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Bruce: Giggs and Scholes Stand Out From All The Rest

Steve Bruce has claimed that of all the players to have graced the Premier League, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes stand out from the rest.

“The achievement of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, to play 900 and 700-odd games respectively for Manchester United is remarkable,” he said. “To still have the hunger and desire to be as good as they are is remarkable. Look at their achievements, year in, year out, in the Barclays Premier League. And Scholes is still able to come back after six months out and give United a lift. As much as anything, it’s testament to his fitness and professionalism that he can make such an impact.”

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  1. BUXTONRED says:


  2. wacky27 says:

    We are blessed to have Giggs and Scholes. Not only because they are one-club men but also they can perform very well for 2 decades. They set the bar very high. unfortunately, many of our academy graduates can not reach the bar set by class of ’92.

  3. dela says:

    Goldenballs could quite easily have been the third name on that list, with his talent. It’s a shame he quit football for showbiz. Does he even play any more?

  4. torontored says:

    Two of the best I’ve ever seen in any shirt.

    Brilliant ethic – marvelous skill.

    Play on until your 90 lads – at least another 65 titles

    UNITED 20 – 2012

  5. medumtum says:

    These two give meaning to the word Legend. Not only have they continued to serve the club with distinction on the field but the manner of their services truly stands out. To be ready when the manager calls, absent the common haggling over contracts, and the inflated egos that lesser talents carry; it is the hallmark of true greatness. They have shown what it means to wear the jersey. I can think of no higher compliment than the fact that though the Babes came to immortalize United’s potential, and the trinity its successes, it is these two more than any others that defined the United Way in the modern era and lived up to its immense legacy. Long may they continue to serve. What a pair and what a club! It has been an honor.

  6. bertiebirdman says:

    Other clubs have players who win the odd title or cup and are ‘legends’, our two are LEGENDS!!!

  7. wacky27 says:

    off topic.

    there was a tragic event in White Hart Lane today. Fabrice Muamba, Bolton players collapsed in the pitch. best wishes for him and his family.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Best wishes to Fabirce Muamba, his family and to Bolton.

  9. Ruudisgod says:

    Sky Sports News just had report from hospital, apparently he’s in a ‘stable condition’. Fingers crossed

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Regardless of if beckham had stayed or not (completely irrelevant now) then he still hasn’t got neither the brilliant talent nor the personality to rival both scholes and giggs. He worked at the only good thing he was good at which is crossing and that’s it. I have to give it to him though, he has marketed himself well as a model, the way he’s clinging onto the limelight is embarrassing though, more talented players get heralded lesser than a man with a career that has be on a downward spiral for years now but hey, the age we live in.

    Secondly, i just wanna send my condolences to fabrice muamba. Football really isn’t more important than health and happiness, i hope he recovers and be well soon.

  11. KerSam says:

    The best thing about having them around is that they can be an example to the younger players. Teaching them the United way. :)

  12. Whiteside says:

    Sorry but there was more than one good thing about Beckham – his free kicks were fucking awesome too. He can’t compare to these 2 legends though.

  13. MG says:

    Yeah Becks was Becks

    He was something – no other team gave him to give back like United did.

    All things though have to come to an end…

    One way or another


  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Taking a free-kick doesn’t count as talent in my view, you can practice and practice to be good at it. In beckham’s game, i don’t think anything really stood out as much as some people bang on, joining up with the galacticos and the expensively but talented side assembled, i think he looked out of place both technically and in personality.

    Like i said, credit to him for hogging the limelight and elevate himself to the worldwide stage with his “business come first rather than my football” mentality. talent wise though, he was never world class but still worked extremely at his game.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    UPDATES on Fabirce Muamba at
    Best wishes to him, his family and to Bolton. England U21 player and captain. Wish him well.

  16. MG says:


    Critically ill in intensive care @ the heart unit

    Having asked the wife it is very serious – if he makes it through a period usually over the next 12-18 hours – will get a better idea of his response – so up until the morning for starers he needs to hang in there

    Hang on Fabrice – we are all thinking/praying/hoping for you


  17. NBI Red Onion says:

    Hobe Fabruce will be ok – seems like a heart problem…no one likes to see that.

    On topic – since they r the duo like brangelina – how is Schiggs or Gischo for their joint name?

  18. James21 says:

    Legends the pair of them. Utd fans owe almost as much to these players, icluding Neville as we do to SAF. Loyalties stretch a long way.

    COME ON REDS! 20

  19. Strik3rr says:

    “Bolton Wanderers can confirm that Fabrice Muamba has been admitted to the Heart Attack Centre at the London Chest Hospital where he is currently in a critically ill condition in intensive care.” – no longer categorized as stable, I fear the poor lad may be brain dead if he was not breathing for as long as they were working on him.

    back on topic, ill be glad to have both scholes and giggs around for as long as they bless us with their presence.

  20. Red Neville says:

    Who was that numpty that said football was more important than life or death?

    If he pulls through it will be thanks to the skill, dedication, and devotion to modern medical science of the people who are now caring for him.

  21. Yesred says:

    Thoughts with Muamba. Get well soon.

  22. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Have you lot seen the article on Sky Sports about Muamba? I can’t believe there are people disliking comments wishing him well. Absolutely disgraceful

  23. Dimitar Berbatov is King! says:

    Hopefully Muamba pulls through. Life is the most precious thing in the world.

  24. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    I couldn’t care less about football or the matches tomorrow. Watching the Spurs game was a shock.

