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Bosingwa’s Bragging Falls On Deaf Ears

United take on Chelsea tomorrow so all the players start crawling out of the woodwork to give their thoughts.

Chelsea’s fullback, Jose Bosingwa, has today claimed Chelsea know how to stop Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, it’s not exactly hard! Hasn’t he been watching United recently?

“To stop Cristiano is not easy,” said Bosingwa, “but at Chelsea there are people who know him well, including the manager. We know what to do to stop him putting on a show.”

If that’s the case, you probably could have done with stopping him in Moscow, when he ran rings around Michael Essien all night as well as scoring our only goal.

Secondly, if all their focus is on Ronaldo, they’ve got their tactics wrong. Even though he’s the fifth highest scorer in the league this season, despite missing the opening months in recovering from surgery, he’s hardly been setting the World alight. Bloody Middlesbrough kept him quiet enough the other night at Old Trafford!



  1. furrball says:

    it all sets up so much for berba and rooney really the former to prove a point and the latter to set these huge games alight. im looking towards fletch and scholes to put in a majestic performance in the centre of the park as well!

  2. King Eric says:

    Furrball: Personally I think it will be Fletch and Carrick in middle of park. Bring on the genius if we need him.

  3. marvsharpe says:

    The game’s on Sunday, not tomorrow! ;)

  4. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Carrick for sure, probably Fletcher and Scholes beside him (Anderson to come in off the bench) aswell, Ronaldo, and then Berb up front with Rooney helping him, and sitting out wide at the same time.
    Anyone know if Ferdinand be fit to play?

  5. invertedquestionmark says:

    Yep, Carrick, Fletcher, and Park would probably start, with Scholes and Giggs coming in during the second half. And Chelsea focusing on Ronaldo is the worst thing they could do. He loves the attention, while Berbatov prefers things to be quiet around him, so they should’ve done exactly the opposite to make them uneasy.

  6. Costas says:

    I agree.Based on Wednesday’s selection the team will most likely be:
    VDS-Rafael or Nev,Rio(hopefully),Vida,Evra-Ronaldo,Carrick,Fletcher,Park-Rooney,Berba.Last year i would have said that Anderson’s enerdy is essential here but like Nani he seems to be suffering this season.So if something must change my first choice from the bench would be Scholes.Bosingwa is making a point Scott.You are right about the final,but they didn’t have Scolari or Bosingwa then.These two know Ronaldo quite well.Ronaldo’s position is the key to the match.On the right he will go head to head with Ashley Cole who in some instances has handled him quite well.On the left there is Bosingwa.Maybe Ronnie shoyld play more centrally and allow Fletch to drift to the right so that he can check Cashley Cole.Let’s not forget that Chelsea’s strength is their attacking full backs.Of course there is another solution:Attack Attack Attack.That way theis fiull backs won’t have a chance of passing the half way line.

  7. Malino Ubah says:

    Bosingwa should go and ask Zambrotta and his Barca teammates what happened.

  8. Bradnaldo says:

    What does Bosingwa kno. Has anyone seen his unibrow!! lol. Bring on the rent boys.

  9. Failsworth Devil says:

    All the noises are coming out of Rentboy land this week… that suggests they are worried…

  10. Costas says:

    Well it’s make or break time for them.They lost to Arsenal and Pool at home and had VDS not got injured they would have lost to a Ronaldo-less United.My main worry has to do with our track record with the big clubs this campaign.It is also the fact that in the Premiership Chelsea are unbeaten away from home.I think that the most likely result is a draw.I am sorry but i have not seen enough from United recently to suggest that we can beat Chelsea.But that doesn’t mean anything.Before our most memorable victory over them recently(with the Fletcher goal) we had lost 4-1 at Boro and 1-0 at Lille.Can we get the Alan Smith of that particular afternoon to make a cameo appearance for us on Sunday?

  11. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I think he will play all 3 of Carrick, Fletcher and Scholes in the middle, like a 4-2-3-1, with the ‘defensive’ two being Fletcher and Carrick, Scholes just ahead of them flanked by Rooney and Ronaldo, and Barbatov leading the line. Try and get 65 minutes out of Scholes, and see than how we’re doing. Park does a job, but he hasnt played too much lately, and when he has, he hasnt exactly set the world alight. Fletcher seems to love these big games too, especially at Old Trafford. Saying that, Park did a good job at Stamford Bridge, so you never know what Fergie is thinking.
    If we win, it will be the kick start our season needs (yeah, we’re winning and in a good position, but we are not playing that great) and will scare the shit out of the scousers. Im not contemplating losing…

  12. Stephen says:

    I will put my house on Park starting, absolute no doubt!

  13. keanesmagichat says:

    it will be the day berba shines, he really needs a big game…
    its a must win

  14. sanj says:

    i agree with stephen… park’s workrate guarantees him a place in the starting XI imo. with him tracking back, it will negate the overlapping runs of jose ‘the mighty unibrow’ bosingwa or cashley cole.

  15. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I’ll meet you back here Monday Stephen, bring your house keys with ya!!!

  16. Marq says:

    I wouldnt want to see Scholes starting after seeing Derby over-run him during the last match. Not that I am writing him off, but he needs more matches under his belt to get back to the pace of the game. But not now, definitely

  17. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Looks like your house keys are safe there Stephen!!!

  18. Stephen says:

    Ha ha thank fuck!


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