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Berbatov: I Want To Stay Here, Like Giggs

Manchester United have a history of clinging on to top quality players for the majority and best days of their careers. When looking at the all-time appearances for United, it’s incredible to see that three of the top five are still in United’s first team.

When Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville move on, we’ll still have the likes of Wes Brown, Darren Fletcher and John O’Shea who have been at the club since they were kids, playing as part of our first team for years.

Rio Ferdinand is just starting his 7th season with the club, Cristiano Ronaldo his 6th and Wayne Rooney his 5th.

New signing, Dimitar Berbatov, says he has no intention of leaving United, wanting to follow the example Giggs has set him.

“I feel happy playing in this team,” Berbatov said. “It is everything I thought it would be. Ryan Giggs has been here since the beginning and says he never wanted to go anywhere else. I don’t want to go anywhere either.”

Whilst still not at his best, we’ve had two goals and two assists from our new striker, which isn’t half bad considering the opposition we’ve faced since he’s joined.

There have been a couple of chances from him that have gone begging and Berbatov seems to have the right attitude, knowing more should be expected from him because of his price tag.

“I did not celebrate the first goal because I was still angry with myself for missing the first chance,” he added. “On that occasion, my shot was not right at all – in fact, I was embarrassed by it. When you pay so much money for someone, you should score chances like that. I was disappointed with the first one. Sometimes in a game you might only get one opportunity and I was trying to score, but I guess the most important thing was that we won.”

What do you make of Berbatov so far, in terms of his attitude off the field and performances on it?

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    Thats the type of thing we wanna be hearing from our players… it sends out a message to other interested clubs that they aint got a chance of signing them… and also sends out messages to potential transfer targets… that united is the place to be.

    Nice one Berba… CR7 could do with following your lead.

  2. corea says:

    i didnt have one single doubt.
    he is class and he is ours.
    well done, Berba.

  3. mickey mouse owen says:

    its him who i wanted to join united all along, i guess im right he has class, and to you berba bashers, dont be stupid, its not that hard to see berba’s class.


    Berba has got a “UNITED BRAIN”, thats why we bought him, some players just dont have the vision, and magic upstairs… but Berba has… and i reckon he will get us 20+ this season and have assists in a further 20..

    Dont forget we aint even started yet… we are warming up nicely, and when they do kick off, my god some teams are gonna be in for an hammering.

  5. bruce thomas says:

    You’re all right!

  6. UnitedOnFire says:

    I think sometimes that fans forget that a team is made up of a blend of types of players. If we had 11 Wayne Rooney’s all running all over the place, you’d get nowhere. Tevez is the same sort of player to Rooney which is why you’d see Rooney out on the left wing so much last season.

    Now, we’ve got the classic blend of 3(4) top strikers to match the Yorke/Cole Sheringham/Solskaer mix – which combination is going to be best? Dunno Berba/Rooney – Tevez/Ronaldo ?

  7. suhayl says:

    great comments…..ala tevez

  8. Patrik says:

    Don’t know if that was what I wanted to hear… He feels the pressure because we paid so much for him, that could really have a bad affect on his performances, just hope he can forget about that and focus on playing well.

  9. Kings says:

    A top quality player who will get better as each game passes. Let’s not forget that he was thrown into to some pretty big fixtures, but I think he’s done ok so far. His positive comments about United are very much endearing to the fans, which is a nice change from your average mecenary cunt these days who claim to love clubs for who they are, the clubs that are willing to pay the fat salaries.

  10. OTRed says:

    Leave the worrying about how much we bought you to Fergie and the Glazers, just score the goals.

  11. Tom F says:

    Berbatov was a waste of money (note: sarcasm).

    Note: It is funny how 2 goals can change the tune of so many supporters. It was always clear that a player as technically sound as Berbatov was going to score goals for United. It was a shame to hear the fans writing him off so early, just because he didn’t score in his first few goals!

    At this rate he’ll be challenging Fletcher for the golden boot!

  12. ManUnited10Titles says:

    I know we paid a good sum for the lad but what were people expectations? We still have first teamers who are just begining to get thier game right. Give him a few games and let him bed in properly.

    This guy is top class. Not to celebrate b/c he knows exactly how high the stakes are and that missed shot could cost us trophies at the end of the season when it’s squeaky bum time. Watch out EPL, Berbs on the prowl now.

  13. Red Yank says:

    It’s nice to hear but we should take it with a grain of salt since he just got here, I tend to find comments like these more credible after a player has been at the club for a season or two. There’s no doubt he has talent and it will only be a matter of time before we get the right chemistry up front and he starts scoring on a regular basis. Right now the Rooney/Berbatov combination seems the most promising right now, with Rooney looking sharp and motivated playing behind him.

  14. Red-Manc says:

    His first touch is amazing, ive also been impressed with his workrate although it doesnt compare to Rooney/Tevez to be honest no other strikers come close to the work rate of them to, i expected Berbatov to be alot lazier but he’s proved me wrong. Theres been a few players over the years that have been compared to The King (Ooh Ahh Cantona) but Berba is the only one that truely reminds me of Cantona, hopefully he can produce some classic moments like the King aswell ;)


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