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Berbatov Billy No Mates

Dimitar Berbatov has yet to make friends at Old Trafford, yet is behaving as a model professional for the club. He is always willing to sign the footballs and photographs for charity, he always arrives to training early, he always gives 100% in the practice… yet when it comes to lunchtime, he eats alone.

Several players opt to drive off the Carrington premises at lunch time, maybe popping in to Altrincham for a light bite. Berbatov always eats his dinner at the training ground though, alone.

The staff at Carrington were warned by the Spurs’ press office that Berbatov was going to be a difficult player to deal with, but the employees at Carrington have nothing but the highest praise on offer for the striker, yet his lack of familiarity with his team mates has been noted. It seems as though Berbatov has a very distinct way about him and hasn’t been able to gel with his team mates off the field as well as he has done on it.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. IVOR says:

    He’s teetotal, a bachelor, aloof, maybe even shy. As long as he’s doing the job!

  2. Red Rupert says:

    silly article

  3. Anant says:

    dont think keano was best mates with anyone too , was he? smashing player that he was!

  4. Anant says:

    and what about our very own ginger prince , eh ?

  5. Hikaru says:

    I’m not fussed. It’s been known that he’s not easy to get along with and quite a complicated character. He’s getting the job done on the field, and there’s been no negative reports on his off-pitch behaviour otherwise. So long as a good professional relationship exists, that’s all we need anyway.

  6. hunts says:

    what? scholesy is very popular with his teammates. keano was too, but more so with the 94 team. but he was still well-liked and certainly well-respected by all of his teammates.

  7. Anant says:

    thats not my point hunts , i bet even berba is very popular and well respected , but he doesnt socialize with his teammates like the two i mentioned .

  8. kshetrajna says:

    Berbatov comes across as a very strong personality…and not one of the usual footballers we are used to these days…and this reflects even on his game…i seriously believe we have a legend in the making….

  9. JIM says:

    the next cantona???????????????

    sounds like the making of the next keane!!!!!

    i’ll be your friend berb

  10. phoenix red says:

    Like any relationship, it needs time to develop!

  11. rick says:

    He’s reminding me of Eric already.

  12. bruce thomas says:

    He has that rare quality in a footballer — intelligence!

  13. RedDevil says:

    He just reminds me of Eric more and more! I dont think this really has much to say, he isnt any Rio, Anderson or Rooney and he wont take hefti music to the dressin room or make jokes all the time. He looks like a shy person and maybe he is still to make friends. At United he will, we are such a happy bunch. :-D

  14. Failsworth Devil says:

    Some people have the crack at work… some people do there job and go home…

    He just comes across as a very shy person to me… almost embarassed to be at OT… in a good way of course…

    I just dont think it has all sunk in yet… plus i think he is very tense, and cautious what he does around SAF… becuase of the aura what SAF has.. it aint a bad thing…

    Dont forget Ando and Nani, were banging brass after 8 weeks at OT last year…. and they have calmed it down now… so i wouldnt worry too much… just takes some people longer to come out of there shell than others..

    Give him time… he has only been there about 8 weeks… give it 8 months… and i reckon we are gonna have a Maestro on our hands…

    Keep it up Berba… your a class act.

  15. nagraj says:

    The party trick against west spam gives him a free pass against any transgressions for at least this season…

  16. gingerprince says:

    hahaha All the more reason to love him ….ya I think its difficult for a new player to adjust with a well settled team both on the pitch and off it ….especially if your the only player been brought in the summer …but are you sure Scott he doesn’t have any ‘friends’ ….I mean come on what about RIO? He’s fun-loving guy I’m pretty sure him n Berba get along well.

  17. RedMist says:

    He’s just a quiet, introvert kind of person, thats all. People come in all shapes and sizes, both physically and mentally. Berbs is his own man, so rather than suggesting he has “no friends” why can’t we accept that he is just the quiet type. You don’t always have to behave like the life and soul of a party to be happy. When you see his interaction with his team mates on the field – namely when he scores, or sets up someone else with a piece of sheer magic – you can see he is well liked. He always cracks a quiet smile, and always looks uncomfortable in the lime light. His face almost says “ok, thanks, but stop making a fuss”….I like that, total contrast to Ronaldo’s larger than life “look at me everyone” persona.

  18. DB9 says:

    Don’t believe this story. Utd would never let a new member of staff feel isolated. He will be getting invited to everything including lunches.

  19. Jim says:

    This is a strange post, seems as if there’s something missing or that it was written by someone other than Scott! Its hard to believe this would be true with a club as big as United and the fact that they would do whatever they could to make sure that any new player would fit in properly. If not it would have a bad effect on the players and team moral!

  20. wiuru... says:

    Well every RED in the stadium is his mate when he takes to the pitch, its in his head ,hands & feet . No problem .


    may be hes just someone who likes to eat alone, i know a few at uni and work who would eat alone becuse it gave them time to think or read…

  22. Kings says:

    I know Hull have been a sensation in the Premiership so far this season, but can someone please tell me how the fuck we managed to piss away a 4-1 lead, and ended up hanging on for a 4-3 win?? we need to sort ourselves out if we are to get anything at Arsenal next week, who by the way should be without Robin Van Pussy after his red card today.

  23. Kings says:

    Full-Time: Tottenham 2 Dippers 1.

  24. unitedgirl15 says:

    Awww, does Berba want a hug?


  25. Eujen says:

    you’d think he’d get on with vidic because of the eastern european thing.

  26. enzo133 says:

    Nothing to do with Berbatov just use this as an excuse to have a rant, (he is settling in nicely by the way). However imagine my horror tonight when I tuned into match of the day thinking, seven goal thriller at Old Trafford, current national favourite underdogs, Hull City scoring three and nearly winning, we’re bound to be the first match. Even the ultra biased bbc couldn’t ignore this.
    How wrong can you be. Third match up, no post match interview beyond five seconds with Phelan(no wonder Fergie won’t talk to them). Still I thought we’ll still have some incisive analysis that shows how good we are and how we played them off of the park, perhaps we”ll have an account of what I am reliably informed was a bolt on sending off incident(not that the bbc showed it). Did we fuck, again disappointment, not even mentioned.
    Of course I am biased but I am sure this must be a new low for match of the day in their anti-United bias. However a solution present itself. If it only takes 35,000 complaints to get Brand the sack and the controller of radio two to resign it can’t take that much too get rid of the entire match of the day team. United fans everywhere complain to the bbc, I reckon it will only take us a couple of thousand complaints to get rid of lawrenson, ten thousand and lineker will be gone.

  27. NickOGS20 says:

    Forgive me if I’m entirely unconvinced by this article. Not that I necessarily find it hard to believe that Berba is somewhat distant from the rest of the squad but I do find it hard to believe the author has that kind of knowledge about what goes on at Carrington.

  28. PeeJay says:

    LOL … I’d love to see Rio & Berbatov have a conversation.

  29. wiuru... says:

    OK Enzo what is the E mail Addy for complaints to the Beeb ?

  30. Kilhar says:

    So he is doing exactly what SAF would like everyone to do? Doesn’t feel like the most difficult person in the world to me.


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