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Cahill: Moyes will prove doubters wrong

Tim Cahill, who played for David Moyes at Everton for eight years, has spoken out in defence of his former manager.

“There’s been so much focus on Manchester United’s struggles this season, but a manager should be judged over two campaigns – and after eight years playing under David Moyes, I know he’s got all the attributes to prove everyone wrong,” Cahill told Fox Sports. “Everyone is talking about it because at a team like United, this season’s results haven’t been acceptable because of what Sir Alex Ferguson created over his tenure. It feels like there’s an assessment of Moyes’s credentials after each game at the moment – but he’s definitely someone who can take it on the chin. Any manager going to a new club is going to take time to adapt – notwithstanding injuries to a player like Robin van Persie – but the club has identified his qualities, they know what he’s achieved and can see the bigger picture.”

Moyes signed Cahill from Millwall for £1.5m in 2004. To put that in to perspective, that summer Birmingham paid £6.25m for Emile Heskey. He finished the season as the club’s top scorer and was voted Player of the Year by the fans. Two years later he made the shortlist of 50 players for the Ballon d’Or, becoming Everton’s first player in 18 years to be nominated.

“Look at my scenario: I’m no world beater but he got the best out of me,” Cahill continued. “Staying back and doing crossing sessions with him, working on my movements, being in the video room going over players with me, analysing teams, having the sheets for the players I’m playing against. He never let me rest on my laurels. Despite our personal relationship, he would always tell me if I was out of form or if I needed a kick up the backside. Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, those at the club: they can see those attributes. They signed him to a long-term contract, because he epitomises what they stand for. He’s honest, loyal and he gives everything. And he considers your personal and family life too – whether it’s pulling you into the office, making sure everyone’s fine – my kids or my parents. There was always time for a phone call or a coffee. Sure, there were the odd arguments too, but they made us stronger, because they were constructive, particular in terms of playing, to keep me on track.”

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  1. slim says:

    Why? Why should he “allow” him go on loan? He’s t he manager and if he thinks he needs him then he’ll stay put. We literally have no wingers bar Valencia and Adnan. To thin if you ask me, so it makes perfect sense to hold on to Zaha

  2. TopRed123 says:

    Our wingers have been shit all year, yet he hasn’t got a chance. A loan would be best for everyone.

  3. sir matt martin says:

    Then why not use him, instead of waisting his talent.. u think sir alex was wrong when he bought Zaha?

  4. sir matt martin says:

    @ TopRed123
    I think if zaha was giving the chance ashly young has had; he would have been a top red by now.. and he is much more talented than young and valencia.

  5. WilliamAR says:

    Got to admit i’m one of those Moyes doubters. I’ve said it from the start and i am saying it now that I’m not sure he’s the right man. don’t get me wrong here, that doesn’t mean to say i don’t want him to succeed because that’s simply not true, I really hope he proves me wrong and that he turns our abysmal mess round. at the moment I can’t see it as we’re still no closer to any top signings and we’re not playing particularly great. Here’s hoping i’m wrong and he comes good in the end.

  6. sir matt martin says:

    Its 18 day of january; still no signing made.. and yet chelsea, who dosnt clearly need a midfder has gotten one signed already. that tells u how clueless moyes is.

  7. slim says:

    sir matt martin

    kind of clueless your self if you think Jose doesn’t need a proper CM player to take care of his twinkle toes attackers he has coming out of his ear and ass. They have a bucket load of attacking players but lacking defensive players. The ones they have either aren’t up to it any more or just weren’t suited for the role in the first place. Biggest irony is matic was used to sweeten the David Luiz deal. He was supposed to become this midfield maestro. Hasn’t happened so far.

  8. sir matt martin says:

    You kinda clueless too if u think chelsea disperatly need a CM as United does. they can go true out the season with out one, and stil contend for the EPl.. you learly medioca. and clueless has David moyes.. if u think chelsea disperatly needed a CM. what happnd to, Mata, john obi mikey, Michael Essien
    7 Ramires
    8 Frank Lampard.
    So the signing of Matic was just to offer balance to the Team. and mind you United was in for Matic too. so what are u on about?

  9. slim says:

    sir matt martin

    we were in for matic? Yeah and you read that where? hmmm. And don’t you think Chelsea had first dibs on the guy seeing that he was on their books a couple of years ago? clearly not. like i said clueless

    Oh and Lampard and Essien are on the way out.Over 30 and injury ridden. If you think those two can form the bedrock of what Jose wants then you’re deluded. Not saying that as a dig at you but a real statement of fact. Ramires cannot do it all by himself and Obi doesn’t quite cut it. They’ve bought and bought a bit stupidly over the years and now you have the ton of players they have in midfield but yet can’t come up with a winning/stable midfield platform.

