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Can United make it to their third consecutive CL final?

The Betfair markets have been reacting to Friday’s Champions League draw and it’s time for punters to step up too.

United backers will be delighted to see the Reds paired with Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals and either Lyon or Bordeaux in the semis. Odds of 4.5 (7/2) on a third Champions League triumph for Sir Alex’s men should be snapped up now.

United’s last eight tie with the German side will inevitably provoke memories of the dramatic 1999 final, when two late goals gave the Reds victory in the Nou Camp. It’s a good draw but Sir Alex won’t be taking Bayern lightly, especially as last time the teams met, they knocked United out on their way to winning the competition in 2001. The German giants still boast decent players, such as Arjen Robben, Mark Van Bommel and the excellent Franck Ribery but Bayern were lucky to sneak past Fiorentina on away goals in the last round. Wayne Rooney, who can be backed at 3.6 (13/5) to be the competition’s top goalscorer, will relish the opportunity to run at their shaky defence.

If the Reds get past the Germans, they will meet the winner of the all-French quarter-final between Lyon and Bordeaux. Ex-United defender Laurent Blanc is going great guns in his first job in management with Bordeaux – he won the Ligue 1 title last season and getting to the last eight of the Champions League is a record for the club. The current Lyon side is generally considered to be weaker than it has been in recent season’s but knocking out Real Madrid in the last round showed that they remain canny European operators. The Reds have a decent record against Claude Puel’s side, having knocked them out two years ago.

Arsenal got the opponents nobody wanted – Barcelona – and their tournament odds have drifted out to 12.0 (11.0) after they were drawn against the favourites, who can be backed at 3.05 (2/1). Inter Milan, currently trading at 5.0 (4/1), take on CSKA Moscow. Jose Mourinho’s men were very impressive in knocking out Chelsea on Tuesday night – an outcome tipped in this column – but, after losing to them already this season, they won’t fancy a semi-final with Barca.

A repeat of last year’s final seem the most likely pairing in the Bernabeu on May 22 and Barcelona/Man Utd can be backed at 3.8 (14/5) in Betfair’s Nominate the Finalists market. The only question for United backers is, will there be a different outcome?



  1. Costas says:

    We could make it to a 3rd consecutive final. I wasn’t so optimistic a month ago, but things have been looking up the past few weeks.

    As far as Rooney goes, the Guardian reported that yesterday the first team had the day off and only the injured players reported to Carrington. Rooney wasn’t among them. Take that for what you will. With Giggs back in the side, we could play him and Berba up front at Bolton and rest Wazza for the Bayern and Chelsea games. But Bolton won’t be easy. And I am afraid that Wayne could have a problem or two until the end of the season. He has enjoyed an injurey free season, something rare for him. So it might take a toll on him in the last 2 months.

    Must admit that I didn’t expect the Vermaelen appeal to be rejected. Why the hell was tiny tears let off the hook then???

  2. aig alex is god says:


    because getting to a champions league final isnt that easy as some people feel as we have bayern and lyon or FCGB. Bayern have struggled in Europe and this team of theirs is the best in 4-5 years so they are long due a good run in Europe. If it was on paper we coud play United vs Barca and finish things off. No need to play the other games. it is ONE night. What you do on that night natters.Also the league games which come before the CL games will HAVE AN EFFECT on those games.. The Chelsea game is an early kick off as well. Shows why SAF took a gamble in 2008 when he rested players for the early game at Chelsea. This time however we can t do anything like that. We ill not only have to play 3 games in 8 days but all of them will be high tempo difficult games which can affect our performance

    Dont know about others but i want the league. Even if we dont win the CL i am fine with it

  3. The Real AB says:

    A team which is better on paper don’t win always.
    The team which plays better on the day wins, in the instant case whoever plays better in the two legs win.
    Else Real Madrid would have beaten Lyon as on paper they have a better team.
    But fortunately football is not that straight forward, else we will not be following it.
    Man Utd have a better chance of making the final then the other 3 teams in the group but no match will be easy. Bayern is a good team with some fantastic players who can create some Magic anytime, so we have to be cautious.
    Confidence is good but over-confidence hurts.

