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Betting Preview: Manchester United to keep clean sheet against Burnley

United’s surprise defeat at Turf Moor back in August was the first signal that Burnley meant business in the Premier League but with Owen Coyle gone fresh questions are being asked about the Claret and Blues’ survival.

Former Sheffield Wednesday manager Brian Laws was the surprise choice to replace Bolton-bound Coyle and a trip to Old Trafford is hardly an ideal opening fixture.

The champions’ home is still a fortress with a lone defeat and draw against eight wins from ten league games. Under Coyle, there were stark differences between Burnley’s home and away form – 19 points at Turf Moor, one on the road – and the question for bettors is whether that will continue in the Laws era.

For those considering a bet, the odds point to an overwhelming home victory to cheer the Old Trafford faithful so how should we approach this game?

With United’s dominance reflected in the match odds, the value will lie with taking an extreme position – for instance, backing a slimmer than expected victory or going hell for leather on the number of goals scored.

The quote of 2.28 (5-4) that there will be over 3.5 goals in the game suggests an avalanche is on the cards. But remember, as long as the game kicks off with a few goalless minutes those odds will only get bigger. Since a 5-3 defeat at West Ham, all five of Burnley’s games have finished under 2.5 goals. A small lay of over 3.5 is recommended.

With United’s walking wounded making their way back to a stricken home defence, it’s doubtful whether Burnley will manage to score any goals of their own. A clean sheet for the Reds is skinny at 1.8 (4-5) but it should be backed.

Elsewhere in the league, Liverpool have suffered another week from hell and it may get worse yet. Fernando Torres left the field midway through the first half of Wednesday night’s FA Cup shocker against Reading and he’s joined on the sidelines by Steven Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun. This weekend’s opponents, Stoke, have come in from 7.4 (13-2) to just 4.2 (16-5) to win and they are still worth backing at that price. United may have suffered a few trying results this season but these truly are desperate times for Liverpool.



  1. IcelandicDevil says:

    Decent 2nd half response to a piss poor 1st half performance, but can anyone tell me why the fuck we decided to lie down and try our hardest to give them a way back in it? Where is the United spirit in this team? What happened to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!! Frustrating to watch but 3 points is all that matters in the end I guess.

  2. TheRadLegion says:

    Bear with me, I may sound negative here.
    Yes, it’s 3-0 but I do now think we were that impressive and I personally think we do not deserve the clean sheet.
    If it was Arsenal or Chelsea even the Shitty were to be presented with such opportunity, we could have been down one or two goals in the first half.

    Carrick to me is not what he was last season. He tends to pass the ball back to the defender where he could have done the otherwise (that’s what makes him so great last season). He needs to up his game big times.

    Sure Berbatov scored the goal and hit the post once. But the man is slow and often time he breaks the flow of the game because he simply can’t keep up. I heard Sir Alex said that Owen and Rooney could not play together, I just don’t understand why.

    I’m looking forward to Hargreaves return. At least someone who can drive the game and let the burden off Rooney.

    I just don’t think we were impressive but 3 points bagged thats the most important thing.

  3. Cantona's Right Boot says:

    Anderson did really well, way better than Carrick

  4. Xyth says:

    Another victory with a bitter taste.

    We should not be deceived by final score. We could have been 2:0 down by the time finally we got a bit of luck and got that deflected goal .

    This performance is far far from being acceptable. Yes a win is a win, but we should be able to beat teams like Burnley more comfortably. This is not how United used to play.

    Let’s hope that the big performance we are all expecting for so long will come this Tuesday at Wastelands.

  5. TheRadLegion says:

    BTW, Eagles looked soaring. I saw him a few times in a few different clubs, this was one of his many performances where he was brilliant. I don’t understand why we let him go at the first place

  6. Sketch says:

    Good performance. Ando played exteremly well when he came on, although i was suprised to see that Carrick was the one sacrificed and not Scholes. Neville wasnt much of a threat going forward and his positioning was horrible at times but redeemed himself in the last 20 minutes and did a number of crucial tackles. Its great to see Berba and Rooney staying upfront and not dropping too deep but thats more due to our wingers finally performing at uniteds level and both easily beating their man. Nani and Valencia played some great football today. They both deserve a mention, although i would like to see Valenica try to take a shoot every now and then instead of always attempting to pass the ball. Our defense overall played well and Evans’ long balls were suprisingly good and accurate, Top lad he is, more of the same please Johnny.

