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Capello Spoke To Squad About Captaincy… But Not Rio

Fabio Capello has today dug himself a deeper ditch after revealing that despite still not having spoken to Rio Ferdinand about the captaincy issue, he spoke to all the squad!

“I spoke with the players and personally with some players, and I spoke with the squad before I decided that John Terry will be the captain,” said Capello. “All the players were happy because John Terry was always a very important leader on the pitch and to the team.”

After announcing to the press that he was likely to give the armband back to Terry, Capello headed to Old Trafford. He was supposed to meet with Rio but the press claimed no official meeting had been arranged, so Rio didn’t go running around trying to find him.

Capello has been asked today as to why, a whole week later, he still hasn’t spoken to Rio about taking the captaincy off him and replacing him with the shamed John Terry.

“I know that Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard are not fit. I knew it was the moment, with one game which is so important, to have one captain like John Terry,” said Capello. “I tried to meet him (Ferdinand) when Manchester United played against Marseille but he told me no. I can understand everything, but I need to make decisions. I think I will be happy and will meet him in the future. It didn’t happen, he didn’t come. Its a question for him, not for me. I was in the directors’ box. You have to ask him, okay?”

Sadly, it appears as though Rio’s club team mate, Wayne Rooney, is amongst those giving his backing to Capello and Terry.

“For us as players it’s down to the manager who he picks as captain,” he said. “There is nothing we can do to influence Fabio Capello’s decision. I don’t think Rio Ferdinand is fit and he hasn’t played for us for a while at United, so the manager has to make that decision. The captain has to wear the armband. You have to shout and be a leader but I have said many times that John Terry, even when he is not the captain, is a massive leader for us.”

Cheers Wayne. How Rio could even consider playing for this man and amongst those players is beyond me. Every England player asked has said they’re “100% behind Terry” and not a single one of them has spoken out over how badly Rio has been treated. I’d love to hear what Gary Neville would have made of the disgraceful behaviour of the manager and team mates in light of the treatment of Rio. Turns out that Terry isn’t the only England player who doesn’t give a fuck about his team mate…

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  1. wayne says:

    @King Eric hi mate i got into battles on here sticking up for him over the hooker,going on the piss etc i bought into him being like you and i a genuine love for the club and didn’t think the money meant alot aslong as it was a decent wage.his love for utd and football was his motivation over everything else.
    before the contract dispute the thought of him leaving horrified me, after the contract dispute everything changed.i’ve always said i’d support him while he’s a red but not blindly anymore now its all about business because thats all it is to him so his production on the field is all that matters
    everyone knows terry is a cunt and capello has treated rio atrociosly yet rooney backs them both when he had no need to, doesn’t give rio the time of day in his statement.while he puts on a red shirt and earns his money fine but i’ve lost all respect for him as a human being and i do belive he doesn’t give a fuck about utd or his teammates,rooney is a rentboy so let him earn his money or ship him out.

  2. Costas says:


    Another thing I was wondering about, was whether Rooney feels guilty about England’s fiasco last summer, so he now he wants to stay clear of any controversies.

    As for Rio, this is what he tweeted a few minutes ago:

    ” Eng 2 – 0 wales is my prediction tweeps, come on engeeeeeeerlaaaaaand!!”

    Again, doesn’t look like he wants to make a big deal out of this. Don’t care if it comes off as petty, I will be disappointed in him if he doesn’t retire after all this.

  3. Rai says:

    Lads, Giggs and Nev on the panel for the Wales and England game.

  4. willierednut says:

    We don’t know if Rooney has said something to Rio about the captaincy. Not everything gets said, or done for public consumption.

  5. wayne says:

    and willie is right berba is a decent guy and a model pro,turned down a bigger paycheck to play for utd,suffered brutal fan abuse never bitched about being on the bench,imo makes utd a better team everytime he plays yet rooney has been shown favourtism over him all year although apart from a few games berba has been the much better player.thats not rooneys fault but put rooney in berbas boots probably would have gone to city in the first place.

  6. United Road says:

    Rio should focus on united like scholes and giggsy both did the right thing ,England team will never be one as united coz they are a diffrent teams under the name of England look at Germany or spain example : barcalona & madrid they hate each others but when the international break comes they are One for one target .

  7. willierednut says:

    Wayne – I give Rooney dogs abuse, when he said he wanted out. While he’s here, I’ll support him, because I have too. But, in terms of him leaving? I’m indifferent, to that now. Last year, I would’ve been distraught.

  8. wayne says:

    my feeling exactly willie

  9. Costas says:

    wayne is right about Berba. Top attitude, yet will never be appreciated even by some of our fans. I blame the media for this. It’s really double standards when you see how they deal with Rooney and how they deal with Berbatov. And it’s not just Rooney. I doubt they will label Carroll a flop as quickly as they did Berbatov.

