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Brown To Leave Us For Spurs?

Wes Brown has been a great servant to United over the years, slotting in at centre and full back depending on where he was needed. The season before last, before Vidic arrived, he formed a great partnership with Ferdinand in the centre, his favoured position, whilst this season has been employed at right back, filling in for the injured Gary Neville.

He has been in the midst of contract talks with United for some time, but within the last month, it emerged he’d rejected our last and final contract offer. Whilst I have speculated over where he might go, I don’t think I really believed that he would go. But with his contract ready to expire at the end of this season and speculation in the press mounting, it appears as though he really is going to go.

The Daily Mail has reported today that despite previous stories, it is Tottenham Hotspur who are likely to land our defender. It appears as though Juande Ramos does not rate Pascal Chimbonda, who joined Spurs from Wigan, and is looking for a long term replacement at right back. Brown has a wonderful CV, with a long list of honours on top of his ability to play across the back four.

With the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo earning £120,000 a week, it appears as though Wes Brown wasn’t happy at being offered a contract worth £40-50,000 a week, and rightly so. With Neville injured and possibly never going to return, I find it hard to understand why United are being so tight fisted over Brown’s deal. Even with Bayern Munich’s Philipp Lahm and Ranger’s Alan Hutton tipped as replacements, I can’t help but feel we’re making a massive mistake letting Wesley go.

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  1. Prasac says:

    he is shite and proved that yestarday again so he can go in Arsenal or Liverpool if he wants along with his equal midfield misery Darren ‘the Bulk’ Fletcher

  2. Tom F says:

    I think it would be very disappointing to see Wes go, right backs in general don’t come by that often and the fact that he is one of the true locals makes his case stronger, or so it should. He is definately NOT shite and has been loyal to our club for years. If he goes to Spurs I will be suprised, I really cannot see Wes Brown wearing any other colour than Uniteds.

    It’s a shock to the system to also be telling ourselves (even if we remain positive) that the other local right back G Nev, may never fully return.

    Our club is going in a brand new direction, taking the traditions of Manchester United with it and leaving no room for empathy or sympathy when making decisions for the future and its consequnces.

    I also believe Darren Fletcher, John Oshea and the likes of our younger side of the squad, Evans, Gibson etc are only a good thing for us in keeping a good balance at the club.

    We’ll never have 11 rooneys or ronaldos but amongst the flair there needs to be grit and those lads offer that, be it from the bench or not.

    I would pick Anderson in midfield with Hargreaves any day of the week on the performances theyve given so far but i wont forget carrick and the others that quickly.

    I like the idea of hutton in our squad over lahm.. just so ya know!

  3. michael says:

    no oe will give better service than brown even gary himself isnt as versatile and realible as wes is

  4. denton davey says:

    IIF Wes left UTD it would be a bigger mistake for him than for our team. IF he goes elsewhere he will make more money but, at the end of the day, how much more – to you and me, five thousand quid a week is a fortune but to professional football players at the top level it’s a trifle; a trifle compared to the lifetime of memories that Wes will loste because he will no longer be winning trophies for the likes of Spurs or Newcastle. These teams are terminal also-rans – somewhat better than the DeadMenWalking (e.g., Fulham, Wigan) who will never win anything of consequence but simply too small (in terms of financial leverage and /or management competence to compete at the highest level. So, IF Wes left and trousered another five thousand a week for the next five years he would have an extra million quid – but IF Wes stays then he will still make ten or eleven million quid for the next five years AND have a lifetime of memories.

    IF Wes leaves then he is shortchanging himself ! He’s a soliid, competent professional journeyman but he simply lacks the finesse and skill of a true internationall-class player – his mister ten percent must be telling him porkies.

    On the other hand, from UTD’s poiint of view, Wes is a guy who can be replaced but at what cost ? IF he really wants another million quid for the next five years then this is a trifle compared to the ten or twelve or fifteen million quid to bring in someone better – say Hutton for ten million, Lahm for twelve million, or Dani Alves for twenty million. And these new guys would command higher salaries than Wes would be getting. From the club’s position, drawing a line-in-the-sand is a penny-wise/pound foolish tactic.

  5. ManUtd9Titles says:

    I agree with you Scott, why not pay a little more in salary…But Denton’s assessment is spot on.

    Where else is Wes going to win trophies? They just won last year, look quite certain to do it again this year, with maybe a double to boot. Surely it’s because someone else has a bug in his ear!