    Fuckin’ hell, what happened to Sunderland? They drew to us and beat both Arsenal and Liverpool. Wtf happened?

  7. jespermoses says:

    @Xyth…..stop moaning,it was a decent performance and a good result….some people are never pleased!

  8. TheRadLegion says:

    @Xyth: Yup exactly. It could have been worse to be honest. I don’t think Brown was good enough. It may be his style on the pitch but I kinda think he’s trying too hard to be classy.

    Garry Neville is pass his prime time. Evans needs more flying time. And Evra the only one who looked superb. He always does, doesn’t he.

    Also due to the fact that Carrick was sort of like in the twilight zone.. he was just running around and passing the ball back to the defender. Scholes was great but again he isn’t what he was 10 years ago so it wasn’t easy for him to go back and forth.

  9. TheRadLegion says:

    @ jespermoses
    It’s not moaning, it’s stating the obvious. If you were okay with that performance, there is something wrong about you.

  10. manu4life says:

    am happy for the three points but are we good enough to win no.19? not sure dispite our rivals are also struggling. we need to buy a creative midfielder, striker(sell berbatove and owen). no problem with defence once rio returned, and give nani run of gams.

  11. jespermoses says:

    @radlegion,i’ll take a bad performance and 3-0 every day of the week mate.I thought we were in control of the game for 90 minutes and it was just a matter of time before we scored.

    Burnley were hard to break down with 10 men behind the ball the whole time!

    Job done!

  12. Cantona's Right Boot says:

    Let’s hope Everton plat well and bring Shitty back to their place….F**k All

  13. sprite says:

    Fuck off for two reasons: slating berbatov and owen today.. calling our team manu.. fuck off

  14. dl says:

    good point, i was just suggesting that for the last 2-3 months evra has been the only constant figure in the back (due to him somehow with our luck right now not having to visit the injury room). I know that all players of a team needs to gel but the defense in particular need to form an understanding and also whilst it is normal for teams to rotate their midfield/forward teams from game to game these days, apart from resting members of a back 5 during “easier” games, rotation of a back 5 is practically unheard of for any team. And with the right back & centre defense positions changing week to week and vds only able to be played on and off (for very understandable reasons mind), that’s kind of what we’re doing.

    Happy with the win and delighted for Diouf. That good weekend feeling is at least temporarily back!

    But good lord, chelsea! once they get back drogba and if cech gets back on his top form then i don’t see any team in europe beating them (at least not by more than one goal, or even the away goal rule) esp as the top teams in italy and spain (inter and barca respectively) have already shown their cracks this season and considering it may be too much to ask the galactico’s mk2 to win the cl on their first try (plus it sends out a bleak message if they did) i honestly think that the cl this yr is chelsea’s for the taking as things stand (i’d imagine a chelsea vs barca/arsenal final right now) but they’ll probably get beaten by inter now i’ve said that so….

    Back on subject hope that this is the start of great results for us that over the next couple of months see us making it to the carling cup final, at least breathing down chelsea’s necks in the pl and knocking milan out of the cl, making us real (favorites) contenders to win the cl (probably not our yr but weirder things are happening in this season so i wouldn’t write it off as of yet)

  15. obertanthenewstar says:

    good 3 points today
    i thort anderson was excellent when he came on
    great flick for the 2nd goal.. that little bit of flair/creativity that we all want from midfield!!! he was solid when he came on..
    also VDS in goal!! what a difference… P.I.G did well.. but positioning wise defence management VDS was class!!
    bring on shitty!!
    hopefully everton beat them today… but im sure we can beat them..
    hopefully vidic will be back.. rafael fabio.. gibson and anderson should start.. hopefully diouf and owen get a chance
    should be good!!


  16. manu4life says:


    Yes berbatove is not good enough for united. owen? well he should have ended up at Hall city(the only team bidd for him).

  17. Ashish says:

    Fergie please don’t let Nani go.

  18. says:

    glad to see VDS back in goal, his presence and positioning is always very good. Brown, I really dont know about his performance today, he seems a bit slow and struggles when the ball bounces…I cannot wait for tuesday. I really do hope we put a strong team out there.

