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Capital One Cup – United’s only hope of silverware?

Manchester United head into tonight’s Capital One Cup semi-final second leg with a 2-1 deficit to overhaul against Sunderland, with the Old Trafford faithful expectant of progression against a side that has struggled domestically this term.

David Moyes’ men have had a bad run of form recently, with four defeats in the last five outings in all competitions playing their part in souring the season for the reigning champions. Having said that, United are still favourites with to progress to the final.

Gary Neville has been vocal in his belief that the cup competition has the ability to turn the tide for Moyes and United this season, as other tournaments are no longer options in the club’s search for silverware.

With a significant margin to overhaul in the Premier League, despite Moyes’ optimism that his side can still be title challengers a miracle of sorts is needed for Nemanja Vidic to hold the domestic crown above his head come May once more.

Swansea ended the side’s FA Cup chances at the first hurdle, while the Champions League continues to be the behemoth to win, with a settled side full of top players needed to claim glory on the continent in the future. United’s desperation in the January transfer window is proof that their focus is on qualifying for next season, not on winning this year.

This leaves the Capital One Cup – a competition that sometimes acts as more of a distraction than a priority, but a piece of silverware nonetheless.

Overcoming Sunderland’s lead is not an automatic right, and Moyes’ side will need to improve on their recent performances on home soil if a date at Wembley is to be etched into the diary.

The continued absence of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie takes a considerable amount of the bite out of United’s attack, with the likes of Adnan Januzaj, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez tasked with the responsibility of getting the goals.

At the other end, sterner defending is needed, as a Sunderland goal at Old Trafford would make the task even harder.

An added motivation to overcome Gus Poyet’s men and make the final is the potential opposition. Manchester City have been ruthless in their progression to Wembley, putting a sorry West Ham side to the sword in a 9-0 aggregate thumping in their semi-final.

A Manchester derby at Wembley would be quite the occasion, whether it is the final of the Capital One Cup or the Champions League. Victory for the Red Devils over Manuel Pellegrini’s charges to lift the trophy could well be the shot in the arm that gives Moyes and his side the belief and ability to turn the tide.

However, before thoughts of City emerge, beating Sunderland is the task, with Moyes surely urging his side to improve.



  1. m09538061 says:

    ‘Moyes is going Wembley’
    ‘Moyes is going Wembury’
    La , La La La !

  2. Eric Nesh says:

    I really want us to win the Carling cup…maybe this will actually give confidence to the team and more so the Manager.
    If we can win this and Finnish top 4 the season will not have turned out so bad considering the stuff we have gone thru.

  3. sir matt martin says:

    Right lets get one thing sorted, what have Man Utd missed since last season…. Schole’s creativity and passing! The biggest mistake they made was not replacing him. Mata is very similar to Scholes.. Cause he can pick out a pass from nowhere and dedicates the pace of the team. Whether or not Matas worth £30- £40million is a different story but its a risk Man Utd have to take

  4. Little Red Ant says:

    Yep let’s turn over this bunch first and think about Citeh !! Hopefully DM will remember the line up he had for the second half against Swansea. Now is the chance to play Smalling and or Jones in the centre with Jonny

  5. Tommy says:

    Come on United, a chance to get to a cup final should not be sniffed at, come on reds!

  6. wayne barker says:

    always have to take a few days off after a loss apart from the fact it gets to me were i don’t read or listen to anything football the same fucking muppets always show up and dominate the threads with their long boring comments of negativity,just does my head in,these people are just not fans and only show up in adversity.
    I seriously believe Utd have a chance to steal the CL this year the team has played well in Europe get our injuries sorted the lads will all realize it’s their only chance for major silverware.Normally Utd are so focused on the prem CL takes second fiddle this year will be the main target.On a personnel level don’t care about the egg cup or the fucking Europa league it’s a 2 bob cup that’s a fucking disaster for most teams domestic campaign.

  7. BerbaGod says:

    United winning the Champions League and finishing 5th in the Premier League with Liverpool finishing 4th would be the stuff that dreams are made of! Would love to see those thieving Scouse bastard faces!

  8. midfield-man says:

    it’s the only chance, but with City demolishing teams even in the cup games, shows Pellegrini’s intent and seriousness about even the Capital One Cup, we would have to have a performance of the season to beat them as no doubt they will be in the final.
    All efforts should be put into getting into 4th spot, which will be a huge, huge challenge for us. Winning the CL this year is a pipe dream.

  9. wayne barker says:

    midfield-man i disagree lots of teams have won the CL in the past who weren’t fancied including Dippers and Rent Boys,both finished out of the top 4 domestically.It comes down to the luck of the draw and catching the breaks plus the lads will be more determined with the way the league has gone.If Utd make it to the last 8 anything can happen

  10. midfield-man says:

    Chelsea winning the CL that year was the equivalent of you buying a lottery ticket and actually winning.
    If you’ve watched the performances of some of the teams that will without a doubt be in the top 8 and compare that to what we’ve been dishing out this season. Even with RVP and Rooney on board still a pipe dream imo.

