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Carlitos’ Dreadful Miscalculation – He Played More Than Robinho!

Manchester City’s new signing, who said he ‘gave his life for the United shirt‘, claimed he was leaving for football reasons. The fact that City are prepared to pay £150,000-a-week for a player who was on £90,000-a-week at United did not factor in to Tevez’s decision, he claims. It wasn’t a move about money rather a move for football. He didn’t play enough for United last season so was going to play for a club who would play him as much as he felt he deserved to be played.

Last season, Manchester City played a total of 56 matches in all competitions. 16 of those matches were in the UEFA Cup. Take those matches away and City played a total of 40 matches in all competitions.

This season, City are not in the UEFA Cup, but they will enter the League Cup in the second round (as they did last season where they were knocked out by League One Brighton) and the FA Cup in the third round. If City reach the League Cup final they will play seven games in that competition and if they reach the FA Cup final they will play a further six games. In total, the maximum number of games City can play in is 51.

Given that Manchester City haven’t reached a cup final since 1981, chances of Tevez playing in 51 games for City this season are slim to none.

But how many games did unhappy and disrespected Carlos Tevez play in last season?

Premiership minutes: 1667
Champions League minutes: 436
FA Cup minutes: 300
League Cup minutes: 509
Total minutes: 2912
Total appearances: 51

Tevez played in the equivalent of 32.4 matches for the full 90 minutes, 36.4 matches fo 80 minutes, or 41.6 matches for 70 minutes.

If Manchester City reach the finals of the FA and League Cups, Tevez still will not be able to play in more games for them next season than he did for us last.

To get a better grasp of just how much football Tevez will play in next season, let’s compare this with City’s star man, Robinho.
Premiership minutes: 2454
Champions League minutes: 0
FA Cup minutes: 0
League Cup minutes: 0
Total appearances: 30

Robinho played the equivalent of 27.3 matches for the full 90 minutes. You will have noticed I referred to Champions League minutes and haven’t included the appearances he made in the UEFA Cup. Firstly, this is to highlight Tevez’s step down from Champions League football, but also to recognise how few games are on offer without any European football, which will be City’s situation next season. Some may argue that Robinho would have played in more domestic cup games had he not been rested for Europe.

Total possible FA Cup minutes: 90
Total possible League Cup minutes: 120

So had Robinho featured in all City’s FA and League Cup games, he still would have played 248 fewer minutes than Tevez did for United last season.

Tevez tried to make out he wasn’t all about the money and maybe lots of people bought it. Maybe City fans genuinely think they’ve got this hard-worker who just loves the game in the team, who left United simply because he loves playing so much. However, in reality, he will play less football at City next season than he did at United during a season he felt so ‘disrespected’ and went there just for the money.

The man City fans will be singing for next season was grabbing our badge last season, and still talks of his love for United fans… but will be more than happy to keep picking up his pay cheque from Wastelands!

[edit] It really is a shame City fans can’t get involved in sensible football discussion without talking about Munich. Your comments will continue to be deleted[/edit]

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  1. cat-alan says:

    well i thought it was only citeh fans who were bitter but after reading the above article and the posts that followed it seems to me that there is red mist appearing from man u fans. tevez has gone, was he worth it? utd thought so they offered the money. utd’s loss looks like being citys gain and the bulk of you utd fans would quietly admit it. i can see some fans getting alot of stick this season!!!

  2. Trevor says:

    I recon he will do well for shity., but to be honest lads. Because he gave maximum effort anytime he was infront of goal and should of scored and didnt we always forgave him because of his effort!

    His job is to fucking score!!! Or set up goals!

    Did he do that last season? For me No
    Did he have Chances?? Yes.

    Also i find him to simular to Rooney! Cant have 2 of the same upfront in my opinion. I like chalk and cheese, A ROoney and Berbatov is a better combination for me!

    Last season people judged Berbatov but how dificult is it for a striker whose team formation and tactics are to give the ball to ronaldo and let him shoot! Didnt really stand much chance did he??

