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Berba: I Won’t Talk To Papers If I’m Unhappy

Dimitar Berbatov, who was last season’s top scorer in the Premier League, is disappointed with how few games he’s played this season, but claims he won’t be speaking the media about his current situation.

He has scored 7 goals in 10 league appearances this season but has spent most of the season as fourth choice behind Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez.

“I am a Manchester United player, but I do not currently play in as many games as I want,” he said. “I’m not happy that I do not play. But I cannot blame anyone, especially in the media. When I have something to say, I go and talk face to face with the manager. He decides everything.”

Speaking about his future at United, Berbatov added: “There was nothing concrete as an offer to me. I read about such things, but they are more speculation. I do not know how long I will stay at Manchester United. To my knowledge, the clause to extend my contract for another year is automatically activated in March. I know nothing more.”

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  1. slim says:

    Been keeping some strange hours lately due to a project i’m working on so you can imagine my reaction to waking up shit i’ve seen spew today. Comparing Gareth Bale to Ronaldo? What a fucking laugh. Ronnie isn’t exactly my cup of tea but come on thats stretching it surely. Gareth Bale? come on

  2. WillieRedNut says:

    Indeed Andre Kanchelskis! ;)

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I wonder if Harry Redknapp is now a shoo in for England Job. I personally have serious concerns about Harry. These revelations of functional illiteracy just convince me even more that he should not get a sniff of England. What does it say to the youth of england that the former captain, the current captain (assuming Gerrard) and the Boss are all pathetic excuses for human beings and have never seen the inside of a school before they got invited in in their mid twenties. The press seem convince it is a done deal with Harry. I hope not.

    He will be good for Phil Jones, as he is a great fan.

    @Costas, I agree. It is more the pathetic idiot defense that got him off

  4. slim says:

    I was in Madrid at the weekend and, while flicking through a copy of AS on Monday, a picture of Sir Bobby Charlton caught my eye. The paper carried a brief interview with the Reds legend, who talked about Spanish football, Jose Mourinho and Barcelona’s football philosophy. Sir Bobby was also asked about David De Gea, to which he replied (this is translated from Spanish): “Our goalkeeper is a very humble boy with a great work ethic and scope for improvement. He has been having some physical problems adapting to the Premier League but I know what Sir Alex Ferguson thinks about him. I know that he wholeheartedly believes in him and everyone can be sure that David De Gea has a great future in goal at Manchester United.”

    This is why United are renowned world wide. Having an ambassador for United of Sir Bobby’s caliber is a dream. Reckon he’s smooth with the ladies too. Saw him on MUTV once and he female presenter was gushing like a baby.


  5. zelh says:

    Bertov – gentleman
    Tevez – caveman

    As much as I love him, he should leave. If he wants to play regularly and treated the right way he has to go.
    Will never understand how Owen made the bench over him against barca.

  6. James21 says:

    Thats why he’s still at the club and Kettleneck isn’t. Great attitude and could easily have asked for a transfer in January, he’d get in all the premier league teams. Think we might see him play in Europa.

  7. Mikekelly12 says:

    Evening all
    Just heard from James21, he’s having Internet issues so hasn’t been on RoM but rest assured he’s full of beans, been giving dippers abuse on the street and will be in Platts at 11am!! CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!
    So what’s this I’m hearing about Ravel??
    Has that dipper doing the monkey gestures been banned yet?

  8. Sandeep1878 says:

    No matter what,

    I cant forget his contribution to the historic 19th title…

    This Berba situation is very complicated…since last season he has been scoring well..

    the rise of Chicha and now danny have sidelined him but i still believe he will have his say in the title run in..

    Evening reds

  9. Sandeep1878 says:

    Dear Arsenal fans, today’s date is : 8-2 1-2.

    Just Saying. :P

  10. Sandeep1878 says:

    Just going through the history of our club,

    Manchester United, previously known as Newton Heath FIRST MATCHES

    1. First competitive match: Newton Heath 2–7 Blackburn Olympic Reserves, Lancashire Cup, 27 October 1883.

    2. First FA Cup match: Fleetwood Rangers 2–2 Newton Heath, First Round, 30 October 1886.

    3. First Combination match: Newton Heath 4–3 Darwen, 22 September 1888.

    4. First Football Alliance match: Newton Heath 4–1 Sunderland Albion, 21 September 1889.

    5. First Football League match: Blackburn Rovers 4–3 Newton Heath, 3 September 1892.

    6. First match at Old Trafford: Manchester United 3–4 Liverpool, 19 February 1910.

    7. First European match: Anderlecht 0–2 Manchester United, European Cup Preliminary Round, first leg, 12 September 1956.

    8. First League Cup match: Exeter City 1–1 Manchester United, First Round, 19 October 1960

  11. smartalex says:

    Mikekelly12 – hello mate.