    All of the sane people will probably agree that all we now want to know is if Muamba will be able pull through and live his life. 23 years is such a young age. His family & friends must also be going through hell at the moment.
    Everybody agrees, this incident has put football into perspective.

  25. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Very true Clint

  26. samuel - united WE stand says:

    If he pulls through, it will be thanks to GOD.

  27. Ash says:

    My full wishes to Muamba and his family. Get well soon Tough guy. He is just 23 year old.

  28. red_bicycle says:

    Best wishes for muamba

  29. eric keane says:

    best wishes for fabrice muamba!

  30. Ancha says:

    Shocking. Hope he comes back.

  31. thedonmassawe says:

    Get well soon Muamba

  32. Devil310 says:

    Hold on…..What a minute! these 2 are good, but Steve Gerrard is the best ever….I mean, c’mon!

  33. eric keane says:

    Next 24 hrs critical for muamba! hope he pulls through,, come on fabrice!!

  34. Twisted Fatboy says:

    Morning Reds,

    On Topic: How good was Steve Bruce! that picture on the main page brings back so many memories, I remember Vidic saying how he was made to watch videos of Bruce and Pallister to understand what is expected from a centre back pair at United. And Scholes and Giggs or Schiggs are legends, I’ll still whinge when we don’t win and blame them for being old and it all being their fault, but you only need to see how much our game lifted when Scholes came back or watch Giggs twisting the blood of some poor defender that had his poster (blue and white shirt, curly hair) on his wall when he was a kid. Legends.

    Off Topic: It’s good news that Muamba is still hanging in there, as someone with first hand experience of sudden adult death syndrome I feared the worse, but the fact he’s still fighting is great news and my thoughts are with him and his family. Good luck lad.

  35. kev e says:

    Its very very quiet on ROM at the moment. What’s going on?…

  36. Hans says:

    Come on United. We should win today’s tie comfortably. Mind you I said the last time around only to leave Molineux bitterly disappointed. I could not believe we threw the match after the early lead we took. Anyway, I hope the lessons are learned and we stay focused for the whole match.

    I agree with Rooney, alongside the first Fergie title in 1993, No 20 would be the dearest one, so I hope other lads are also aware of this and deliver!

    I wish Fabrice Muamba full recovery. Yesterday scenes at Tottenham were unbelievable.

  37. zelh says:

    The class of 92 was an one-off.
    Can’t see something like this happen again.

    And I’m proud that I’ve lived during their reign at United. and Sir Alex’ of course.

  38. Warwick says:

    Maybe it’s quiet here today because it’s Mothers’ Day and everyone is out doing their stuff with their mums so they can be back in time to watch the game

  39. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Come on Muamba! Keep on fighting and I’ll be praying for you. And I’m sure all football fans, regardless of religion or race will be doing that for you.

  40. Ruudboy says:

    Becks is also great… He is also a Man Utd fan and if I remember well, he was moved out and not as if he requested to leave Man Utd. Just loved him that day he came to OT and took the gold and yellow scarf in the campaign against the Glazers.
    May God grant Mr Muaba a total and speedy recovery.

  41. Capitano says:

    Becks was not all just good in freekicks, his crosses were out of this world . Andy Cole, Yorke to Ruud Van scored many goals from them . Thou i would say he was not in Giggs and Scholes class, but he was close.

  42. Sandeep1878 says:

    Well said Brucey..


    Oh we love you Fabrice , we do,
    we want u at ease , we do,
    life awaits a new lease, for you,
    we pray for you u without cease , we do,
    fight on cmon Fabrice , you can do,
    get well soon come back anew , like the morning dew !

    Get well soon lad, Godspeed

  43. Costas says:

    De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra – Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Welbeck – Hernandez, Rooney

  44. Sandeep1878 says:

    Subs : Amos, Smalling, Giggs, Park, Young, Fabio, Pogba

  45. torontored says:

    Don’t see that Beckham ranks with these two. First off he owed a large amount of his game to Gary Neville who rans his socks off to make space for Beckham. Second as George Best said of him – “he can’t use his left foot, he can’t tackle, he has no speed, he can’t head a ball – other than that he’s not a bad player”.

    Scholesy and Giggsy – live on forever – take the youth we have and show them the way.

    Great result today but actually “boring”

    United 20 -2012

    God be with Muamba and his family

  46. Doghouse says:

    Hope Muamba recovers. One would hope, given his youth and fitness, that whatever illness he has, having now shown its colours, should be treatable. Although much will depend on his condition when he left the field.

    I’m not one for praying, but I do have faith he’ll recover. Medical science doesn’t mess about. Very clever people backed up by thousands of years of collected wisdom, data and study. He surely wouldn’t have lasted this long without it, and with luck it’ll bring him all the way back.

  47. chica chica says:

    Let’s hope Senior Paul passes on his calmness and creativity to Junior Paul.
    Looking at the game yesterday. Junior obviously still has a long way to go.

    And Senior Ryan passing on his skills to Junior Ryan.

    So cute that we have 2 Seniors and 2 Juniors with similar names.

  48. gazzer says:

    Beckham was way more than just taking free kicks and crossing the ball. He was a smart player who knew what to do. And he didn’t just rely on Gary Neville – it’s not as if he suddenly turned crap whenever GN wasn’t there. He was captain of England for a long time. He was also 2nd pick for Euro footballer of the year. It takes nothing from Scholes or Giggs to say they never were picked this high for this award, not Nistleroy nor Roy Keane nor anybody else in recent years at this club except christiano.

  49. gazzer says:

    sorry – beckham actually won it in 1999. Not bad for a pretty spice boy who could only take set pieces


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