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Bravo Rio and Ando

Mario Balotelli has attracted plenty of criticism in his short time at Manchester City. On the day he signed, he claimed he wished he hadn’t left Italy and since then has been involved in a whole host of controversies, including training ground punch-ups and throwing darts at City’s youth team players.

When it comes to commitment, it’s clear that this lad couldn’t give a shit less about City and has been linked with moves to AC Milan repeatedly. A month in to his City career he was singing Milan songs from his hospital window and two months after that he claimed he didn’t care which shirt he wore, as long as he got to play alongside Milan’s Ibrahimovic again.

So as soon as the final whistle blew yesterday, it should have come as no surprise that he didn’t run over to his team mates, given how unpopular he is. It should have come as no surprise that he didn’t run over to the City fans, given he doesn’t care about them. But I suppose I was fairly surprised to see him running over to the United fans, wafting his shirt around, because I assumed he couldn’t care less about us either. I could imagine Tevez or even Wright-Phillips or Richards wanting to have a go at our fans, but what have we got to do with Balotelli? It was strange.

Rio: “If you score a goal and give a bit to opposing fans I kind of accept that but at the final whistle go to your own fans and enjoy it, not opposing fans.”

Now, maybe the press have scolded Rio Ferdinand and Anderson for their reaction to this (unsurprisingly, I’ve avoided the papers today), but I was made up to see it. It’s not as if Balotelli had got in one of our players’ face and they were fighting on behalf of their team mates. They went over to Balotelli and had be torn away from him because they were attacking him on behalf of us. I liked that. I liked them being incensed because the fans had been insulted.

Would Balotelli react in the same way if one of our players had rubbed a result in the faces of City fans? Would he fuck.

Thank you Rio and Anderson.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. says:

    Carragher just got injured by his own teamate. Being stretchered off…looks pretty serious. Oxygen, head cast….

  2. parryheid says:

    Carragher eh aint Karma a bitch.

  3. Mickjk says:

    I’m sure he doesn’t know where he is. That looked a nasty one in the slo mo. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  4. byron1970 says:

    Ya Carragher looks well fucked. Don’t like to see anyone get a serious head injury no matter who it is.

  5. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    Anyone else notice the Old Trafford 02 banner at le arse? It really astounds me how smaller clubs don’t get bored of being obsessed with us

  6. WHAT ??? says:

    musca says:
    i just cant imagine ballotelli has been linked to us at past times. i even havent seen he contributed anything spectacular to man city so far, fucking overrated player.

    ___Call him what you want but Balotelli is not over-rated for a 20 year old in his first season mate. Players don’t write the papers so lets keep it strictly football aye? Compare his stats for 2010/11. Macheda 19 yrs (2 goals in 26 games) Welbeck 20yrs (6 in 24) Balotelli 20 yrs (10 in 21) Hernandez 22 yrs (18 in 37) Diouf 23yrs (6 in 26). So out of our young players only Hernandez has a better record than Mario, and even then they practically have the same strike rates, although Hernandez plays alongside much better players. So darts and whatever other bollocks aside Balotelli really isn’t over-rated with 10 goals in 21 games, otherwise what does that make Welbeck?

  7. Hammons says:

    Danny Welbeck is a class act and respectful. Two things that Mario isnt

  8. shubhangmanred says:

    Welbeck is not overpriced.

  9. overtheroon says:

    fuck u balotelli. mothrfuckn cunt fuckn shit sonnafabitch. fuckn dick cocksucker face.
    love rio n ando stood up for the fans.
    United for life

  10. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Another dive from Fabregas.

  11. Mahesh says:

    Fucks sake – this weekend is going for bad to worse for me!

  12. parryheid says:

    The weekend goes from Shit to Roses.

  13. portugueseprincess says:

    Kuyit I do love you!!!!

  14. barton says:


  15. dannysoya says:


  16. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    The ref totally bottled the game at the emirates. Total bottle up.

  17. Saad says:

    How in the world did Stoke put 5 past Bolton and we could only put 1 past them at OT? Strange. Oh well, Stoke City were known for their defensive prowess. Now they can score goals as well. Good luck to them at Wembley.

  18. parryheid says:

    Say’s a lot for the Hex.

  19. Mahesh says:

    LOVE IT, BLOODY LOVE IT! My weekend was almost bloody ruined!!! We take 3 points at Newcastle and I wouldn’t give two hoots about yesterday!

  20. WHAT ??? says:

    @ Hammons – we’re in agreement then.
    @ shubhangmanred – Berbatov is overpriced and Hernandez was underpriced. Players often have no say whatsoever in their transfer fees. My point is ON THE PITCH he’s not over-rated with 10 in 21 aged 20 in his first EPL season. In some objective quarters thats known as a “good player”, although for the record I rate Welbeck as a much better prospect than Mario.

    You’ve all read Alex Ferguson’s wise words to Mario, and its safe to say our football boot kicking Manager has seen many a dart thrown in his life time.