    There has been no news on him since last month, other than scoops and exclusives with all his family and friends. Turns out his grand-son has a black dad, who said “I’ve known Phil for a while and always found him to be a nice guy. I’ve never picked up on anything remotely racist. Corinne is upset about it as well because her son has Caribbean blood — and one day she’ll have to explain to him what happened”

  12. zelh says:

    I’m so fucking glad Ravel is gone!
    FA obersving him for homophobic comments on twitter.

    what a tool he is.

  13. Costas says:


    :lol: He will still complain about Scott not making a thread about this.


    Personally I struggle to believe he’s innocent in this. Maybe it’s because I come from a place where you see this sort of stuff more regulary. A lot of Greeks (corrupt politicians, artists and bussinessmen) open offshore accounts just to avoid paying taxes or to hide money obtained in illegal activities. One of the main reasons the country is in the shape it’s in.

    Was this Harry’s motivation when he opened it? The court seems to believe it wasn’t. Nonetheless, I feel that the FA would be better served to look elsewhere for Capello’s succesor. The whole situation is too shady imo.

  14. Costas says:


    That’s nasty. :P :lol:

  15. James21 says:

    Off Topic
    For 275 Euro’s you can buy a Norwich V Utd ticket in the away section from Mayfair Global events also they are advertising the Spurs away game. The whole ticketing system stinks when fans of the clubs can’t even get one by applying through their respective clubs. Think when I applied for the Norwich game the club were selling them for £49.00. Disgraceful. Well, I’ve applied for Spurs away but I won’t hold my breath.

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Anyone who is interested in United history should doff the cap for Zambia.

    The entire Zambia team was wiped out in a plane crash while on international duty in 1993
    Today, Zambia beat one of the tournament favorites Ghana 1-0 in the semi final. They will now progress to the Final of the African Cup of Nations. They will play the winner of Mali v Ivory Coast. Best of luck to them.


  17. smartalex says:

    Costas – hopefully he reads the comments first, then simply submits his views without his expectations and demands becoming his focus. No use lifting my leg before reaching the style, I’ll only cock it if I need to take the piss or piss on his parade.

  18. Sandeep1878 says:


    evening pal,

    nasty indeed :)

  19. Sandeep1878 says:

    and the Manchester United trophy heads to Mumbai, India.

    Thanks to the club, Denis Irwin and Fortune..

  20. WillieRedNut says:

    David Ginola in a coma after a skying accident. Best wishes to him and his family.

  21. WillieRedNut says:

    Other reports saying he’s been released from hospital? That’s twitter for ya.

  22. CedarsDevil says:


    That is terrible news on Ginola, best wishes to him. Is skying a sports of sorts?

  23. Sandeep1878 says:


    Thats bad news,

    Hope the lad will recover soon..

    our thoughts with him and his family..


  24. Mikekelly12 says:

    Cheers smartalex. I’m pretty sure the dippers are more likely to give the ignorant twat a medal than a ban!!
    Fucking joke… They freeze the real match going fans out to screw more money out of travel companies. Ridiculous how hard it is to get a ticket and then find out some two bob company are knocking them out for huge profit!! EVERY ticket should be sold by United to fans applying. Only when all applications have been exhausted should they be sold elsewhere.

  25. Sandeep1878 says:


    evening my friend..


  26. WillieRedNut says:

    False alarm lads. He’s been released from the hospital, and has 3 broken ribs. Twitter speculation was way off.

  27. Sandeep1878 says:

    Catch u up ROM first thing tomorrow..

    Red night and red dreams..

    UNITED..come hell or high water, we will rule the game.

  28. CedarsDevil says:


    Thanks, I knew that pal…. Was just having a pop at Willie!

  29. smartalex says:

    WillieSnowBalls – chill out, cool down, the icy stares will soon abate.

