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Brown: I’d Support Republik of Mancunia in World Cup

Ian Brown, The Stone Roses frontman, doesn’t fancy England’s chances in the World Cup.

“I think it’ll end in tears,” Brown said. “Support Brazil from the start and you’ll be alright, you’ll still be laughing in the end. D’ya know what, I’ve never really backed England in anything, I’ve gotta be honest. Now, if it was a Republik of Mancunia team, I’d cancel the Belgium gig!”

Brown then goes on to talk about how brilliant Manchester is.

“We’ve got people from all over the world that live in Manchester but we all get on, don’t we?” said Brown. “There’s no black or white or Asian or gay or straight or young or old, we’re all part of the Republik of Mancunia. I think we’re the most forward looking city in the world in that attitude – more so than New York, way more so than London because people are dead tribal in London; we hang out together, they don’t do that in London. I’ve lived in 14 addresses across Manchester and I love it all. I love it.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. King Eric says:

    willierednut – Yeah mate I wanna be adored is my favourite but love Sally Cinammon which isn’t on that album. Waterfall, Made of stone etc. Belting tunes. Their second coming album was ok but after waiting 5 years I expected loads better. THE best debut ever.

  2. King Eric says:

    Aye and all te saying we should get Dzeko may feel different now. Shows what sort of a greedy cunt he is. Fuck the lankt cunt. Couldn’t even outdo a back two of Carrick and Fletch. Joker. How many strikers do Citeh need? Will he do as well as Adebayour and Santa Cruz. Also Maourinho wants Fat Frank and the Thug. Laughable, simply laughable.

  3. King Eric says:

    Neville Neville- Saw him the day of Besties funeral at MEN or G-Mex. Full of United songs especially the Besty song. Seen him loads of times. Fucking great performer. Liam just copied him and he ain’t fit to lace his adidas;s.

  4. asite says:

    folks watch out 4 my country NIGERIA in the world cup.

  5. bigphil2003 says:

    Just listening to The Stone Roses album on Spotify for the first time – liking what I hear so far and it doesn’t sound remotely dated. Sounds quite ahead of it’s time actually.

    The Gary Neville tache – copied by 16 year old chavs everywhere

  6. asite says:

    i tink angel rafael is the man to replace ferguson

  7. willierednut says:

    How could i forget about, i am the resurrection, the lyrics in that song are amazing. @king Eric You have to wonder about Dzeko going to City, no doubt a money move.

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    My self and the misses had to meet with our wedding band to sort out songs and I asked for ” this is the one” played while they announce us as a married couple for the first time

  9. says:

    I have to say By Bye Bad Man is my favorite song from the Stone Roses.

    On another musical note, what’s everyone’s opinion on Morrissey’s song Munich Air Disaster 1958?

  10. Macheda IS GOD says:

    I’m a decent Left back!

  11. Neville Neville says:

    King Eric – totally agree about Gallagher who for me is now just a sad caricature of his 1994 self. First saw Brown in the dying days of the Roses at the Apollo – Reni had left by then and Robbie Maddox had replaced him. Still an amazing gig though.

    Went to see the Parker twins at the LCCC once, swore never again – shite sound, shite crowd. Liam also made a few ABU digs being the bitter bertie that he is. Didn’t even bother opening my windows when they played at Heaton Park last year – turned the volume up on the TV instead.

  12. mikekelly12 says:

    It appears Dzeko is in talks with City?!

  13. obertanthenewstar says:

    just to add.. pogba scored again as france lost to england u-17
    pogba looks a great player already… monsterrr
    will be huge for united.. thats a fact

  14. redscot says:

    I believe I saw King Eric post this regards Ian Brown and his comments regards the Republik of Mancunia a few days ago.I am sure he said it was written in the Manchester evening news.
    Anyhow, this is one of my favourite bands the Stoned Roses, luv erm, my favourite all time tracks Sally Cinnamon,Mersey paradise, and Waterfall blah blah.
    Quote There’s no Black or White or Asian or Gay or Straight or young or old, were all part of the Republik of Mancunia, well said Mr Brown(note he did not mention Aliens the largest part of the population).
    I would love to live in Manchester, but hay ho you deal with the hand your dealt.
    Back to Musik, My Band, Ballboy (google it) All the Records on the radio are Shite except mine.
    ” And am still here at the end of the night. Watching drunk me fight”

  15. fucktheglazers says:

    *Sorry, off topic*
    according to sky sources our loud neighbours are in talks to sign gago and HIGUAIN from madrid.
    another good striker that fergie CANNOT sign. Thanks glazers.

  16. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – one of these days the fascist will have to go bankrupt because one reported the fascist tend to sell 12 players this summer. I wonder how they will be effected by these changes since they spend more money than a world order bank, the fascist change their teams and managers has many times has someone who changes their pants 3 times a day because they have a bad case of the shits or they have heard the brown noise 2 much.

  17. 20legend99 says:

    So when are we getting the RoM approved by FIFA so we can send a team to qualifying?

