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“Big Time Charlie” To United? You Having A Laugh??

Paul Ince Liverpool captain Manchester UnitedPaul Ince was a player I loved as a lad. I loved his cocky nature, I loved his ability, I loved how he played, I loved his strength in the tackle, and like most lads in Manchester, I imitated his goal celebration moves that he carried out with Ryan Giggs. He appeared to love the club and love playing for us, looking like a potential future captain.

Ince’s career has had many twists and turns since leaving Old Trafford, however The People is running a story today saying that Sir Alex Ferguson is interested in bringing the former player back as his number 2.

Paul Ince could be heading back to Old Trafford as Alex Ferguson’s apprentice. The former Manchester United and England midfielder, who today leads out Division Two MK Dons at Wembley in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Final, has impressed grand master Fergie so much that he is poised to offer Ince a ticket back to Old Trafford. Ferguson is considering handing Ince a role on United’s coaching staff – either as first team coach, or as his number two if cur rent deputy Carlos Queiroz opts for another crack at management abroad. Queiroz has recently been linked with Benfica in Portugal. The buzz around MK Dons is that an offer is imminent and club owner Peter Winkleman is believed to be drawing up a shortlist to replace Ince. Ince has admitted that Ferguson has praised the job he is doing at MK Dons – but the United chief’s admiration for his former player goes much further. Fergie watched MK Dons beat son Darren’s Peterborough side 2-1 at London Road in December when he spoke at length to Ince. “People know that we are a good side,” said Ince. “Sir Alex said exactly that after we beat Peterborough and that is the way I want to play the game.”

Now, before entertaining The People’s claim, it might serve some purpose to have a quick glance at Ince’s history, because alarm bells are ringing in my head at the mere suggestion of him coming back to United!

His move to United was one of controversy, with him appearing in the rags in a United shirt before the deal had gone through with West Ham. Ince explained that he was under the impression the deal had been done and that the pictures would come out with the story that the move had taken place. Their fans called him Judas, and that wouldn’t be the only time in his career.

Six years after buying him for £1 million, Fergie sold him on to Inter Milan for £8 million. Ince’s arrogance got too much for Sir Alex Ferguson, so the manager jumped at the chance to make such good money on him. We had Roy Keane now, Nicky Butt ready for the big stage and Fergie didn’t see the need in keeping a player with Ince’s personality at the club, the gaffer never being a big fan of anyone at United having an overinflated ego.

He did well in Inter but wanted to come back to England two years later. Not getting a look in at United, he signed for Liverpool, joining the useless Spice Boys. He won nothing in the two seasons he played for them. However, after scoring a late equaliser against us, he ran to the Liverpool fans, kissing his badge, and celebrating ecstatically. This can’t possibly be the man The People is suggesting would be welcomed back at Old Trafford by Fergie, with a place on our coaching staff available to him?

In a documentary, Fergie said of Ince: “he’s a bully, a fucking big-time Charlie,” clearly indicating there is no love lost between the two men. How could anyone suggest that a man who kissed the dipper’s badge in celebration of depriving us of three points would come back to our club? It certainly makes you wonder how these people earn a wage.

However, I must add, this is the same paper that asked Ferguson earlier this season if he’d like to see Liverpool win the league soon, bringing about the memorable response from our manager. “You must be joking,” he said. “Do I look as if I’m a masochist ready to cut myself? How does relegation sound instead?”

Paul Ince to return to United? I don’t fucking think so!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tom F says:

    Glad you brought up the Paul Ince factors of old!

    I personally want to see CQ as the new manager when Fergie (finally) does leave us and I’d love somebody like Roy Keane as the number 2, it will keep the raw passion that ferguson drills into our club.

    I wouldn’t like to see Quiroz leave any way, considering the part he has played in the building of our squad.

