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Carlos Tevez Is A Liar

Carlos Tevez was unveiled as a Manchester City player this afternoon with crowds of City fans gathering to see. Tevez claimed the reason why he left United was because the manager didn’t speak to him for two years and never made him feel wanted.

“I was there for two years and Sir Alex never called or sent any text messages in that time,” said Tevez today. “The only time he talked to me was after a match against Roma to discuss a situation about going to play for Argentina. It doesn’t seem that this is the way to treat a player in two years at the club. It doesn’t seem there is a line of communication.”

Translation: United wouldn’t pay me £150,000 a week, City would.

It is truly embarrassing that we liked this guy. What a prick. It’s a shame he’s exposing himself as a complete liar, given what he has said about Sir Alex Ferguson in the past…

April 2nd 2009: From the moment I arrived, he has treated me with respect as a person. His greatest quality is that, for him, there are no star players – everyone is equal, whether they cost many millions or are a young player who hasn’t played many times for the team. When I see him work he reminds me of Carlos Bianchi, who was my coach at Boca Juniors in Argentina. Both have had a big influence on my career, and both know how to treat people.

January 4th 2009: “We have not started talks with Manchester United yet, though I am keen to stay. Sir Alex Ferguson has told me he wants me to remain a United player and that is certainly my desire too. My contract ends in the summer and we have agreed to sit down at the end of the season and discuss a new contract, nothing I have heard from the club suggests it will be otherwise. There is simply no reason to sit down now. I have a great relationship with Sir Alex and I hope that will continue long into the future.

December 16th 2008: “We have been talking about it and everything is very advanced, as a consequence I think it will be sorted soon. I feel respected by my team-mates and by the staff.”

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    has that lazybone adebayor completed his move to the wastelands circus?

  2. Micky says:

    @AIG Alex Is God

    Waiting for work permit apparently

  3. aig alex is god says:

    city are making me laugh.

    i heard in a tabloid,they will be going for becks next.i suspect they will get terry.that wud a embarassing blow to chlski

  4. Micky says:

    Becks wouldn’t go to City, I’m sure of it.

    In regards to Terry, if he goes to City, football is dead.

  5. aig alex is god says:

    @micky,i too think becks wont go to city.

    i m nt sure for terry but i feel he wont are targetting player from last years top 6 now although it amazes me as to why they are jst signing strikers and nt defenderswhen their defence is shit.maybe jst want to excite the fans by buying average players from other teams

  6. Micky says:

    @AIG Alex Is God

    Real Madrid sign Kaka, Ronaldo & Benzema
    City sign Barry, Tevez & Adebarndoor

    It just shows the difference in class.

    The owners are just picking players they enjoy watching and buying them – and football doesn’t work like that as we know.

    Barry is overrated by a looooooong way, Adebarndoor is shit in my eyes, and Tevez is a trier, but only really performed when he has two or three brilliant players to make chances and create space for him.

  7. aig alex is god says:


    i completely agree wid u.I m very angry wid madrid too.hope they dont win anything dis season.Barca rule spain and dat shud continue.none of the barca class players have been bought for such ridiculous sums.all are homegrown talent amd i really admire leo messi

  8. waynesworld says:

    I’ll boo him till I keel over.
    If he was shaking his head when taken off during a game, chances are he was doing it in the dressing room too when not named in the starting line up.
    And then trying to turn the fans against Fergie…. what a despicable little prick, we are well rid.

  9. Micky says:

    @AIG Alex Is God

    I can cope with Barca winning things because they’ve built a fantastic team, just like we have. They haven’t relied on money money money like RM and Chelsea, City et al.

    Leo Messi is fucking scary!

  10. Rite$h says:

    Let’s forget about Tevez and concentrate on the forthcoming season, he was never a true red devil at heart, just playing for money, unlike players like fletcher, giggs, scholes…

  11. aig alex is god says:


    i came to knw of messis history and his childhood probs few months gotaa admire the lad for the way he is repaying barca.true catalan legend like xavi and iniesta.reminds me of our golden generation in the 1990s.barca and united follow one philosophy,real,chlski,city follow another and at the moment the former are the more sucessful

  12. United 4 ever says:

    Shame on you!!! First you say that you love manchester united fans and then betrayed us!! Another liar like heinze. You are greedy thats why you went with them for money and even adebayor….. shameless people!

