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Calderon Resigns As Real Madrid President

The man who has hounded us over signing Cristiano Ronaldo for the last couple of years has handed in his resignation, according to reports in Spain.

Looks like Guillem Balague was talking out of his arse earlier this week then!

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  1. David Quinn says:

    Good riddance you old prick!

  2. Daniel says:

    The Witch is DEAD!

  3. suhayl says:

    Blimey i watched the whole of that.

    Anyway BALAGUE ‘ ronaldos agent has an agreement with calderon’ lol lol lol. What agreement??? Whether the agent likes wholemeal bread rather than white bread.

    WE VE seen off 1 spanish cunt

    NOW to see off the OTHER fat spanish cunt

  4. Mark Moore says:

    One prick gone, another will take his place – nothing ever changes

  5. sanj says:

    mark- couldn’t have said it better myself. next president will say he has a transfer deal with ronaldo’s mother’s mailman’s agent’s daughter.

  6. Costas says:

    Karma is a bitch isn’t it?But i agree with Mark.The next one will probably have the same targets and the same tactics.

  7. john ferry says:

    wha wha wha wha wwha

  8. luke says:

    LOOOOOOOOOLLLL pure inspiration pickin that clip scott…you were wearin you’re clever hat werent ya mate?

  9. Jake says:

    I don’t actually think the next one will have the same tactics…after all, unsettling our player to enact a transer has resulted in the total demise of Calderon as the fans became annoyed at his public failure. Also, the Madrid fans are up in arms because youth players aren’t supported at Madrid and instead overseas stars are signed, £200,000,000 worth by Calderon who sacked two chamiponship winning managers in Capello and Schuster, so there could be a slight policy change at Madrid…

  10. gotta hate tiny tears says:



  11. BESHER says:

    gotta hate calderon and his team

  12. RedDevil007 says:

    I thought it was important to bring up the ramifications of Citeh’s bid for Kaka — if that deal goes thru (and indications are it will), then Ronaldo’s market price cannot be less than 100mn either. No way in hell even Madrid can pay that.

  13. TonyBee says:

    Fucking hell, Scotty…. i just watchesd all the clip, as did Suhayl earlier…… how sad am I….. dont answer that !!!
    good news about the dozy prick going……!!

  14. AG says:

    The Mission of the Ronaldo is impossible.

    That the president of the real madrid has finally seen to the doves in the sky. It is beautiful that his reign has come to the end after the galacticos finished as leaders in the two terms of his office. The President holds his head high that he knows that he has put his heart and soul in the whites in more ways than the one. The President maintains that he did so wrong in the corruption of his office election but asks us that he never participated. The Guillem Ballague maintained that the Ronaldo of the Christian had signed contract with the whites and with the paper of the President, it confirmed that Manchester do what Madrid says. That the Guillem Balague told the sky sports in world exclusive that the President has got the Ronaldo of the Christian and that Manchester cannot do anything to stop the will of the President and the heart of the Ronaldo of the Christian because it lies in the hearts and minds and the football of the whites of Madrid. Now it appears that the truth is not. That the Ferguson of Manchester holds the contract of the Ronaldo Christian means that the President lied all along about the signature of the dream that was Ronaldo of the Christian. It now also is clear that the Ronaldo of the Christian is the player of Manchester. The Guillem Ballague has lied to the world in the transfer of the Ronaldo of the Christian. It appears that this lie was to keep the truth of the affair of the President Calderon and the Guillem Balague secret. BUt now it is not secret, and the lies have come out into the world. Guillem Balague is on the holiday from this story and he has no to say to the story if it was a lie. But the mission of the Ronaldo of the Christian to the transfer from the Manchester to the whites appears to be over, the mission is impossible. That the Ferguson is laughing at the whites is very bad. The whites have now started the new mission; the mission of the Jermaine of the Pennant. The new Ronaldo of the Christian.

    : ) FU Madrid, Calderon and that mother of all nutjobs Guillem Balague : )

  15. RedDevil says:

    Finally… Im happy that cunt left. Im only sorry we might not see comedy concerning his and Ronaldos relationship this summer… :rolll: :lol:

  16. Tevratov says:

    Hoorah, but I don’t think we’ve seen the end of them tryin to buy Ronnie.

