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Cantona Returns For Scholes Testimonial

New York Cosmos are making the trip to Manchester on August 5th for Paul Scholes’ testimonial.

Eric Cantona is their director of football at the American club but will be coaching the side for the game.

“I wish to congratulate Paul for such an incredible career at Manchester United,” said Cantona. “I am looking forward to returning to Old Trafford in my new role with the New York Cosmos.”

Scholes has paid tribute to the club, fans and manager ahead of the testimonial.

“This is going to be a big night for me and my family but one which I intend to enjoy and I will savour every moment,” said Scholes. “I have spent my whole footballing life at Manchester United, so this will be an emotional farewell. This club is special in many ways but the fans are the best and I have always appreciated their support throughout my career. I hope they enjoy the night, especially seeing the Boss and Eric battling it out in front of the dug-outs.”

Scholes will be grateful of getting to share the attention with someone else, with plenty of fans eager to show their appreciation towards Cantona.

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  1. willierednut says:

    Lloyd Mayweather junior is late into the ring…

  2. Not convinced says:


    If you reread the point i made on morality, at no point do i mention not helping someone of opposite beliefs. in fact the bible shows numerous instances of jesus helping nonjews (samaritans etc). in fact christianity imposes that we be actively helpful, it is a necessity, now many christians may not adhere to this but that is their failings. if you take away religious dogma and many of the manmade rules, what we are left with is a belief in helping our fellow man, to give up ourselves and to help others. many in the modern world are not true christians as they follow typical selfish lifestyles of greed and covet. religion teaches us to put others before ourselves, to be selfless.. many examples of heroism are often self sacrifice, the saving of someone elses life at the expense of oneself. If we can see heroism here surely this is the same as say a true christian in the vain of st. patrick. therefore religion if adhered to correctly and not hypocritically is a heroic endeavour.

    yes the human mind can reason but not all minds are equal, some can be more manipulative and twist a lesser minded person to their will, in this vein we need leadership for some, to give guidance to those who do not understand right from wrong. we must teach the perils of misdeeds, and how negative actions are often reciprocal. because of this religion offers a path to righteousness. now i appreciate that a man untouched by religion can still perform good, and i believe this person will in fact gain entrance to heaven, they may not be first in line but access will be granted. for me a persons actions dictate the love god will bestow not some hypocritical profession of belief followed by a failure to follow true christian ideals. it is living the life not just preaching it.

    “to teach you on this point of war we must first understand that not all wars are motivated by religion(nazi’s, soviets etc.). Now to those that engage in war for the sake of God, these are not men of god as they merely use his name to further their own cause. it is their hubris that leads them to war. these men shall not enter the kingdom of heaven unless they truely repent. our life on earth is a test to determine if we are worthy to sit at god’s side, we have been burdened with natural sin(human weakness), and must overcome this to prove our love in God!!”

    nazism may have had a distinct distaste for judaism, but in no way was their campaign fought for the glory of one religious side. simply there was incredible desire for power on the back of much hatred and manipulation.

    stalin got rid of many aspects of religion, but again see a power hungry tyrant who inevitly led to failure of the ussr. communism is a great concept but requires perfect action and control with no room for greed, sadly something too many in this world are motivated by it.

    again this argument talks about man himself manipulating the word of god, creating a straw man argument with their religion to further their own status and power. true christianity asks us to relinquish power, and with such a doctrine it is very for the greedy to attempt to manipulate this for personal gain.

    failings of humans should be punished, if one of standing fails to adhere to the fundamentals of christianity then this should see them fail to enter heaven. to use the pope as some sort of anti religion argument holds no sway with me as we have seen many religious men who are not genuine merely power hungry(many popes have been responsible for great misdeeds, paedophilia of priests).

    the blair-bush-hussein argument does really apply to religious ethics. i assume your argument is that bush/blair are religious men and they do evil, but as is i said previously it is action that dictate not merely belief. men who believe in god and do evil, shall not be saved. in fact theirs is a worse sin, much akin to that of the pharisees who sat on their perch and missed the true point of christianity and resented jesus for showing their fallacy.
    Also is it right therefore in your context that all leaders of Israel apart from Rabin deserve hell? Because by the grace of God all of them have completed great sins – but are their sins more than say horrific than Palestinians – again please clarify

    it leaves my point of view that if everyone followed the true fundamentals of christianity, we would have a much more peaceful world.

    you do not grasp what it means to repent, a man cannot simply do as he pleases then turn around pull a BP and say “wer’re sawry”, it takes true regret, real and honest seeking of forgiveness. it takes deep soul searching. it is not the simple decision to say im done being bad now, heaven please! we see the ideal of repentance in modern day justice system in that we incarcerate those who do wrong and offer them the chance to be rehabilitated.

    people find god in many ways, it is not always the desperate.. it is merely the case that we only look for something when we need it. if i were to offer you a slice of bread, but you had a full platter of food before you, it is likely you would decline. but take the homeless man hungry and desperate, offer him the bread and he will accept.

    repent is the idea that we understand our misdeeds and undergo great pain guilt and suffering, we ask from the bottom of our very being for forgiveness, and if we are sincere then god will offer his hand.

    “Human weakness is not a sin – it’s a test – for those that follow the path of humanity weakness can be overcome by hard work honesty and continuous belief that if you do good then good will keep you going.” This comment generally sums up much of religion, which states sacrificing yourself for the good of others.

    “Weakness and Sin should not make you find God – and so yes I have a problem with religion.” these often lead to desperation which lead to soul searching and only when we search shall we find an outstretched arm.

