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Cantona: We Don’t Need Ronaldo

Eric Cantona will always rank amongst the very best ever United players. He was loved by the fans due his incredible skill, his ability to turn a game around, and his beautiful goals. He was full of confidence, full of fight, and full of magic.

When he left us there were major concerns over whether we would be the same team without him. We had a practice run without him, following the FA’s decision to ban him for kicking a racist fan in the crowd. We didn’t fair well, losing out on the league to Blackburn Rovers.

In the following season, after he returned from suspension a few months in, he turned our season around. Along with the “kids”, he won the Double with United, the second in three years.

The prections over United’s failure to be sucessful seemed to be coming true the season following his departure when Arsenal won the double and United won nothing. However, just two seasons after Cantona left, United won the Treble.

With Ronaldo’s future with the club in doubt, similar concerns/criticisms have been voiced. How will United compete without Ronaldo? Half the fans who visit this site seem to think that United will be just fine without him, and should sell him straight away.

Cantona has taken a great interest in the club since leaving and before the semi-final against Barcelona, tipped us to win the European and league Double. “Manchester United will win both trophies, I am sure of that,” he said. “It will be tough, the title is close and Barcelona are a great team, but United have everything right now; this will be their season.”

And following reports today, it seems that just like most of our fans, Cantona isn’t bothered about the threat of Ronaldo leaving either.

“United is one of the biggest clubs in the world,” said Cantona. “They have been winning, are winning and will continue to win things generation after generation. They will always win whoever they have playing for them.”

I’ll drink to that Eric the King.

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  1. jsos says:

    i’ll second it. sounds like ronnie wants to go.. he would never be the king anyways :D

  2. ManUnited10titles says:

    For perfect commentary leave it to Le Roi….

  3. Adeline Lim says:

    NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN MANCHESTER UNITED! if ronnie wants to go, good bye n good luck! from becks’ comments seems he really regrets having to leave us, ronaldo will do well to learn from that!

  4. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Just yesterday, I was watching the CL final again on TV. When Anelka’s penalty was saved, everyone ran straight to van der Sar except Ronaldo who was crying with his face on the ground.
    To think those emotions, the highs and lows during the five years he’s spent at the club, the club’s history he has become familiar with, the comparisons with George Best, his teammates, Queiroz and Sir Alex in particular aren’t as valuable to him as a club he has no ties with is very disappointing. It makes him look like a soulless bastard.

  5. blindkat says:

    I don’t understand why people seem to think we have to get rid of him now. Do you really think being the souless bastard moneygrubber he appears to be that he would tank it for us next year if we don’t let him go? Do you think he will go score own goals and screw himself and the team over next year. I don’t. If he still wants to leave next year he better be playing at the level he is now or better if he thinks he’s gonna get 300k a week. Real will still be there and if he doesn’t play his wage offer will certainly go down. I know all those hookers cost a lot of money but come on man , you can’t tell me he’s not set for life, but what’s the one thing rich people want… to be more rich.

  6. Superdorz says:

    Bye bye Ronaldo…

    Your aspirations to be a United legend will forever be tainted by your witless desire to play for those past-it Spaniards. You could have been a Best; you could have been a King; instead you’ll be a Becks, who cares more about his hair than he does about his legacy.

    You’ll never be a true great like Monsieur Cantona and u will NOT be missed.

  7. eric the king the king the king says:

    hope wen he gets off the plane to sign for madrid, he trips and does his cruciate in!!! he’l never be loved or held in the same affection as those who have worn the 7 before him, even becks admits moving to real was a poor career choice, and why does everyone forget, the reason ruud was sent packing from united was because not long after ronaldo’s dad had died, he started sayn the carlos queiroz was his dad, made him cry and all sorts, and now he’s playin happy families telling him to come and sign, old horse face has got 2 faces!!! we dont need ronaldo, weve got ander-son-son-son!!! good riddance to the portuguese prik!

  8. Brian says:

    the difference is guys……


    our other recent legendary number sevens idolised the club and fought for the shirt. Ronaldo only cares about himself and i have had enough. He is an egomaniac.

  9. KingOfZamunda says:

    I don’t think he’ll be leaving this season, this is a combination of him and his agent toying with the club to achieve what end they only know, seeing as he is already one of the top earners at the club and tied to a long term contract.
    A little reality check as well guys, this season or next, he won’t be leaving cheap- the silly money being banded around is very realistic as United are in a prime position, he really wants to go he can wait until one of the big spanish two cough up whatever we demand, and that can be whatever we want it to be- 75million, pounds, not euros, even-other than that, he shows attitude and can rot in the stands for it. But I say again, my gut feeling is that he won’t be leaving, not when we’ve all the aces in our pocket- a mini portuguese haven in Carlos Queiroz, Nani & Anderson (portuguese speaker), long term contract and top earner at the club and a phenomenally well run club. It’s not even a joke how clubs are run in Spain, it’s incredibly incestuous how chairmen, presidents and ‘special advisers’ and sporting directors in the form of ex-players have so much say over and above the first team coach and manager. So sit tight and ride out this circus, rather an excuse to sell papers and online site hits.

