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Cantona: I Will Manage United When I’m Ready And Will Revolutionise Football

Carlos Queiroz’s decision to leave Manchester United and take on the Portugal job has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for us. Sir Alex Ferguson had been grooming Queiroz as his own replacement, allowing him far more freedom and responsibility than most assistant managers.

With Fergie already confirming that he only had two to three years left before retiring, it really has put the pressure on us to find his replacement, a process that Fergie is going to be active in himself.

With names of people strongly associated with the club popping up rather frequently, it is Eric Cantona who seems to be gunning for the job. In his usual dramatic style, he has claimed he would be honoured to manage our club, but would create a new vision of football in doing so.

“I can see myself becoming a manager in the years to come,” he said. “I will do it once I feel ready. It would be a huge honour for me to become United’s coach – it would be something marvellous. But if the moment came around, I would not want to do the same as everybody else. I want to do things in my own way. I want to bring something new into the world of management. A new vision of football, a different concept, a new philosophy. I want to bring in a method that has not existed before. I intend to return to the game with something that is new and original. That is because I am an artist, and I want to revolutionise football. It would be a pleasure for me to show my vision of the game. It is very original – just wait and see.”

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  1. denton davey says:

    A joke !

  2. UnitedRay says:

    Brilliant footballers dun make good managers.

  3. jsos says:

    Reading his interviews – you gotta love him :D

  4. Stephen says:

    No chance, great player but not a manager.

  5. t3d says:

    I would love to see Cantona managing us, he could be a trainwreck but then again he could have us playing beautiful attacking football the likes of which has never seen, the man inspires.

  6. saf says:

    he is the chosen one. LONG LIVE THE KING! Reckon Cantona would be effin blindin manager. Would let him prove himself somehwere else 1st tho

  7. roasty mufc says:

    mad as a clown’s knob!!! absolute legend though!!!

  8. Craig Mc says:

    Hmmmm, Cantona at weekly press conferances, “urrr well when the swallows fly over Old Trafford, then you will see Eric’s footballers soaring above all other teams. Gliding through the air like guided missiles and hitting all targets I set for them. Watch for the seagulls, watch for the soaring.” LOL, it would be weekly bedlam trying to understand his comments. Stick with the seagulls at beach football Eric, cos we all know and love you as a LEGEND. Don’t ruin this!.

  9. harry says:

    he would be the GOAT without a doubt sir alex should have retired last season and let cantona be manager

  10. Sagar Shah says:

    theres one thing
    his interviews will always be fun to watch.

  11. Daniel says:

    Eric would be amazing I imagine he would emply the 0-0-10.

  12. jatt boy says:

    joga bonito football!! would be amazin to have the king on his rightful throne!! would be just like that iconic picture!! with fergie watching over him!! ohh ahhh!!!

  13. Markus Revolver says:

    Get him co-managing peterborough or something with SAF’s son and find out what he’s like in a managerial role before we go and sign him. The romance about it is there, but, we can’t rush into a decision based on that, can we.


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