    Anyways regarding the Betting – I have a feeling that Arsenal or more likely Inter will kick Barcelona out.
    And we should make it to the final.
    I am not a betting person but if I was I’ll go for a Man Utd vs Inter Milan final.

  4. King Eric says:

    redscot – Why what is that ginger cunt saying mate? Goughy is a fucking clown. Says Arshavin is better than Messi and Messi is over rated.

    I don’t get this I really don’t. Wayne is a United player and is paid by United. He played almost 90 fucking minutes in a shitty friendly and still they ain’t happy. Hows about the thug who never plays friendlies or Fat Frank? It would be awful for Wayne to miss the World Cup but fucking funny as far as I am concerned. The little Ingerlunders would be mortified. They don’t realise that Wayne IS NOT gonna produce for those cunt’s like he does for us. The rest of the team around him aren’t United mentality and couldn’t give a fuck. Primadonna’s the lot of them. God I hope we go out at the group stage. And they wonder why United fans feel such apathy to England. United > Ingerlund. Any chance of getting that banner out for the remainder of the season?

  5. King Eric says:

    Notorious Red Devil – I think we have the squad mate most definately. Hargo on his way back hopefully, Giggsy back, O’Shea in the next couple of weeks, Macheda, Evans, Rafael , Fabio all fit now. Nev in outstanding form. We still have the best squad around. There is no reason why Rio and Vida cannot play another dozen games, they will be raring to go now.

  6. King Eric says:

    aig – Yeah agree pal, the league is what matters but now at this stage a third final is absolutely possible.

    I have said for a while now I have a really good feeling about this season and can feel summat big is gonna happen.

  7. King Eric says:

    Who the fuck are “FCGB” ?

  8. rooneyisclass says:

    has anyone heard anything about ravel morrison lately? A mate reckons he`s been ditched.

  9. Corea says:

    The Real AB – “team” is the most important word in my rant, mate.
    anyway we all agree it will not be easy.

  10. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    FCGB = Football Club Girondins Bordeaux

  11. Corea says:

    FCGB ? :) aig made me think for a while. google first link :-D

  12. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ King Eric I hope you’re right I really do but nobody could have predicted the injuries we’ve had and the season isn’t over yet. Will only take one reckless challenge from Kevin Davies to ruin it all. It is nice to see Hargreaves play a reserve game but I doubt he’ll play in any games unless we win the league with games to go. If Evans and the Da Silvas are fit that gives me more confidence. I thought they were all still carrying knocks despite being on the bench Sunday. We can’t tinker with the team in certain positions now and thats the defence, keeper and Rooney. Hopefully they will play every game I can just see Fergie making changes and it backfiring especially with the way the league has been this season. We should not make changes to the positions I’ve mentioned between now and the Blackburn game. Hopefully by that time we’ve opened up a gap.

  13. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    On a side note I hope someone crushes Kevin Davies skull on the weekend. What he did to G. Nev was unforgiveable and he never even got punished for it. We lost the best right back in the country for 2 years because of it.

  14. redscot says:

    I have to make my usual Inept comment on the runner’s and rider’s well the important ones that will eventually effect ourselves.
    Milan as we all are aware play there first leg in Italy and then travel to that fucking cold whore of a staduim In Moscow.So on that basis similar to the way our 2 legs are set up I consider that advantage to the Ruskie’s.If any body thinks they are Cannon fodder(CSKA) have clearly not watched this outfit improve as recent as our tangle with them and when we used several get out off jail card’s that Evening.
    I would suggest the Italians will fall on there Butt’s over the 2 legs and as we all know the league I believe in Russia has just restarted from Winter shut so they will probably be the freshest team in the last 8.All the signs are there and blatantly obvious to me.
    We still have an outstanding opportunity and all the Lads in Red, the best thing since Tomato soup(Campbell’s)
    Any how away to Admire the Ammers and Wigan, Immmmmm forever blowing bubbles lil bubbles in the Air. lol

  15. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – please tell me you are kidding he said arshaven is better than messi WHAT A PRAT, lionel messi is perhaps the greatest player I have ever seen now. while players like ronaldo had a one off season in 07/08, messi is not only matching last seasons sensational season but he is surpassing it with ease, he has actually got a much tougher season, because could he match last seasons breath taking form, but with the facsest spending a kings ransom and with barca weaker than last year its amazing what he is doing, messi reminds me so much like goerge best the way he can beat 3 to even 6 players in one go. yes spain may not be tougher but messi would easily do it in england.

