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Berba’s Leaving… But He Won’t Create A Scandal Like Tevez

Dimitar Berbatov’s agent, Emil Danchev, has confirmed today that the player will be leaving the club in the summer, as everyone thought. Berbatov hasn’t even made the bench in recent matches and his agent has claimed the player doesn’t feel comfortable getting paid for nothing.

“Mitko appreciates the money but that was always secondary to him, he just wants to play,” he said. “Mitko has to endure this situation but it is not his style to start making scandals like Tevez. In Chicharito, Rooney and Tevez, Sir Alex Ferguson has talented strikers. The only thing they have a little more of than Mitko is speed but Berbatov is more technical. I had three meetings with Ferguson and we accept that he is making the next Manchester United team for the next three to four years and the future of the club is not related to Berbatov. The position of the club is that they will not interfere if an offer comes in for him and they will not make difficulties. Dimitar will most probably leave England but he doesn’t want to move to the U.S., Japan, United Arab Emirates or championships like these. He wants to continue his career in another team that is no less classy than Manchester United. Berbatov will go in one among the major European leagues – La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga.”

Danchev went on to speak highly of the manager too, showing there is no bad blood between the player and Ferguson.

“There is no punishment that left Berbatov outside of the group and it’s not his notorious Scottish stubbornness. There is hardly a manager who comes close to Ferguson. Two of my meetings with him and Gill left me with the impression that he will remain head coach until he wants. Personally, he served tea and coffee, he does not behave arrogantly. “

Some translations by Inna

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  1. orez says:

    I never thought he was suited to our style, but the guy has a class and is a great pro. BTW I was one of the people who really thought that he will be amazing for us, it just didn’t tunr out that way.

    I wish him all the best.

  2. TonyBee says:

    A good player but in SAF’s mind not quite good enough….. probably his apparent lethargy when we never had the ball done for him…. looking like his was strolling along instead of busting a gut to get back and help out….

  3. izzy says:

    Rooney, Chica, Welbeck and Hazard. The future of United’s spearhead.

  4. izzy says:

    And i wouldn’t be surprised if we land Sneijder in the end.. with a fraction of last year’s value

  5. Robbo says:


    Absolutely spot on. Definately the wrong player leaving.

    I will be gutted if we keep Owen and Macheda and have to let Berba go. I like to watch my football and of course, United winning is the be all and end all, but also watching players like Berba makes it much more of an experience.

    I have always felt we haven’t had enough intelligent players to play with him. He will make runs and open space only for players to take the wrong option (hence the arms go up in frustration).

    @ TonyBee

    Did you see Chicarito not chasing back or applying pressure on Wolves players, even though only a few yards away.
    There is selective standards applied to certain individuals.

    Wish Berba all the best for whoever he ends up playing for. I will always appreciate skill over running (even Forest Gump can run).

  6. Owen says:

    Keep berbatov and sell wellbeck hes the most overrated player in England , he’s a waste of time

  7. King Eric says:

    Owen – You are becoming very boring pal. Danny is 21 and mark my words, will become a top, top player. He is dynamic, pacy and great movement. A blind man can see what he will become,. You are a mug pal and never have anything decent to say.

  8. WillieRedNut says:

    Did anyone see Hernandez score 2 goals against Wolves? But yeah, lets focus on him not closing defenders down. Which he does his fare share of btw.

  9. StatesideAussie says:

    If, as Berb’s agent says, United will not stand in Berbatov’s way when he arranges a new club, then I believe all parties (United, Berbatov and his agent) will have acted with honour and integrity. I admire Berbatov immensely, but although he may well have a few good years in him, it has been apparent since the start of this season that SAF did not see him as the cornerstone of the next great United team.

    As for the rest of it, I’ve probably said all I wanted to say about Berbatov over the last 2-3 years since I started coming here. I know some will continue to rabbit on about his success, or failure, or his transfer fee, or whatever. In purely financial terms, the value of Berbatov’s original transfer fee has already been written down to zero ( at the end of the January transfer window) since, without the extension, he would have walked on a free. Therefore, any fee Unuted receives will in fact represent a profit on his “current value”.

    In any event, I do not think we would have won #19 last year without Berbatov. Maybe, maybe not. But in a 9-point season, Berbatov scored 20 goals overall (all from open play), and seven of those were match-winners, worth 21 points. He kept us winning when Rooney was in a greed-induced funk, and when Hernandez and Welbeck had not yet properly emerged, and Owen was, well, injured. Every league championship is a treasure beyond value, but the significance of number 19 can hardly be overstated. To me, it will always be the season that we established ourselves as beyond question the greatest football club in England, and it was largely down to Berbatov. Not forgetting his wonderful, wonderful hattrick against the Dippers, his astonishing sideways scissors kick against West Ham, or the many instances of his amazing touch, control and creativity that we have been blessed with since he joined. Add it all up, and I say 30 million was cheap at the price.