    As for Rio and Anderson I heard a rumour Berbatov spat at Ando, but unless im mistaken it seems his only crime was winding our fans and players up. BESIDES it was Rio who publicly questioned citys team spirit before the match and it was Scholes in the press denying city were even “rivals”. We took the piss before the game, so after knocking us out the Cup their youngest player wanted the last laugh. If Scholes wasn’t hell bent on matching his red card in Europa for STUPIDITY im sure Balotelli would have winked at him as well. Thats what happens when you lose NASTY DERBYS. Get Over It.

    TBH im more interesting in what OUR players do after the match, so I was glad to see a passionate response from Rio and Anderson, it made great viewing. We’ve got big games coming up and theres no time for feeling sorry for yourselves. You always want to see that from your Club, even David Platt got some from Rio. But at the end of the day BRAGGING RIGHTS go to the Victors. We’ll learn lessons from this and move on, we really didn’t do too much wrong yesterday, just lacking in the midfield on the day. Hate to say it but we missed Rooney’s industry in the middle. But if Ando started I think it would have ended differently.

  21. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @KOSE, I read on ESPN’s Live Cast that he got both penalty decisions right. I did not see the game so I can’t be sure what you’re talking about.

    But I don’t fucking care. As I said yesterday on ROM, “We’ll have to see how Liverpool fare against Arsenal today. Everybody expects them to rollover but we can’t be so sure always.”

    Right that makes it 6 points. I am about 75% sure that Arsenal will not get all 3 at Spurs. Spurs still want to get that 4th spot very badly and Arse will have to play out of their skin to get all 3 there. So, if we go about our business at Newcastle on Tuesday, then we can expect it to be 8 come Wednesday night which puts us in a pretty comfortable position. We’ll see how it goes.

  22. willierednut says:

    Parryheid – You need to have more faith mate lol. There’s only one Dirk Kuyt!

  23. Saad says:


    The Arsenal penalty was definitely correct. The Liverpool one was also correct but it was a much softer decision and the credit really goes to the Liverpool player for going down very very easily.

    The only contentious thing is that some may argue the referee should have blown his whistle for full-time IMMEDIATELY after the free-kick was taken and carromed off the wall bcoz time had well expired by the time the Liverpool penalty was given.

  24. WHAT ??? says:

    haha at Berbatov spitting at Ando, thats was a typo^ I meant Balotelli, I was too busy watching Arsenal BOTTLE it yet again. They haven’t looked like real title contenders for years, today was gonna be a draw no matter how many goals Arsenal scored.

    Also, probably not popular to say but Kenny was SPOT ON after the match, turning the tables on the Sky asking them WHY THE FUCK are words between two managers after a match more important than the events on the pitch? Spot on, Sky are far too concerned with Shit Stirring for my liking. The media ask the managers the questions to get them sacked, and shove cameras in the players faces to get a response. More should be said about the role the media play in shaping the image of modern football. They need to be held to account, editing out players swearing instead of scapegoating them for it. Managers up and down the table get spoken to and treated like shit by the media week in week out, so it was QUALITY to see a EPL manager put a microphone carrying CUNT in his place. We don’t see that often enough.

  25. Saad says:

    There is a very good chance that Liverpool won’t play in Europe next season, not even the Europa League.

    They are 4 points behind the 5th place spot having played 2 extra games.

    The FA Cup final is going to be between City and Stoke and even if City win (ugghh!), most likely they will either get the Champions League spot or the automatic Europa League spot, so the 2nd Europa League spot would go to the finalist of the FA Cup i.e. Stoke City.

    Birmingham City have the 3rd Europa League spot courtesy of winning the League Cup.

  26. parryheid says:


    Plenty faith mate been Hexing them since yesterday And it worked.

  27. scan74 says:

    That will do 4 me perked up a bleak weekend

    lets do the geordies tuesday and were closing in on the magic number

    onward and upwards


  28. KingOfStretfordEnd says:


    Hi mate.I watched the game, I felt both penalties weren’t that strong. Though arsenal’s one had a stronger call. But what do I know. Im saying the ref bottled it up, cos he seemed to be drowning in the pressure towards the end of the game. I saw a latent reaction for the arsenal penalty, and clearly the kuyt penalty was over the time. There’ll be the question of why didn’t he stop play after suarez hit the free kick against the wall. But could have been the length of van persie’s celebration. Whatever it is, good result for us. Lets do it come tues!

  29. mancunian says:

    I wait for the fa to ban Dalglish for 2 games after swearing at Wenger……Won’t hold my breath!!!!!

    Is it just me but managers in the past have been sacked for less than Wenger,Rafa,Hughes,Carlo(Summer?),even Avram Grant…but London media don’t say anything to put him under pressure.

  30. Nifle says:

    Ahh! Van der sar smashing the camera away when i tried to film Rio yelling at a city staff!
    Way to go VDR!!!

  31. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Is it player of the year tonight or is that later on in the month?

  32. I AM NOT A MAN says:

    Ballotelli will be dead before 30.
    He`s too fucking stupid to survive.
    You can guarentee he will use a hairdryer in the bath or something like that. Probably try cleaning the wax out of his ear with a gun like Chief Wiggum.
    Darwinism always deals with Dickheads like Balotelli.

