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Brown: Let’s Make It 19 For Fergie

Wes Brown, who has been in Sir Alex Ferguson’s bad books since jokingly calling him a “cunt” last summer after a few drinks on our tour of the US, has today claimed he hopes Manchester United win the record 19th title this summer for the boss.

“It would be amazing for the players and a great feeling for fans,” said Brown. “But, for me personally, I’d be really pleased for the manager. For him to take us past their record would be brilliant.”

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  1. Red Simmo says:

    “It would be amazing for the players and a great feeling for fans,” said Brown. “But, for me personally, I’d be really pleased for the old cunt. For him to take us past their record would be just what the cunt deserves”

  2. Giles Oakley says:

    Nice translation Red Simmo, good to get that cleared up!

  3. mattbw7 says:

    Or oops calling him a cunt was the beer talking, now im building bridges or its Everton for me!

  4. Whiteside says:

    Beer talking? Fuck me he must have been smoking crack!

  5. King Eric says:

    Whiteside – Ha. Nice one pal.

  6. 0161-Jon says:

    better late than never for sucking up to get back in the good books Wes you cabbage!! Hope you stay next year.

  7. Whiteside says:

    Cheers King Eric! Good to see Wes and Sir put it behind them anyway, he’s a handy squad player, was awesome 3 years ago in our league / Euro double.

  8. aaron says:

    to be fair to brown everyone has said their boss is a cunt at one time or another.. he was just stupid enough to get caught

    its a gd sign to see him trying to mend bridges with Sir tho, we always seem to have so many injuries in defence these days, experience like browns is invaluable plus he’s a local lad and you always need more of those in the team because they have the passion

    i do wonder if browns “hiatus” frm the team is a season long punishment or a defender is on Sir’s reputed 3 signings list

  9. Briggsy says:

    I can see it now, live on Sky, United lifting the league trophy ceremony, All United players strolling out on to the pitch with white t-shirts with the slogan – ‘For the cunt’.

    Although John Terry might think it’s about him

  10. smartalex says:

    Good lad, our Wes Brown! The media make far more of this bus incident than there is.
    I am absolutely clear that Wes is truthful, and would love it for Sir Alex to claim No. 19

  11. Costas says:

    At this point, it’s clearly obvious that Wes has regretted what happened during the summer. I hope Fergie realizes that and keeps him around. He is a valuable squad player and it would be a shame to lose him over something so stupid.

  12. FULLARD says:

    anyone affiliated with the club should know that Wes is being truthful, and whilst trying my hardest to talk from a neutral point of view, i’d be over the moon if he stayed and played a big part in the rest of this season (and the next couple of years too). He’s england’s No. 2 right back, even though he’s played fuck all this season. His experience is vital, and like aaron said, he’s a local lad too so to have someone like him stay with us for the entirety of his career would be fantastic.

  13. hammons says:

    Like Brown, another long-serving United player was left out of the Tour 2011 Adverts…. Find out who.

    Could Tour 2011 Advert Signify The End Of Trinity?

  14. willierednut says:

    Nicely said big bad Wes!

  15. smartalex says:


    You post links to your blog on every thread. You never add, only take away.
    Spend time contributing or adding, as well as posting links to your blog.
    I can’t remember the last time you actually brought any news here.
    Today, you keep hinting about this player that might be leaving, saying we must go to your blog to find out. Considering the fact that you never add any thing new here, to finally have something of interest, and not divulge it furthers my impression of you as a selfish blogger. Many other supporters have blogs, and occasionally they link them. Red Ben is a prime example. At least he also comments regularly on RoM, and isn’t only here to collect readers.


  16. The Berb Is The Word says:

    @hammons: interesting article there mate, I’ve read a few from your blog and they’re always a good read, there’s just one thing… white text on black backround hurts my eyes!

  17. FULLARD says:


    And i thought you was just here for the occasional quick-witted comment….


    smartalex says it all,
    I personally have put up with your hit-hungry posts for long enough. I very well feel ashamed of myself for not coming to my senses and not calling you out long ago. Find me something that can be considered nutritious to this blog and i will show you a comment that is NOT hammons. I apologise if your just not good at English or something but honestly mate, do you even understand what RoM means?

  18. TheRadLegion says:

    I don’t have anything to back this up but I think Wes Brown is probably the most player who conceded both penalties and own goals.

  19. Gee says:

    @ TheRadLegion

    Whats your point??

  20. YorYor says:

    Wes has been unlucky after Stam left. He was brilliant alongside Stam, when he had a senior to guide him along. Very much akin to the current Smalling+Vidic pairing back then. Unfortunate for him that he’s fell down the pecking order, and it would be nice if he stayed on. But if he left, he’d command a first team spot in at least half of the other PL clubs for sure.