  11. wayne barker says:

    everyone’s entitled to their opinion doesn’t really matter how you want to call it Rent Boys still won and that’s my point.Hardly the same as buying a lottery ticket which is 15 million to 1 when a team is in the last 8.All anyone has to do is look back plenty of teams that were given no chance has won it.I don’t really give a fuck who’ll be in the last 8 the two best performances of the season have come in Europe and the lads will be well up for it.

  12. Chaosred says:

    Wayne what do you know ??

    Chelsea are shit arent they???

  13. midfield-man says:

    Some opinions are just more sensible then others. As I pointed out, we have have massive problems with our squad that need to be addressed urgently and anticipated nothing but a spanking by Chelsea last week, I was attacked for being a clueless cunt….then the same people disappeared for a

    wayne barker says:
    Yeah Adam spewed the same shit on the other thread.Rent Boys have been fuck all being playing shit and grinding out results.No matter what team Utd put out don’t expect to get spanked,so why don’t you fuck off

    wayne barker says:
    I was putting in the context of Adam saying the Rent Boys will give us a spanking no Utd fan has any reason to say that because Rent Boys haven’t shown fuck all to suggest they can

    samuel – united WE stand says:
    United won’t get spanked by chelsea

  14. wayne barker says:

    mate Utd were far the better side till Eto scored that fluke goal,Utd were denied a penalty then gave up a soft goal just before halftime.Fucking Luis is just a out and out dirty cunt elbowing players in the head should’ve been gone and the Vidic sending off a joke,there’s the game but the fucking rubbish that get’s written is unbelievable.I stand by what i said Rent Boys have a shit defense and shit strikers,they have 2 or 3 quality midfielders that make them tick,nothing special about that team at all.I don’t care if people say i’m making excuses game after game this season Utd have got shit calls on top of having to deal with key injuries.

  15. wayne barker says:

    no point in coming on after defeats because the place is crawling with trolls,plastics and haters just get’s me worked up and it’s pointless in arguing with cunts so i’ve learned to stay away.We just support Utd on a different level,don’t see how Utd winning the CL compared to a 15 million to 1 lottery is a sensible opinion about as stupid as it gets.

  16. Dela says:

    @wayne – Yep I’ve learned to avoid this place after defeats because its toxic. Plenty of names I don’t ever see until we lose.

    I agree, United were the better side until Eto’os jammy as fuck goal, that said, we’re only as strong as our weakest links. At the same time, it would have been a different game I think had we scored earlier such as when Welbeck was cut down, or if we had Rooney or RVP on the pitch the entire game would be different because Chelsea wouldn’t move so freely on the counter.

    As for the Capital One Cup, usually I don’t care about that trophy in the slightest (except when young United players have thrived in it in the past… though not in recent seasons) but given that City have booked their place at Wembley now I definitely want to win it. The final wouldn’t even be til late February, plenty of time to prepare. All we need afaik is a 1-0 tonight, but I think the way it is is away goals only count at 120min, not 90?

  17. Tommy says:


    Yep away goals after extra ime, COC final is first sunday in march which was the weekend we were due to play city in the league, I have heard a unconfirmed rumour that the league game might be moved to the wedensday after the final, so their is a chance we could play 2 derbys in a few days if we win tonight!

  18. Dela says:

    @Tommy – Two back to back derby’s, one at Wembley and one at OT… sure, bring it on :-) But of course, gotta do this shit tonight first. Hopefully the lads will run out smelling blood after the chelsea game and simply rip sunderland to shreds… probably not but I’ll take a 1-0 after extra time if it comes to that

  19. wayne barker says:

    Dela don’t know what the away goal rule is in the Egg Cup,i’m expecting Utd to go through then with it being City does become more important.I get depressed enough after a defeat so coming on Rom just gets my blood boiling.I’ll always be a optimist and i do believe on any given day Utd can beat anyone i’ll also back the players and manager whoever they might be,so some on here i just can’t deal with.

  20. Dela says:

    errr. “two back to back derbys”…. not sure why I put in the two ;-)

  21. Dela says:

    @wayne, same mate, I usually get into quite a bad mood when we lose, it’s normal passion, but I never condemn anyone after it and I’ll always stand by the club. I even remember in the early 00s when there was some talk about Alex Ferguson’s time being up.. that he had done as much as he could and that the game was changing and he was too old to adapt…. I actually just saw a video on YouTube a few days ago that showed some fans interviewed by media saying exactly that back then to the camera and whoever put up the video plastered a huge “CUNT” right over them when they were speaking haha! Exactly how I felt then.

    United at the moment are a little baffling because they are underperforming badly at key times and in key areas… yet I still get the feeling from them that they are about three new signings away from being unstoppable, know what I mean?

  22. wayne barker says:

    yes mate this squad isn’t as bad as some make out and we’ve had to deal with key injuries all season which is bound to effect the way we play barely fielded a full strength side all year


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