    Next season i feel we will have a differnt more normal 4-4-2 approach with our team set up to creat chances for the front 2 and everyone else!

    I have trust in Fergie

  3. themarkedman72 says:

    I dont give a fuck about Tevez. He is dead to me. He plays for citeh. pathetic bunch that cant win shit. You could throw 100 strikers at them and a billion more and they still wont be “Great” they still wont be “United”.
    Who cares about them.
    Eto o knows the score…cuz he is one calculating prick. Tevez has fucked his career, TO BAD, SO SAD!

  4. Dave says:

    Can someone please tell me what is in the trophy room at Manchester City?
    Apart from the mousetrap.

  5. BombayRed says:

    Good riddance I say. There is an inflated ego in that little argie frame of his and we dont need that.
    If being dropped to the bench was his real beef at OT then it’ll be amusing to see how he reacts when he’s sidelined after a couple of inevitable shite performances to be replaced by santa cruz or adebayor or bellamy or caceido or whichever other ‘where-are-they-now-trivia-answer’ players who scored in the preceding week.
    A couple years max till his daughter’s preschooling is done and its off to the mediterranean to ‘earn the respect of passionate fans and staff who really want him’.

  6. BlueBoy says:

    This article (without getting into some daft slanging match) is just a little sad… ok, completely pathetic. Although you probably had a point hidden in there somewhere, i reckon there’s a good chance you’ll read this back and wish you’d never bothered working all that boring shit out. Adding together the last 20 mins here, last 20 mins there… You obviously don’t get it.

    As for you reds that think – Carlos (‘Fergie sign him up’) Tevez – is shit. Well i’m glad we could help you out and take him off your hands. You lot are the typical perception of a red mentality. We all know you’re gutted, but that’s football. You’ll get over it. Same way Everton did when you came in with your bags of money for Rooney, and Chelsea for our own SWP.

    And yep, we haven’t won anything for 33yrs – well spotted… but our bags of money have only just arrived. And whether you wanna believe it or not, the chances of you having some real competition with your neighbours, are getting closer by the day.

    We will buy our way in, like every other f**ker. And for those of you out there that like to pretend that thats not the truth… Top Ten British Transfers… 4 belong to Utd, 4 belong to Chelsea, 2 belong to Liverpool and as of last year – 1 to little old City… Coincidence? Nope… Top spots require MONEY!
    (And yes, i know this adds to 11, but 2 were the same price.)

  7. Malteser says:

    Carlito was quoted saying “The ambition is to help Manchester City recover the status they once had as one of the best clubs in Europe and to try to win trophies and titles.”
    The bad news for Tevez is Shitty where never one of the best clubs in Europe and will never be. You are just another mercenary with $$$$$$ in your eyes. You were offered a contract from OT and refused it for the simple reason you knew Shitty would offer you more. I’ve lost all the respect I had for you and not because you joined Shitty but for trying to make SAF look like a liar.
    I have a feeling one day you’ll regret your decisions and if and when that time comes, if you really have a pinch of respect for the Red fans as you claim, you’ll be honest and admit it publicly.
    I thank you Carlos for your efforts on the pitch, but that’s where I’ll stop.
    BTW – Shitty will never reach the size and grandeur of United. An arab sheik does not determine the size and history of a club.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Blueboy – the point isn’t hidden, it is pretty bloody obvious.

    I’ll simplify it for you
    1. Tevez said he was leaving Manchester United to play more football, not for the extra £240-320k extra a month City will pay him.
    2. As the stats show, it is pretty much impossible for Tevez to get more games for City than he got for United.
    3. He’s a lying, greedy twat who is more concerned about money than time on the pitch.

    An obvious point which isn’t difficult to understand. I reckon there’s a good chance you’ll wish you never bothered posting and showing yourself up as a bit simple… ok, completely moronic.

