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bwin Blogger’s League: Europe vs South America

Prior to the tournament starting, many people thought the dream final would be Brazil vs Argentina, as the tournament has progressed and now into the semi-final stages, it may be an altogether different case even if it is a very likely possibility. Both sides have reached this stage without overly impressing and relied on their defence as much as their famed attack.

Four years on from their final against Spain in which they were the bullies, the Dutch side have been the most entertaining so far with Arjen Robben providing the majority of the excitement and drama. Germany have been inconsistent like many sides at this World Cup which is perhaps why it has been so enjoyable, but they like Brazil and Argentina have found themselves in a semi-final without ever playing their best football.

Tonight, Brazil take on Germany. The hosts are without captain Thiago Silva and star player Neymar but stand in captain David Luiz has been one of the best players at the tournament so far and he’ll look to lead his team to a final. Germany have looked susceptible at the back, aside from Mats Hummels the defensive unit has been far from efficient. Striker Miroslav Klose is one goal away from breaking Ronaldo’s all time goalscoring record at the World Cup Finals and it may be a fitting way for it to happen against Brazil, in Brazil. Thomas Muller has his eyes set on being the tournament top goalscorer again but Brazil look destined to reach the final, back Muller to score first and Brazil to win 2:1 @ 51.00

In tomorrow’s game, Argentina take on Netherlands in which may come down to a battle between Messi vs Robben. Both sides have maintained good defensive records despite the individuals perhaps not being the best around. Argentina are without the injured Di Maria who may well prove hard to replace given his ability combined with a great work rate for his country. Whilst Messi has managed to carry his team this far, the final may prove to be a hurdle too great if he is not supported. Perhaps even more ominous for Argentina’s chances is that Wesley Sneijder appears to have found his 2010 form in these knockout stages, he dictated the game against Costa Rica and if players around him were more clinical there would not have been the need for penalties. Back Sneijder to score and Netherlands to win @ 11.00

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  1. ashtheking says:

    It is an interesting match ups. Difficult to predict. None of them have been truly magnificent but all of them have done pretty well so far. I personally want Germany to win as they deserve one. But I am also rooting for dutch and Brazil. I always have a soft corner fort he Brazil. My first football match that i watched was of Brazil in 2002 WC . I was 10 and I fell in love with this sport. So Brazil will always remain in my hearts . And Dutch are a other team who I always loved watching and this time we have a reason to support he a a they have our soon to be manager LVG who has been a star at this WC and our talisman striker who is their captain

    Nothing against Argentina. But they have been boring. Messi has proved his worth by scoring some decisive and wonderful gals but apart from that they have not impressed me. Garay has been good. Quite surprised we didn’t go for him. He is for sure more reliable than vermaleen.

    Excited for semis to say the least

  2. John says:

    The Netherlands aka Holland are the only nation who are yet to win the World Cup in history. I sincerely hope they win this time. Argentina is very much beatable this time I have to say. As a fan of Argentina it pains my heart to say this but let the Dutch win the trophy this team, a nation which has given so much to football.

    Aloysius Paulus Maria van Gaal as well deserves it being “Father of Modern Football”. His students Mourinho and Guardiola has redefined football in last 10 years. Now time for master to show who is the boss after all.

  3. John says:

    ******this time*********

  4. ashtheking says:


    Even if Dutch go out in semis I feel LVG should be the manager of he tournament. He was a well respected manager even before the World Cup started but one he has made himself as one of the best coaches/managers. Players would want to play under LVG even more now. Won’t be surprised if united is his last management task and he may retire after managing united. Hope he wins many trophies with us.

  5. John says:


    You are right. APM is already the manager of the tournament indeed. We are lucky to have him as our manager.

