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Bruce: GNev Least Talented But Most Determined

Steve Bruce believes that Gary Neville was the least talented of the group of players to come through to the first team in ’95 but his sheer determination to be a Manchester United player meant he worked hard enough to remain our first choice.

“It’s probably part of the Manchester United thing but no body can argue that he wasn’t single minded enough,” said Bruce. “Of all the young kids coming thorough at that time he was the least gifted of all of them but he had sheer determination to succeed. He’s played 85 times for his country and can you remember him having a bad game for England or Manchester United for that matter. He’s had a wonderful career and yet there is that stigma about him, it must be the Manchester United thing. Everybody knew that Phil was the most talented of the brothers but once he had the chance to get into the first team, he grasped it and never looked back. I don’t think anybody displaced him for the next ten, twelve, thirteen years.”

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  1. smartalex says:

    Gary Neville. Living Legend!

  2. Dave Malaysia says:

    Something that Gary knew and said. Humble and brilliant, worked hard as the Manutd ethos,and look at the rewards.

  3. Redrider says:

    can’t hold back the tears…

  4. Saad says:

    It’s interesting what he said about Phil being the more talented of the two. I’m not sure how true that is but I hear the same thing being said about the da Silva twins. Fabio is apparently more talented than Rafael, yet Rafa is the one who’s making the greater strides in his career, probably due to the fact that Rafa has stayed fitter and is probably also physically tougher than Fabio.

  5. Redranz says:

    @Saad – might also have something to do with a lil Frenchman named Evra.

  6. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Saad: u might have something there.maybe the lack of talent makes them work so much harder.

    @Redranz: Understand but Fabio has not really done well defensively as he has done going foward.
    With brazil his ability to attack and score made him stand out and his leadership skills as well.
    Fergie has in the reserves and carling cup tried Fabio in different positions.

  7. Warrior says:

    Great player and great servant to the Manchester United cause, gonna miss u Gary

  8. nhred says:

    its funny that he said that about phil being the more talented of the two, i always remember looking at them when i was a kid and thinkin it was garry who was the better player

  9. fergie is the boss says:

    Redranz – agreed, rafeal had oshea neville and brown to get past to play at RB

    fabio has to get past evra. rafeal is more experienced and now he has beefed up allot

    I still do not buy the idea g neville was the least talented. I always found phil the less talented of the 2. But both bro’s were talented, you do not play for united and own the RB spot for 12 years without having something about you.

  10. Zelh says:

    Fabio didn’t do well defensively?
    Do you remind his game against the rentboyZ in the community shield?
    I wasn’t missing Evra at all.

  11. red_october says:

    G Nev is a great example of a true RED. He always stood out to me as a big United fan.

  12. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Well you could say Phil was more talented because he could play more positions and get accustomed to them easily. Phil could be RB, LB and even central mid-field without any trouble. Gary was a RB. Raw talent is down to preference though.

    Anyways, I still cannot hold back my tears at the mid-season decision. While it is for the best of everyone involved, I would’ve liked to see him lift the 19th. There couldn’t have been a more deserving person for that honor but we must move on as we always do.

  13. kk says:

    Legend. Nuff said!

  14. denton davey says:

    Steve Bruce got it right – least talented of the FergyFledglings but a real professional in terms of dedication and desire to improve.

  15. smartalex says:

    Gary Neville is possibly the least talented player to have played 600 games for United.

    “I am such a bloody talented guy. I might go into painting or something like that.”

  16. hammons says:

    this no discredit to Neville, but i cannot believe that he got capped 85 times and Brucey never did!! amazing.

  17. smartalex says:

    Gary is 5th on the all time appearance list on 602.
    Ryan 860 (1st), and Paul 661 (4th). John O’Shea 378 (33rd) is the next current player.

  18. RedScot says:

    I personally see Steve Bruce as the next Manchester United manager he is, a legend.Total class, humble and unassuming, he knows the United way.A leader, learnt his trade the tough way.Yes I know he has not “Won” anything as a manager? Other than repeatedly hired througout the Premiership. and championship.He was a stalwart in defending, shrewd, and could bring the team together. In the absence of the great man.Where ever you see Steve as in clubs he manages, you think, they are a team, United.
    He to me, is, just tough as nails( fights his corner) and will carry on the force, that is United.
    He Steve Bruce, looks beyond the paint bye , numbers, he see’s the big picture.
    Its written in the Stars.

  19. sports24x says:

    gary our beloved legend..


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