    “A lot of people that talk religion up or have found religion don’t even deserve to see the gates of heaven let alone get in.” I agree only the worthy shall. we must earn salvation through self sacrifice.

  3. Not convinced says:


  4. willierednut says:

    You’re an open book stain.

  5. rohan19 says:

    @not convinced : you are the grime that makes us believe that united are not arrogant they’re just better

  6. TonyBee says:

    Cedars… will take confessions on Sunday…..but if you confess to liking City I will ex-communicate you….


  7. Rai says:

    I agree with Tony Bee –

    Scott – over the last two weeks a lot of your threads have just been a hobby for fuckin idiots to come on and post their shite. I don’t mind banter and I don’t mind an argument…I don’t mind other clubs’ fans coming on here for a good discussion…but when you get the same idiots coming on here for nothing but a laugh to wind people up you should fuck them off.

  8. MG says:

    Not Convinced

    Your full of shit – you’ve cut and pasted most of previous material and even then you haven’t even tried to fundamentally argue anything I’ve written

    Religion doesn’t teach you to put other’s in front of yourself – again another misconception about religious belief – I nearly do that every day in my life especially in my workplace yet I do not do it because of the sake of religion – debunked.

    Your point on Nazism is quite bewildering – I’ve made that point in my piece but have shown you how complicated the situation was – yet you are trying to take this example to prove your point that certain groups never used religion to further their means – again – this shows you are incompetent in understanding the point I make.

    I never held the Pope as an argument – you haven’t answered the question – you are a coward for not doing so

    Of course that doesn’t sway with you apparently – how pathetic

    Blair Bush Hussein do not apply to religious ethics – what a fucking con you are – again being a coward not answering the question – all believed they were doing Gods works in Gods name – two of them adhered openly to religious doctrine in doing their work

    You do not appreciate that people in Gods name do wrong those that have repented and have come to the light – you do not appreciate that your argument is flawed – you categorically say that once people have repented they are open to the gates of heaven – yet I am showing you that people do wrong or bad things even when they believe that they are on Gods side or that God is on their side – you carry on saying human weakness has to be transferred to repent for one to find himself – yet I am again showing it to you that this is not the case – I have not to make any more disclosure on this matter – you are fully aware of this point of view but ridicule my thought process.

    I do understand what repent is – it is you who does not recognise what I have said – pouring scorn on everything I have mentioned – you call yourself a Christian – you don’t listen to nothing – you don’t reply to nothing just carry on babbling trying to make your point and not take any consideration of anything else – your post proves this.

    Again my point is made more stronger when you say if the world only followed Christian values – like all religions you are clouded in this misjudgement and again you quite clearly say that it’s your way or no way for salvation – it’s bullshit and here your arrogance proves it without a shadow of a doubt – in my version all mankind through human values are together and walk as one – also by dismissing that one cannot have any weakness and negativity you illustrate your own shortcoming – and once more you contradict your point – every religious person needs to find a coming – a light – a way – to get to God – I have written to you that some do this through sheer belief – but most do this to find a way to make ends meet – you dismiss this motion – this is hypocritical then – because in another way you say that in any given circumstance you have to repent to find God – then which way is it and what is it?

    Again by not answering my questions or conversing in any of the ideas you show lack of appreciation for you fellow human being who does not share your point of view – in trying to show you that if their is a God he has created this human mind to do good without the need for religious exposure – and by doing this once can rationally make a choice to do good or bad.

    In replying to you I make the notion that I am not perfect and may never be – material goods do not drive my existence – in fact it is human endeavour – I do not accept religion because all of them believe that they are right – therefore in context by doing this you try to shutdown any reasoning or any thought process levelled at you – your belief that their is only one way is flawed – you belief that it can only be you and your sets of ideas and principles is flawed.

    That’s why I commend you for your belief but at the same time as a human being I ridicule you for not having the God given capacity to try to understand a person who does not equate with you.

  9. King Eric says:

    Talk about a fucking thread been ruined. I come on here to read about King Eric and Scholes not read about about beliefs and religion. Sort it out Scott lad.

  10. Kings says:

    King Eric and Rai – Spot on lads. What the fuck is this nonsense?

  11. MG says:

    King Eric

    I’m glad you said it because here is the end of all this

    At United their is a genuine human relationship between all aspects of the club further enhanced by a tragedy that has built everything about the club.

    It further reinforces my point that many of us who follow United do so because of a common way of thinking and belief that we are all the same no matter who and what we are.

    And for Manchester United that is the greatest compliment of them all – no matter what our differences those of us who know – know that the greater sum of all our parts makes us one and makes us stronger than being mere individuals or groups.

    Here end-ith the lesson.

  12. Costas says:

    If anyone wants to comment on Eric and Paul, they still can. The thread isn’t closed. Just ignore Bill Knob’s pile of shit. Jeez. Hopefully Scott will delete them and ban him too.

  13. smartalex says:

    I’m really looking forward to Fergie’s interaction with Eric on the sidelines, as well as the interviews pre-and-post-match. They’re going to be a hoot!

  14. Rai says:

    Cantona as a coach is worth the entrance fee alone. Imagine when he disagrees with a decision! Chest out, arms out in despair! Anyone know what players they’ll be bringing over?

  15. smartalex says:

    Rai, they don’t have players yet, so it will be a team of invited International players, according to Steve Bartram.

    “Brazilian superstar Pele will also be in attendance in his role as Cosmos honorary president.”

  16. WythenshaweRed says:

    There are some real idiots on this website these days!

  17. jdgriffin says:

    Now here’s an idea – why not get everyone to wear a ginger wig on “Ginja Ninja Day”?


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