  10. Rai says:

    Get in Nev you fuckin tell them

  11. Rai says:

    “it was handled appallingly”

  12. King Eric says:

    Wayne – Fair enough mate. I think we all feel like that at the minute. Indifference.

  13. Manchuchu says:

    Everyone should just chill… Please.

    Rio just doesn’t want the captaincy enough to have to go fuck
    Capello’s dog ahem… I mean, wife.

  14. dannysoya says:

    Costas. I also agree with that. we are in the country with one of the WORST and most BIASED medias in the entire world. I do not see ANYTHING special in carroll. What”s the difference between him and kev davies? nothing he just jumps in the air and knocks down balls and that’s special? but your biased british media will NEVER listen. I believe that it is the media that makes AND destroys careers in England. They NEVER let anyone have peace. Very Very annoying. I wouldn’t want to work in England or be a celeb in England under that kind of pressure. They believe you owe the british people something. like WTH? As for Rooney it disgusts me that he still wants to play for England. I ave been the NUMBER ONE advocate for every United player to quit the English but they’ll never listen What wayne rooney sees in England i do not fucking know. But hey i wish him all the best cuz he’s still a United Player the moment he leaves i become his number one hater because he has put this club thru shit and he deserves shit thrown back at him. but for now GO ROONEY. rant over.

  15. Gee says:

    Rio has been treated very badly and should defo retire!! to be fair Capello should have been sacked after the World Cup shambles, making Terry captain again is just making himself look more inept than he already does!! However to quote Rooney saying what he said is just pointless, Rooney did what he did at the start of the season and now its gone but to start with the and ‘Rooney hasnt even backed Rio’ bullshit is just seeming to me like your looking for excuses to have a pop at Rooney. At the end of the day its nobodys problem but Rio’s and Capellos and Rooney was just saying what was expected so maybe you should give the Rooney bashing a rest for fuck sake!!

  16. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate, I’m good thanks. Hope you are well. I agree mate, how anyone considers playing for fucking Ingerlund an honour baffles me. I know Rooney potrays himself as a proud Englishman, but don’t undermine your clubmate by singing the praises of that cunt. United is all I care about and I would like to see our players taking that as priority over everything else. But like you say mate, we aren’t professional footballers, we are passionate fans of the worlds greatest football club. So maybe that’s why we have a different outlook. But any human being worth their salt can see what a despicable bunch the England squad have. I was a massive fan of Becks when he broke into the first team, but come the end of the 2002/03 season, I was actually pleased that we sold him on as I felt his priorities left a lot to be desired, especially when he felt that the national team and his celebrity status took presidence over United. The fact that it took over a year to sign that contract extension in 2002, asking for a percentage of image rights to be inserted into his contract on top of his basic £90k showed utter contempt towards United, the club he said he supported all his life.

    On the topic of Wilshere, I wish someone would break his fucking legs, the odd-bodied little cunt. Talking about him as the best thing since sliced bread – I would love to slice him myself! Yeah I would love to see Tunni and Morrison snap that little cunt in two.

    United > England.

  17. mattbw7 says:

    How much hair dye does cappello use the vain twat.

  18. Costas says:


    Fully agreed with your rant. The problem with Rooney in my opinion, is that he cares what the journos think of him. He wants them to paint him in a good light because that’s where his bread is buttered. Most England players are like that nowdays. It’s not just that the media might destroy their careers (as they almost did Beckham’s after 98). Depending on how much they cover you, you can get more sponsorship deals…

  19. Raizzen says:

    I understand where Rooney’s coming from. No, I think its like Rooney understands where John Teddy is coming from. After all they couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants for one minute without causing any uproars.

    Rooney has just made himself so unpopular its so hard to imagine United fans ever forgiving him. Putting the club that we love for ransom, talking to City, sleeping with a whore as ugly as he is and now this – Its OK for u to look fugly and all. But you’re just too ugly to be that stupid. So c’mon.

  20. Drogahnus says:

    You DO realize that everyone on the England team is going to say the same thing? If Rooney were to open his mouth against Terry, the media will be all over his ass. He’s doing what he needs to in order to keep a low profile. I’m sure he supports Rio as a captain, but it’s just a media game now.

  21. TheRadLegion says:

    Or.. he could choose not to comment.. right?

    Sure he needs to comment, fine.. but he could have just been direct with his statement. It’s the way he commented that I just don’t like. It’s so overkill. “Massive leader”? Are you effin kidding me?

  22. TheRadLegion says:

    One more thing, I guess if Gary Neville was still in the squad, he would say one or two things about this whole nonsense. These players need to grow some backbones.

  23. Drogahnus says:


    Agreed, but that’s just how players are these days, unfortunately.

  24. dannysoya says:

    It is extremely sad that Wayne Rooney, a TEAM MATE of the victim in the whole case, is not even siding him. HAVE YOU NO SENSE WAYNE? you do know that you’re still coming back to play WITH him right?

  25. veek says:

    sometimes i wonder if one of you blokes is actually gary neville under an alias.


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