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Campest Story Of The Day – I Know All Your Secrets

Fortunately, once you get past the headline and the picture, it’s a fairly interesting read, concerning Newcastle’s Fabricio Coloccini and his link to our very own Carlos Tevez.

“I played with Carlos in the national team at the Olympics,” said Coloccini. “But I have known him 13 years though because my father Osvaldo was the manager of Boca Juniors youth side, so he knew him when he was very young. It was a very good team that he managed. My father always told me he is different, he is special. You will see lots of him in the future because he has everything in his game. If he scores against us, maybe you will blame my dad! Carlos is a top player and he may not even play. That says everything about their squad.”

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  1. jsos says:

    ARGENTINA!! interesting information – hope we see carlito tonight to prove him right!

  2. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    He looks like the lead role in ‘Fame’ back in the 1980′s, and thats not a compliment. If we dont beat this Newcastle team tonight, especially with their injuries and suspensions, its all a joke. I honestly think we should do them by 3 or 4…

  3. Nino says:

    ARGENTINA! Another five goal drubbing on the cards hopefully like the corresponding fixture last year

  4. Red-Manc says:


    Doubt he will start he’ll be tired from playing in the CC, Rooney and Berbatov will be back in and the Apache can have a deserved rest, i always love to see him in the starting line up dont get me wrong but tonight he needs a rest.

  5. n667 says:

    bugger needed some publicity desperately , even my grand father can run circles around him, n he wouldn’t be able to do a thing

  6. Drew Vader says:

    He played well at OT in his first ever premier league match….

  7. olusanjo says:

    ‘in his first ever premier league match’

    what else do you expect? i do not rate him personally.

  8. Coogie says:

    I thought it was that scouse cunt Phil Thompson back in the 70′s/80′s. Duck Egg of Him!

  9. SULLY says:

    ARGENTINA… ARGENTINA… ARGENTINA… We love you Apache, you’re indeed special. Carlos Tevez.

  10. Drew Vader says:

    Clear hand ball and two red card offenses….. Fuck off ref

    And wake up Van der Sar

  11. Drew Vader says:

    Another fucking red card right there!!!


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