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Capello: Young Benefiting From Very Important Team

England manager, Fabio Capello, has today sung the praises of Manchester United winger, Ashley Young.

After some great form for England, scoring and assisting goals, Capello has hailed the impact moving from Aston Villa to United has had on his performances.

“The pressure Young has to face in every game is big – so it is normal when he plays for England. It has given him a lot of confidence,” said Capello. “This is what happens when you play with top teams – with Real Madrid, with Barcelona, with Man United or Bayern Munich. What’s changed with Ashley is that now he is playing with a really important team. And he has improved a lot. The confidence you get when you play in a really important team improves you a great deal. He can play as a second striker behind Rooney or on the left. He is technically good, fast and has a good imagination. He scores goals – he can shoot with his left and right.”

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  1. k9 says:

    First! Now I feel like an idiot.

    Young did try one shot yesterday, and he’s been impressive at skinning his fullbacks on quite a number of occasions!

  2. soren says:

    Off topic

    Ronney and chicha interview

    Michel Owen Twitter:

    “Any kids out there – watch the movement for Hernandez’s first goal. That’s how to lose a defender in the box. #class”

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    Blah blah Crapello, tell us something we do not know you prick…. So players who play for the big clubs actually benefit? No shit

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    Had his least effective game yesterday. The beauty of that though, if Young don’t roast you, Nani will. Thanks Don Fabio, for pointing out the bleating obvious!

  5. Kings says:

    Nobel prize for stating the fucking obvious.

  6. Bishopville Red says:

    England manager Capello makes it official: UNITED > England.


  7. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    BTW, not sure whether this has been posted. But Cleverley is out for just four weeks and there is no break. Lucky break there. Phew!

  8. says:

    Read on twitter that Cleverley will be out for 4 weeks, no break…..good news if that is 100%!

  9. Lovin' United says:

    Off Topic:

    Will Berbatov get a chance to play?

    I’ve missed him…

  10. Costas says:

    Yep. Somewhat good news for Clev!

  11. smartalex says:

    Is Aston Villa ‘unimportant’?

    If United are ‘important’ to English Football, why do they ‘treat us like shit’?

    Ashley was already playing for England, so by saying:
    “What’s CHANGED with Ashley is that NOW he is playing with a really important team” Capello is stating that ‘England is NOT an important team’. Idiot!

  12. wayne says:

    WOW the brilliance of this man,that 8 mill a year worth every penny,i’d say bordering on genius

  13. Redlife says:

    Cleverly out for a month with ligament damage

  14. bruce thomas says:

    All Young has to do is make sure Postman Fucking Pat Capello dosen’t ruin his natural game.

  15. RedManWalking says:

    Which all games will Clev miss?

  16. Red Neck says:

    I bet Jordan Henderson whishes he’d joined an important club now.

  17. Kei says:

    Fianlly Capello for the first time forever, you’re making sense.

  18. #07 says:

    @Red Neck

    Thank God we didn’t sign Jordan Henderson! Cleverley>Henderson easily.

  19. The truth says:

    Who cares what this italian man has to say? I find it strange that despite the performances of the young united players, Fabio still chooses flops like Barry/Milner/Downing. This is why I will never support England. The managers always bottle it. Play the players on form and we might actually win something. Their over-reliance on Wazza is pathetic. Gerarrd and Lampard should both be forced into retirement. Bring in the youth like every other bloody nation, look at Brazil, Italy, Germany, and even France.

    Sorry for the mini rant, but I am truly sick of feeling unnecessary embarrassment on behalf of this wretched team.

  20. Red Neck says:


    Hope you didn’t think i thought Henderson should have joined us, just meant i bet he regrets joining that shower of shit. 100% agree with you Cleverley is > Henderson.

  21. AlphaRS says:

    Here’s another obvious statement Mr Capello:
    “The United kids are the future for England”
    Perhaps the ABU’s, the FA, Capello, and England fans should acknowledge that because it is SAF they should be praising for that.
    Perhaps England will be able to use this batch of Fergie’s Fledgelings properly this time as we all know that former England Managers were too stupid not to realise the entire team should have been built around Scholes!
    But we realise the ABU’s will only build up the English lads at United to smash them back down at the next failure of England at a major tournament.
    Rant over.

  22. RedDevil4Lyfe says:

    so far when Young shines – nani is a bit quieter and vice versa – only a matter of time til they shine together – watch the fuck out!!

  23. RedMist says:

    Why so many people slagging Capello off?
    He’s giving us a bleeding complement.
    Anybody praising United or our players is,technically, “stating the obvious”.
    Give the guy a break, he’s talking up one of our own and boosting his confidence even further, no doubt.
    Come on chaps, the poor fella has to manage that bunch of tools for Ingurland, so allow him a chance
    to enjoy some of our United goodness.
    Notice the only English team he mentions is United….no Chelsea, no Pool, no City.
    Becaue they are not “important”.

  24. gazzer says:

    A little off topic, but I followed some links from the rooney/chicharito interview and unearthed this gem of a goal form John O Shea:

    You have to love the guy. He played everywhere, he was always happy to be there and, even though we may have had doubts about his abilities, he always did a job.

  25. jay says:

    @RedMist that’s exactly what I was thinking, most people have been slagging us off.

  26. raji stnday says:

    capello is right young is fantastic,keep it up .united till i die capello is right young is fantastic,keep it up .united till i die


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