  19. dl says:

    @ sketch

    I know – you just can’t predict any result in the pl anymore. In fact i’d go as far as saying apart from the likely positioning’s come the end of the season of portsmouth going down and chelsea at least remaining in the top 4 come the end of the season no team position can be predicted. Perhaps spain does have more quality overall but most people only seem to be interested in their big 2 battle and in terms of sheer excitement in a league of 20 teams overall (not just 2 to 6 teams in one league) imo the pl still reigns supreme!

  20. manchuchu says:

    Mame said KNOCK YOU OUT!

  21. sprite says:

    at least wait with your less intelligent slating of berba to a day when he does not score and we dont win..

  22. Colbert says:



  23. Wakey says:


    I have been saying that about Rooneys passing for over a season. He could be a true world class footballer but he lets himself down with his inability to do one of the most simple things in football right. Simple 10 yard passes should be professional players bread and butter but he under hits or places them too close to the other team for no reason.

    Today In general we were fairly good imho, Burnley were just well organised and took a bit to break down. The defence was a little disorganised, Neville is probally past it now and we need Vidic and/or Rio back to add some more certainty to the defence.

    CM is out biggest problem imho, we have alot of good players there BUT the wrong two keep getting picked and when there are two who could play together well they don’t get the games to build a partnership and get in their stride. Certainly I think Scholes and Carrick is starting to be a liability as a partnership as they both end up playing in a strange position in the pitch where with both of them there adds very little either defensive or offensive. Its one or the other with either a Defensive midfielder like Fletcher, a Box to Box midfielder like Anderson or an attacking one like Giggs is whats needed imho

  24. Gaffer says:

    well said – Vds made the difference from start today. And kept calm during the game. mtm along with valencia

  25. Wakey says:

    On Eagles he seems to have hit that point that Fletcher did where everything has suddenly clicked. He always showed promise for us but every part of his game just didn’t come together and even the loans he didn’t excel too much. He looked ok for Burnley in the Championship but he was no where near being a starter in the prem. But in the last couple of months he has become one of the best players in Burnleys team

  26. Costas says:

    I think it’s time we give the Fletcher-Anderson partnership a run of games. At the moment they look like the 2 most in form midfielders.

  27. chrispiano says:

    Citeh 2-0 down at half time to Everton. Saha and Pienaar. Roque Santa Cruz went off injured 10 minutes in and Tevez looks to be carrying a hamstring injury. Perhaps our luck is changing!

  28. cherry says:

    Hello guyz, the first United game I did not watch for the past ten years. I arrived in london this morning and could not watch the game cos my sis does not have sky..can some one pls help with a link for subsequent games…pls pls pls I am in dire need of one. pls

  29. says:

    watching everton play, i really do like david moyes coming to united at some point. he really can make his team play. they all look good especially saha. even landon donovan is playing well. Piennar, fellaini, baines, heitinga, neville. not the biggest names, but he can make his team work as a unit. moyes is not the most talkative of managers, but I think he is an outstanding leader….and he is scottish!

  30. MG says:

    Fuck me

    Athletic Bilbao have scored but:

    within a minute hit the post ball came out – hit the post again with Casillas getting a touch – another chance – batted down for corner

    corner come in chance on goal batted down for another corner

    corner again – Bang goal Llorente head – 2 min

    in your face football – I love it and we should go back to it too – since we do it better than anyone

  31. MG says:

    Hmmm a very interesting thing I noticed

    Sorry to be off topic but since we’ve had a good day after a shit week a little indulgence wouldn’t go amiss:

    The virus close up has pimples on his face and his skin is rough – contrast that to his images as the new Armani poster boy

    Bloody hell what an airbrush : )

  32. Colbert says:


    Yeah, they always airbrush the fuck out of those photos. Some of them doesn’t even look like real people after they’re done with them. Worst example:

  33. MG says:


    Bloody hell – they managed to airbrush her body too

    Poor woman : )

  34. hurr says:

    I just love seeing the Headless Chicken frantically running around trying to save his MASSIVE team from 2 goals down at the hand of Everton.

  35. King Eric says:

    The Rad Legion – You must have been watching a different game mate. Brown, Carrick, Scholes and Evans had decent games. We played well second half.

    Just want do some people want?

    Edwin being back made all the difference. We played ok first half actually but again for some reason we didn’t want to fucking shoot. Nani had a decent game. Great to see City brought back down to earth and the scousers fucking up again. Good to see all our strikers score including Diouf.