  9. Isaidso says:

    Tom Roberts – pissing myself laughing at your comments! Bet you are one of the fancy dress nutcases who ariives at Wastelands trying to be an Arab, with teatowel on your head, and tied up with a piece of string lol. I hear that the Sheiks have bought up the fields surrounding Wastelands, so that you Man Pity fans can all park your camels! Wouldn’t think you would need too though when your Owners have so many oil wells to provide you with petrol for free if you purchase a season ticket. The Arabs tried to buy Man UNited football club before you lot, but the Glazers said ‘ No deal, we know where the real OIL producing well is – GOLD TRAFFORD! Viva Man Utd – the Reds of Manchester never die!

  10. BlueBoy says:

    Look, it’s a boring article, that means nothing.

    If your mind numbingly dull stats are actually accurate, you can only have arrived there by including pointless 20 minutes appearances, (like against Barca, where you were given a lesson & fitness drill, for 80 mins) which on a regular basis, is bound to lower a players confidence, especially when watching an overpriced pile of shite like 9 goal Berba, given chance after chance after chance.

    Just face it, you wish he’d have stayed, and now he’s gone… maybe it’s the money, maybe it’s fergies breath, or maybe he knows something you dont.

    Either way, your article is not very good… ok, completely shit.

    While i’m on a roll, calling yourself world champs, after a defeat in the CL Final, in that manner, where lets be honest, you just couldn’t compete, even with the show pony (who to be fair is worth 15 points a season)… Laughable. Imagine winning a competition with your 2nd/3rd string team, and then boasting about it. Nearly as daft as your article. Ta Tar.

  11. OurFlagOnTheKippax says:

    yeah Mr. Roberts now u can paste Tevez’s head on all your cardboard cut-outs of KaKa . Wonder will citeh manage to fill the council house this season before United arrive for your annual cup final . Money does’nt buy class .

  12. gospel acording to Fergie says:

    That extra cash should be enough to get a nice comfy silk seat cover to keep his ass from getting numb sitting on the bench!!!

    When will shitty realise that the towel wearer will have a new toy soon and that you cannot pay wages that are about 10 times your income. prediction 7th lose twice to Utd out in second round of both cups and 34 will tick round nicely!!!

  13. fred says:

    tevez wasn’t treated well by united management. They had an option to buy him and did not offer him except the promise that it would be settled at the end of the season. For a period of time they baulked at the evaluation they agreed on. They tried to do everything to reduce his value. He rarely featured has a starter in important games. I loved to watch tevez play and always he gave united something that it often lacked with berbatov. commitment and passion. this was the common view of united fans. however the management werent up front with him. he now has transferred to city and we united fans if this forum is anything to go by have turned on him. why? because he questions united management sincerety with him. I think the rage should be directed to management instead of letting them off the hook. i tend to think that united like alot of other clubs have financial problems and cant compete against the like s of city. we shoudnt slader players. after all united were the city’s in the last decade.

  14. Isaidso says:

    Blue boy – you numptee, you feckin wished you were ever in a CL final, never mind win it, or not win it eh? Come back when you win something and crow. Trouble with you fans being INFLATED, one tiny prick of your blue balloon rising, and all the hot air is lost in space lol! You don’t see Man United fans flocking to your blogs, what’s the matter eh, things aren’t interesting enough for you. All the Man Pity MIGRANT pidgeons coming to roost on Man United forums – well can’t blame you, we know you have suffered years of boredom over at Wastelands. Don’t forget to run and by your Tevez shirt now will you. Or maybe your owners will give them away, so you can all wear them along with your Teatowels and bits of string around your heads, you pretend Arabs. By the way, Abu Dhabi are looking for migrants I believe, as they are all coming over here!

  15. Liam says:

    yeah we lost 1 game. We won the league and knocked that same team out the year before when in case you’ve forgotten we were champions of both Europe and England. We are still champions of England, we WILL be playing European football next season and are one of the biggest brands in the world. When Hughes gets fired at the end of the season for a disappointing 6th place finish you will see how your team is run.