  33. bigphil2003 says:

    Jon Philips can’t even grasp how to make up a fucking sentence. Fuck off you daft cunt.

  34. Jon Phillips says:

    Hi darlings! Jon “the cunting troll” Phillips here. Sorry for late reply but had to scare some billy goats that were trotting across my bridge, then I had to take extra long in the toilet as I now have an extra asshole to wipe. Deary me. Anyways, one thing I cannot understand is………why are YaYa Toure’s ears horizontal at the top? Seriously, it’s like they’ve been cut by a pair of scissors. Weird.
    Laters (winks).
    Word X

  35. Kings says:

    Jon Phillips – Shame you didn’t get caught up in the fire on the M1 and died you fucking cunt. Fuck off you son of a bitch. Your mum actually winked at me whilst you was at the game, before proceeding to split her in two.

  36. Jon Phillips says:

    Thanks Kings; all the best to you too sir. Correct, she did wink at you whilst I was (yes, that is when you use the word ‘was’ – tut, tut, showing your IQ there me old china) at the game. And as for proceeding to split herself in two (that is what you meant isn’t it, I mean, that’s the way you wrote it?), I can’t work out why she did that. Odd, but still, I never could work her out.Thankfully we used the A1 on the way down so avoided dying in the fire (nice touch by the way). We also used the same route on the way back but this time to avoid the large obstruction in the road which was later identified as Rio Ferdinand’s dummy…

  37. Figoman says:

    @Jon Phillip. I love Man United, & I love this site, even if I don’t comment on the topics. But u seem a stranger here, ur comments makes less sense & quite boring too. RoM won’t be fun if there ain’t ppl who’re as useful like the ‘ay’ in ‘okay’. So pls, behave!

  38. Ruudementary says:

    Fucking shite. If Im not mistaken, Gary Neville celebrated and kissed the badge in front of the L’pool fans when Utd scored a late winner couple of seasons and he was charged and fined by the wankers from the FA. It was cited as provoking behaviour….in this instance why is there is no reaction to Balloshity antics. Fucking FA twats!

  39. kaihnsn says:

    @THEFADOTCOM said they will not take any action on baloteli. FA is cunt

  40. Sheasy Baby says:

    balotellis a twat, he doesnt love city and never will, thinks hes mightier than everyone but hes shit…fuck em

  41. moloantov says:

    Shows Man U players risking their skins for the fans.. love it!!! balloteli is a fucking cunt, useless piece of shit player who is lucky Rio didn’t drill him a new one!!

  42. LOL says:

    I kinda like this Balotelli guy.. he provides good entertainment :P

  43. RedAlert260599 says:

    What really happened with Balotelli…..
    He asked Anderson for his girlfriends number because he said he wanted to “F**K her”. That was what the commotion with Anderson was about. Balotelli will get his rewards soon. He’s an accident waiting to happen – and it won’t be long before it does.

  44. Ryan90MUFC says:

    “I think if Roy Keane had seen that he would have watched it, with that calm, terrifying look in his eyes, and then next time he saw Balotelli on the field he’d have made him famous. Like he did Haaland.”

    Love that!

    I’m just pissed off Vidic didn’t get to him, He’d of fucking murdered him!

  45. united84 says:

    didnt Neville get done for celebrating a goal in front of the bin dippers? Doubt F.A will do much about this

  46. WHAT ??? says:

    United84 – DId you actually see RedNev RUN towards the Scousers after Rio scored? He was jumping and screaming, grabbing his badge, punching the air? LOL, it was priceless.

    If we’re talking about players being banned for INCITEMENT then RedNev’s celebration was Legendary. Likewise, Adebayor got the same banned for destroying Arsenal and running the entire pitch to shit on the Gooners. But Balotelli? He didn’t do anything worth remembering after the match. He was already near our supporters at the end, so he grabbed his badge and punched the air at the final whistle, so what? Hardly worth a Ban is it? It WAS worth a response from our players, and thankfully he got one, but beyond that it was nothing. His team won, he’d earned the bragging rights on the day.

  47. viv says:

    I just love how our players stuck up for their fans like they did, it kind of cheered me up from the loss at the end of the game – got me thinking – how many players do that for their fans?!

    However; this whole “we are rascist for having a go” at Ballotelli made me laugh! If we are being rascist wouldn’t we be offending our own two players, Rio and Anderson as well?!

    That all said, we didn’t have a great day and played like we couldn’t really give one about the fa cup that saturday! A bit disappointed, even more so because it was them, but we are favourite to win the league as we have gone way ahead!!, still in the semis of the champions league and are fairly confident we could get to the final – not a complete loss, hey! And congrats on the new baby girl rio!

  48. Apadron87 says:

    Look at Van der Sar’s reaction at 0:51 to avoid Rio to get caught swearing!!! It’s awesome the way our players look after each other.

  49. Apadron87 says:

    Look at Van der Sar’s reaction at 0:51 to avoid Rio to get caught swearing!!! It’s awesome the way our players look after each other.


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