  16. redscot says:

    Sorry Eric Mate I was blogging elsewhere the Evil pair on nerdowells were simply as you can imagine slagging and ridiculing Manchester United lad’s that were calling the “station, i hate to call it a show it’s a fuckin pantomime” Just not giving the Boys a fair shout to explain there case, that Wayne is our Property and his first priority is to United.And has other lads have explained we Pay his wages and he loves United.
    Fuck England right now, The Cornetto man as we all know nearly fucked him already.
    Those two mother fucker cock suckers of course want to derail our mission and targets in our sights now.
    Eric mate as you know it’s a fucking joke radio station around 3 minutes worth of adverts every 15 and Morons like Parry etc etc pontificating on a fucking unstable soap box.
    Just get’s my Goat up when I hear United fans be ridiculed by cunts that spit venom and tripe out there vile gobs.
    Anyhow back to Upton Park.

  17. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Arshavin better than Messi. He should be, considering how many years older he is but he isn’t. I don’t particularly want Rooney to miss the World Cup for Rooneys sake. However if it were to happen in Champions League Final when we’re winning 8-1 vs Barcelona I wouldn’t stop laughing until the following season. There’s this disdain I have for ingurland fans that I can’t describe especially the west ham fans. If ingurland were to win it which is very unlikely couldn’t we claim United won it with Rio captain and Rooney the main man, not that I would want us to. Seriously anyone who wants us to rest Rooney can go fuck themselves with a cactus.

  18. Gandalf says:

    My head and heart tells me we will be in the final given the draw. Over to the boys to perform as well as we can.

    BTW – why didn’t Vermealan get an extra for frivolous appeal? Surely it is, given the tackle was deemed denying goalscoring opp by the panel as well.

  19. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Because he doesn’t play for Man United thats why. The FA has been more of a joke this season then ever before even the chief exec has resigned. The whole structure of the organisation of football needs to be redesigned because at the moment it is a shambles.

  20. King Eric says:

    redscot – Cheers pal. Good post again and I completely agree. Its just to get traffic and it is idiots like me that oblige! To be fair Parry is the only one on there I can just about stomach. The only United link is two fucking plastic’s by the name of Ronnie Irani and Andy Goldstein who repeatedly refers to us on air as “Man U”

    Notorious – spot on with your points mate. I know what you mean about the “facking iron’s ” as well. Small minded bigotted cunt’s. They think they fucking invented football, heard the porn kings Gold and Sulliven tonight saying how ” a big club like West Ham need to move to the Olympic stadium as we can only fit in 35,000 at Upton Park and we need to move on to challenge the big 6″. Don’t flatter yourselves you cockerney fucking wideboys. They are the worst as well at the anti-united shite and abuse of Becks. Hate them.

    And yes Darren Gough actually DID say Arshavin is better than Messi who is “all left foot”. To think these clueless morons are the media’s main people at talking about football. They know fuck all.

    I didn’t know till today that Adam Watmore of the FA is an Arsenal season ticket holder.

  21. King Eric says:

    redscot – “The Cornetto Man “. Nice one pal. Meant to say as well that yes they do mock United fans who ring up to say why we don’t care about England. They say we are pathetic and need to grow up and are just being paranoid. Fucking horrible cunts. What do they know about football? Durham the Peterborough fan and Goughy the fucking Spurs fan whose both their “second teams” are the dippers. Second fucking teams? Laughable.

  22. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric etc etc

    One question guys. Dont take it personally please.

