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Bid rejected for Ander Herrera

Following reports all week that Ander Herrera was set to sign for United, after reportedly visiting Carrington yesterday, Athletic Bilbao have released a statement claiming they have rejected a bid for the player.

They claim that United have offered £28.85m (€36m) for the midfielder but that price does not meet their estimation.

The statement read: “The Athletic Club wishes to report that this week it rejected an offer from Manchester United FC, estimated at €36m, to transfer the federation and economic rights of the player Ander Herrera.”

As with Marouane Fellaini last summer, Herrera reportedly has a clause in his contract that means if we wait until July to sign the player, his transfer fee will increase.

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  1. Blacksocks says:


    Not sure where you get your stats from, according to soccer base he made 33 appearances last season (although it doesn’t break this down into which were starts and which were subs) and by all acounts finished the season very strongly. I saw him play a few times last season and despite playing quite advanced what struck me most was his willingness to work back and tackle.

    SAUREZ banned for 4 months from all football related activity by FIFA :-)

  2. Blacksocks says:

    My boss is a scouser – he’s raging right now!!!! :-)

  3. Blacksocks says:

    Just done a little research on Herrera. According to for the last ten games of last season Herrera averaged 7.533. He was man of the match 3 times and scored 3 times, had 2 assists and 3 yellow cards. However, he completed 90 minutes just 3 times too.

    Now stats hardly tell the full picture but compared to our current crop of midfielders, I’m going to quote big Ron the day he signed Bryan Robson (and no I’m not comparing them!!!!! but ………….. “He’s pure gold”

  4. UtdSenna says:

    Weak ban on Ratface.

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Suarez got off easy AGAIN. This is basically a two month ban from club football instead of four months because Liverpool play no real football for the whole of July and half of August. Makes no sense. Ban should have started from beginning of league season.

    Anyways, James Ducker from the Times (very reliable) is reporting now that the Herrera deal is pretty much done four years with option to extend. So it looks like Bilbao have finally given in. PHEW!!!!

  6. Mark Reid says:

    The rodents out for 2 months and the rest of the World Cup.He should be ashamed letting down his country at this time and his club what a fuckin clown,but with teeth like his you have to bite something.

  7. Blacksocks says:

    MEN are reporting the same, the deal is close, possibly tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see the pictures of him sat next to a smug Ed with pen in hand though!

  8. pratikberlin says:


    Exactly my point. The media didnt report Martinez’s transfer to Bayern because a player moving from Spain to Germany is of little or no interest to the english press.

    That is why most poeple dont know how painstaking it was for Bayern to get the tranfer through. Uli Honeß went on a holiday to Bilbao, wanted to set up a meeting with the Bilbao president, but was denied a meeting eventhough they were friends from Honeß’s playing days.

    Thats just an example of how tedious transfers with Bilbao can get.

  9. The One says:

    I think this is a good breakdown of how the deal for Herrera will be concluded:

  10. Tommy says:


    The transfer of martinez did get a mention mate but its not front page news as I am sure Herreras transfer to United wont be big news in Germany, France or Italy

  11. Blacksocks says:

    @ The One

    Everyone on here should read this – great link.

  12. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Bilbao have just tweeted that the release clause has been paid. HE’S JOINING US!!!!!!

  13. Blacksocks says:

    A statement of Athletic Bilbao’s website said: “The Football League has certified Athletic Club that player Ander Herrera Aguera has fulfilled the requirements of the applicable regulations valid for unilateral termination of the employment contract that bound him to our Club, by depositing today the amount of compensation established in the contract.

    “Athletic Club thanks Ander Herrera for his dedication during the three seasons he has enjoyed the club and wishes him the best in his future projects.”

  14. VolatileKid says:

    Ander Herrera has paid his buyout

  15. Mark Reid says:

    Thank the stars.More please.Cant wait till season starts to see all the pieces fit together,I wonder how Rooney RVP Mata Kagawa all fit in gonna be interesting.

  16. The One says:

    Woohoo….finally done….what a relief!! :)

  17. The One says:

    ….now back to that suarez nonsense!! What’s the point of the 4-month ban when a great chunk of it is during the off-season, fifa clowns!!

  18. The One says:

    Let’s hope we move quickly now to get Vidal, an absolute must!!

  19. Marko Maric says:

    Finally, we bought a player, people! We bought a player, it is possible, jupiiiii, we also can do it, like wvery other club

  20. Tommy says:

    @The one

    Just been watching BBC news and scousers crying outside anfield saying why should liverpool be punished for something dont on international duty, funny how they never moaned when they got English clubs banned from Europe, the reporters were over in Brazil and interviewed a Uraguay fan and he totally blamed the English media and said a 1 or 2 game ban would of been fair hahahahahaha, couldnt make that shit up.

  21. EC7 says:


    Why the fuck are the scousers complaining I don’t know? Of course it should be a ban for all football. It’s like if you get a two year driving ban from speeding on the motorway doesn’t mean you’re only banned from motorway driving does it? Your banned from driving altogether.
    Anyway only another 6 months or so till he does it again.

  22. EC7 says:


  23. The One says:

    Tommy @19:42,

    Hahaha, that’s hilarious, dipper fans have funny logic. You’re right, they were the ones who got English clubs banned and when we returned subsequently, we had a lot of catching up to do.

    Some more positive news now re: Luke Shaw –

  24. The One says:

    Looks like ed woodward has learnt a valuable lesson last season and is acting more quickly. Let’s hope the rumours on Vidal are not merely rumours.

  25. red war says:

    Please, do sell the leftovers of a former player called Carrick and give this midfield some brutality.

    Amen to this.

    Mata, Herrera and Fellaini plus Cleverley and Fletcher for backups. Then you’ ve got januzaj, kagawa, rooney, van Persie, nani and valencia to choose for the 3 forward positions.
    So, we definetely need that muscle guy in midfield.

    Also, sell Young.


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