  2. Anant says:

    while i personally wouldnt like to see quieroz leane , i wouldnt want him to take over as manager after SAF calls it quits. at united we have big name players who need a big name (famous) manager who knows how to handle them . it would be nice to see an italian manager succeed fergie as they know how to deliver success . my top 3 choices would be -
    1. lippi – a good friend of fergie’s…connect the dots
    2. ancelotti – he has done an amazing job at milan . especially in europe
    3. capello – our english players would be very well acquainted with his stye of management by then . they’re already singing his praises!

    as for ince…he can go kiss rafa’s sorry balding spanish arse!….not fucking welcome.

  3. Jack says:

    Just thought I’d squash this.. I live in Milton Keynes, and was at Wembley today.. In the matchday programme Ince said his move away from the Dons is to Inter Milan, whenever that will be, as he loved it there. So no worries about him coming back, although he has been great for us this season

  4. nittin says:

    bollocks! i dont wanna see ince anywhere near the coaching staff, i still remember the scene where kissed his scouser badge after the goal, mk dons is one thing, utd is another totally different deal of diffrent magnitude, hate 2 say this F***K off ince!

  5. Raisnhell says:

    After reading the article I should say: > The People

  6. The Artful Lounger says:

    I don’t want Ince near United, no. He’ll be bad for morale, the exact opposite of what good management is supposed to do.

    Meanwhile, Anant, I have to disaagree. Out of those three names you mentioned, Lippi is the only one I’d trust with United. Capello is way too defensive, Ancelotti is having his share of problems at Milan.

    Mind you, I think all three are unlikely, because I do see CQ playing a big role in the post-Fergie era. He helped build this current team and I’m sure his presence means a lot to the Portuguese-speaking players.

  7. UnitedBlogger says:

    Hmm – Interesting stuff. I doubt CQ will leave after his stint at Real. He’d be really hoping to get the main gig whenever Fergie calls it quits. And I’d be comfortable with him when Fergie leaves coz it would be the toughest job in sport at that time and you’d want someone who is at least comfortable with the set up.

  8. Stephen says:

    If Ince ever sets back at Old Trafford I would have a heart attack, the guy is a total prat. I personally hope CQ would also not be given the job as AF replacement, being a good number 2 does not guarentee continous success. Just ask the FA with Steve Maclaren, Liverpool with Roy Evans etc

  9. Tom F says:

    It doesn’t guaruntee contiuous sucess, you are correct Stephen. Can I ask you if Mark Hughes, Copello, Jose Mourinho, Lippi or what ever other names are rumoured to be sucessors of SAF can guaruntee continuous sucess? Nobody can.

    My argument for Carlos Quiroz (already unsucessful at REAL MADRID, is that he has been working side by side with Alex Ferguson in bringing in young, ultra talented players and watching them grow as a team who seem destined for man glorious years ahead.

    Something Sir Alex has instilled into all of his sides over the years still remains and these players all have that in their blood. Manchester United’s squad today can go on for another 7 to 8 years playing together bar the obvious oldies. Yet for the aging Scholes, there’s an Anderson, for Giggs – Nani and for Van Der Sar there’s a Foster.

    Those, I know are examples but ther’s no denying the portugese eliment in our club right now, I am sure that Carlos’ influence in Bringing the 2 stars from Portugal last sumemr was not only for footballing purposes but to help build a strong team spirit which can bond and grow for the future, a deal which would make Ronaldo feel at home when there was any unease.

    I don’t think anyone will ever replace SAF but if CQ did become manager I hope we have a British Assistant manager, or United legend who can help keep the passion burning on and on.

  10. Stephen says:

    I completely agree Tom but all the managers you have mention bar Mark Hughes have been won either a World Cup or the Champions League which surely counts for more than an unsuccessful stint at Real where he finished 4th in the league and lost their final 5 games.
    He is almost certain to be SAF successor especially with his influense of our transfer policy, of buying a lot of Portugese speaking players obviously Ronnie, Nani, Anderson, Manucho, Fabio Raphael Silva and Possebon. But lets wait and see…

  11. jimmy Bob says:

    always rated ince as a player yes he left on bad terms and yes he joined the dippers but he was stilll a v good player for us
    carlos im not sure is a number 1
    id like lipi but hughes and possibly keane could be in witha shout


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