  17. Tom F says:

    Calderon = cabrón

  18. Ed. says:

    I’m really confused. Can someone explain to me how the fact that Calderon was caught red handed rigging votes with photographic evidence that was revealed on Wednesday, forcing him to resign on Friday – how on earth that disproves that he had not previously had talks and reached an agreement with Jorge Mendes. Try as hard as I can, I simply fail to see how one disproves the other.
    If anything, this scandal proves what a lying scheming underand morally bankrupt piece of vermin Ramon Calderon is. Surely that reinforces the idea that he is not beyond agreeing deals with players while they play for other clubs.

    The other thing I cannot understand is that ridculously simplified idea that Marca was acting as Calderons mouthpiece. It was Marca’s expose of his vote rigging on Wednesday that was the catalyst for the events that led to his resignation. Another issue cited by his directors urging his resignation was the constant dragging of the clubs name through the mud. Top of that list was the most recent expose of his talks with Jorge Mendes – exposed by Balague in AS. .

  19. Mark Moore says:

    @ jake – you could be right, i just think they have a certain way of doing things, they just can’t help themselves. Total knob jockeys

  20. Kings says:

    Good riddance you geriatric cunt.

  21. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Good riddance you senile bitch… Ramon Calderon > Cock-end of the highest order.

  22. EastStandManc says:

    Ed, it confused many in the media, too. One explanation is that Marca have greater allegiances to Real than they do to Calderon and in the end they outed him, trying to make it look like he was the rotten apple in the box.

    Mijatovic is rumoured to be leaving too. Perez will come in, apparently, to take over Calderon and bookies are taking bets on Zidane to replace Predrag.

    Perez sanctioned the massive Figo and Zidane transfers, so perhaps not the greatest person to be in charge when we’re trying to keep hold of Ronaldo. Let’s just hope they pander to the fans wishes of more local talent breaking through, eh?

    That or get rid ASAP, so it doesn’t drag on and take away from any potential success like last Summer.

    Either way, goodbye and good riddance Calderon!

  23. whiteknight03 says:

    Ed, I agree that Calderon’s misdeeds and their eventual exposing are removed from any Ronaldo deal. However, Marca do the bidding of the club not it’s president. They set him up in the way they chose to reveal rumours, wait for him to deny and claim if he did so he would resign and then print photos they clearly had all along. Apparently the meeting attended by these fixers was to approve club accounts and finances. If Calderon was rearranging finances to accomodate a large outlay in British pounds perhaps he needed the extra muscle to railroad this through without being able to be honest about it. OR, Calderon had lost the stomach for the fight and others in the board leaked this information and used Marca to do their dirty work paving the way for a new president to buy Ronaldo.
    Either way, those who think that it’s the end of the Ronaldo saga don’t pay enough attention to the way the crookedest club in the world opperates. Harken back to Becks leaving…when the presidency is up for grabs, the candidates all broker these secret deals and promise bigger and bigger players all to garner votes. With Kaka off the market and Messi out of reach, the only other available players are Torres, Ronaldo, Fabregas, Villa, David Silva, and perhaps Ribery or Benzama. Who’s the pick of that bunch?? It’s not over by any stretch.

  24. Ed. says:

    Hi WhiteKnight & EaststandManc

    Both very good opinions and I agree with both of you.

    And yes, WhiteKnight, you very much beat me too it….I noticed the celebrating of Calderon’s demise on a couple of United forums, but I am afraid to say – repeating what WhiteKnight just said – with elections coming and Perez back in contention…Calderons resignation wasnt the end – only the end of the beginning.

    It is going to get a lot worse from here on in terms of speculation and open courting of players – and Ronaldo will be at the centre of it. Any candidate for the presidency will be after the World footballer of the year. The specultaion is only going to escalate I’m afraid and many of these candidates, unlike clubs, are untouchable and can say and do what they like.Over the coming months you’re going to hear all sorts of claims and Ronaldo is going to be openly courted through the media.


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