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Cantona: Ferguson Has Created Generations Of Great Players

Eric Cantona has sung the praises of his former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, claiming that his greatest strength is his ability to understand people as well as tactics.

“Last season United lost the league in the last minute. Sometimes that happens, but they are still a top team and a top team in Europe,” Cantona told Inside United. “They are as strong as years before and it’s great to see Ferguson create a new generation of players. He has spent over 25 years at the club and there have been so many generations. It’s not only generations of players, but generations of people. I have said before that the manager is a great psychologist – he is a great example because being a manager is about being a great psychologist. I think it’s just as important to be a good psychologist as it is a tactician. Maybe more. And Ferguson is that.”

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  1. Poppycock says:

    Ooh Aah!

  2. United till I die says:

    Sorry I have to disagree with Le God on the tactics part.

  3. Alex says:

    Yeah you are right. You can easily win all those titles without being a great tactician.

  4. United till I die says:

    90% of the teams we play in the league adjust there tactics against us. When we play top teams in one off games and are forced to adjust our tactics more often than not lately he gets it wrong IMO.

  5. Fibes says:

    Did you know we’re 3 points clear at the top of the league? #notagreattactician

  6. United till I die says:

    Well aware of our current position in the league but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m also well aware of what we have won in the last 25 years as well. SAF is the greatest manager that ever lived as far as I’m concerned. There has never been a manager as good at handling players with egos or being able to motivate his players before games. I can’t recall any other manager who has given so many young players the chance to shine on the biggest stage in world football regardless of how old they are, but that doesn’t change the fact that he can be tactically naive at times with his team selections in big matches. I think if people are honest with themselves for a second it’s not that far fetched of a statement. To me it’s the one part of his managerial style that hasn’t really evolved over the years.

  7. Fibes says:

    Considering the first 15 years were flat out 4-4-2, I think it has evolved, as the game as evolved. And any manager who subjects themself to that much scrutiny from all corners, over such an extended period of time is going to be found out, or appear naiive on occasion. The case is, there are many, many more times when he’s been absolutely bang on tactically and won us the big game. I’m certain that for every example you could give me of SAF’s tactical ineptitude, I could give you many more examples back of where he’s picked the right player, for the right position, at the right moment, in the right game.

  8. Lebenglese says:

    United till I die.

    You are absolutely correct in everything you said, but lets face it, since Carlos Queiroz left we have had no real tactical injection in our play that Barcelona, Dortmund, Schalke, Shakhtar etc. are now being recognized for on the grand stage. Ferguson isn’t really in control of our ‘Tiki Taka’ and Mike Phelan is certainly no mastermind. Fergie has mastered the art of mind fucking his team into keeping the momentum accelerating until the last day of the season. However it baffles me that he still hasn’t figured out how to fix our midfield crisis. You can blame our defense all you like, but when they are allowed so much space in the middle of the park, not even a pair of Jaap Stams could keep a clean sheet.

  9. ColinGibsonsleftfoot says:

    Fibes – The first 15 years weren’t flat out 4-4-2. There was a lot of 4-3-3 in there in the mid-late 80′s.

    United til I die – I agree tactically at the highest level he is regularly found out and his luck deserts him. It was only the years with Quieroz there when we actually controlled games in Europe. Fergie’s a great manager for many reasons but tactics aren’t one of them. Look at the 4 Champions League finals he’s managed. Outplayed in all 4 of them apart from the first half hour against Chelsea and the last 15 minutes against Bayern.

  10. fatty joe says:

    Who cares what this anti-semitic idiot thinks?

  11. A says:

    My team vs City
    De Gea
    Rafael Vidic Rio Evra
    Rooney Jones Young
    Provides width with Rafa and Young, counterattacking and muscle/grit, Jones to mark yaya,

  12. tony says:

    eric the king ooh aaaaaaaaaah cantonaaaaaaaaaaa never ever forgotten

  13. Jay says:

    We could do with Carlos Queiroz right now we had one of the meanest defences when he was here, right now our defence is shocking but I don’t blame the defence entirely as the midfield is poor and easily given the run around, if the midfield was tighter teams would not be able to routinely attack our defence over and over and over. When Ronaldo and Tevez were in the team the midfield was tighter with teams to scared to have a go.


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