  10. jimmy Bob says:

    £75m cash or fook off and stop tapping up our player

    ps ronaldo can get to fook as well his attitude has been appaling during this saga

  11. luke says:

    eric the king the king …i’d rather he did his cruciate in AFTER he signs rather then getting off the plane ;)

  12. Liad says:

    I dont agree with you guys wish for Ronaldo to get injured if he goes to Real.. I wish him all the luck in the world but no player should stay with us if he doesnt want to! We have replaced bigger players than Ronaldo, and while he is obviously extremely gifted and an amazing player we will carry on with or without him just as the King says.. Also with the money Real will give us for him, we can buy 2-3 quality players in any position and I believe that our team goals will improve and we wont just rely on one player to bang them in for us. We’ll never die, We’ll never die and thats truer in this situation more than anything

  13. Liad says:

    Oh and by the way.. if he does go to Real, I hope we get them in the Champs league and knock them out:) THAT is something I wish on Ronaldo!

  14. RonnieD says:

    its interesting how pretty much all united fans r in the same boat! i totally agree! no point keeping a player who wants 2 player else where!!! he as no affinity with united, he alway wanted 2 play in madrid!!! im confident that if we get a top quality striker then he’ll replace about 30 goals and hopeful rooney and tevez will b freed up a bit more and get the other 10 between them!

    saying this, ronaldo is the best player in the world and has been the main reason for your resurgence in the last 2 yrs! i’ll prefer to keep him but dont c him in a united shirt at the start of next season!

  15. UnitedRay says:

    Young punks need to do things and regret before they learn

  16. Joe Ekesi says:

    Ronaldo, u cld go and baby sit your mama in Spain and frolick as much as he wants in Ibiza with his totties. For all i care, he has kissed his career god bye and would probably never win the World footballer of the year we would give to him. never…

  17. John says:

    why is it when lyon say benzema is not for sale “at any price” that means their is no chance of a sale. we should follow in their footsteps. and if we do sell, do it for a really high figure like they did with essien!

  18. Ronnie! says:

    You guys are a joke! Ronaldo wants to leave… let him go! I will show him the upmost respect, we would never have won back to back epl titiles and CL without him! He’s been fantastic! Guys he is miles ahead of Rooney and Tevez, even a blind man can see that! I feel if we can get 80-100 million from him, we can buy some quality players! Ronaldo wants a new challenge, who can blame him? he’s been with us for five years! In any work place you could want a change! Let him go, but show some repect! Yes Man united brought him up and he is who he is because of FERGIE, but he has just delivered us the double! Good luck Ronnie, and you will always be a legand!

  19. Anakin says:

    Fuck u Ronaldo!!! Fuck U!

  20. Anakin says:

    Winning The Double was a team effort.

    RIO was equally responsible for our wins. “Barca Game” , anyone?

    Your Ronnie missed the penaty!

  21. John says:

    But now, his mother, Dolores Aveiro, claims he is happy in England and has no intention of joining Real.

    “He is fine where he is. The future only God knows, but what is sure is that he is going to continue in England,” Averio was quoted as telling Portuguese television station TVI.

    who’s next to be interviewed?? his milkman?

  22. KingOfZamunda says:

    Ronnie!- wtf are you crapping on about mate?? He did not single-handedly make our last 3 seasons, get over your love for Cris Ron and realise that without our defence being the best in Europe, if not the world, then we would have scored bags as well as conceded hat loads of goals! You are spouting the same old one man team crap that we always hear, he was one of our best players last season, if not the best, but everyone forgets we operate as a team, the champs league could’ve gone down the pan but for EVDS/Giggs/Hargo and Co showing more composure than Cris Ron did in the shootout.
    And I think we are all entitled to give him stick, granted some of this crap about him getting injured after he leaves us is a bit distasteful but he has shown himself not to be the true legend he’s lauded up to be (I still say we’ve got him for another season at the very least so I’m not too sure he’s leaving just yet) because he is toying with the club and the fans, the very same club and fans that have put him on the pedestal he loves so much. You should get over your blind adoration for him- no one, absolutely no one is bigger than the club, not least a billy big timer who’s beginning to realise his potential and being a twit about it all. I’d be understanding if he was a bit more sensible about it, but he isn’t, he’s being a prat- and I say that again with the gut feeling that we will still be seeing him at old trafford next season, in a red united shirt.
    If I am wrong and he does leave then he can fcuk off leaving us a minimum £75million richer. I’d much rather a prolific target man (Berba/Santa Cruz/Huntelaar/Manucho) plus Rooney/Tevez combo, creating, making, scoring goals for each other and the team for the next 4 seasons making up for whatever we will supposedly lose after Cris Ron swans off, love him, painfully, as I do.
    To round off, Ronnie!, please do not come in here all evangelical, it’s blinkered loguc on your part, we are fans, we love the team and try to identify with the players, people like Scholes/Giggs/Brown/O’Shea/Fletcher- grafters, no nonsense, no frills, no bling, men who go about representing united, and by extension, the fans, to the best of their abilities, not just themselves, which is what Cris Ron is doing right now.

  23. eric the king the king the king says:

    lolol luke i apologise, hope he fucks himself up afta he’s bin paraded around by the bastards in white!!!


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