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Cantona: I Was At Best Club In The World With Best Players And Best Manager

In an interview with BBC Football Focus, Eric Cantona was asked about his project with NY Cosmos as well as his time at Manchester United.

“I spent the best years for a footballer between 26 and 30 in Manchester, at the best club in the world,” he said. “Best players, the best manager, I was lucky. He [Ferguson] is one of the greatest of all time, all around the world. For more than 20 years, to be at the same club, with different generations of players. I admire him. He’s a great psychologist. He’s a kind of genius.”

He was asked one day would he like to work alongside Ferguson and fulfill his dream of returning to Manchester United.

“No, I learn from him, but I’m a free bird,” Cantona replied with a smile. “I learn alot. He’s an example. Now I am here. We will see about the future.”

After talking about the time he kicked the hooligan, Cantona was asked whether he found it funny that 16 years later people are still talking about what he said at the press conference.

“Yes,” he said. “They all tried to understand the words. It didn’t mean anything.”

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  1. TonyBee says:

    how true…..

  2. TonyBee says:

    mutusamy,,,,load of bollocks IMO

  3. willierednut says:


  4. Mickjk says:

    Don’t believe any transfer nonsense until The deals happen. We’ve been linked to about 50 players since the end of january. Le king is getting alot of press these days. What a guy!!

  5. Singh says:


  6. Singh says:

    Of the footballing world.

  7. Kings says:

    Yeah watched that, thoroughly enjoybale. Had the pleasure of meeting that great man at Hyde Park in 2001 when he was involved with the beach football tourament. A legend. Thank you Eric for kickstarting our title dominance – all that for £1m! Lawrenson the unfunny scouse cunt was trying to have a dig at the great man. Fuck off you bastard.

  8. Rai says:

    Singh –

    Cantons = Legend (full stop)

  9. Zelh says:

    caughtoffside is bullshit at 100%.
    I think they use a generator for player, club and transfer fee. :lol:

  10. lil' k says:

    didn’t mean anything :) …… in looking for eric, he didn’t remember any “special moment”…..for him that wasn’t special

  11. bruce thomas says:


    I can’t understand why journalists — who, after all, are supposed to be literate — could never understand a simple metaphor.

    When the “seagulls” follow “the trawler” it is because they hope “sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

    When the journalists follow Cantona it is because they hope they will be fed a juicy quote.

    They were. It was just far too educated and subtle for them. And it completely eluded that Scouse cunt Lawrenson.

  12. bruce thomas says:

    Eric said “it didn’t mean anything” because if you didn’t get it in the first place, aftern 16 years you wouldn’t understand the explanation. He’s still taking the piss! Good on him Great man.

  13. MG says:

    I bow to the man who has kept United in his heart and soul

    Because he didn’t come from the academy and because he wasn’t even English

    Yet all the United traditions and the attributes and that great defiance is within him and still remains

    The day he retired at least 5 years too early was the day that broke many a United heart

    But Cantona will forever live on where he remains.

  14. kimblim says:

    Re.: Pastore

    Great prospect, but I don’t think we need any more argies at the club… Veron flopped, Heinze wanted to go to Liverpool, Tevez went to City… they are “soldiers of fortune”…. No thanx, get some Dutch and German players in ;)

  15. Costas says:

    He is not talking about City? ;)

  16. wayne says:

    think utd should stay away from argies,wonder if the king will ever be back at utd seems to me with everything he says this is were he belongs.

  17. MG says:


    No but maybe in the future ;)

  18. smartalex says:

    On topic, quoting StR on this thread:

    ‘Cantona’ was asked one day would he like to work alongside Ferguson and fulfill his dream of returning to Manchester United.
    “No, I learn from him, but I’m a free bird,”

    All consuming, life at United with Sir Alex at the helm.

  19. wayne says:

    king eric wants to become utd manager,the club should give it to him it’d be great tv


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