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Bwin Blogger’s League: England vs Uruguay

After the first round of betting, RoM sits in a respectable 4th position in the league but we need your help to climb higher up the table, unlike Arsene Wenger we don’t consider 4th a trophy. So let us know your best bets for the coming days.

England’s opener against Italy brought around a lot of positives going forward, raised questions about the defence and doubts emerged with regards to the midfield. Wayne Rooney once against attracts the spotlight for his additional training sessions and rather inconsistent performance out wide in the 2-1 loss. The big decision facing England is whether to accommodate Wayne Rooney in perhaps a more favourable position for himself, the number 10 role, keeping out wide or dropping him altogether. It somewhat feels like Rooney is being used as an early scapegoat as he wasn’t by any means the worst player on the pitch. Uruguay are boosted by the return of Luis Suarez and perhaps a blessing in disguise that Diego Lugano is absent, his lack of speed would have undoubtedly been exposed by the express pace within England’s attacking quartet.

In their first game, Uruguay looked a shadow of the team that won the Copa America and reached the Semi-Finals of the last World Cup, defensive frailties were highlighted as the minnows of the group, Costa Rica exploded into life following Cavani’s penalty winning 3-1. With concerns over both team’s defences, goals seem like the safe option to back. We’ve gone for Over 2.5 goals @ evens, along with a final score of 2-2 @ 12/1. Let’s hope this can propel RoM to the top of the table.

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  1. Tommy says:


    Well said mate, agree with all the points that you made top post

  2. denislawking says:

    The English approach has never been about technical skills. It’s always been about strength and stamina and getting stuck in lad! We’ve been going back to grass roots since Neiskins (Sp) Dutch player gave us a shellacking at Wembley years ago. Think about all out “great” players of the past. Norman Hunter, Colin Bell, and I know I’ll get lampooned for this, our own Bryan Robson. Yes he covered every blade of grass and gave it his all. Big deal. Players like Pirlo look at players like them and wonder what they are doing. And before anyone starts, Best Law and Charlton are United legends. Truely GREAT players. At least one of those were English. Don Revie at Leeds started the rot in England. We used to have stylish players. But they never got a look in. If they did they got played on the left wing. (Scholes) IMO these young kids could be molded into a good team with the right approach, but this is England. It will never happen.

  3. andrew maina says:

    i just looooove how England fans n press shit all over their team. They want them to do well but they are so insecure that they begin to slunder their players even before the tournament begins. The english team consequently walk onto the pitch with so much pressure on them that they play with cawardice and wobbly legs. Rooney is their best player but he is so unappreciated. Did you see how Uruguay embraced Suarez? How they got behind their team? English fans pull their teams down at every opportunity. England will Never win any major tournament. Not because their team is not good enough, but because their fans and media whip their confidence to pulp before and during and after every tournament.

  4. Tommy says:


    How can you say that about Robbo, Robbo was one of the best midfielders over the last 40 years, in his prime he would of got in any side in the world, not bad for a lad who can “just get stuck in lad” @miranshe, I despise the English national team but England had by far the best starting 11 going into the 2002 world cup so to say they were never amongst the favourites is nonsence, The problem with England is since Glenn Hoddle they have had a successtion of awful managers, Kevin Keegan, Sven Goren Erickson, Steve McClaren, the very dull non english speaking Fabio Capello and finally Woy fucking Hodgeson, like him or not Harry redknapp was the only man for this job not Woy


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