  16. BlueBoy says:

    Numptee?… LOL?……….. WTF – are you 10?

    Seriously, not even taking the piss, i wouldn’t want to be in the the CL if we were schooled and completely over run, by a team missing 4 of their starting 11, and on TV… god knows how many millions watching? Bet that did your ‘Brand’ the world of good. Reckon Benzema was watching?
    World Champs my ass… World Chumps maybe.

    And this rag blog appears on our news feed page… thats why we end up here. If you want it to stop appearing, then stop writing about our players.

  17. Scott the Red says:

    Blueboy – It’s really rather fortunate that you wouldn’t want to see your team in the CL final isn’t it… I’m sure you don’t want to be in the top four either, which again is very convenient for a City fan. Aim low, you might just reach your target then.

  18. BlueBoy says:

    Yeh… nice one Scott. That’s a good un.
    Almost as funny as your original article.

  19. Scott the Red says:

    Funny? It’s fucking hilarious. At United Tevez warmed the bench because he was behind Rooney and Ronaldo in pecking order… at City it will be Adebayor and Bellamy in the team ahead of him.

    10 goals in 27 for Adebayor
    8 goals in 18 for Bellamy
    5 goals in 29 for Tevez

    Fucking hilarious.

  20. united24\7 fck the wife says:

    i am so looking forward to seeing how shit man city are gona be next season..who have they signed thats top top quality!!!!santa cruz wouldnt get in the top 4 teams,adebayor was shite last season hardly scored a goal,barry is a money grabbin toilet(like rest of city team)who lets face it when hargreaves is back then he will be an england sub,and scar face couldnt get on are team last year..oh and no doubt they will all catch the pig flu wen richards is back…haha that would be a laugh(as long as no1 died of course)terry will never go to that shit and hughes will get the sack soon then at the end of the season all them top top players will be complaining cause they aint in the champ league(thats wat greed does to ya)in fergie we trust(i hope)

  21. Neutral says:

    All I can see is United fans giving (and I quote some of your fans) ‘liddle ol’ citeh’ stick for buying players and spending a lot of money.
    Isn’t that what you guys have done for years on end?
    Lets look at it.
    Rio £30m.
    Rooney £20m + add-ons totalling £30m
    Juan Sebastien Veron £28.1m (had to remind you of him!)
    Nani/Anderson combined £35m rising to £55m.
    Carrick £18m
    Hahahagreaves £18m
    Berbatov £32m (we stung ya there)

    Hmmmmm only 2 players there I reckon would get into City’s team, Ferdinand and Rooney.

    I think you lot are running scared. 70,000 singing sign him up then he leaves and all of a sudden he was shit, not good enough for United. Hypocrites of the highest order.
    At least we robbed you for Carrick and Berbatov!
    Wanna take Bent off our hands? £40m to you or City!

    Going to be great to see one of you top 4 dumped out by the biggest underperformers in English Football history!

  22. This is Our City says:

    Never mind, lads, at least you’ve got Owen to fill the gap. ^_^

  23. DHenry says:

    And you know he’s on £150k because sky sports told you so? That’s all just guesswork anyway.

    The point you make with this post is a flawed one from the start, as Carlos there is a difference in issues between ‘playing a lot of games’ and ‘sitting on the bench too often’. Berbatov did nothing to deserve his place in the first team, except the fact that you payed so much money for a cancerstick loving couch potato you hved to justify it somehow.

    Add to that the fact that Tevez was never told why he wasn’t starting games or told about his role in the team and you can see why he felt like being ‘kicked out’. Way to treat a guy who, in the end, in my view won you the league with his efforts at Wigan et al.

    Tevez will be appreciated by all this time – fans, other players, management.. and that’s the footballing reason. I wouldn’t want to work in an organisation where my boss did not rate me at all either.

