with the Keegan in your name anyway? Fucking ex dipper cunt. Past is my arse. He is a class act. Just a pity folk like you don’t see it. What has carrick or evra got to do with it? I have seen you pop up from time to time on here and have NEVER seen you say anything positive. Bet you would Tevez back wouldn’t you pal?

  40. King Eric says:

    Five. Spot on pal. The treatment this man has had from some fans has been a fucking disgrace yet I bet they enjoyed moments like his hat trick against the dippers. Or his other two hat tricks. Or his wnner at bloomfield road. Or bolton at home. Or his game changing performance at Upton park. Short memories some it would seem.

  41. Tommy Taylor says:

    Good call Eric

  42. WillieRedNut says:

    Did Rooney’s hat trick not change the game at Upton park? ;)

  43. King Eric says:

    Tommy – Cheers mate.

    Willie – Err it had a bit to do with it yes!!

  44. TheCount says:

    Reminds me of what Cantona said when asked about Tevez and Balotelli.
    Class !

  45. Harphyz Figoman says:

    @ King Eric & Five; Couldn’t agree more with u. Berba deserves respect. Shame on those who slates him, reckon they’ve got memory lapses.

  46. Keyser Soze says:

    Respect Berba, it’s ever so rare to find such loyalty among top players, especially coming out of the ridiculously-low-culture countries like ours. He does need to improve, yes, but he hasn’t had a proper run in the squad for his money, so the judge’s still out this season. But how do people forget so quickly, where would we have finished last season without him?

    And btw, how come CRooney is not around yet? That scouse-dipper-rent-bollock-licking-dog, exported fresh outta Croatia

  47. King Eric says:

    Keyser Soze – Top last line pal.


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