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Cantona: Balotelli’s Actions Calculated And Unspontaneous

Eric Cantona isn’t impressed with how Mario Balotelli celebrates on the field, claiming he should be more spontaneous.

Ridiculous myths circulate about the City striker, often with the press referring to the most mundane of actions as “madcap” and “bizarre”. This week Balotelli was asked to remove the hood from his hoodie at the Trafford Centre and this somehow was deemed newsworthy by the Evening News. The week before, Balotelli went to a cafe in Maidenhead and ate lunch which The Mirror thought was worth a mention.

Cantona finds Balotelli’s actions on the field, with his nonchalent expression after scoring and t-shirt messages predictable and boring.

“I dreamt of being a footballer, of doing great things, of crying and laughing after a victory, of exploding with joy. It is about spontaneity,” he said. “I never had anything on a T-shirt, never calculated anything. Every action is unique, every reaction unique.”

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  1. sayyidhashim says:

    We needed a Cantona or a Keane yesterday to get hold of the match. We should forget about the second leg, we wont win by 2 goals, concentrate on the WBA and Wolves games

    Hopefully City go all the way to the final in the Europa,as for sure they will pick up injuries and get tired for the weekend games

  2. sayyidhashim says:

    i am not a man. I am Cantona

  3. Red Dave says:

    Long live the king
    If we get knocked out of europe so be it, the potential ramifications for City winning the league oculd be far greater. I have faith in Sir Alex and the players to ge us through, lets not be discouraged due to the result yesterdya, we just beat spurs 3 -1 away. We still have the ability to succeed in both competitions, but the league is the most important factor. Well never die.

  4. Gorse Hill Red says:

    There is place waiting for you in the team if you want to come back King Eric.

  5. philco says:

    Ballbagotelli isnt fit to lace King Eric’s boots.
    He acts like a stroppy spoilt brat.

    Long live the King.

  6. You Gotta love this team says:

    I think he’s just a young boy enjoying the attention…..really at that age who wouldn’t!!?? We all know its an act….just entertainment and a laugh at the end of the day.

  7. mission26 says:

    It is not about the defeat that hurts the most, it is HOW we are getting defeated and outplayed by some meager opponents.

    Here I dont just mean Bilbao but other opponents in the BPL too.

    Fergie must do something about it. The sad part is one of our creative young players has/will be gone in Pogba (Let him fuck off). But do we have anyone as good, if not better, than Pogba or Morrison.

  8. bbabyj says:

    Was he asked about Balotelli specifically?

  9. Saad says:

    The return leg will be heavily influenced by SAF’s team selection. If he puts his best XI on, we can easily expect ourselves to win by two goals. If he puts any other XI, we’ll have to hope for some good fortune.

  10. thetunnel68 says:

    I think Eric should provide a ‘ Thought of the day’ for the blog, Inspirational

  11. Chris says:

    For the first time i disagree with the king, you were in the game for the love ,passion of it and our great club with magnificent history. Balloteli has passion for strip clubs, he play for a shit club and has nothing to celebrate, he is there for the money and that’s where his stink don’t bother pple, cause they are all shitty .


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