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Cantona: I’d Love To Be United Manager

Eric Cantona, the best player to grace the Premiership, is a player United fans idolise, over 10 years after he left the club. The greatness of the man can be measured by the feelings he inspires in the red faithful, who have seen more than their fair share of great players, but still hold Cantona in the highest esteem. 

With Ferguson confirming he only has two or three years left in charge at United, there has been plenty of speculation concerning his replacement. Mark Hughes might have just ruled himself out of contention after taking up the managerial post with the bitters, leaving the likes of Carlos Queiroz and Roy Keane as potential candidates.

Today, however, Eric Cantona has put his name forward, claiming he would love to be the man to replace Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Today I do exciting things and I am proving many things,” Cantona said. “Today I can enjoy it even more, but maybe in the future, in a few years’ time when Ferguson retires, yeah, why not? I’d love to.”

When asked if there were any other clubs he would be willing to manage, Cantona replied, “No, Manchester United…or the England national team.”

Whilst the idea of having Cantona back at the club sounds too good to be too, we also have to measure up the practicality of having him as manager. If he was any person other than Eric Cantona, we’d laugh off the idea of a man with such limitted experience taking charge of the biggest club in the World. However, could the intelligence and passion of Cantona be enough to make the team a success?

Would you have Cantona as Fergie’s replacement?

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  1. Adam says:

    I think he could do it, alongside Queiroz.

    I want them two to take over when Ferguson eventually retires, Cantona doesn’t have the experience but he inspires, motivates and is passionate about Manchester United.

    He described himself as an ‘artist’ in whatever he does and has said he wants to bring that to football management, meaning he’ll know how to play football the Manchester United way.

    I’d be happy to see him and Queiroz take the reigns at United. Those are my preferred choices now!

  2. drizzter says:

    he’s been a successful beach football coach rite?

    but i think to jump into premiership management is a far too jump from a beach football … but i still love it if he’s end up as a united manager alongside CQ.

  3. Mimi says:

    king eric and carlos queros… hmmm, interesting… what type of football would we play? all too exciting to ever come true! …could it?

  4. Jordan says:

    How about after Quieroz goes…Cantona and Keane…nice!

  5. riz says:

    as much as i love hime i would be very scared having him as manager, has anyone seen his dream team that he told an interviewer recently. the formation was 3-3-4, including 2 attacking fullbacks and rene higuita (scorpion kick guy) in goal.
    heres a link if your interested

  6. Unlce Roy says:

    Get real, much as I love Cantona, he ain’t ever gonna be United’s manager and the only way he’d get a look-in would be if he was successful as a coach somewhere else, which he shows no sign of doing. AFAIK he’s hasn’t even done the UEFA coaching courses which are a prerequisite.

  7. luke says:

    Contrary to what others here are sayin i very much doubt that Cantona would be willing to be anyone’s assistant…we all know he’d be too proud to accept that.

    Cantona is a legend and he signifies everything that United is so in that aspect I would love to have him. Like everyone else i’m worried about his lack of the interview he also said that there is only one way he would do things so it could lead to a lot of drama within the club and we all know how mercurial he was as player when he had someone to reign him in so what would happen when HE is the one who has to control the players?

    I can’t imagine telling Cantona that we don’t want him to manage the club but if he did it wouldn’t last too long because he’d quickly have a bust up with the directors or lose his passion for the game again

    Also i’m not sure i want his image tainted if it doesnt work out for him…but on the other hand its the KING !!! :s

  8. austin reynolds says:

    love him to bits, so much so that i,d adopt him as a son, even tho hes older than me,lol!
    manager of man utd? NO WAY!!

  9. Anant says:

    it would be fun watching him kung fu kick wenger or abrahamovic…. or better still upgrade it to shooting them at a press conference

  10. james says:

    man u are the bet


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