  10. drv3011 says:

    imho,since players who have played or are playing under Moyes have spoken of him highly and are sure he can turn a bad situation into a good one then us fans should at least be patient with him and not abuse him continuously.Players like RVP,Rooney,Fletcher and now Cahill who have interacted with Moyes personally,face-to-face should know better about him and his abilities and have only mentioned good things about him so I think fans should maintain trust in him and give him the time he needs.

  11. Fletch™ says:

    Getting sick of the litany of people saying we will be OK. Just let us be while we sort this out!

    As to Zaha, needs a loan, end of. Looks like a headless chicken when on the pitch for us.
    Can’t honestly say he has anything that Young doesn’t have at the moment and have no problem with the manager making that decision.

  12. sir matt martin says:

    Go fuck ur self if u thnk United was not in for matic during the surmmer then u clearly not a united fan… and for Lampand and Essien and Mata and Oscar and Ramires and Obi mikey. can u name one of our current CM. that are better than this lot at chelsea? and u said they are 30s wat age was paul scholes when he got called back from retirement? and wat age is Giggs? you clearly dont knw anytin about football. so keep short and let ethers talk. mumn like u!!

  13. slim says:


    Thing is the manager thinks he’s better off here. True he’s not got games so far but he just may well get some in the second half of the season. I can’t think of any reason why DM would block any moves if he isn’t looking to have someone cover for Adnan and Valencia. Fact is Nani and Young are unreliable for whatever reasons. Letting Zaha go out could turn out to be a mistake. I’m hoping he gets some game time because i think he’s very much a viable alternative to AV. Form and fatigue have to be taken into consideration

  14. slim says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha. Some cretin saying someone isn’t a United fan.
    Not gonna bother with you young un, got better things to do.
    Oh and read back on your comments and you’ll see that you yourself gave reason why Chelsea are themselves desperate for reinforcements.

  15. sir matt martin says:

    slim says:
    Thing is the manager thinks he’s
    better off here. True he’s not got
    games so far but he just may well
    get some in the second half of the season.

    Hahaha.. second half of the SEASON what half are we already Zero half??? clueless mumu.. am sure you are Wayne Bayker in Slims body.
    you are 100% rite, i say give Zaha a chance which he should have don since the start of the season.. or loan him out, to increas his chance of goin to the world cup. now that theo walcott is out of the world cup team with injury.

  16. slim says:

    i think wayne called you out sometime ago. I now know where you’re coming from and he’s right. You’re not much of a fan. You want to be so badly but unfortunately …………
    Have to be born with it son. “Clueless mumu”? hmmmm whats that? Cluless “man u” or what. lol, what a joke

  17. sir matt martin says:

    Manchester United have been given a glimmer of hope in their pursuit of Paris Saint-Germain winger Lucas Moura after his agent suggested he could leave the French champions in the summer. Hope its work out to be true.

  18. slim says:

    oh i see, you reckon you’re a private investigator eh. Thing is my nationality has fuck all to do with it . You on the other hand put it on display why fans are called plastics and arm chair fans. (You’re very much a bloddy Nigeeerian as you put it, You’re not fooling me. I know your kind. Started watching football when Chelsea got bought over )You know nothing about the club you support, don’t even try to know more about the club. You’d rather rain abuses on manager , players and fans. You a pathetic excuse, end off.
    Bet you call United “man u” when talking to your other plastic mates that invariably support Chelsea . Probably never been to OT , even worse that you may actually have been and still quite dense.
    You’re a fake , you reek of ignorance and i’m about done with anything you say.

  19. sir matt martin says:

    you are 100% rite, i say give Zaha a chance which he should have don since the start of the season.. or loan him out, to increas his chance of goin to the world cup. now that theo walcott is out of the world cup team with injury.

  20. sir matt martin says:

    @ Adebayo Adegoke (Siji
    Bloody cunt, fuuk off. bloody Nigeerian.

  21. The One says:

    The first few posters who are casting doubt on Moyes are the clueless ones, end off!! :(

  22. The One says:

    And for the last time, United are not after Lucas Moura, no way!!

  23. slim says:

    lool enjoying you making a total ass of yourself. totally making my day
    so what are you then hmmm. i know where you’re from, you let slip cretin. First time you showed up with your “mumu”. i thought christ no, not some glory hunting fan. Turns out to be the case.
    Trying to pass of as if you aren’t. You’re not fooling anyone(not me thats for sure). I know what you’re about and you’re about as useful as dead light bulb. But no worries. You’ll drop the ball again and don’t worry i’ll call you out on it

  24. slim says:

    The One

    I would have thought it obvious. Those links are the usual January rumours that amount to naught

  25. Tommy says:


    Ignore him mate, hes a glory supporter like most on here who want Moyes out, Those saying Zaha hasnt been given a chance hahaha, hes given a chance every single day in training and with Nani and Young out why would he let him go out on loan, he would be foolish too and another point to that idiot Matt he is way off the England squad even if he went to Cardiff on loan and played every game he wouldnt make the squad.

