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Buy The Red Issue Which The GMP Took Away

Given I only get to the ground about ten minutes before kick-off, I missed the opportunity to buy the latest edition of Red Issue which went on sale today. Why? Because the GMP, without receiving a single complaint, deemed the picture on the back page “potentially offensive” so went about confiscating it and threatening the sellers with arrest.

Ch Supt Mark Roberts said anyone found selling the fanzine or displaying the image faces prosecution. He said: “Shortly before kick-off we were made aware that a Manchester United supporters’ fanzine being sold outside Old Trafford featured a potentially offensive image. Officers are now seizing the fanzines and in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service we will take appropriate action against anyone either found selling this particular fanzine or provocatively displaying the image in public.”

Fans were refused entry in to the game if they didn’t hand over their copy of the fanzine. It is interesting to note that within this edition they had been critical of the GMP, which surely was completely coincidental and obviously had nothing to do with this complete overreaction.

You can still buy the ‘banned’ copy online. The UK, Ireland/Europe, and the rest of the world.

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  1. smartalex says:


    Your unpleasant demeanor is unwarranted, unattractive and unnecessary.
    Your issues are rendered irrelevant by your obvious enmity.
    You are spoiling for a fight. You are, by any definition, a wind-up merchant.

    A nasty little wum.

    Desist, if you truly have no issue.

  2. smartalex says:


    I post many carefully constructed comments on United each day, and regularly update factual information and news for RoM’s community of United fans.

    You post once a month, usually about Israel and usually argumentative.
    You claim that people want to run you out of here. Perhaps it’s connected.

  3. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,you might post everyday but I read everyday and only post when I feel something is bang out of order.I don’t feel the need to make friends cos I have enough outside the cyber world.I never had any issue with you,you prick so get off my back.Besides,what kinda crazy person goes back to the archives???The world cup thingy was so last year,you’re really one sick puppy.

  4. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex
    I think you fit the description of someone who’s spoiling for a fight due to your eagerness to get involved in what obviously doesn’t concern you and in which your name was never mentioned or any referral to you made.
    I think you’re a despicable person who has his only friends in the cyber world.I really have no time for a crazy like you,cos while you’re here the world is going on.
    I think you hate Jews so any defense of them brings out your true colours,well live with it cos they are in the world to stay.
    I’ll keep reading as usual and only comment when people bring up political issues that have nothing to do with united or the topic being discussed,while you keep on doing whatever it is that you do.Prick!!!

  5. smartalex says:


    Yet another abusive contribution from you, intended to belittle and upset.
    Wind-up merchant.

    You say you “only post when I feel something is bang out of order”
    As you bring nothing but complaint, your moans fall on deaf ears, unsure of your validity.

    You also asked me to go back to the archives. It takes 1 second, yet you consider me “a crazy person … and a sick puppy” for clicking my mouse 3 times, researching a site known for it’s comprehensive news coverage in the comments section. You should try research, it’s very easy on the Internet. Actually, it is not the action of a crazy man.

    That would be you. By your own admission, you only contribute to complain.
    Let anybody say anything back, and you become abusive.
    You claim victimization, and disappear instead of adding something good while you’re here.

    You then return a month later and repeat the cycle.

    Repeating failed methods is insanity, according to Albert. I wouldn’t know.
    You do.

  6. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    You obviously have a Jewish hate complex,well I don’t.So I see it as my duty as a human being to call anyone that talks against them to order.Go to the appropriate forum and show your anti-semitism.I wonder what concerns the magazine issue of Suarez with the occupation and instead of you doing the same you attack me for pointing it out.It obviously means you support what they said being a Jew hater yourself.
    I’ll continue pointing such things out and you can resort to your usual diatribe,it won’t affect me one way or the other.Have fun,Jew hater.

  7. smartalex says:


    You lie abominably when you claim that I have any form of complex with regard to Israel, or any other land, culture, religion or even species.

    That it is obvious to you while absolutely non-existent is a testimony to your one-eyed zealotry.

    You are the only one with an agenda here.

    Lying about me can hardly further any fair cause of yours, so what is your agenda?
    So far you have attacked Paul Parker, Giles Oakley and me. This rings a bell.