    I wish him well. Even when he plays against us, I could wish to see one more bit of magic, one more stunning goal — so long, of course, that we have already scored more :-)

  10. Mr C says:

    @ Stateside – well said, a fine post, eloquently stated.

  11. Robbo says:


    The reference in my post was a reply to TonyBee, who pointed out that “busting a gut to get back to help out” was a reason SAF didnt think Berbatov was good enough anymore.
    The fact is Berbatov also chases back and also scores goals but gets crucified for his ‘languid’ style.

    I actually think Hernandez and Wellbeck will be our future, but at this moment Berbatov can do exactly what Hernandez does but is a much better footballer all round. I have no issue with Wellbeck, as his general play is quite good but of course his finishing can improve, as can everybodies.

  12. King Eric says:

    Stateside – Hello mate. Absolutely spot on.

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Robbo – Well Fergie doesn’t think the same, or he’d be in the team every week. I’ve never thought Berba was lazy. Be that as it may, he will leave and Hernandez, Welbeck will be our future from now on.

  14. StatesideAussie says:

    Mr C and King Eric: cheers lads.

  15. Manchuchu says:

    Only reason Berba is leaving is his age and wages. It’s a pity. He definitely offers a different option in attack. If he didn’t have those 2 slow seasons and was a touch more lucky, things would have been very different.

    Will remember him fondly

  16. peposhi says:

    I read that today and couldn’t stop myself adding it here:

    mike kama March 22, 2012 at 5:50 pm
    Wrong on so many fronts! The reason Berbatov ‘The Genius’ hasn’t been appreciated is because he’s unappreciated! Simple! Cantona’s timing was perfect, the club had been brought down to earth proper, he didn’t have to much to compete with in terms of flair, and most importantly, football wasn’t ruled by populist opinions of a much intelect degraded English media conglomerate! All the English media brings to fans these days is a whole lot of gossip, not football gossip, just plain minded blonde gossip! Berbatov’s price tag didn’t help the situation either! I’m sure if Messi came to United today and took a bit of time to adjust, he’d be castigated and chastised more than anyone by the media for every miss, every trip, every hair cut! Sooner or later, even the manager believes the hype and benches him for a CL final after turning out one of the performances of a very difficult season and emerging top scorer (joint only because he didn’t get enough games to achieve sole top scorer)! No wonder Messi laughs dauntingly at the thought of going to Englang to play! English media bared Rooney, their main man, to bones and drove him to complete footballing inability! He had to go to America for 2 weeks training in order to get his confidence back! People who hack into phones are more bandits than journalists yet they are the ones entrusted with the task of enlightening the public! It’s ludicrous! And the gullibility and eagerness for ‘blood’ of the people doesn’t offer any repreive! Soon United, if not England, will find itself with a shortage of world class talent because of this! Berbatov is class, Ferguson is wrong in benching him, just as he was wrong in buying likes of Bebe having never seen him play, for £7+ mill!!!! Or when he bought Anderson for almost £20mil, what an investment that turned out to be! Or when he sold Pique, Rossi, or bought Silvestre…. Ferguson is neither autonomous nor is he perfect, he makes big mistakes and does it often enough and is doing it again putting Berbatov on the bench for likes of players who have the rest of their long careers ahead! Ofcourse he’s going to a new club at the end of the season, And I wish him all the best because he is the best with the right club! And then stupid English media will start asking why he didn’t amaze in England particularly at United as much as he does in his new club out of England? Well, two answers: The weather, and appreciation for PURE CLASS that’s eveident (not even beloved Rooney could score a hat-trick against Liverpool) and talent! In my books, he’s a legend all the time! Berbatov Dimitar, King of Class!

  17. kimbo70 says:

    we will never have another player who can control the ball as effortly as berbs who had so much flair and so exquisite on the ball it was like the ball was glued to his foot.
    I am going to miss him no doubt about that and also his very bulgarian sexy smile and lovely body. At least he wanted to be part of utd and not there just for the wages he loved us and Fergie treated him like a bag of S***E and especially after all the goals he scored last season for us to win the league is wellbeck gonna get that many -NO i doubt it and either will chicarito.

    Love you berbs


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