  6. dan warwick says:

    dear mr davey denton,

    i would love to tell you that you are stupidly delusional. i am a tottenham supporter as well as a medical student. i have supported my beloved spurs for nearly 13 of my 21 years. ever since my father bought me a spurs top with klinsmanns name and number on the back ( whilst my uncle could only afford a plain celtic top). you do not seem to understand things. like all non-professional footballers, i would love to play for my club…things would not all be about money and the thousands that i could earn!! it would be about my love of football and playing regularly at a top level. you mention yourself how wes brown (in an ideal manchester united world wold not be a regular starter). some people, like myself, love nothing better than turning out for there team (all be it at amatuer level) regularly in a starting position. most people do not like being a substitute – only good enough if others are injured or suspended. personally i would like wes at tottenham. he is a quality player, someone who would add to my team’s prospects. i would also love for him to succeed at manchester utd, although no1 should be asked to be a continual substitute!! he is not a money grabber like you proclaim, just someone who would love to play regularly for a top tem, whom he may add too, and whome he could possibly take to another level (as th 4 goals conceded to reading may suggest). all in all your comment is wrong. thankyou, dan

  7. Tage says:

    Very much doubt he will be heading to Spurs if it’s purely down to wages. Even our top players are only on or just over his wages. There is no way he would come in as the teams highest paid player.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Dan, if Wes is not a regular starter for Manchester United, what is he?

    You might be interested to know that there isn’t a single United player with more appearances than Wes Brown this season, and only three players have started more games for him (Evra, Ferdinand and Vidic).

    So, it’s not entirely fair for you to say that someone else’s comment is wrong, considering Wes Brown is a player who DOES play regularly for a top team :S

  9. UnitedRay says:

    Local boy or not probably isn’t the issue anymore. Wes is not good enough to justify the pay he is demanding.
    Keano can demand something and United would have yielded. Ruud could have done similar… same goes for Rio, Wazza and definitely Ronnie. But Wes is average. I do think Fergie is right by saying Wes is a natural. Probably the most gifted. But he is average in terms of the passion and effort he put in. You guys ever seen him mark the left wingers of the opponent team? He marks the attacker somewhat sloppily sometimes. Its like “another day at work” kind of attitude. You dont see Gary Nevile giving such an average performance. Wes does not deserve a starting berth.

  10. denton davey says:

    Dan – my point was somewhat confusedly made: Wes is a good player BUT NOT a great player. As UnitedRay said, he does play a lot for UTD, whether RedNev is injured or healthy. He might want some more dosh and he might want a guaranteed place in the first team but – reality check – good journeymen can’t make this demand IF they want to continue playing for a team that is competing for trophies.

    As a home-town kid and a home-grown talent, there is lots to recommend Wes to UTD as well as the basic fact that he has cost UTD “nothing” beyond his wages whereas any replacement who is brought in on transfer would cost the club a load of ca$h.

    While SAF might not like it, there is lots of room for compromise here – in the financial scheme of things, lines-drawn-in-the-sand make no sense since the sand dunes are constantly shifting as we have seen with the massive infusion of new money for EPL television contracts.

    SO, the basic points at dispute are: does Wes value a relatively small additional weekly stipend over the chance of spending his whole career at his home-town team whilst being paid handsomely for that OR is someone whispering in his ear that the grass is greener on the Seven Sisters Road or St James’ Park or some other place where hopes are high but the reality is hope (and a bit more money) is about all that would be guaranteed.

    AND, as I tried to suggest, for Wesley (whose character on the pitch shouldn’t be questioned) there is also a small question of “loyalty” since UTD have paid this guy handsomely for years while he has been recurrently injured and/or being rehabilitated.

    My own position is simple – I like watching this guy play AND I think that the team is much-the-better for having a core of home-town, home-grown talent which is another reason (slightly off-topic) why SAF’s “new transfer policy” of recruiting wildly-talented kids seems to be a reoognition that if he can’t dredge up these kind of players from Greater Manchester then the next best thing is to get the young (as with Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson, Pique, Nani) in the hope that years of long service to the club – amply rewarded – and the camaraderie of playing on a real contender, year after year, provides something more valuable than a small increment to their massive pay-cheques.

  11. hellwelovespurs says:

    Your manager has built a lot of his success on the back of home grown or players who work through the system letting wes go will be mistake that will haunt the team it send out a message similar to message sent out by west ham many years ago by selling some of home grown players rather than keep them happy and before your united fan respond saying how successful your been .. you may want to look at the America football league regarding what happen to great football teams .. your America bosses will have already taken notice at length and histrionic link to successful club watch out united

  12. greek says:

    my opinion, he doesn’t want to sign…get him the fuck out of there


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