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Berbatov Signs Manchester United Shirt

Dimitar Berbatov’s character has been questionable since his sulking with Spurs, but I think he may have taken it a step too far now.

When a fan thrust a Manchester United shirt in his face, Berbatov happily signed it. Just seems lacking in class to me. Can you imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo had been signing Real Madrid shirts a couple of weeks back?

“I was gobsmacked when he took the shirt and signed it,” said an onlooker. “He didn’t have any problems with it at all. If I was one of Berbatov’s team-mates or a fan, I’d be furious. It is incredibly disrespectful — he may as well have kissed the United badge.”

Kiss the badge? No doubt he will be doing in a few weeks time…

Here are the pictures from The Sun of Berbatov signing a Manchester United shirt.

What do you think?

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  1. Gary says:

    Na I dont see anything wrong with it. He was obviously signing autographs for everyone so he cant exactly refuse to sign that shirt can he, dont think it actually means anything. To be honest I dont think this transfer is even going to happen. I would love to see Berbatov in a United shirt, but the balls in Spurs court just like it was in ours with the Ronaldo situation.

  2. Gapi says:

    I don’t see the big deal.

  3. moscow mik says:

    ridiculous story with absolutely no meaning and definately no scandal.

  4. Sarfaraz says:

    Its just bull shit and hype created by the media as the transfer season is over and they lack new controversies especially after the Ronaldo saga !!

  5. mithil says:

    i don’t anything wrong sa he is going to be a man u player

  6. Redrose says:

    Whats the betting that the ‘fan’ holding the shirt actually came in from London with the photographer so that they could get an entirely ‘spontaneous’ pic. Smells of s##t-stirring of the highest order.
    Mind you, if it helps Levy to ‘get rid’ of him to Utd, then all the better.

  7. Mic says:

    Yeah I don’t see the big deal, I think the media are trying to make something of nothing, had he put it on and started pretending he was Cantona and refused to give it the fan back, there’s a little story in there, I would’ve thought had he refused to sign the shirt it’d be very disrespectful.

  8. dan says:

    I don’t understand the big deal was he supposed to tell the fan no, if they guy wanted his shirt signed then sign the shirt.

  9. Scott the Red says:

    I don’t understand how people don’t understand the big deal.

    What would you have said if Ronaldo had signed a Real shirt a day or two after saying it was his dream to play for them?

  10. n667 says:

    bad part on berba when he’s still a spurs plyer, but on a serious note, it seems a very planned news article from sun…

  11. Stephen says:

    It does have a smell of the Paul Ince’s about it I must say!

  12. Jeoff says:

    Sensationalist frothy nonsense.

  13. pagan109 says:

    The newspaper just wanted some sensational news.If he had refused…the headlines would have been “Berbatov refuses to touch Manchester United shirt”….well planned out by the Sun

  14. Tom F says:

    I agree Scott, when you look at it from our point of view. If Ronny was seen signing a Madrid shirt everyone would want to crucify him.

    Berbatov signed a United shirt and maybe I am being a biased bastard but it doesn’t bother me. I can see that it’d bother Spurs fans though yet I guess they are fed up with him anyway.

    He does have a stinking personality but I don’t think he’ll carry on like it if he WERE at United.

  15. Strappystrapon, the infamous TheSun-contributor says:

    I think it is the privilege of footballfans to be biased and blinkered, so in this case I say WAY TO GO BERBA!! Push that transfer through even if you have to score owngoals Cashley-style to make it happen. Now, if Ronaldo had done the same I had been equally upset over such behaviour and would have been complaining bitterly over the lack of morals of todays footballers.

    So I say Keep it up, wear a United shirt under the white Spurs jersey and flaunt it in your next goalcelebration!


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