    Like Cahill says he will get it right when given time, shame some people are that impatient “Every single one of us will stand by David Moyes”

  26. sir matt martin says:

    @ Siji Adegoke aka Nigeerian cunt.
    Hahaha.. if u think Tommy the dick head got ur back then u just as silly as he. Junck ass Tommy.

  27. The One says:

    @Slim, sure, agree absolutely but some people here aren’t as discerning as you :)

  28. sir matt martin says:

    and @ Tommy
    I have supportin this club, since great Sir Alex was appointed manager. arrived from Aberdeen in 1986.. and am stil a season ticket holder. so short ur stinkin hole u fool.

  29. slim says:


    Gotta say its kinda hard to ignore. Af first i was pissed, then i started laughing at my self for getting worked up and then i started laughing at him. Lol season ticket holder. Yeah and i’m Rooneys personal assistant. No season ticket holder talks thrash this way and definitely not rain abuses if he’s been a fan since the 80′s early 90′s. And if indeed he truly is then what a complete and utter waste. It must have been people like him SAF was specifically speaking to when he asked some of us to go support Chelsea

  30. sir matt martin says:

    @The one
    No one is saying moyes should be sack, but he just have to do things write he is no longer at everton. this is united the best club in world.. Have you concider what will got to lose if we dont make top four? Feeling the strain? It is unthinkable
    at Manchester United to not qualify for the Champions League As the odds tumble on United missing the top four, what are the repercussions if they fail to reach the Champions League for the first time since the Glazers bought the club? The master plan relies heavily on an annual presence in a competition worth between £35m and £50m a year in prize money and broadcasting rights.

  31. Tommy says:


    Season ticket holder hahahahahahahahaha ok fella

  32. slim says:

    season ticket holder in the UK can’t differentiate ” write” from ” right”. cracking my ribs here

  33. wayne barker says:

    he was having a go at me few weeks ago said i didn’t know anything about soccer,a yank term.His Google page says he lives in West Belv and there’s a map of Florida

  34. sir matt martin says:

    @ Siji Adegoke
    u are 1 retard, and u knw dat. And u can never get close to me, in terms of academic excellence.. and FYI, we are not in a spelling bee contest… dis is the Internet, and a blog so i can spell d way i want. Its up to u to put ur Ass in ur mouth. bloody Nigeerian Ape

  35. The One says:

    @Matt, there are loads who are under the impression that the Glazers are dumbos who bought United solely under the assumption that they’re always going to make it to the Champions League every season. I can’t read their mind but I’m certain that this is not the basis on which they’ve bought the club even though the the media would have you believe it and supporters clubs like MUST etc would have you believe it. Mind you, I hate the Glazers to the core but even they can’t be as stupid as that. Yes, sure, United’s revenue are gonna be badly hit if we don’t make it into the CL but I believe they’ve already factored that into their business plans already. From the way they’ve worked, you can conclude that they know what they’re after and you can be certain that they understand what it all means even if they don’t understand the game itself. People were forecasting United quick demise when the Glazers took over in 2005 but United have remained financially strong (not only because of our participation in the CL year in year out although that helped, of course) and in spite of the debt.

    Are you so naive as to believe that they haven’t factored in barren seasons, or that they don’t expect and demand that Moyes turn things around? People should just shut up, support the manager and let him get on with his job. All this sniping from behind by fans on blogs and phone-ins is sure to get to the players (again, you must be really naive to assume that it won’t) and I have no doubt in my mind that it has affect their form and confidence.

  36. tallestreD says:

    @Fletch…how many games has Zaha played that gave you that impression? I’m sure you said the same thing about Ronaldo when he first arrived. My point is everyone should be given time to prove their worth.

  37. sir matt martin says:

    @The one
    yea u are rite, but a top 4 finish is a must, due to the size of man United the brand.. do you knw that GM (general motors) will be pulling out europe if united dont make it to the top 4. and do you knw 167m of our fans are in china and 60m in koreal? they are only motivated with a united playing CL football, and wining prophys. now imaging those 167m and 60m fans stop watching united. dont u think it will hit united finachaly. and mind you that was what happnd to Leeds United. nobody is saying moyes should be sack today. he just have to do thins right and in the right time too.

    @ tallestreD
    i think you are rite mate.


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