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Can you imagine if United were guilty of same behaviour as Liverpool?

Ahead of Sunday’s game at Anfield, Liverpool’s official Twitter account was joining in with jokes about the Munich Air Disaster with one of their fans.

Liverpool twitter

The club were quick to offer an apology, calling the tweet an “error of judgement” as well as “distasteful and inappropriate”.

Can you imagine the reaction from the scousers if the official United account was taking the piss out of Hillsborough?

Whilst fans of both clubs have been guilty of poor behaviour in the past in regards to chants about disasters, it’s quite incredible that the club’s official mouthpiece was having a laugh about Munich.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Hans says:

    I think Carrik – Hazard-Januzaj midfield would have been great!

    Only our victory last Monday would have given me greater pleasure than see the Portuguese cunt lose like he did tonight!

  2. VivaUnited says:

    Dirty scousers disgraceful beings for that’ Twitter post.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    If moyes turns up with the italian powerful titan daniele de rossi, ander herrera and fellaini… We may just go into Champions league and be confident.

  4. ANFIELD RD. says:

    Some ‘hilarious’ twat cons a very naive employee. It was dealt with. Not good, hands up. Both sets of fans have arseholes among them. If it was the other way round, we would have expected the same actions. It’s done and dusted. Move on boys and girls.

  5. WeAreUnited says:

    it’s not United realated but spurs have just signed eriksen for 13,4mil, a good deal or a bad deal for them? I know many have talked abotu spurs, but with this deal and other deals I think they’re stronegr than chelski. and they will be in a fight. they have become very strong, but they also lack strikers unlike us, and Ithink the league has becomed very very interesting,, there’s no more top 4 now it’s top 5.

    BUT this being said, we are still the force who all wants to beat and tries to beat, with a couple of additions to the middle, gettin Kagawa fit and Nani (if does not leave) back to his best, we are a force to reckon!

    BRING THEM ALL!!! we are ManUtd and we’ll do what we want.

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    not to mention the youth who are coming up!

    can’ t wait for all the challenges so that the pretenders feel our wrath !


  7. Sushi says:

    I don’t particularly care how many players Spurs bought the fact is buying 7-8 players before a new season is no guarantee for success. Successful teams require no more than 2-3 quality signings per year and it’s already difficult implementing and fitting then into a new system. So far Spurs have needed 2 penalties to win their opening matches which leads me to believe its going to take quite some time before they are really clicking.

  8. WeAreUnited says:


    No I agree spurs have been lucky in their 2 first games, but adding the likes of paulinho, lamela, eriksen, capoue and soldado is no joke, and it makes this league even more interesting. with eriksen and lamela they have 2 players who can decide games and paulinho with capoue and sandro can hold the ball.

    Like I said, now it’s 1 more team who are tryign to catch us, no-one can build the chemistry United have with 4-5 additions, but they get one level up, so just stating that it will be interesting, because now it will be harder but much sweeter to win our #21 with so many conteders.


  9. Midfield-man says:

    it’s not United realated but spurs have just signed eriksen for 13,4mil, a good deal or a bad deal for them? ….

    Very good and estute… I mentioned after the paulinho purchase that they will have a say this season. AVB building a solid squad with no superstars just solid all around..

    No way we’ll see de Rossi, and id say chances are slim on Herrera reading the clubs statement.

  10. WeAreUnited says:

    I thikn @marq mentioned earlier that we are dealing with transfers in a different way, what has changed this season? woodward? or is it the fact SAF retired? usually we go under the radar, like in this Herrera case, usually we would have just snatched him without anyone noticing or never get the player without anyone even knowing we were after him.

    Spurs are a team t owatch this season, Ithink they will better chelski and arsenal, it’s still city vs us IF Silva aYaya and Aguero are in it t owin it, withou them city have nothing.

  11. Sushi says:

    This no players signings can’t all be blamed on Woodward. I’ve said it previously on here, there has been wholesale changes at United at almost every level. We have new scouts, new chief scout, a new manager with his own targets in mind who can’t just work off the list SAF had in mind. This combined with new CEO who isn’t nearly as experienced signing players as he is commercial partners means it will take time or might not happen for us.

  12. WeAreUnited says:

    Look I am not expecting us or want us t osign 4-5 players, cause it would be madness for United to do that, we need to slowly moudl the youth, give kagawa his chance and make 2 additions to the middle of the park and we are on, we have the leagues 2 best strikers + chicha, welbz has developed more and henriquez is lurking. + nani could be back stronegr as ever with moyes + zaha is a new prospect towatch and hopefully valencia25 is back to the earth and his best form!

    I am just wondering that how we’re been linked with singlehandely every player out there and also our bids are so open, that’s not our style.

  13. Sushi says:

    @ United agreed it was never our style to be public about these things. But the reason it has changed is down to both Gill and Fergie leaving. Anyone who talks about SAF knows just how much control he exerted. No one dared talk to the press that’s why you never saw bull shit articles with united “Insiders” fact is Gill has a much wider name recognition with a huge Rolodex of contacts across Europe. He could grease the wheels for transfers much more smoothly and prevent leaks.

  14. Devil1166 says:

    I know Moyes hates pool too. But I hope it’s as much as Sir Alex does, if not then more

  15. Hendie says:

    @matt can you imagine if united fans got english clubs thrown out of europe..?

  16. theradlegion says:

    Disgusted at the behaviors of some people.

