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Buttner Explains Kagawa’s Gangnam Style Singing

Alexander Buttner has explained why there was footage of Shinji Kagawa singing “Gangham Style” over the microphone at Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso restaurant.

“At United, it is usual that you sing a song or hold a speech when you’re new,” he said. “I had a little talk about my first positive experiences at the club, but for my buddy Kagawa, it was all a bit more difficult. He barely speaks English, that’s why he stood out in the middle of Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant while the whole squad was watching him. He then screamed ‘I don’t speak English’, put on the music and started dancing Gangnam Style alone. It was legendary, everybody was on the floor laughing.”

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  1. scholes18 says:

    He dances well on the pitch…

  2. Daniel88 says:

    I’m not banned from the forum anymore.

  3. Kings says:

    He will be even better next season. Definitely money well spent on the lad.

  4. sammy1123 says:

    He’s gonna be sick next season!

  5. Leo says:

    good chance to see him play tonight….think japan will surprise the brazilians…hopefully kagawa will show neymar (now theres a prancing overpriced pony if ive ever seen one :p) how to play proper football!

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    All jokes aside, buttner needs to improve his defensive massively, he can’t get too comfortable and must learn the art of being a complete full back. He needs to improve his aerial ability, awareness of danger, decisiveness and composure, he really does. On kagawa, i’ve always said he has the potential to be world class but he needs to get more authoritative and be more influential hopefully next season. He’s a real elegant attacking midfield playmaker.

  7. Adeez says:

    He does need to improve defensively but the little bugger is aggressive and he actually tries unlike Evra… He needs more games he is rash and in-disciplined but I love his attitude he might be a good player in the future if we can refine his skills but I’m not sure he would be a starter

    He started four games in the league scored 2 and assisted 1 thats a goal every 2 games and an assist every 4 hahahaha surely the numbers would be different if he played more games but I think he could be a threat from that position and I think it is realistic for him to at least score 3-5 goals a season from open play.

  8. godalmingred says:

    Adeez – ‘he actually tries unlike Evra… ‘..Pat has had a pretty great season, and frankly is so far ahead of Buttner at this point that it’s hardly worth the argument. Sure, he has flaws, but as to ‘trying’, you cannot seriously belive he doesn’t. ..words fail me. Are you completely fucking stupid or just shit-stirring? Secnd thoughts, don’t bother replying, I’m travelling and won’t read it anyway, you moron. Fucking dick.

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Adeez – buttner’s job is defending first and attack later, he has to find a balance between the two and as for evra not trying and admittedly he has his faults but what on earth are you on about?

  10. ken says:

    Kagawa will be a great,player and a dancer next season after we have won the epl and the champions leg

  11. Toms says:

    “He does need to improve defensively but the little bugger is aggressive and he actually tries unlike Evra…”

    It’s really sad how we don’t acknowledge how much Evra has done and does for this club. I think we overdid it with our overawed praise of Scholes when we should have had a replacement in but Evra deserves much much better than that.

  12. NBI Red Onion says:

    Fuck you Adeez and your stupid comments about Evra – legend – you fuckwit.

  13. King Eric says:

    Evra is a fucking legend.

  14. King Eric says:

    Toms. Overawed praise of Scholes? You serious. He is so underrated by some non United fans it’s a joke.OOne of greatest footballers to grace a pitch.

  15. Redblood says:

    Scholes and Evra have been great players over the years. They have put in great shifts

  16. Red Robin says:

    Off topic.

    Why we need Fabregas while we have Kagawa?

    Why we need Baines while we have Evra?

    Why we need Lewanowski while we have Chicharito?

    What we need is a central midfielder, with box to box ability like Keano, Ince. A proven winger, in case Nani want to leave. That’s all we need.

    Puzzling me those news on papers. But, Varella was never on the news, until we got him. Anyone remember we were linked with RVP, Buttner and Kagawa on newspapers before we got them last summer? I only remember little portions on the news that we gonna sign them. I remember a great portion of news that we gonna get Lucas Moura, Modric, Bale, Strootman. What’s the conclusion that we can draw here? Damn I hate summer.

  17. Rukky says:

    Redblood, welcome to the family of summer haters

  18. The One says:

    Evra has been the best left fullback we’ve had since another left-sided legend, the great Denis irwin retired!! Whoever dares insult Evra doesn’t know his stuff!!

  19. bob sport man says:

    Is Kagawa swearing at us?

    Still a quality player…if only people would pass him the ball.


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