  6. Marco Soares says:

    Van Gaal has got so many decisions spot on this tourniment it’s absolutely crazy, he has too be the manager of the tournament you feel, kudos to Costa Rica’s manager too (they have over achieved and done terrific) and Mexico’s manager was great too (gave us plenty of laughs) whoever wins between Argentina and the Netherlands I hope will win the World Cup, I’d love to see Messi win the trophy as he has been a joy to watch over the years and of course to see Van Gaal win it would be absolutely awesome and fantastic too for Van Persie to lift the trophy

  7. John says:

    Stuivenberg success proves worth to United

    Published: Monday 7 July 2014, 13.51CET

    Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United FC assistant Albert Stuivenberg helped develop a raft of top players as Dutch U17 coach; celebrates his feats.

    by Paul Saffer

    Louis van Gaal’s hand-picked Manchester United FC assistant manager Albert Stuivenberg may not have the global profile of the outgoing Netherlands senior coach, but those that follow UEFA competitions will be well aware of his prowess.

    A promising youth footballer for Feyenoord and the Netherlands, Stuivenberg’s playing career was cut short before it had really began by serious injury. However, he remained at Feyenoord for 13 years as an academy coach, helping to bring through the likes of future United charge Robin van Persie, before moving on to their Belgian feeder team RWD Molenbeek and Abu Dhabi club al-Jazira before his 2006 appointment to head the Netherlands Under-17 team.

    Despite the Netherlands’ admirable record for bringing through talent, the U17 squad had seldom prospered, not even qualifying for the UEFA finals at that level until Ruud Kaiser led them to the 2005 final and then FIFA U-17 World Cup bronze, thanks in part to some fine goalkeeping by Tim Krul. Under Stuivenberg, successes were far more than a one-off.

    In his first season at the helm, the Netherlands qualified and in 2008 made the semi-finals before 12 months later reaching the decider, only to lose in extra time to hosts Germany. Already the likes of Daley Blind, Ricardo van Rhijn and Stefan de Vrij had benefitted from Stuivenberg’s tutelage, but that was to be trumped in 2011 when a Netherlands team including Memphis Depay and Terence Kongolo beat Germany 5-2 to win the European title in Serbia.

    They successfully defended it 12 months later in Slovenia, before Stuivenberg stepped up to become U21 coach, a role he relinquished in favour of Adrie Koster to join Van Gaal at Old Trafford. At 43, Stuivenberg has already aided the Netherlands coach as a scout and analyst in FIFA World Cup preparations.

  8. John says: examines Stuivenberg’s philosophy through our interviews with him over the years – and picks out an XI of talent that came through his U17 squads.

    2007: “I was at Feyenoord for 13 years as head of youth development. This is a different aspect of developing players. You are not on the pitch every day with the players [as a national coach] but I am also assistant coach of the U16 team so I am quite busy.”

    2008: “You see what happens in two years of development with players. Sometimes you have to be a little bit lucky. [In the semi-final loss to Spain] we were unlucky. We actually deserved to win and that’s the biggest achievement we have attained this year.”

    2009: “I know we have a philosophy in developing players. The players make up a team, but the coach makes them into a team, gives them a way of playing. That is not easy, though it works both ways.”

    2011 : “They have improved this season in understanding what it takes to win games, and when you are in front what it takes to keep the ball in possession and not let the opponents come back into the game again.”

    2012 : Explaining why his final tournament training sessions concentrated on match situations, dealing with one-goal deficits or leads, or playing with or against ten men: “This is something the clubs don’t always work on. The truly important thing is playing development. In the last five or six years I’ve seen that most the U17 players have progressed into first-team environments. That is a really satisfying aspect of the job.”

