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Bruce Responds To Keano’s Dig

After taking the Ipswich job, Roy Keane had a pop at his former team mates, Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce. He claimed that because they hadn’t won anything, they couldn’t call themselves successful managers.

Bruce has today responded to Keane’s claims.

“It’s fantastic isn’t it, absolutely terrific,” said Bruce. “We’ve missed him. I have to say I’m delighted to see him back. I think football’s a better place when he’s in it and, for the media, he’s a dream. I think it’s probably taken out of context what he said yesterday, but I can understand where he comes from. The thing about Roy is he always wants to achieve, but it’s very difficult to win anything unless you’re in one of the big clubs. If you’re at a big club, you’ve got to win something that’s for sure. But it was a bit surprising to say the least. But I’m glad he’s back because he’s a great lad underneath it all.”

Bruce then went on to question Keane’s assessment that he hadn’t achieved.

“What is achievement?” he added. “The big clubs win everything, I suppose that’s what he’s alluding to, but now it’s very difficult for any club outside the top four or five. So you cut your cloth accordingly and you can only do what you can do.”

Well said, Brucey!

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  1. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    bruce for me the next united manager or ass manager

  2. dirkcee says:

    Steve Bruce. The man is just class.

  3. Devilinho says:

    absolutely class.

  4. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    i was just thinkin after i write my message dirkcee i should of said he handled it with class. then i refreshed the page and there you where

  5. haha says:

    Great stuff from Brucie, I hope Keano shys away from the media a bit more this time around.

  6. haha says:

    The story has been up for a good 10 minutes and costas hasn’t commented yet. I hope he’s alright.

  7. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    get well soon costa

    your helth is in our hearts

  8. Radio Deadon says:

    Steve Bruce as the next manager and Ole as his assistant – it’s worth some serious consideration.

  9. corea says:

    different people different characters. they will sort it out.

  10. king george the switzer says:

    What’s an ‘ass manager’ GHTT? I hope we don’t need one of those!

  11. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    assistant sorry king george the switzer

    i never coped i wrote ass manager

  12. Paul the red says:

    you find them down Canal st…

  13. Jig says:

    Keane’s an awful tit, he should keep his mouth shut and get on with his own job. It’s a shame to see such a legend making a fool of himself day-in day-out through the red-tops.

  14. FailsworthDevil says:

    I dont know about wearing a “Magic Hat”… coz in the last couple of years Keano seems to have been wearing a “Dunces Cap”… how the hell he can have a dig at Steve Bruce i will never know… bizarre..

    I thought Keano would have kept his head down… mind u that aint Keanes way is it…

    The money Keane spent at Sunderland… ie… look at how we ripped them off for Richardson lol… and it still got him sacked… (resigned if you wanna cal it that)..

    Bruce on the other hand… as managed the club well… he has brought players in from South America.. unknowns for bargain basement prices… and has sold one for £14m in Palacios… and it also looks like Valencia will be heading up the East Lancs to our place…

    Bruce knows realistically survival in the PL is his goal… and if he can get a cup run of manage a Europa place… that would be better than him winning a trophy..

    Plus i like the way how Bruce doesnt rise to the digs… he just cracks on without a care in the world… he was like that when he played for us… hard as fuck… no nonsense… no bullshit… did his job, and produced for us for a good number of years…

    Keano has gone down in my estimation from his last year at OT and onwards… he seems to have lost the plot a little bit… as he was idolised by us… and groomed by SAF into one of the worlds finest central midfielders… but………….. i just think he has headed too many balls in his career… coz he defo aint talkin any sense.

  15. corea says:


    respect the guy for what he did for us. it is another part of the issue. he wouldn’t have been the player he is without some of this.

    on Bruce. i’ve heard he paid for Palacios less than 1 million. that’s class.

  16. costas says:

    Hey!These rumors about my health are exaggerated!Like any normal United fan,one has to eat!It’s the first time that i haven’t commented first or second on a new topic and i feel like VDS after his clean sheet record was broken.Nonetheless,thanx for the concern guys!Brucey proves once again what a class act he is.Roy take some notes and get your act together.No use on dwelling on the pass forever.You can make a hell of a manager if you do what United started doing after the Fulham defeat:Put your feet back on the ground.

  17. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    heyyo costa i lite 4 candles for ya

    good to see ya back

    2 great bits of news coming out of the bbc

    1/ wes brown will start tomorrow

    2/ chelsea “star” obi mikel was banded from driving for 15 months for drink driving.

    calling him a chelsea star is like calling him a former united star

    thanks for the money chelsea by the way

  18. corea says:

    yes, i told you, Brown has to start! ))
    we will win anyway but we must make Wes fully available for us for the game against Arsenal in CL. aha.

  19. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    more good news rio should start

    and oshea fit for arsenal

  20. costas says:

    Actually Rafa will start but Brown will be on the bench.The O’Shea news are very reassuring.He can offer cover in ecery defensive position.It will be a great riddle to see who will start against Ars

  21. corea says:

    “ЭActually Rafa will start but Brown will be on the bench”

    who said that ? )) BBC ? interesting!

  22. King Eric says:

    More good news – Van Persie the horrible twat not fit for next Wednesday.

  23. King Eric says:

    More good news – Van Persie the horrible twat not fit to play next Wednesday.

  24. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    more good news united are top of the table by 3 points with a game in hand

    stevie me will not play against hull tomorrow

    am i the only one who doesnt believe this

    it could be my sheer dislike of liverpool and stvie me but i just think he has bowed out so they can say in 3 weeks , sure we would of won it if stevie me was fit.

    red nev is out for 2 weeks- sir alex

    and just to clear the other thing up

    wes brown is fit enough to start but it wasnt said if he will
    as the team wont be said till tomorrow

  25. 7seagulls says:

    I really hope rafa starts, him and fabio looked amazing in the fa cup semi (although fabio missed a pen for the reserves last night). wes needs easing back in, hes been injured for too long to throw him into such a big match, especially against palacios and modric who are likely to be attacking him.

    totally off topic guys but does anyone know how to write a contributing article? the alternative is a french essay and i have a little rant in my head!