    When you know most of the so called ‘Pundits’ and Tabloids talk shite why do you listen to them or read them now?. listen to what they say in May and how they change their tone and say things like ‘we underestimated United ‘ and all those apologetic things before getting back to their trash talking next season.

    take it easy and enjoy life rather than wasting your time listening to half witted fools and then getting wound up

  23. King Eric says:

    aig – I know what you mean mate but I just cannot help myself as I have said before. I almost get a buzz out of getting so wound up and just think I cannot wait till fucking May as I remember what every single one of you said early season. I never listen to it at home or owt just on my way to and from work. Fuck all else on radio. Cannot be doing with Radio one and even two has got shit these days. Especially Wogan in a morning.

  24. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – I heard that muppet gough say messi wont come to the premiership because he has not got the guts, well like rooney messi has his family all settled in spain. I bet his kids are now in school his wife is propably happy and settled add the fact the climate suits himself and his family and his friends are all in spain plus he is playing for a brilliant club.

    Who in england could he go to, united will never pay the price for messi, arsenal cant afford him and they are a poor mans barca, chelsea and shitty are also ran clubs and they are small clubs, liverpool are in decline and they propably wont play in CL and they cant even challenge for the title so messi knows the only way from barca is downwards same has for rooney if he left united is downwards. The only club that messi could go to that can match barca to challenge for titles is united and they are never going to pay a fee that has no price, rooney and messi to both clubs on and off the pitch behavior wise are priceless. does gough in his retarded world consider these factors, if I was messi I would not leave barcelona

  25. rooney the new king says:

    thats what pisses me of with idiots like gough in his retarded world that there are no options for messi, because chelsea arsenal shitty liverpool are infurior clubs to barca on and off the field, only united could messi go to thats has great of club has barca and walk into the dressing room with winners with a great attitude, look at what roy keane said united are the perfect example for character and great team spirit.

  26. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    Will give you an example. It was in 2006-07 season when local newspapers here predicted Chelsea as Champions followed by arsenal, liverpool and predicted United to finish 4TH OR LOWER because we had just signed carrick and sold RVN.

    After we won the league that season they again tipped chelsea in 07-08 saying Chelsea were unlucky with injuries and all that crap in 06-07. We all know what happened that season. Since last season they have stopped making any sort of predictions having learnt their lesson.

    This season hopefully when we win the league will teach these fools a lesson ‘ Never underestimate United’ and despite their hatred they will give United some credit from next season onwards

  27. aig alex is god says:


    Messi is a bit like rooney and is totally commited to barca especially after what they have done for him in his childhood. Doubt whether he will leave Barcelona especially in the next 5-6 years when he is at his peak.

    Money cant buy everything and even though temporary success can be achieved with Money Chelsea’s and real madrid’s case showed in the long run it dosent pay off

  28. rooney the new king says:

    aig – united will be called a one man team what ever happens, spooney said it about united under ronaldo and now rooney, united are a one man team and that is sir alex ferguson he is uniteds true one man team or I could say sir alex ferguson is uniteds true one man club. because without ferguson united would not be the succesful club they are today.

  29. Gandalf says:

    @ King Eric – its not just those idiots who keep calling us Man U. Even former players like Lee Sharpe and Dwight Yorke do it many times. Awfully frustrating!

  30. rooney the new king says:

    aig – unlike ronaldinho messi’s attitude and hunger towards the game will keep him on top for years to come, rooney is the same the hunger will never go because their love for the game and fear that football is a short career they will use what ever they have left in the tank to drive their teams to titles. I have changed my opinion I thought rooney was the best messi has just gone up a level that I have never seen in my life, messi is def the new goege best in the way they can go past players at will

  31. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    In May when all the tabloids do their massive spreads showing the pictures of our players wearing the hats and scarves and celebrating as champions the writing next to all that is a copy and paste job from 92/93 just with the players names changed. The appreciation we get is hollow, thats why I can’t be bothered to look at the media. Especially phone ins, I would love to ring all these pundits who tipped the dippers for the league and with diplomacy tell them what thick stupid cunts they are. However they would just cut me off, as United fans its as if we’re not entitled to any reasonable opinion about anything to do with football unless we’re talking amongst ourselves. Thats why on a Sunday when United aren’t playing away on TV I don’t bother going down the pub to watch the footy with my mates. I couldn’t give a fuck about any other team cos they don’t give a fuck about us (except Spurs – cos my little brother supports them). All we ever hear is glory hunter, one man team, referees being our 12th man, etc. After 20 years it gets old.