  18. The Red Devil says:

    Has he ever been to Cheetham Hill?

  19. Paul Parker says:

    Made of Stone – thats my favorite Stone Roses song, Classic, its about 20 years old now? Jesus live long enough you see it all Pal I tell you. Great Great Song.

    back to the football, loved seeing Pogba play well and score today, Keane was our only other lad I saw, he’s had a strong Season as well. Glaziers or not I need to stop putting off MUTV this August im missing out. Also saw the u21 final between Ivory Coast and Denmark and im telling you those Ivory Coast players are incredibly talented. Again, they played like Brazilian Germans, and I don’t think its Premiership withdrawl they actually played some great football. The Denmark keeper deserves a mention as well, made some great saves, kept the scoreline from being 7-2. Caught a glimpse of Torres on Eurosport after he looks about 8 years old now hahaha. Can’t see Spain beating Brazil in the final :) so the wait will continue.

    and the Mourinho show continues I see? Good for him, for me it will be interesting to watch the Fascists latest incarnation next Season. Dare I say I can see Lampard and Gerrard perfoming well out there if they leave, and if he gets Ashley Cole as well on the left and Maicon on the Right, sure, they’ll be stronger under him. Barcelona adding Villa is significant too, yeah, so I can understand why some United Supporters might be worried about our lack of activity in the transfer market, but keep the faith!!!

    If Alec REALLY thought we needed a new super star Striker we’d already be on the verge of completing a big deal after months of negotiations. The fact there isn’t a 40 million odd deal in the pipeline shows me Alec has faith in the talent Ole is bringing through with Kiko and Welbeck and Diouf. Owen has showed his Class for us too don’t forget. Great Debut Season in the League Cup. Berbatov? Hernandez? Rooney? I still wouldn’t swapany of our squad of players for anybody else. Mourinho might line up next year with Maicon and Ronaldo down the right but So bloody what? We’ve got Evra and Nani down the Left !!! We’re a match for anybody right now, Barca, Real, Spurs (lol) Whoever.

    And on that note.

  20. Its in my blood says:

    @ The Red Devil

    Nowt wrong with Cheetham Hill!
    Overall the people get on well. Black, white, Asian, Muslims, Jews.
    The odd knob heads from all those groups, but hey, you get that everywhere.
    More to the point, it’s heavilly RED!

  21. suhayl says:

    ian brown aka legend…im lucky i grew up in mad chester…….hence know there aint a place like it in the world.

    stones were and always will be better than oasis

    k eric…lol, yep usual callers on mate, rob from belfast, john fron whethers, my mate phil from prestwich should have got the shirt…close call

  22. jellybean says:

    hmm…looks like the bbc is abt to incur fergie’s wrath again. looks interesting tho-

  23. Stretfordender says:

    Might have been said, but all reports coming out saying Joe Cole is 99% certain to join us. Not sure about you guys but this is a great signing. Fergie offered 5 million for him at 18, and with his history of going back to players I wouldn’t be surprised! Will offer something different and a hunger to succeed.

  24. aig alex is god says:

    What a boring summer so far. Hope we sign some players. I know we are not City and dont need or spend money foolishly like them but it pains to see our targets and players being whittled away by other clubs. There is no doubt we need a few players to challenge on all fronts next season. with the world cup coming soon we have to act fast.

  25. Corea says:

    aig – hey, don’t be bitter.

  26. arijc says:

    Waiting for Scott to blog on David Gill’s latest comments :)

  27. Linvoy says:


    My mate just text me same thing this morning…. saying Talk Sport had announced it was a cert…. however i cannot find anything on it on the internet… Have you got a link or anything?

    Cheers pal

  28. aig alex is god says:


    i am not. just saying we have to tie up players we are interested in before the WC. if the player does well at the WC and a bidding war starts we will be well beaten. It also helps to plan for the season well then because like we saw with the berbatov signing, deals done at the last minute can be problematic as those players dont settle easily with no pre season experience behind them

  29. RedMegleeker says:

    Manchester in the area we’re international we’re continental, hello!

  30. Red Devil says:

    Good Morning ROM


    Pogba scored another one yesterday and Chicharito gets his work permit…….
    The futures bright, the future’s RED…..

    Man Utd…we’ll never die!

  31. bigphil2003 says:

    @fucktheglazers – to be honest mate, City can have them. Neither of them look anything like United players.

    @Stretfordender – haven’t heard anything myself but Skybet have cut the odds to 2/1 from about 8/1 yesterday so something must be going down. He’s not looked himself recently but would be a quality addition to the midfield I think. The Chelsea ties don’t bother me in the least because he’s not a cunt like the rest of them!