    Stuivenberg’s record in UEFA competitions:
    Under-17 P65 W41 D13 L11 F121 A47
    Seasons 7 Titles 2 Finals 3 Qualifications 5
    Under-21 P6 W5 D1 L0 F22 A4

    An XI from Stuivenberg’s U17 squads:
    Jereon Zoet (2007 & 2008); Joël Veltman* (2009), Stefan de Vrij* (2009), Terence Kongolo* (2011), Daley Blind* (2007); Leroy Fer* (2007), Jordy Clasie* (2008); Georginio Wijnaldum* (2007), Tonny Vilhena (2011 & 2012), Memphis Depay* (2011); Luc Castaignos (2009).
    *In 2014 FIFA World Cup squad

  9. John says:

    Mr. Albert Stuivenberg, Welcome to Manchester United. You deserve to become a true red unlike Phil Neville who just doesn’t go away like a bad smell and is hanging around shamelessly. :) :)

  10. Tommy says:


    You dont half talk some shite, Phil Neville is United through and through so show some fucking respect will you, You have called his coaching time and time again, when I highly doubt you have ever seen 1 training session to determine this oppinion. I hope the players respond well to Albert Stuivenberg, theirs a world of difference between coaching kids and coaching first team players but I wish him all the best for the future, I dont know to much about him but the Dutch always did have good players in the youth tournaments I watch.

    Back on topic, all 4 semi finalists have stuttered their way to the semis really, My prediction is a Germany v Argentina final, I will be rooting for te Dutch though

  11. Neil Moore says:

    John you truly are a fucking idiot. Fuck off and watch baseball. Phil Nev was on the terraces at OT with Gaz WAY before you became a ” fan”. You’re a fucking mug.

  12. John says:

    So, what Phil Neville being United through and through has got anything to do with his coaching?

    You have got guts to question Albert re first team coaching eventhough he has “earned” the job with his dedication to coaching for such a long period winning European tournaments with youth level. He seems to have very good ideas as well that can be deduced clearly from above article.

    And… on the other hand as well have guts to defend Phil the red who became our first team coach last year without any coaching experience whatsoever. A ex- Everton player who retires to become first team coach of Manchester United???!!! Oh, but he is through and through red and ex-player ……so fucking what??

    Fact is he should have left the club with moyes itself. The way the guy is clinging to job shows he lacks self-respect and not worth keeping at United with that attitude. The problem for Woodward is, he doesn’t want to upset old guard of club by sacking him esp at this stage and hasn’t offered a job to him as well. That means he is expecting him to leave without fuss. But……moyes junior mr. Phil Neville is something else. :)

    As far as most of idiot fans there are, I must say you are deluded bunch who can’t differentiate stuffs obvious to most others.

    Also you people have issues accepting anyone other than Fergie circle and can poke only through his old ass as you can’t see and decide for yourself fearing you will go wrong so you try to play safe sticking to moral victories.

    I bet had Roy Hodgson achieved with that England team like LVG with Holland team , having equal potential to me, then poor Roy would have been “Sir Roy Hodgson” and his assistant mouthy Gary Neville would have been touted as young genius.

    However, a hugely talented Dutch coach joins the club and all you do is give guarded praise daring to defend Fucking clueless Phil Neville as first team coach. Bunch of conservative hypocrites!!

  13. Tommy says:


    On what grounds do you know Phil Neville is not a good coach Exactly you dont have a fucking clue, Phil Neville loves this club more than you ever could, youre not a United fan, United fans dont treat people who have given so many years to this football club with the disdain you speak about, Like I have asked you have you seen Phil Neville coaching Yes or No will do, and if its a no who the fuck are you to call him a bad coach when youve clearky never seen him on the training field, youre oppions are embarressing really, its because he is English and you dont like the English, thats what seperates the proper fans, you wonr hear any match going fans insult Phil but its left to trolls and non United fans who dont have a fucking clue what being a United fan is about!!!!!!!!!! Youre also an idiot who does not realise theirs a world of difference between coaching kids and coaching a team full of big egos, thats not an insult thats a fact, I cant think of too many who have made the transition from coaching kids to first team and had a long career in that field

  14. Tommy says:


    Also why the fuck would he quit a well paid job and a job he loves lol would you? Of course you wouldnt, also the disrespect you show to by FAR the best manager of all time is staggering but nothing surprises me with an anti united fan like yourself

  15. Mark Reid says:

    Going to be a close game I think Brazil will pull it off due to the Neymar injury they’ll be pumped.