  24. Jamal Yousuf Jaffer says:

    What a Shame for a man (Tevez) claiming he is above the earth planet, and now wants to conquer the mars when his on shit could not clean, He is so greedy made forget his 2 years what he did at Man Utd and all what he earn from the club, manager and the fans, now he talks rubbish, he is a fucking liar, what guts he has to insult and accuse a man who has change the history of football the man who has been respected by all the people and a man who achieved everything in football world.
    Tevez thinks by accuse and insult Fergie he will be excuse !!! no where, he is digging his own grave, waiting to be burrried sooooooooooooooooooooooon.

  25. Aidan Casserly says:

    I have to agree with ‘Mickey Said’ … enough with the Tevez stuff Scott … let’s get back on track with regard to the match on Saturday first and then the full pre-season, more signings (please!), Charity Shield and the PL …

  26. schamp says:

    Who would’nt move jobs if they were going to be paid twice what they were worth, the only signing we have made that I can say I am 100% happy about is Barry, I did’nt want Santa Cruz and am taking a rag friends word (who has been a season ticket holder for years) on Tevez. I reckon Adebayor will be ok for us and don’t really want to comment on Taylor. I have noticed on these forums everyone just reverts to childish name-calling, I find it pathetic that adults cannot talk about a game witnout throwing insults.

  27. another Denis law back heel from Tevez is on the cards! says:

    Man your an arse!

    1,Stop being so bitter,He joined City over Utd, blue instead of red.
    He moved and got a wage increase not because of wage increase, this happens in 90% of transfers. Most of utd players purchased have had wage inceases apart from Owen who was free! Grabbed what he could.

    2,Goals scored these numbers are low because he played in midfield, plus only used as sub when team had either locked up shop or chasing a loss.

    3,He is talking about not playing when his team play not games played or mins on pitch, he was talking about not being picked or wanted!

    4,Get over it, maybe shrek next season!

  28. King of the Kippax says:

    Okay time to clear some stuff up;

    1. Scott the ‘Red’ – Your Forum isn’t perfect. Not only is the article lacking in crucial reason, as your are basing it purely on statistics that are not do not tell the full picture. You have omitted (at your own admission) certain statistics, that to be honest suggests you are hiding something from us. If the statistics are available then all should be considered. Also by purely resting your whole article on statistics you have completely ignored extraneous variables (e.g. injuries, suspension etc, If you are going to use statistics to convince people please you all available). May I also point out that you are completely speculating that Tevez will not play much next season, and it appears in the absence of statistics that are not your own you resort to anedotes similar to that of some of your less intelligence posters, which I find incredibly dissapointing, considering you had actually created a well structured statistical point, however I left saddened by your resorting to childish insults such as “wasteland”. If you want to gain respect you mustn’t rise to the crap people will give you.

    2. All United Fans – Now lets just clarify, if you are going to completely criticise Tevez for not scoring enough last season, then take a long hard look at yourself and consider what Owen did last season? Nobody on this Forum has even considered what Tevez did as an 18-20 year old in Argentina and Brazil, yet all of a sudden Owens disastrous spell at Newcastle is almost long forgotten and all that seems to be remembered is his hey day at Liverpool and Madrid. So if we are all to have a debate about Tevez lets talk about his Career and not just one season.

    3. Why all the bitterness? – Basically footballs a hard game at the top, no matter who you are. The would be no shame in being sad at Ronaldo leaving, he was clearly a good player, we were all sad to see people like Paul Lake retire because of injury and Marc Viven Foe, and others such as Anelka who didn’t really care. But there was no “He didn’t score enough” etc….Your fans were clearly asking to “sign him up”, he was a good player and I’m sure you would have been happy if he stayed. The point is that this bitterness if pointless, you’ve signed some players of your own, can’t you be excited about them, rather than spending the sunny summer peering into the neighbours garden to see what new toys they have.

