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Cantona: Fergie Told Me I’d Become Great At United

Eric Cantona, who was a key figure in bringing Sir Alex Ferguson his first title with Manchester United in 1993, has talked about his relationship with our manager on the 25th anniversary of him taking charge of the club.

“I remember my first meeting with Sir Alex when he wanted to sign me from Leeds and in the first minute I knew that I had to work with the man,” said Cantona. “Of course, the name of Manchester United meant so much in football anyway, but I saw a man who wanted the same things that I wanted. He told me I could become a great player at United – and I believed in everything he told me. He is a man who has the same spirit as me. Looking back he also saw the same philosophy in me that he saw in himself. We are football men. He was very special to me because he treated me like a man, not like a boy.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Balaji

    Haha..I understand where you are coming from mate! :D Hope, we won’t have a repeat of those sorts in future! Howz Dubai treating u?

    @ Cedars

    How are you my Moses loving red? :P

  2. MG says:

    Morning Balaji – the last time I was in Dubai – it was hot ;) And that was just the runway :D

  3. CedarsDevil says:


    Hahahaha, doing great as is Moses I am sure after the Leeds win yesterday!

  4. sandeep1878 says:

    Good Evening Red Devils…


    Hey mate, hope you are well..

    The Andreas lad is a midfielder and its time we put faith in our scouts than those youtube flashy videos :)

    Youtube is very deceptive :P

    it reminds of a famous red devil saying,

    ” i was making Jerome Thomas look like Ronaldo ” :P

    Hello Jim, cedars, MG, Balaji and costas…

    MG – i heard drinks on the rocks is good to get hold of cough and cold, especially if it was inflicted due to a visit to Australia :P – give it a try

  5. MG says:


    You mean literally I have to go to the rocks to have a drink? – ok I’ll try that if it helps.


  6. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Prasan, Dubai’s treating me great. Only two more months here (our contract’s getting over) and I should back in India for the new year.

    MG, Dubai’s actually great this time of the year. November and December are the time to visit. It is dreadfully cold unlike the summer months and the atmosphere is absolutely awesome.

  7. MG says:

    Morning sandeep1878

  8. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    BTW, watching Rahul Dravid save India’s ass for the nth time. What are the odds of him ever getting the credit he deserves? :(

  9. sandeep1878 says:

    Kings, King Eric amd Smarty…

    i m sure you guys are reading this :P

    and i m also sure you are tryping a reply but not posting it!! (thats how addicted u guys are to UTD,ROM and us)..

    better you guys strike off your strike…

    by the way,

    we became the first club to have earned more 900 points (901) in English league :)

    and also Happy birthday to Rio and de Gea..

  10. MG says:

    Ah Balaji – I have to say that it felt like it – the heat was far more better to deal with than say Kuala Lumpur which was very hot and tropical and muggy like anything. It was very very hot and uncomfortable in KL but the wife wanted to go so that was that – we’ll catch up one day Balaji – as the gaffer would say – no doubt about that ;)

  11. sandeep1878 says:


    give it a try then :P


    the most overshadowed Indian cricketer of our generation is Rahul Dravid..

    The true cricketing brain appreciates it but not the commercial aspect..

    He and Laxman have saved our asses plenty times…

    Legends of the game..

    @ Cedars,

    wat up the Lebanese King :P ..How is your health my good friend? done with your crazy drugs?

  12. CedarsDevil says:


    Dubai dreadfully cold? You’re having a laugh! Lowest temperature I ever saw after 10 years there was 18……

    Was 8 here last night and dropping fast, still will not brand it as cold till its closer to the zero mark!

  13. CedarsDevil says:

    Hi Sandeep

    Doing ok my friend….Still have to be on my drugs for about 10 more days or so…. Used to them now, do not get as wasted as before… Thanks for asking

  14. sandeep1878 says:

    Few BOSMANS with us…

    Tomasz Kuszczak 20 Mar 1982 Goalkeeper
    Darron Gibson 25 Oct 1987 Midfielder
    Ryan Giggs 29 Nov 1973 Midfielder
    Dimitar Berbatov 30 Jan 1981 Striker
    Michael Owen 14 Dec 1979 Striker

    i dont know how many of their contracts will be renewed,,

    But me thinks Kuszczak and Gibbo will be gone..

  15. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Sandeep

    Hii buddy…I am good…and yes, we all should have enough faith in our scouting system. Thanks to that we have gems like Chicharito playing for us! :) Btw, I was just curious to know whether you and Balaji were part of the Orkut Man United community by any chance? The place where some 2939 shit was there or is still there probably?

    @ Cedars

    Your every post on Moses cracks me up mate! Sheep shagging cunt..hahahaha! :D
    Hope you are up to some research on finding another Nigerian beauty my friend! :P

  16. sandeep1878 says:


    i was in orkut Man UTD community in 2009 last i think and in 2010 i got bored of orkut and in 2011 i migrated to FB :P

    i m not sure about 2939 shit ou talking :P

    you in FB?

  17. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Sandeep

    Haha..okk, even I was a part of that community and there was someone named Sandeep whom I had made friends with from there so was wondering if you were the same person! :P
    I think he was from Maharashtra if I’m not wrong! But then, like you even I stopped accessing Orkut and lost touch!

