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Cantona Eyes Manchester Return

After recently filming Looking For Eric in Manchester, Eric Cantona has claimed that if he is to return to football, it will come to England.

“If I am to return to football one day it will be as a coach and because I could bring something new,” said Cantona. “But it will be in England, with the national team or at Manchester.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. chep says:

    Giggs – Cantona – Ole/Keano -> what a dream coach trio on our bench. of course, after they all gain some experience and SAF retire one day

  2. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    bring him in next season at anfailed so the united fans can sing a chant too him
    i wonder i wonder what cant should the fans sing

    this man has one of the greatest football minds ive ever seen
    who knows what he can do

  3. the Count says:

    He should come over right now and start learning from SAF!

    would be brilliant to hear ooh aah cantona chants ringing around OT every match

  4. Paul the red says:

    they say that sheararse commands respect in the dresing room….. i can imagine Keano does……… but Eric… that would be a whole different level,

  5. Anant says:

    would be fun watching him kung fu kick FSW

  6. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @ At Anant Cantona kicked that guy cause he was a lower that scum raciest football hooligan who deserved a kick in the jaw

    the FSW isnt worth to feel the sole of king erics boot

    that fat fucker isnt worth talkin about

  7. doncobaino says:

    Inevitably Cantona was asked who would win the Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona a week on Wednesday.

    “That’s a key issue,” he smiled. “But I will give you a straight answer: Manchester.”


  8. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    its so funny how small this post is scott but out of such a short one cantona says ill manage england or manchester united if i get back in to football

    how fuckin cool is the bloke

  9. Wayne Farry says:

    Would love to see Cantona come back to United in any role. With Giggsy and Scholes looking likely to take coaching roles in the coming year we would have an incredible line of coaches, especially if Eric came.

  10. Anon says:

    Love this guy! What a fucking legend!
    Love the way he refers to us as just Manchester. The Only Club in Manchester!

  11. Drabik says:

    Yea, I love that anon. You hear about Madrid and Milan, and now Manchester. Must suck to be the others…

  12. denton davey says:

    chep – I wouldn’t want Keane-o within a million miles of OT. He was a great, great player but those same fighting qualities have been absolutely destructive in is management career so far. A truly brutal man-manager.

  13. Drabik says:

    Maybe we should put him in a cupboard, and bring him into the dressing room when it is needed. Actually, he might have been there during HT against spurs.

  14. Mitty says:

    Cantona was a great player, but I’d prefer if he got some experience before coming to Manchester to manage – I wouldn’t entrust Man Utd to a rookie manager, no matter who it might be.

  15. keanesmagichat says:

    denton davey
    keaneo is learning he will be a top manager… dont rush into judgements, id have expected more…

  16. Macheda is GOD says:

    Looool i put a thread saying cantona was to be our manager!!!
    But I don’t want him,He is the coach of beach soccer(Of france),they couldn’t make it through the quarter finals. But football is a diffrent sport.Who knows?Believe!

  17. twinnyd says:

    good news! i would love it if the King became SAF’s assistant next season.i think we didnt do to well in the tactics department this season with Phelan/Meulesteen.

  18. ROJO RED ROT ROUGE says:

    King Eric is welcome to come back to Old Trafford whenever he likes. It would be fantastic for him to return to acting on the biggest stage of them all at the Theatre of Dreams.

    Ooh Aah Cantona I said Ooh Aah Cantona !

  19. Red Dave says:

    the problem might be that if he didnt live up to our expectations, we would be besmirching one of the finest names in our clubs history
    on second thought, fuck it
    i want him back

  20. AlphaRS says:

    Isn’t that the same as Shearer at Newcastle?

    No matter how much of a legend you are as a player you need some managment experience before you come to Old Trafford.

  21. Kings says:

    Cantona is God. On another topic, I’ve heard that United will wear white in the Final, as Barcelona have won the right to wear their home strip.

  22. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:


    why cant they both where there home strip

  23. corea says:

    @ gotta hate tiny tears and co.

    Barcelona won the right to wear their home kit leaving opponents Manchester United to chose all white as their first choice colours of red and second choice blue tops would both clash with the Spaniards strip.

  24. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    once again it feels good to be back on this when you straighten things up for me again

  25. corea says:

    in fact i’m feeling the summer approaching more and more and depression gets to me.

  26. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    corea the summer started yesterday because stevie me was in the paper sayin next year is there year

  27. corea says:

    i would give them the Carling Cup but what will our youngsters say on this ?

  28. wazza says:

    Cantona cannot be entrusted with the job straight away.he definitely needs experience.would go for Solskjaer as the boss with Gary & Giggs the supporting staff.

  29. Muggaz says:

    Cantona – il est le roi! ce suffit!

  30. Drabik says:

    To twinny… read the article posted today about how phelan and rene havnt been given enough credit this season.

  31. doncobaino says:

    Cantona Legend!

    Doncobaino has officially ended his Times readership- they have a released their weeky podcast as they do every monday. yet this week it is titled wait for its


    fuck off you scouse loving basterds

  32. Doherty says:

    United should get to wear their home kit, coz they are the current holders.

  33. cantona7 says:

    Eric the King Cantona

    the man who got me fall in love with MUFC..
    the thought of having him back at OT left me drooling..

  34. wazza says:

    this is gonna scare the shit out of any team.,19528,11667_5334125,00.html

  35. Devilton says:

    The man is an unqualified legend. But that was as a player. If he does return I hope it’s to a small club to gain the experience. I’d love to see what he can do with a team before he manages something with the type of pressure that a United or England manager would face.

    I have every doubt he can do it. But leaping into managements murky waters head first might not be the best idea.

  36. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    greatest line in this film looking for eric
    and or maybe the greatest line in any film ever made
    “I am not a man

    I am Cantona!!!!!!!! “

  37. Vikalp says:

    I personally would like to see Ole to takeover from SAF.!

    He has done a commendable job withe the Reserves n what better hes learning the Trade from the Master itself.!

  38. Vikalp says:

    How was ur trip to Manchester.??
    plus, Emily is jst soo very cute.!!

  39. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    it was unreal
    best football week i was ever on
    there was singing in the streets at half 5 in the morning when we went to bed
    if ya think Emily is cute wait till ya see the next chant video with her in a roman helmet

  40. King Eric says:

    GHTT – What stand were you in mate?

  41. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    east stand tear 2
    heres my tickets

  42. King Eric says:

    Oh bless Emily, she looks well excited. I was not trying to test you by the way if that is why you showed me the tickets, I just wondered mate thats all. I was on the very BACK row of North Stand Tier 3. Fuckin shite atmosphere most of game. Were you near the Arsenal fans then?

  43. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    ah i didnt think it was a test my friend
    yeah they where to the left of us, fair play to about 100 of them that stayed behind
    i made the most of the atmosphere my self i kissed everyone and sang my heart out
    shame not everyone did
    where you in the bishops blaize before hand

  44. King Eric says:

    No mate the cues are always way too big so I just get a four pack from the back of the newsagents nearby and just sit on the walls of those terraced houses opposite. Most are vacant so nobody gives a fuck. Glad you had a good few days with your young un anyway.

  45. wazza says:

    what’s a blaize GHTT or King Eric ?


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