  32. aig alex is god says:


    Of course SAF is the main reason why we are such a huge club today.

    As for one main team i have said many times Rooney is Uniteds ‘main man’ meaning one who can provide inspiration when the chips are down and one from whom more is expected then the others because of the wealth of talent he has. That dosent mean we are a one man team.That is taking credit away from the likes of feltcher and evra in particular who have been immense this season

    Rooney has scored lost of goals, so what. He is a striker and if i am not wrong strikers are there to score goals so the fact that he has scored so many goals and others havent scored as many as him makes us a ‘one man team’ is ridiculous

  33. rooney the new king says:

    aig – so if united are called a one man team its ferguson who is the one man team not rooney who fergie should take all the plaudits, for me to much is said for wayne rooney because of england, rooney should thank the service of valencia and nani mainly for delivering him the chances because look at the seasons with ronaldo, ronaldos lack of delivery I think took away 60% of rooneys goals because ronaldo wanted to do it himself, so rooney would need a bit of individual brilliance to score when now he is being given chances on a silver plate in beckham style, look at van nistlerooys goals went down after beckham left when ronaldo arrived his selfish and wanting to do it himself was part of the reason for van nistlerooy scoring by half.

  34. aig alex is god says:


    Good observation regarding RVNS lack of goals. Ronaldo was selfish initially at united but improved later on ironically after RVN left

    As for Rooneys goals valencia, nani and at times berba have played a major role in them so its no surprise rooney celebrates his goals by running immediately to the player who provided the assist adn with the team

  35. redscot says:

    @aig. Mate I dont mean to but in. The Word United tells it all I no it’s simplicity. ITS the whole package if you like the whole ethos of our Club and what it means.
    We are not a one man team as you correctly point out its everything throughout the Club the Icons we have had the pleasure to watch the Managers we have had, I am not old enough to talk or even mention Sir Matt all I know from reading and listening he set the foundations of our magnificent Club.
    I can however discuss SAF and the current era.All the lads need our support if you think as I have witnessed on other Manchester United blogs lads calling the like of Gary Paul Ryan pensioners and not capable of recognising what they bring to they new generation that the Club are developing it beggars belief.
    We must and that’s a MUST stick together there is a lot of jealousy out there you know the British mentality to destroy something that is good and successfull.
    This season is as excting as it gets and We are in pole postion to complete the objectives the Club set themselves and the Fan’s.
    On a another topic what are we going to do when you retire? a lot of thought and care is needed in that critical decision its truely a momentous call.Most clubs are so envious of our Manager bad mouth him and call him childish names, but even a minute portion of the achievements he and the lads have delivered for US would have them salivating.
    Thats what it means UNITED we think consider plan progress Believe On On On

  36. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ redscot – “British mentality to destroy something that is good and successful”

    Well said couldn’t have put it better myself.

  37. King Eric says:

    redscot – great post at 22.52.

  38. redscot says:

    @NotoriousRed Mate it’s just what I feel there are people who have a stage if you like with a audience wether it be the Daily Pun or other methods of communication and in truth have an agenda, basically because anything said or written about the CLUB attracts worldwide attention, and hence appeal.
    Just to clarify I dont Carpet bag other people’s thought’s but I take them on board with respect humility and add a twist on them if i care to do.
    FFS I am beginning to sound like a Saint…. where’s ma fucking halo!
    Addios mates.

  39. Red Blood says:

    Oh Yes we can and yes we will beat the shite out of barca in the final, as long as nobody gets injured

  40. Red Blood says:

    Oh Yes we can and yes we will beat the shite out of barca in the final this year, as long as the back four dont get injured and rooney remains in top form

  41. manutdlife says:

    Yeah and we gonna win it too


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