  26. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    althou he missed a peno fabio was unreal

    i think he’s the better twin

    not to take anything away from his brother

    united hit an amazing find with them both

  27. corea says:

    Brown all the way!!!! i love him! the best performer for us last season! ))
    Rafael will wait.

  28. costas says:

    Corea i think that RAfael starting comes from Fergie’s press conference.Brown getting half an hour under his belt is the best we can hope for.With O’Shea fit for the Gunners,it really puzzles me who will play on Wednesday.

  29. Giles Oakley says:

    Back to Steve Bruce, what class he showed in dealing with Keane’s rather nasty and pointless dig. All the players say what a fabulous time they had round at Brucey’s house the night United won the 1st Prem title in ’93, the first championship for 26 years. However much the players respected Keane as player and captain, there were never scenes of joy like that with him. In the end, with his powers as a player fading, with Fergie mistakenly trying to compensate for what keane could no longer deliver with different tactics and formations , he became almost a liability, intimidating and inhibiting players, especially the younger ones. Look at the bounce-back once Keane had stormed off.All those weaknesses of dealing with people came to the fore in the end at Sunderland, and – if he doesn’t learn the lessons – will again in Ipswich. I hate to say all this about one of United’s greatest players, one who was central to many successes over several years, but it’s true.

  30. corea says:


    of course you are right my friend.

  31. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @Giles Oakley your 100% right man iwth what you said at the start about bruce.
    Its thinks like this that makes him stand out when it come to the new manchester united interview hey i was lookin for a little help. my now just gone year old girl sings over 100 man united chants and i was trying to get 100 subs on her page, any chance anyone who hasnt already wanted to help me out and or suggest a chant that she may not know. i would love the support

  32. Colbert says:

    Nicely handled by Bruce. Showed Keane up for the classless gibbering numbskull he is.

  33. denton davey says:

    Tiny Tears: “am i the only one who doesnt believe this” YES !

    The rest of us might have had squeaky bums but we just knew – deep down, in the reddest part of our heart of hearts – that SAF wouldn’t let this season slip away. Besides, he has a new bitch in FSW and seems to really enjoy winding him up.

    Glad to hear that Fabio is OK and that Wes is in line for some game time on Saturday. The news about John O’Shea is really a bonus. Again, the team will have strength-in-depth, which is soooooooo very vital in the run in to the business end of the season.

  34. wazza says:

    Fergie has said he will rotate the players with matches coming thick & fast.i would go for these players to start tomo.
    Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra
    Ronaldo, Gibson, Carrick, Park
    Berbatov, Tevez
    Subs: Kuszczak, Brown, Fletcher, Scholes, Fabio, Rooney, Macheda.

  35. denton davey says:

    About Keane-o: the guy’s fuse is too short; he needs to learn to move ahead in small steps. Steve Bruce, on the other hand, seems to me to be fully aware of the difference between his job and being the main-man in a top-four club.

    Clubs like Wigan fight for survival; teams like the top-four fight for trophies. IF Bruce was able to get Wigan to fight for trophies then he would be fit to wear SAF’s mantle – that’s the real test for the pretenders to the throne.

    Only David Moyes seems to have passed that test since he’s gotten Everton into the top-four and now is in a trophy-final.

  36. Bob Koh says:

    Keane seems to be anti-everything. He reminds me of a rebel rousing teenager with a constant snarl. By going against anyone and everything, he thinks he’s making a point for himself. He’ll outgrow this, I hope, otherwise he’s killing his link to his ManUtd past, to my view.

  37. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @denton davey


    good points

  38. Wedel says:


    Everybody is ignoring the second part of the quote. Keep reading! He says that he hasn’t done anything either. He is taking a pop at the media, not Sparky and Bruce, for making all of them into managerial gods before their time. Great response by Brucey – he probably read the whole thing.

    “You need a bit more than some of those managers have achieved yet. I believe I can potentially be a good football manager. I have done nothing in the game yet. I did OK at Sunderland, but I want to do better than OK. I’ve set my bar high by coming to Ipswich and looking to win something, but do you want me to set a low one? That’s part of me. Anyone I’ve ever respected wants to achieve something in their lives.”

    Keano = Legend

  39. Ginger Softy says:

    funny that Keane’s first job is to persuade Alex Bruce to sign a new contract. I wonder how that discussion will go?

  40. King Eric says:

    Excellent post Giles and sadly true.

    Agree completely denton and unless anything “drastic” happens I am sure we will be seeing alot more of David Moyes over the next few years if you catch my drift.

  41. United4eva says:

    Steve Bruce=Class. Why Keano spoke the way he did is beyond me. Its like when earlier this year he was saying Clough was the best he played under and when he backed Ronaldo’s claim that he was a slave before that.

    The man’s always had a chip on his shoulder and when he was playing for us that was an advantage. Keano played like a man who had a point to prove every time he put the shirt on and, essentially, thats the spirit you need when you play for Man Utd: Every 90 minutes is about proving you deserve to wear the red. However, when Fergie finally decided Keano’s time had passed that clearly had an adverse effect and he’s been carrying that about inside him ever since.

  42. Rob says:

    I would normally back Keano up to the hilt but lets have a little less lip and more substance. If he wants to start shouting his mouth off he has to earn that right.

  43. saad says:

    Measured n calm responce… FSW can learn a thing or 2 off Brucey…


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