  32. Stretfordender says:

    @Linvoy, Sorry mate just got out of meetings and work has been in the way of ROM. No, no links as such, just talk from a couple of friends who don’t mention United rumours unless it’s nearly there. Then as you said mate they mentioned it on Talk Sport with the chief writer of daily mail saying all the writers have heard the same. Think we would have let Harry have him if we’d got Modric but looks as though we will now push on. The signing makes sense as he knows the league, is english and has the ability to beat a man that we have missed.
    @BigPhil, I didnt realise they had dropped like that, that is a positive sign. We were 4th faves to get him last week. I don’t mind either, he is a West Ham boy in my eyes, has a great relationship with Rio and has never fulfilled his undoubted potential at the shithole of S. Bridge.

  33. Rai says:

    @ Arjic….me too mate!!!

  34. arijc says:

    Does City have a scouting network or do they just go after whoever we are linked with? Seems that they are interested in Silva now. C’mon Fergie, get Silva before the WC.

  35. Linvoy says:


    Cheers pal… im about to go into a meeting all day now so im hoping when i get out there’ll be more on it…. At least work stops me from checking the footy websites every 2 mins!

    Funnily enough the lad who text me today is exactly the same… he rarely ever talks or texts gossip yet he did this morning about 8.30am… so im quite hopful on this one.

    I’ve always had soft spot for Joe Cole… he’s certainly not offensive other than maybe his sweatbands… and he has eye for goal and some skill in those boots too. Be interesting if it did materialse where he’d play… whether out on left wing or through the middle…. but better give it time to acually see if it does happen before thinking about that!

    Right off to work…. laters ladies and gents!

  36. Stretfordender says:


    Completely agree, only issue is the reccuring injury last year. But hopefully our medical team would assess that before we did any deal. He is also good friends with Carrick (Although from Fergie’s actions last year he may not be at OT next season) and the other England lads. His total career apps to goals reads 396 – 52. This would therefore suggest he wouldnt be brought in as a goal scorer, but instead to create. We shall see.

  37. keano99 says:

    Lads i dont know where you heard this Joe Cole stuff but he is not commin to us, he is gona stay in london some guy rang talk sport this morning and started the rumor but its rubbish.

  38. aig alex is god says:

    @king eric

    thanks for the info yesterday. i heard to the songs and saw some you tube clips of the stone roses. i loved it . :D

  39. King Eric says:

    aig – hello mate. Deals aren’t done over a week or so of a World Cup mate. They will go on months. Negotiations will take place for weeks no doubt. One example is United’s scouts lived with Hernandez and his family for a week or two to learn all about him. It isn’t just a case of saying right lets get him now before the WC starts. Deals take time.

  40. King Eric says:

    aig – ha ha. Just read your last comment. Glad you enjoyed it. A very Charismatic bloke. Top lad.

  41. bigphil2003 says:

    @keano99 – the odds on skybet have now gone down to 6/4 with Spurs and City now at 5/1. I’m not saying that means he’s definitely joining us over Chelsea but bookies don’t change their odds over “some guy” ringing a radio show.
    Again, I’m not taking the odds as gospel (last year they had Benzema odds on to join us hours before he signed for Madrid and I got a small fortune out of their 15/1 odds that Villa would stay at Valencia) but there must be something going on that we don’t know about.

  42. King Eric says:

    RedMegleeker says:
    “Manchester in the area we’re international we’re continental, hello!”

    Ha. Fucking belting Brown quote!!

  43. King Eric says:

    Linvoy – ” he’s certainly not offensive other than maybe his sweatbands…”

    Nice line. Spot on fella. Hope we DO get Cole to be honest, I like the lad.

  44. Stretfordender says:

    Big Phil – Still with you, it’s not the talk sport rumour I went off so not bothered if ‘some guy’ rang up to quash the rumours.
    Cole is still waiting on Capello’s decision on the cut at the moment so don’t expect anything to be done before Tuesday. Like @King Eric has said, transfers at United usually have a background story, Cole’s being that Fergie has had 2 well known bids rejected and made enquiries, a tour around old trafford as a boy and a meeting with the Joe’s family. Don’t be surprised if he comes mate.

  45. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    Hi mate.

    ya i know it dosent happen easily but deals take time. Just want us to do the deals soon. I know that’s not always possible. With shitty and real hovering we will have to tie players down soon, especially city. They are interested in anyone and everyone plus in this market we dont want to be pay over the odds just like we had to in the berbatov case as the clubs we will want to buy the players from will no doubt try to hike the price as much as they can. Lets hope we do sign the players we actually are interested in. The tabloids make up lot of shite stories

  46. arijc says:

    Looks like VDV is so desperate to sign for Munich, he would cycle to Munich to sign the contract…

  47. Stretfordender says:

    I’m not overly bothered about VDV, Defour is the man for me! The Belgian Fabregas would be a great signing and will cost much less than the 25 million bracket….

  48. jb says:

    any1 have a link for pogbas goal?

  49. The Red Devil says:

    I believe Ian Brown was in Moston the other day opening a take-away or something on Moston Lane. Was this where the photo was taken?

  50. sunman says:

    After all the comings and goings what has happened to uniteds academys best prospect.
    Paul Pogba. He has not played for any teams in pre season and he is not listed in any of the teams squads.
    Does anyone know.


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