  30. Sandeep1878 says:


    I knew that pal,

    Willie texted me to have a pop at you by providing the wiki link :P

    off now buddy,

    Good night :)

  31. WillieRedNut says:

    Night Sandeep!

  32. StatesideAussie says:

    Class guy and a class footballer who has given me more moments of pure joy and jaw-dropping amazement than almost any other footballer in recent years, with the possible exception of CR7. Indeed, one of the many plays that will forever live in my memory featured both players: Ronaldo’s second goal against West Ham in October 2008, which was created out of nothing by a piece of devilry by Berbatov down on the West Ham by-line. Chasing down (yes: Berbatov. Chasing. Down) onto a through-ball from Anderson that seemed destined to run into touch for a goalkick, and with a defender half-way up his ass, with two deft flicks Berbatov completely outwits the defender, the commentators and everyone else, somehow flicks the ball up and over along the by-line so that it stays in play, then slots an inch-perfect set-up ball along the ground to the deadly foot of CR7 who was speeding into the box. I will never forget that play. (Those who have should go check it out on YouTube. Search for Berbatov Ronaldo West Ham) And there are dozens of others, too.

    I live for moments like that, and in this regard, very few footballers have delivered as frequently and consistently as Berbatov. Ronaldo is another. Cantona was obviously another, as was Best (though I didn’t see much of him). Don’t get me wrong: they are all very different players. I am not for one second suggesting Berbatov is in the same class as cantona or Best (or Ronaldo, for that matter). What I am saying is that for me, when I review the list of “magic moments” that I will forever cherish, those are the sorts of names that feature predominantly.

    But most of all, however, I watch football because I love United. First and foremost, it’s about the club, not the individuals. And while I think Berbatov should play more, the hard truth is that I have to trust in SAF’s judgment. I don’t always agree with his decisions. But then again, I am a realist who understands that no one, not even SAF, can be expected to be right all the time. What matters is that he’s right more often than not. He’s the one who has the awesome responsibility of guiding this club to its destiny and no one can argue with his record. It is a responsibility that would break most men.

    I can’t say whether Berbatov should stay next season or not. My feeling is that if the club wants him, he will stay because he wants to be a Manchester United player more than anything. I am skeptical about the loyalty drivel most players spout, but in Berbatov’s case, I am almost starting to believe it.

  33. DingotheRed says:

    IMO he should have played at approaching 2 weeks ago now. We tried to keep possession and who better to hold the ball up with his control and poise. Especially at the end we put on Hernandez when our grip on the game was slipping, it was annoying Berbatov wasn’t brought on instead. Wouldn;t blame him if he decided to leave, however he is a class act and a pro. We need 4 strikers but it may have got to that time when we see if Berbatov is ideal as a 4th. His record for United has shown that he can win us game against the lesser teams but doesn’t influence the bigger games so much, as often we don’t have much possession etc.

  34. DingotheRed says:

    ^ against liverpool

  35. wayne says:

    Stateside hope things are working out in Aussie land,great post mate,i think Berba is Utds most skilled player and is world class so it’s very frusrrating for me to see him on the bench.He excites me,very few players left with his skill and vision and always feel he makes Utd a more dangerous side.
    I have no doubt by his actions over a difficult period he wants to stay at Utd but just don’t see him getting games,he’s done nothing wrong over the last 2 seasons but it doesn’t seem to matter Sir Alex has decided to go with youth
    I’m at a point were i think he should move on because he’s becoming a wasted talent i’d rather see him play.
    That doesn’t mean Dippers,Rentboys,Arse or the cunts across the road,that would kill me,if he goes to a different league give me a reason to tune in.

  36. StatesideAussie says:

    Wayne … g’day mate! Things are slow here right now. I came here to get myself on the short list for a nice juicy job and achieved that, but it’s taking forever to get to the next step. They are seriously taking their time. Still, the economy here is a lot healthier than in the US.

    I am sort of torn in two over the idea of Berbatov walking on a free. I think it would be petty for the club to extend his contract just so they can get some dosh for him. On the other hand, that would be the only way for the club to get some say over where he goes. I would hate for him to go to another PL club. But I guess United would be mindful of this too. If they don’t want him next season, but also don’t want him to go to another PL club, I guess they could work out some sweetheart deal.

  37. kanchelskis says:



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