    “We want Glazer out” chants at Old Trafford today.

  36. King Eric says:

    manu4life – No offence pal but get fucked.

  37. Costas says:

    The only worrying thing about today was Berba feeling his knee again. SAF said that they will look at it on Monday, but I am afraid that he might not avoid the op.

    @King Eric

    I agree about VDS. The biggest bonus of the day. How did Chris Eagles look to you inside the stadium? To me it seemed like he had a cracking game.

  38. King Eric says:

    Costas – Yeah he had a decent game mate and got a good response when he went off.

  39. Costas says:

    King Eric

    Good to hear. I always liked Chris. If he bulked up a bit, he might have made it at United.

  40. Corea says:

    Hehe. It was only Burnley :(
    But what a performance from Chris Eagles!

  41. rooney the new king says: – are you sure about that lets be frank roooney and moyes hate each other and I do not want to lose rooney to get moyes in, who moyes is a good manager but nothing great.

  42. DArreN24 says:

    i’m marrying my sis off to Valencia..he’s filling in quite nicely..

  43. King Eric says:

    rtnk – Got to disagree mate. Personally I think Moyes is a damn good manager and knows how to get the best out of his players. On their day they take some fucking beating. Look at the way his teams play. He loves the youth and some of his signings have been nothing short of fantastic. Fellaini, Pienaar, Arteta, Saha and Cahill to name but a few. He is climbing the table quite nicely now and without Jagielka, Arteta and god knows which other injuries. Looks like the Landon Donovan could be an astute signing as well. No I really do rate him.

  44. Toms says:

    @ Trevor “It took ronaldo a couple of years where i would say cost us the league whilst he was learning his game. I”

    No. I mean cmon. Don’t lie to yourself. We were no where near winning the league in those years. Fletch was still young and our mid looked abysmal. It was pretty dark times after Keano left.

    Ronaldo’s flair along with quite a few signings coming good (vidic evra and the defense… Anderson’s world class first season along with Nani’s excellent play) and evergreen giggs and Rooney to make Utd such a devestating force going forward.

  45. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – yeah he haa but I just dont think he is the right manager to take over from fergie, add the fact rooney and moyes dont get along.

  46. King Eric says:

    Rooney the new king – Yeah I too am not sure he is the man for United but all the same he is a bloody good manager. The Rooney and Moyes dislike for one another is a stumbling block indeed.

  47. King Eric says:

    Toms – Maybe I have understood your post incorrectly but Ando and Nani weren’t here when we won the league after those first couple of seasons when we bought Rooney and Ronaldo. Apologies if I have.

  48. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – thats the huge problem the rooney and moyes fued, no offence but I would not want to lose rooney.

    Toms – I would not blame ronaldo for united failing to win the league between 2004 and 2006 its a collective thing, ronaldos time and uniteds came at the right place at the right time, when united sorted out their spine of the team.
    - like right GK
    - the consistant picking in defence
    - a better midfield with players in form
    - and the balance in attack with a lot of good veriaty and tactical versitility made united a championship winning team.

  49. denton davey says:

    A fairly laboured performance in which Burnley had three/four/five good chances. The defenders were playing so far up the pitch that VDS was left alone on a couple of occasions. But the big Dutchman proved his worth. He’s calm and very, very big. SAF must be really glad to see VDS back – as someone mentioned, he exudes calm and manages the defenders really well AND they all have tons of confidence in him.

    To me, the most striking thing in this match was the amount of space Valencia had – over and over again, he was twenty yards away from the nearest opponent when he got the ball. Too bad he doesn’t do more when he gets it !

    Berbatov IS slow but he was dangerous today – in good positions even if Scholes got in his way when he had an open header. Carrick is slow and was never in a good position ! Rooney was terribly wasteful before he scored. Nani was – well, he was Nani: some moments-of-brilliance and some really dumb-ass moves but I think that that’s the price you pay for having a guy who can be a game changer on the field. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. One thing is for sure, the Nani/Evra combination on the left is really, really, really dynamic.

    And, it looks like Mame Biram Diouf has a nose for goal.

  50. manchuchu says:

    No wonder Berbatov can’t have his knee operation.


    You know what I say?

    Mame say KNOCK YOU OUT
    32 gonna KNOCK YOU OUT


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