  8. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    I overestimated your intelligence,Giles Oakley comments was concerning the tone of Parker and Eddie’s posts and not mine.Get it straight for once in your life!!!!
    I have no business with you as you contribute nothing to my standard of living or my views and your staunch support of the anti-Israel views of Paul and Eddie shows you to be one of them.So there is no lie there.Or did you do a King Kenny and not see what they posted?

  9. smartalex says:


    I never said or implied what Giles Oakley comment was concerning. That straw man fails.

    On review, it still appears to me that Giles Oakley likely spoke at 18:03 because of eddieTheRed’s comments. His suspicion was that “it’s been introduced to slip in a bit of anti-Israeli stuff”. You commented next, 45 minutes later. You listed some territories, then said “… quit with your anti-Israel bullshit and concentrate on United which is why this site was created.Take your bloody politics elsewhere!!”

    It certainly still seems obvious that you were telling Giles to quit bullshitting about anti-Israel comments. It is you that failed to get it straight, I am only an observer of that exchange. Best you learn to express clearly if you really were replying to some other comment.

    I have shown zero support for Eddie or Paul. You again lie with malicious intent.

    Paul did not express anti-Israel views. It is you that keeps mentioning Israel.

    This is a United forum. All you ever do is complain about Israel.
    Enough already.

  10. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    Like I said once again,I have overestimated your intelligence.I replied Parker who said stuff about occupation and not Giles Oakley.Stop behaving like Kenny and see it clearly.

  11. smartalex says:


    You seem drunk now, and unable to converse. Sober up.

  12. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    That’s now going personal.It’s enough,you’ve made your point and I’ve made mine.You obviously don’t see things my way and I won’t see things your way so let it rest.

  13. smartalex says:


    What has ‘personal’ got do with alcohol? You are the only one who has been personal.

    You have repeatedly lied about me. You have falsely accused me of beliefs that I simply do not have, and have never in any way indicated. You continually tar me with lies about my views on Israel. I have no views on Israel. I live in Africa, and have only met one Israeli, a traveling artist. I have not been to the Middle East or the Far East or the States, and don’t expect to. Every word you have declared about my views on Israel is a heinous lie.

    You are a disgrace, and you set your own agenda back each time you post.

  14. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    You’re the one who is a disgrace,who likes inserting himself in what does not concern him.Are you Eddie or Parker’s lawyer or just someone that sticks his nose in what doesn’t concern him.And as for calling you an anti-Israaeli person,it’s obvious because of the way you lept to the defense of someone that made an anti-Israel comment in a matter that you have absolutely no business with.
    It’s obvious you’re trying your damn best to hide your Jewish hate otherwise you would have told Parker that such words have no place on this forum.By association you are one of them,regardless of what you say.I make bold to call you an anti-semite and a dangerous one at that because you can disguise it so beautifully.
    When you tell Parker and Eddie that their statements are unwarranted the same way Giles Oakley told them,then and only then would I say you are not one.You my United supporting friend are a Jew hater.

  15. smartalex says:


    You lie, and lie and lie.

    I have not defended Paul or Eddie.

    I am not anti-semitic.

    You’ve done more damage to Israel on this thread than any other poster in the last 3 years.
    You repeatedly declare people anti-semitic when they aren’t and have shown no sign of it.

    You falsely accuse as a self-defense, and thereby allow any ant-Semitic that does post absolute freedom from being identified, for people are sick of all your false accusations.

    You are a despicable false-accusing liar.
    No heaven for you, despicable liar. Repent or you will surely rot in hell.

  16. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    You my friend are the liar.What brought your involvement in this if it wasn’t to defend Paul and Eddie after I had called them out on using the word occupation and involving the Israeli team who came to Ireland with military escorts?
    My friend,you are a clever Jew hater.I stand by that claim because if you weren’t,you would have cautioned them on the words they used(the way Giles Oakley did) and probably chastised me for using harsh words(it’s called not taking sides)but due to your blind Jew hate,you had to attack only my humble self and protect your Jew hating friend’s.
    It’s okay,even Jew haters love United cos it transcends all these.Keep up the Jew hate man,like I said “your type are the worst cos you’re so good at hiding it”.

  17. smartalex says:


    You bandy about terrible slurs like “Jew hater” and “anti-Semitic”

    You spell ‘Semitic’ incorrectly nearly every time. You are not Jewish.

