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Buttner: Being On The United Training Ground Is Great

Alexander Buttner made a bright start to his Manchester United career, putting in a good performance against Wigan and scoring a great goal. With Patrice Evra’s form continuing to suffer at the start of the season, there were some calls from fans for Buttner to be started more regularly in the first team.

He played well against Newcastle in the League Cup before playing 90 minutes against Braga in the Champions League. He came unstuck against Chelsea in the League Cup though and was subbed off at half-time.

However, Buttner is happy with the start he’s made and has noticed how much he’s improved already.

“I have played more than I had expected,” he said. “New players tend to be gradually brought into the team at United. It is great to be on the training ground with such fantastic players everyday. It really improves you as a player.”

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  1. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    With Paddy being a Fergie favourite and Fabio probably coming back after being on loan he’ll have hiswork cut out to nail down a starting position. He’ll either be a complete flop or a huge success. Can’t quite make my mind up about him but I love his energy and he seems very positive and dynamic so hopefully he’ll be ready if he gets a chance.

  2. parryheid says:

    No Dutch player has not been a good buy for United and I don’t expect Buttner to break the mould,good buy for us.

  3. Marq says:

    The commitment is there for all to see, with his rampaging runs and flying tackles. As it is with all young defenders, he needs to curb that recklessness and he will be fine. Interesting to see what happens when Evra moves on and him fighting with Fabio for the spot

  4. Costas says:

    Had to laugh a bit at the “I played more than I expected” comment. He’s only made 4 starts. How many starts was he expecting at this point? :lol:

    Seriously, the lad can become a good left back. He just needs more work. Just like Evra did when he first arrived. Speaking of which, Buttner has already made an invaluable contribution to the team. Evra has evidently stepped up his game.

  5. Kbailey says:

    Costas, totally agree!

  6. belfast red. says:

    Found it strange we put fabio on loan and got buttner could we not of just recalled fabio?. No disrespect to the lad(buttner) but it was the kick in the arse evra needed. For me paddys still the best lb in the world. So Alexander you’re up against it. Love the bite he brings to the game tho.

  7. DreadedRed says:

    Fabio wants and needs games. As Evra is integral to United’s first team, there simply was no alternative to positioning Fabio such that he would get the quality and quantity of matches he needs to bring him up to Rafael’s level.

    Of course, heading into this season without playable cover at left back would not do. Hence, Büttner was sought and bought. It’ snot about Büttner being better than Fabio right now. The fact is, we don’t have Fabio and we do need cover.

    I’d suggest that Büttner will start some Premiership games, and that he will not let us down.

  8. DreadedRed says:

    It’ snot about picking your nose, you know? Just ask Anders.

  9. DreadedRed says:

    Loaning out a player with an attached condition where he may be recalled at short notice forces the loanee club to play anyone but the loaned player. Why should QPR let their soon-to-be-needed back-up for Fabio rot in the reserves? They should not, and would not. Lending them Fabio for a full season is far better, when you consider that our primary objective in this instance is to get Fabio onto a Premiership pitch every week.

  10. belfast red. says:

    Dreadedred good point. Hopefully fabio gets alot more games under his belt then. Buttner seems like a humble guy and Looks like he will play his heart out for us every chance he gets. Im sure he will b used in the prem at somestage id say the last two games in europe would be intresting to see how he goes also.

  11. King Eric says:

    Costas – Alright mate, you well? Absolutely spot on, if nowt else his arrival has given Pat a boot up the arse who has been quality last few games.

  12. irishred75 says:

    he may do a job on the left wing from time to time…as someone said his energy is great to see and any mistakes wouldn’t be shown up as much.

    mmmm, a left winger with a left foot…any chance?


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