    4. UNITED 24/7 Fck the Wife – Not only is user name completely and utterly unbelieveable, and I’m afraid that is something that transpires into your post. First of all in a practical sense you wish all our players get swine flu, however I would happily wager that you whinge until the cows come if we got special dispensation because of it. Secondly how can you wish something bad upon somebody and then say “as long as nobody dies!”, if your going to go back on yourself, do you not think that you would have been better off just writing something of actual value, rather than combing your bravado and ego.

    5. Micky – I know plenty of Army lads, and used to be in myself. I know the stuff you guys have to go through and have been through it myself. I know, and you know there’s no need to rise to it, and the point it wanders off football, that’s when the world ‘stop’ comes into play. We all know its about the game, and to those of you that believe otherwise, is no fan of mine, regardless of club.

    6. Finally – The rivalry we have between our clubs is a healthy one, and trust me its one I revel in, and football wouldn’t be the same without it, and I believe its just about to get a LOT more interesting, but lets not attempt to make it a vicious one. Personally I am looking forward to Tevez returning to OT!

    Hope this all made sense, but I felt the need to let you know how I feel, as a City fan, which I am proud and will stay proud to be. I recommend that you all think about doing the same.

  29. Scott the Red says:

    King of Kippax – I don’t include the appearances for the UEFA Cup because City aren’t in Europe next season. That’s not being secretive or deceptive, but logical. What difference does it make how many hours of football City had in the UEFA Cup last season when they didn’t qualify for the competition this season?

    He played in 51 games for United last season. City would have to reach the finals of both the League and FA Cup and Tevez would have to play in every single game for him to even equal the amount of appearances from last season.

  30. King of the Kippax says:

    I don’t fully believe that the issue for Tevez was the notion that he didn’t ‘appear’ in every game. It was the notion that he didn’t start a majority of games. This transpires into his goal ratio, I believe that is a player or Anelka’s calibre would struggle to meet the goal ratio he achieved this season if he played a similar.
    I also have a serious issue with one sentence of your post;

    “Given that Manchester City haven’t reached a cup final since 1981, chances of Tevez playing in 51 games for City this season are slim to none”

    Now credit to you for finding a range of statistics. However one of the major sources of potential indicators of actions teams and performance throughout a season are the bookmakers. As these are companies that survive on the true and accurate interpretation of statistics. The bookmakers know when they are likely to lose money and set their rates to this effect. You will notice that the current betting on City to win a domestic trophy this season are 9-1, FA Cup (Man United only 4-1) and 9-1 for the Carling Cup (Man United only 6-1). Odds from (check if you wish).
    Now these companies haven’t become the mass institutions that they are for being wrong have they? So to be honest your ‘claim’ that my sides chances of reaching a major cup final being ‘slim to nothing’ is (professionally) very wide of the mark, and are not massively far from those of United. I believe in the progression that City are planning to make this season, and in this case past history isn’t really applicable, as we have not been in this situation before as a club.
    Also looking at the facts it is a well known trend that the correlation between clubs finishing in the top and the amount of domestic trophies they win is very high. Now you also cannot argue that the general consensus is that we have a very high chance of finishing in the ‘top 4′, therefore also suggesting we have a chance of winning a domestic trophey, and would breaking a winning duck be important to Tevez? I believe so as you saw his passion when he kept West Ham up

    Other betting sites affirm this notion as well

    William Hill;
    > FA Cup (12-1) 5th Highest from Premier League
    > Carling Cup (9-1) 5th Highest from Prem

    > FA Cup 12-1
    > Carling Cup 9-1

    Contenders? I think so. Clearly Tevez does as well.

  31. Scott the Red says:

    So you value Tevez’s opinion? He loves United fans and will always have us in his heart. That’s a man whose opinion you care less about?