  16. Mark Reid says:

    Been 30 years since Brazil were beaten by European opponents,that was England 1 0. John Barnes goal.

  17. EC7 says:


    I presume you mean in their own country? I’m going for a Germany win tonight.

  18. John says:

    Tommy, with that deluded stance Moyes the mentor of Phil Neville still would have been a United manager instead of getting snubbed by Galatasaray recently. You defended Moyes training methods shamelessly last season with self-same dumb reasoning instead of watching some training sessions under moyes and Phil Neville, the first team coach. If you have done so, may be you would have more solid reason to defend Mr. Phil the first team coach.

    So, we both can only refer to outcomes/results of last season and performances on match day to know how ept first team coach is Phil Neville.

    For you, being a ex-player and born in Manchester and a United fan might be sufficient to support anyone coaching or managing United. For me, it has to be deserving like Albert Stuivenberg to be appointed a United coach, someone who is ready for job. Ex-player, legend, English, mancunian, fergie trusted, blah blah blah blah are only jewels in the crown which is on the deserving head at the first place of someone like Stuivenberg.

    The thing with you people is you think it is loyality to support United even if it is relegated as you have claimed time and again. I, on the other hand, consider more loyal fans to those who dare to question authority itself and ensures club remains competing at the top where it belongs. That doesn’t mean the “truely loyal” fans of later group will jump ship even in case of relegation.

    I actually think the “deluded true red” group as bunch of cowards and hypocrites who went with The Chosen One banner at OT only to become laughing stock.

    Tell me, why Phil Neville who is not fit to lace Stuivenberg boots should be kept as a coach to overburden the appointments in the pedigree of Stuivenberg?

    So, someone with such significant experiences handpicked by Tactical Godfather LVG isn’t sure to make it as first team coach but a mediocre ex-player with no experience whatsoever in coaching and who turned out to be the coach of mediocrity king moyes with disaster of season deserves to stay as coach?

    If Phil Neville was a person with little dignity, he would have left the job with moyes sacking as moyes being the one who had appointed him as Manchester United coach. It is called self-respect and living by principles which P. Neville seems to lack.

    As far as I know, club hasn’t reassigned him any role, neither LVG has nor he has been sacked. So it is likely that Neville will get his compensation package only by a sack which he doesn’t let go like his mentor Moyes. If this is true that true red might not be do true when it comes to sacrificing little money for the good of club future.

    Personally, Phil Neville is only fit to carry and put the cones or to be the ball boy at OT. :)

  19. John says:

    And……BRAZIL are already 2 goals down. :)

  20. Mark Reid says:

    @EC7 correct mate in Brazil.My earlier prediction not looking great thank God there’s no Ladbrokes in the USA.

  21. EC7 says:


    Haha…Mate this game is a joke. It’s like Brazil just gave up. What must PSG be thinking spending all that money on that muppet Luiz? Maicon the City reject is a joke. This is the worst Brazil performance I’ve ever seen. So easy for ze Germans.

  22. Tommy says:


    No need for an essay, I never defended anyones training methods, how can I defend or go against training methods which I have not seen first hand, I have also never said Phil Neville should stay either, however you speak about people who have give their all for this football club with fucking respect, Phil Neville has a family like hes going to sacrificed a well paid job and why would he, he loves the club and is not and should not be expeced to resign, its not at all about self respect, so dont talk nonsence

  23. Tommy says:

    Where is @red_war tonight talking about Luiz leadership skills, hes been the Brazilians worst player, one thing hes not is a leader, him and Moicon are an embaressing

  24. mjcRED says:

    Unbelievable result tonight, and to think some on here were dismissing the Germans as being nothing special. Un-fucking-believable.

    We’ve got to be concerned that Rafael is seen as our 1st choice right back when Maicon is seen as a better option and he can’t even make the squad of what will come to be seen as the worst Brazilian side ever.

    Hats of to the Germans. They play with a footballing intelligence and ruthlessness that is simply beyond anyone at the moment, none more so than the In-ger-lish!


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