  21. smartalex says:

    Wayne Rooney, Wes Brown and Michael Carrick talk to Inside United about life as a Red and tales from Carrington…

    Who have been your players of the year for United? Berba, Nani and Vida have been mentioned by fans…
    Carrick: I’d go for Nani because of his goals, assists and overall performances this season. He’s made a great contribution.
    Rooney: I’d say Berba. He’s scored a lot of goals for us including some really important ones and us forwards need to stick together!
    Brown: It’s a difficult one, but I’ve got to go for Vida again, closely followed by Nani and Chris Smalling, who has done really well in his first season.

    Do you ever have dreams about games or certain moments in a season?
    Rooney: The day before a game I always ask Albert [the kitman] which kit we’ll be wearing – shirt, shorts and socks so I can try to visualise the game and scoring a goal.
    Brown: Yeah he wakes up shouting ‘yes’ like he’s celebrating a goal!
    Carrick: I sleep a lot better before games than I did when I was younger. I’ve never really got nervous, but when I was younger I always had that feeling of excitement and I just couldn’t wait for the game to come. Now, after a week with the kids I sleep very easily!

    Do you ever have a little reflective moment during a game when you look up, see a packed stadium, and have to pinch yourself that you’re a professional footballer playing for Manchester United?
    Brown: You don’t really think about that in a game because you’re just thinking about getting the job done.

    Rooney: Yeah as Wes says there isn’t really time in a match unless someone is maybe down injured for a while.
    Carrick: Sometimes if you’re playing in a really big game and you’re winning comfortably and there’s a break in play, you might take a minute to look around the ground especially if the atmosphere is really good. But most of the time, like the others said, you’re just focused on doing your job.

    Whenever we see pictures taken at the training ground it looks like you have a heck of a laugh alongside the hard work you put in. Is that a fair reflection?
    Rooney: Yes definitely. It’s just a great club to be at and be part of. There’s always a lot of banter going on, most of it aimed at Wes.
    Brown: Yeah it is!

    Apparently Wayne and Fletch are always up to things, is that true?
    Brown: I’d include Nani in that too.
    Carrick: Ando as well…
    Rooney: Me and Fletch lead each other on…
    Brown: They’re like two little kids.
    Rooney: Carrers [Carrick] is always there just smiling in the background…
    Carrick: You can’t get too involved because you know it’ll come back to haunt you so I like to keep a safe distance away.
    Rooney: Yeah, Carrers is the one stirring things up and me and Fletch are the hit men.
    Carrick: And Wes is the one who takes it all!
    Brown: Not all of it! I don’t mind though because we always have a good laugh. We have to give one of the kit men John Campbell a mention too. We give him a lot of stick every day but he takes it brilliantly and is a really top man.

    Do dodgy items of clothing still get hung up in the dressing room?
    Rooney: Not as much now.
    Carrick: The thing you have to be ready for is sweaty socks and strappings being launched at you after training.

    Giggsy seems to be a god-like figure in the dressing room. Are you allowed to take the mickey out of him or is he untouchable?
    Rooney: His locker isn’t!
    Carrick: No-one does anything to Giggsy, really, do they? There’s that respect thing for him.
    Brown: It’s the same with Scholesy.
    Carrick: They still get involved in the banter. Giggsy can be quite quiet but then he’ll throw in a very dry one-liner.

    What’s been the funniest moment at Carrington ever?
    Rooney: It’ll have to have involved Gary Neville…
    Carrick: Someone’s trainers got cut up once didn’t they… [All laugh]
    Rooney: Me and Fletch cut through a pair of Wes’ trainers one day and pushed them back together so it looked like nothing had changed. But when he picked one of them up to put on, the heel just came off in his hand! [All laugh]
    Brown: I got them back though, don’t worry!

  22. dannysoya says:

    I now see why Fergie was angry. how will you call him a cunt? ABSOLUTE MADNESS. LOL.

  23. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I have always said that Manchester United is built on players like Wes Brown and John O’Shea. You don’t notice them ever and half the time idiotic fans spend time saying they should be sold because they are not good enough. But when Vidic, Ferdinand and Evans are out of the team, the same fans spend time sucking up to them because they are our last hope.

    Players like Brown and O’Shea should be at United for the rest of their careers because their value cannot be measured in games played, goals scored, tackles made etc. Their value is immeasurable and therein lies one of Manchester United’s greatest strengths (consequently everybody else’s greatest weakness).

    I hope he and SAF have gotten past their differences. Although, like Costas I think it is a stupid thing, but if SAF was a bit younger he may have let it go lightly. If SAF was 45, then Brown might have got away with it. But at 70, Brown should’ve not said something like that at all. I hope in the end, all’s well that ends well.

  24. King Eric says:

    Balaji – Spot on pal.

  25. willierednut says:

    Fans sucking up to Jonny? lol. More like, he’s been ripped apart on here.


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