    And, yes, I am there on FB my friend..tell me your id I’ll send you a request right away! :)

  18. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    And, even I don’t have any clue about the 2939 shit….probably was some exclusive group of people on that community to regulate the posts or to keep the trolls in check! Just guessing! :P

    And, there was someone named Balaji as well over there who used to write detailed predictions for the upcoming season, so thought its the same Balaji we have over here! :)

  19. CedarsDevil says:


    That is not so difficult buddy….. Their club are scum and their fans are sheep shagging cunts, so everything you write about them is bound to be funny….

    Never had any fear travelling to any away ground, yet the couple of times I went to the scum I honestly felt for my life afterwards, the bastards are just pure nut cases with no brain whatsoever, just look at Moses

  20. CedarsDevil says:

    Every other club supporter in England hates us, sort of understandable in a way… All about envy and jealousy but trust me, no one hates us more than the scum cunt sheep shagging fans that follow Leeds…. They would in all honesty kill us in a face to face, no joke

  21. Jeet says:

    @MG: I may be wrong, but I think I recall you saying that you don’t drink…but just in case you do, here’s a guaranteed recipe to make you feel better. Never been a more pleasurable way of fighting a bad cold and a sore throat. I’ll give it away to all RoM should folk ever need it on a freezing December night:
    Put a mixture of cloves, bay leaves, very roughly ground black pepper and cinnamon in 300 ml water. Boil for 10 minutes. Brew some tea in the mixture for 2-3 min, and strain the liquid. The broth should be dark reddish brown. Mix 2 tbspn honey, and 100 ml strong dark rum (stronger the better, but Bacardi Gold works just fine as well). Sip gently and feel the fire burning away the bacteria in your throat. Go to sleep. Wake up feeling like a million bucks. :LOL:

  22. CedarsDevil says:


    Interesting recipe, here is another my mom always gave us when we were kids….. Quite simple really, a cup of hot tea, add honey instead of sugar and a handsome amount of brandy or scotch… Works like a charm…

    No wonder we all turned out to be raging alcoholics! hahahahaha

  23. Jeet says:

    @Cedars: My mum always gave me homoeopathic medicines, which were usually a drop from some poisonous herb, dissolved in acohol. Need I say more? :)

    PS: Yesterday I was fiddling around in the kitchen and made black coffee with just a little orange peel boiled in the water and added a dash of Glenfiddich. Fucking orgasmic :)

  24. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @Cedars, Not during the day obviously. :)

    But during the evenings and night, it became difficult to walk outside without a jacket on when I first came here in December last year. The climate was outstanding and I could walk and walk for hours on end because of how pleasant it was. The summer months are a different beast altogether.

  25. CedarsDevil says:


    Damn you for making me drool! Cannot drink till I finish my medications, would kill for a Vodka Martini with a lemon twist right now, James Bond style!

  26. MG says:


    Of course I drink – just not alcohol


    I kid you not in Kuala Lumpur the thing that sorted out the sore throat was lemon/lemon ginger ice tea – unbelievable ;)


  27. CedarsDevil says:

    Oh ya, drink sensibly and only if you’re over 18 etc etc hahahaha

    I hate Leeds

  28. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    prasan, That would not have been me my friend. Never been much of an Orkutter or user of any other social networking site for that matter. I’ve just now started tweeting but that is because I appreciate the medium also.

  29. Jeet says:

    LOL @ MG
    @Cedars: Understand how you feel, but seems like your NIgerian femme fatale took away your license to kill :lol:

  30. CedarsDevil says:


    You are now opening up all my wounds you bugger! hahaha…. What a fine piece of err ass she was, damn I miss her. Would inflict bodily harm on my self just to have her back!

    Nicely worded post by the way!

    Oh, and I hate Leeds

  31. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Cedars

    Absolute cunts they are for sure!

    @ Balaji

    My bad…must’ve been someone else in that case! Thought so due to the detailed and precise nature of your posts similar to that Balaji and of course your name as well! But thanks for letting me know my friend! :)

    All right fellas, signing off..would be back after some hours..keep it red and keep it United as Cedars always says! Enjoy :)

  32. rohan19 says:

    @balaji : dravid does get plenty of credit.. so does laxman.. hell even the third tier opened is well known

    i wouldn’t waste time on lamenting about dravid not getting credit.
    he does. and for that matter in youraj kaif dhoni raina have saved our asses plenty of times in recent years. not everyone is gonna get recognition in indian cricket. we have too many great players

  33. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good evening lovely Red Devils around the world..

    is ROM running master chef competetion? i would bet my bucks on Jeet and Cedars then :P

    @ Prasan,

    sorry for the late reply bud, was travelling from office to home..

    this is my FB ID,


    the display pic is UNITED LOGO with a print of BELIEVE in the center..

    you will see plenty of albums related to UTD, starting with legend Scholesy’s testimonial game..

    and also i m a friend of this blog boss scott the red in FB, hope u get me?



    articles and content writing is one of my part time job,

    is anybody working in the same domain or know anybody?

    that would be helpful for me..



  34. hawe says:

    i am luck if u say why
    i am supporters of united i can see so many heros

  35. YorYor says:

    Imagine Becks on the right and Hernandez in the box. Over 90 mins, if we can get it to Becks 10 times, I reckon we’ll be guaranteed at least 2 goals. Pair it with Becks and Ronaldo and we’ll get 3.
    Becks’ crosses and freekicks really do make football beautiful.

  36. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Sandeep

    No problems buddy…sent you a request on FB and sent it to Scott as well! Didn’t know Scott was there on FB…thought he was active on Twitter only! :)

  37. kaihnsn says:

    My favorite player in PL era.


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