  17. Maltamanc says:

    Fuck’em ….. Let’s trash the dippers …… No quarter to the scousers

  18. Unitedforeva says:

    I love football & would love it more if Liverpool does not exist in the world of football. Their fans sicken me & some of their players too. United need to thrash them at anfield this Sunday to shut them up.

  19. TheCANTONA says:

    “Ghana’s Kevin-Prince Boateng joins Schalke from AC Milan”

    where are u Ed??

  20. Red's No.9 says:

    I think we should sign Draxler, he can be the next Scholes. Exciting young mid fielder.

  21. Rd5454 says:

    Fxxk loserfool u will never fool alone

  22. davidjones says:

    How blissful it would be for Mr Moyes to roll out our second team against these scouse pricks so they know just how much we think about them. If they didn’t have to play United every season, people would take as much notice with them as Leeds or maybe even a 3rd rate team from Mars. Personally Matt or whatever your name is, please fuck off back to has-been territory. Thanks in advance.

  23. davidjones says:

    Would be nice to give Djemba-djemba a work out at Anfield. Bebe! You leading the line!

  24. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Absolute scum. Biggest hypocrites in world sport. The first people to play the victim. Just one little announcement spurred one ENTIRE WEEK of pretense and hypocrisy from the entire city of Liverpool. As far as Liverpool are concerned, every day of the year is Hillsborough remembrance day and anyone who refuses to participate is an evil person. Yet they mock others dead at EVERY TURN. They choose to selectively forget the disaster that THEIR FANS caused at Heysel. They continue to think it’s alright for them to mock the men who died in Munich but just mention ONE WORD of hillsborough and they come out attacking like wolves. Hopefully we turn them over tomorrow but regardless of result, these two clowns must be punished. the fool who tweeted the songs and the idiot working for the club who responded.

  25. Marq says:

    Hmm, havent seen much of Herrera, only some slight impression 2 years ago. Central midfielder, and buzzed around abit. Didnt really stand out, so not sure if he is worth that much. But like I said, it was 2 years back, if Moyes thinks he is worth it, so be it. We definitely need more legs in midfield

  26. reddevil61 says:

    me thinks we being to nice to these self pitying murderrin cunts so I’m stooping to there inbred level
    justice for the 39 , saurez is innocent , fucking bindippers

  27. In David We Trust says:

    So he has a 25 million pound buy out clause, yet they waste bilboa and our time with a 21 million pound bid, woodward just resign and give moyes a chief executive who knows what he is doing, same shit when they did not triger thiagos buyout clause, complete joke woodward is who has failed us all

  28. Setuix says:

    A fucking shame.

  29. The One says:

    @Matt, typical response from someone connected with liverpool….well, we’ll, well, are we not surprised at all!! What more would you expect of liverpool; you defended suarez to the hilt even after he was found guilty of abusing Evera and kept making excuses for his behavior. And now you have the nerve to come on here to a United blogg to utter such trash. Wonder how Liverpool would have responded had the shoe been on the other foot, eh??

  30. babzcorleone says:

    @In David We Trust.. I totally agree! Its worrying as hell that we’ve not had 1 bid accepted and all our transfer dealings are out in the open. It makes it look like no-one wants to join the club. Fabregas – Rejected, Thiago – Rejected (Maybe), Fellaini – Rejected, Baines – Rejected, Herrera – Rejected, De Rossi – Rejected…its an absolute shambles!!

  31. Wakey says:

    There is little change in the way United are handling things. Its the other clubs who are acting differently (and not just with us). While in the past clubs would generally not announce offers they have received (any leak usually came from the players agents if the payer wanted out but these agents would also leak offers that hadn’t happened too) they seem to be running to the press with every offer. My guess is its because many are saying this will be the last big summer so they are all trying to trigger bidding wars or goad clubs into making bigger second offers than they usually would.

    The only time United have commented is after the ‘selling’ club has done so first which leaves little choice but to respond

  32. Wakey says:

    @In David We Trust
    It only seems to be the DM saying the clause is £25mill. Everywhere else is saying its €35mill which is £30mill.

    And its a buyout clause not a minimum fee release clause. As I said on the other post we CAN’T trigger it. They might accept an offer at the release clause BUT they don’t have to. They only have to accept that fee directly from the player (and there are tax implications if we provide the money to the player which could make it cost double the release fee)

  33. DreadedRed says:

    Woodward has not ‘failed us all’. I’m a Red, and he hasn’t failed me. At best, the claim that he has failed is an uneducated backlash based on personal desires and tabloid speculation.

  34. The One says:

    DreadedRed @13:17, well said….cheers!!

  35. The One says:

    @11:30, stupid auto correct!!

  36. Capitano says:

    Coutinho said “No! i don’t remember watching United win any cups before. They won the league last season but thats all i can remember” Where was this twat born? Amazon?

  37. Eric L'edieu says:

    As has already been stated, this has not only been published on the clubs official page, but responded to in an appalling manner by the employee running it.
    As for fans behaviour, can’t see anyone denying Utd have their own share of mindless/tasteless, but after the buildup you lot gave to llast years game for the 96, what do you think of your own 2 fans who ran the length of the stand to provoke Utd fans with aeroplane gestures.
    Or, trying looking up “Liverpool wankers” on YouTube.
    I’m sure like most of the comments posted for it you will concentrate on the words of 1 united fan over what actually causes his reaction from the VAST MAJORITY of your travelling support.
    I welcome your response.


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