    It is you that is filled with hate.

    Your endless lies are very upsetting. You are a wum.

    You are only on RoM to make trouble. You are a lying wind-up merchant.

  18. smartalex says:

    My involvement has been limited to discussing your record of trouble-making on RoM.

    I was dismayed by your rude response to Giles fair comment on “anti-Israeli stuff”

    You challenged his view, responding to his concern with: “quit with your anti-Israel bullshit and concentrate on United which is why this site was created.Take your bloody politics elsewhere!!”

    I remembered that you have done this before, and after simple research found that you occasionally post on RoM, and it’s almost always about Israel, not about United.

    I confronted you, and you admitted that you only post to complain.

    You are a wind-up merchant who adds nothing to RoM.
    A nasty, lying wum.

  19. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    I did not miss the spelling man,you are an anti-semite.Go check the spelling man.You keep trying to tie my words to Oakley and I keep telling you it was addressed to Parker and Eddie but since you’ve been found out,you’ve refused to come to terms with that fact.
    Your hatred shows in your stubborn refusal to acknowledge that Paul and Eddie are wrong.You my friend are a lying piece of crap.

  20. smartalex says:

    Udhala – that you have lying pieces of crap for friends says much about you.

    I am not your friend. Not while you behave so badly.

    You falsely and randomly accuse people of hating Jews.
    This makes you appear paranoid, and makes their suffering seem false.
    You damage their reputation and credibility with your false accusations and lies.

    The worst part of this, is that you only do it as a wind-up.
    False accusations do not help Israel.
    Of course, that was never your objective.

  21. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    You’re still here?Keep up the hate bro.Calling you friend doesn’t make you my friend cos I don’t make cyber friends lest they turn out to be despicable people like you.
    Carry on doing what you know how to do best,have fun.

  22. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    You defended anti-Israeli commenters and that makes you one of them.Why don’t you condemn what Eddie and Paul said?If you can’t do so like Giles Oakley did,it means you support what they said.And by association,you become one of them.It’s not rocket science man.

  23. smartalex says:


    Giles was the first poster to say “anti-Israel”

    You were the second to say it. 45 minutes after Giles, directly below his comment you said:
    “quit with your anti-Israel bullshit and concentrate on United which is why this site was created.Take your bloody politics elsewhere!!”

    You have no right to tell Giles what to say. You always talk about Israel.

    You repeatedly lie. You false accuse, and label slanderously.
    You are a wind-up merchant.

  24. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    So if someone posts something below what another person has posted,in your world it means the person must be referring to the direct previous poster?Let me be explicitly clear for the last time,I was replying Eddie and Parker.Maybe you misunderstood me,I sincerely want us to end this here.I replied them cos of their reference to the occupation and his statement of them staying at home if they have to come with guards.
    Please end this argument,sorry for calling you an anti-semite.That was out of order.Have a nice day.

  25. smartalex says:


    Make one thing clear please.

    You have now said sorry for calling me anti-semite.
    Do you agree that I am not ‘anti-semite’, and I am not a ‘Jew-hater’ ?

  26. Udhala says:

    Smart Alex,
    I agree all the way.Peace???

  27. smartalex says:


    I am still sad that you chose to to deliberately falsely accuse me of a heinous crime.
    Especially as you claim to be heartily against said crime.

    You have singlehandedly made each reader of this thread’s comments more sceptical of future claims of prejudice from genuine protectors of Judaism and Israel.

    That you admit to your failings and apologise does you immense credit.
    You do need to ensure that it doesn’t happen again somewhere else in your life, or here.

    That said; Peace!

  28. smartalex says:


    Good day! I will answer your question posted at 17:19, which was:
    “So if someone posts something below what another person has posted,in your world it means the person must be referring to the direct previous poster?”

    The answer is no.

    The reason that it STILL seems very clear that you were responding to Giles, is as follows:
    - The key word stated in Giles contribution was “anti-Israel”
    - This key word had not been used previously
    - 45 minutes later, you attacked that word, saying ” … quit with your anti-Israel bullshit …”

    You can chose to learn from this experience, or not.
    If you want, continue to believe that you were clear, and that I am stupid to not see it.
    Alternatively, improve yourself by recognising quality feedback.


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