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Berbatov Wants January United Move For Ambition Not Money

Dimitar Berbatov Manchester UnitedDimitar Berbatov took home the match ball this weekend, after Spurs’ exhilarating 6-4 over Reading. Berbatov scored four of the goals, leading Spurs to another impressive victory, after the 5-1 thrashing they dealt Fulham just a few days before.

Before the start of the season there was talk of Tottenham replacing their local rivals, Arsenal, in the top four. United made a bid for the striker, but were turned down. Things didn’t go entirely to plan for Spurs either, with injuries costing them badly, Martin Jol unable to keep his side out of the relegation zone. Berbatov made his unhappiness known and his behaviour looked to put a future United move in doubt. In Spurs’ 3-1 defeat to Newcastle, Martin Jol had severe difficulty in getting the Bulgarian striker to go on to the pitch. Berbatov had to be asked three times before finally warming up, showing his petulant streak to the World.

Since then though, Berbatov has seemingly got his act together, and has scored several important goals, particularly in Europe. His agent, Emil Dantchev, has spoken out about the prospect of a January move for Berbatov. “I have already spoken to the Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, and told him that if a club that corresponds to Dimitar’s class and ambition comes in with an offer that suits his current club in January, he would like to be allowed to go,” he said. “Dimitar is OK at Tottenham. I would not say he is happy. But his performances for the club are a testament to his commitment to the fans and his team-mates. He has never stopped trying and scoring goals to help the team. Fans must understand Dimitar is 27 next month and time is running out for him to play for a club that can match his ambition. I would like to stress this is not about money. This is about sporting ambition. But after Tottenham’s bad start to the season, it is unlikely they will have the chance to do something big this season.”

With Louis Saha still struggling to find form and facing criticism for a lack of effort from our fans, would bringing in Berbatov be the perfect option for us? A striker who could compliment Rooney and Tevez, bulking up our strike force. Injuries don’t appear to be a problem for the Bulgarian, with him averaging over forty games a season over the past four years, something to make Saha jealous. The stumbling block is not likely to be the £25 million we would probably have to pay, but Juande Ramos’ reluctance to let the talented striker leave.

Do you think Spurs would let Berbatov join us in January? If they would, do you want him?

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  1. jsos says:

    if they’ll let us have him BRING IT. Fergie will shake any leftover attitude out of him.

  2. Tom F says:

    I would like him to come to old trafford.

    Like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, he has a great eye for the goal, he pops up all over the place and can finish from anywhere (See his goal against Arsenal recently for proof..).

    Like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, he does get easily upset and if he thinks he’ll come to Old Trafford and fit in the first team week in week out then he has another thing coming. I also would be concerned about how having him up front would affect the attacking style of our team. When United went on that Run Late 2005 early 2006 with Saha and Rooney in attack and RVN left on the cold bench we saw everything, we attack so much fluently without one man on his own waiting to finish, that 1 up front formation realy gets to me, I would hate to see a return of the 4-5-1 and want us to stick to what is pretty much a 4-3-3, great striker either way, a different option when you are finding it hard to score an equaliser or winner is never a bad thing.

  3. kiryowa ibrahim says:

    i hope they will let him go if the money aspect is well played or when they feel that the swap deal is well balanced.

  4. Cain says:

    We urgently need the Bulgarian and its long overdue. Go Fergie please get him. Saha is out of form

  5. The One says:

    Perfect for the job at hand. I would say a bit old for the ambitions of the club but with Gary fading out and with the retirement of Giggs looming, Berbatov will be good for the club. I have always insisted he is too old for us and have called for a younger striker but looking at the way our old leaders in the team are heading for retirement I think he will be great for us. Sir Alex, WE NEED Berbatov, Please Sign him in January. UNITED FOR LIFE!!

  6. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Berbatov is such a classy player with the neatest touches and flicks. 23 goals in his first season in England is really goodl and he has a great physical presence and shields the ball well. His third goal against Reading was pure genius, I don’t think anyone expected him to hit it first touch.
    The problem would be whether Juande Ramos lets him go. He is obviously their best player and like against Reading, he’s often the difference. He’s turning 27 so we can’t be too patient. I’m certain he will move to Old Trafford before next season but I really can’t see him going next month unless United make an outrageous offer

  7. denton davey says:

    I’m in two minds about Berbatov.

    On the negative side, who would he displace in the first-eleven: Giggs ? Ronaldo ? Rooney ? Tevez ? I don’t think so.

    On the positive side, Berbatov is a tremendously skilled player – rather like a classic #10. A strolling link-up man. He plays that rolle to prefectoin when he has someone to run off him.

    BUt, on the negative side of the equation, UTD”s best play has come from what I call a “whirligig” strike-force in which the four up-front interchange and no one plays a set position/role. So, how would Berbatov improve things ?

    Therefore, much as I admire Berbatov’s skill, finess, and vision, I don’t think that he is what’s needed for THIS TEAM. As I have written before, a healthy Saha would be useful; Anelka, too.

    But, most of all, what I think THIS TEAM needs is someone to act as an ice-breaker in late-game situations so that John O’Shea doesn’t need to be called upon to play up=ftont. And, that’s why I have suggested that that someone would be Kenwyne Jones – he;s big, athletic, and a great leaper. Jones is different from Rooney and Tevez and that’s a great thing. Jones could complement them and give the attack a completely different look. Of course, Jones is only “a poor man’s Drogba” but when TheLads are chasing the game, even a poor man’s Drogba would be more useful than a guy like Berbatov who tends to be somethnig of “a rich man’s Saha”.

    The issue for me is to have strength-in-depth because I really don’t see how UTD are going to improve upon Rooney/Tevez/Ronaldo and Giggs/Nani in the whirligig mode of play.

    IF Berbatov were as good as Cantona then maybe I’d change my mind on this subject because for a true genius, you make new rules. But Berbatov is not “a poor man’s Cantona” and I don’t think that he’s “the answer” for our team.

    But that doesn’t mean Beabatov is not a good player – he’s just not the right player for our team.

  8. UnitedRay says:

    berbatov is gd if we are playing weaker teams and cant unlock their defense. But he is not ideal if we are playing a strong team that sometimes isolate our strikers from the midfield.
    Dun get me wrong, berba has superb first touch and silky dribbling skills that put even Ronaldo at awe but Berbatov is slower than most people realise. He loves to trap ball and turn it around and try to play abit longer than what United is used to play these days. These days we play fast, one-touch, flowing counter attacks especially against the stronger teams. Berbatov will definitely change the way United play but for better or worse? We can only wait to find out (or we might never).

  9. james pickering says:

    i think he will be someone fantsatic to a team with a manager who can control his gifts.if spurs wants to let him leave its because he doesnt know how to use him look at the way leeds wanted the first bid for cantona to come in..


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