    Here’s some goal ratios for you, looking at minutes played and goals scored:

    Nevland – 233, 4 goals.
    Arshavin – 857, 6 goals.
    Saha – 971, 4 goals.
    Beattie – 1119, 6 goals.
    Bednar – 1235, 6 goals.
    Drogba – 1276, 5 goals.
    Mido – 1350, 6 goals.
    Pavlyuchenko – 1352, 5 goals.
    Jo – 1435, 6 goals.
    Kalou – 1477, 6 goals.
    Torres – 1515, 13 goals.
    Carew – 1541, 10 goals.
    McCarthy – 1378, 9 goals.
    Martins – 1590, 7 goals.
    Bendtner – 1661, 8 goals.
    Benayoun – 1643, 7 goals.
    Tevez – 1667 mins, 5 goals.
    Roberts – 1720, 7 goals.
    Owen – 1802 mins, 8 goals.
    Defoe – 1806 mins, 10 goals.
    Van Persie – 1943, 9 goals.

    Interesting to see just how many shit players have a better goals to minutes ratio than the player you’ve just spent £25m on isn’t it.

  32. King of the Kippax says:

    “Interesting to see just how many shit players have a better goals to minutes ratio than the player you’ve just spent £25m on isn’t it”

    How come then SAF has admitted trying to get in touch with Tevez, and has been saying that he wanted him to stay? I assuming he won’t be shit, if he had stayed with you.

    Now I have a MAJOR MAJOR issue with what is clearly a FALSE allegation. Half of those scores you put above are wrong.

    Please refer to this link,,12306,00.html

    (the Official Premier League page, surely they aren’t wrong)

    And you will see you claim is wrong for the Premier league for the Following strikers (actual score in brackets)

    > Beattie 6 (7)
    > Torres 13 (14)
    > Carew 10 (11)
    > McCarthy 9 (10)
    > Martins 7 (8)
    > Bendtner 8 (9)
    > Benneyoun 7 (8)
    > Van Persie 9 (11)

    Now either state what statistics your ACTUALLY using, or don’t fabricate statistics. I don’t know whether to believe you, somebody who’s reputation so far on this topic doesn’t bode well, or ACTIM (the official statistics provider to the Premier League)….No wait I’m gonna go with ACTIM.

    I gladly await your response

  33. King of the Kippax says:

    Actually I do not gladly await your response. It is become clear that if I want to have a good football discussion there is no need for me to stay here. If you are going to get basic statistics wrong then, its going to leave me arguing the toss against fabrication, not something I’m prepared to do.
    I will not be fighting my own shadow.
    Thank you for your time on this forum. I only wish that it had been more honest and productive.

  34. Pam says:

    Oh no! Please tell me that Vidic doesn’t have an escape clause in his contract.
    City have made a written enquiry and Vidic hasn’t travelled to the Far East with the rest of the squad today. United are refusing to say why. What gives?

  35. Bitter Reds says:

    You played 66 games last season.
    We played 56 games last season.

    Tevez was available for 66 games last season.
    Robinho was available for 49 games last season (he joined 7 games into the season)

    Tevez started 32 games out of 66 games for you last season.
    Robinho started 40 out of 49 games games for us last season.

    Tevez was an unused sub many times for you last season.
    Robinho was never an unsused sub for us and was only a sub ONCE.

    You cannot take away our european games and still include yours to prove your “theory”, it’s ridiculous.

    Face the facts rags, he is with us, you are hurt and no amount of covering that hurt with pathetic and incorrect “stats” that prove nothing will change that.

    See you September 20th!

  36. blue1974 says:

    Micky Said,July 14th, 2009 @13:18 @Tom Roberts

    All this talk, what are your sources?

    Fergie has refused to be bent over the barrel and pay way over the odds for players, because teams with rich sugar daddy’s like Citeh and Real Madrid are spunking endless money

    never paid over the odds, lets see shall we, veron, rio, berv and many many more. and how much have you spent in the last 10-15 years. so so bitter.

  37. Brian G says:

    Eat this fact Tom (Bitter) Roberts; Not for a 1 off game but the AVERAGE ATTENDANCE for a full season.

    The highest average attendance at Old Trafford over a league season was 75,826, set in the 2006-07 season.

    Bred Red


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