  13. monkeytennis says:

    Messi is the best player in the world IMO. Based on last season anyway. He seems to come across as a decent chap too, which I think is why a lot of people would pick him over ronaldo.

    And you can only admire barcelona. The team, the way they operate…

  14. aig alex is god says:


    do u knw his history?

  15. monkeytennis says:

    @ aig

    Can’t say I do mate. I’d heard about behind the scenes shit but on the pitch he seems to conduct himself quite well. No ronaldo-esque tantrums and throwing his arms about. But then again I don’t watch him every week…

  16. aig alex is god says:


    Messi was told in his childhood dat his height wont grow beyond 4feet.artificial hormonal treatment was needed and his family cudnt afford it . though he was a decent player no club was prepared to take a chance on him.barca did and paid for his treatment and his familys accomodation and look how he has repaid can say it was a bargain

  17. monkeytennis says:

    Oh yeah I knew about the height thing. I thought you were gonna tell me he wasn’t a nice chap cos of some bad history or something.

    I remember someone saying tevez would be the next maradona. If that’s the case then what the hells messi!

  18. aig alex is god says:


    Messi has always been a first class tantrums,no playacting.Wish ronaldo had learnt something from him

    Teevez,the next maradonna,LOL.dosent even come close to being 5percent of next maradonna

    messi is truely the next maradonna.i see him take on and beat 5,6 defenders at same time.amazing to watch.

  19. phildo79 says:

    The more that little twat talks (via an interpreter of course) the more the signing of Owen looks like a fantastic bit of business.
    He moaned cos utd bought Berba and didn’t get as much play time yet signs for city, who have more strikers than Real Madrid.
    I am surprised at Sparky though. What’s he doing signing this whinging turncoat? A leopard doesn’t change its spots, although he is a good bit younger than Fergie and has probably mastered the whole text message thingy so that will keep young Carlitos happy.

  20. stood says:

    City have no history no?!?!

    First Division/Premier League (first tier)[47]
    Winners (2): 1936–37, 1967–68
    Runners-up (3): 1903–04, 1920–21, 1976–77
    Second Division/First Division (second tier)
    Winners (7): 1898–99, 1902–-03, 1909–10, 1927–28, 1946–47, 1965–66, 2001–02 (record)
    Runners-up (4): 1895–96, 1950–51, 1988–89, 1999–2000
    Second Division (third tier)
    Play-off winners: 1998–99
    FA Cup
    Winners (4): 1904, 1934, 1956, 1969
    Runners-up (4): 1926, 1933, 1955, 1981
    League Cup
    Winners (2): 1970, 1976
    Runners-up (1): 1974
    Charity Shield
    Winners (3): 1937, 1968, 1972
    Runners-up (4): 1934, 1956, 1969, 1973
    Full Members Cup
    Runners-up (1): 1986
    European Cup Winners’ Cup
    Winners (1): 1970

    And may i remind you….


  21. stood says:

    Wow, very weak and overstated case guys

    The last one, in particular, talks about respect from players and staff, not particularly concerned with SAF.

    Tevez’s comments referred to the infrequency calls and/or text messages, he clearly wasn’t implying that Ferguson never uttered a single word to him. That’s the only thing the rest of your quotes point to.

    By the way, this is the same SAF, that *may* (reportedly) have called C.Ronaldo several times last summer without getting an answer and was ok with being snubbed everytime.

  22. willierednut says:

    hello every1, lets forget about tevez and look forward to the new season.

  23. King Eric says:

    aig – Messi is not the angel the media like to portray. Spitting incidents in Spanish league?

  24. aig alex is god says:


    his conduct is better than ronaldo and i have never heard him being banned for any such incidents.infact he handles media much beteer than ronaldo.not giving interviews every 2nd day to tabloids.reminds me of the low profile nature of giggsy and scholes.

  25. Manutd forever says:

    @King eric- agree mate messi’s no angel . It’s just that he handles media pressure way better than ronaldo. I remember him scoring a goal with his hand some 2 seasons ago(like adebayor against us the season before last).

  26. aig alex is god says:

    @Manutd forever

    thye goal u are talking abt was against espanyol in 2007.but barca lost the title to real dat dosent matter much.

  27. Marq says:

    Ya, Messi scored with a hand, an exact replica of Maradona’s goal. But he’s no angel, the spitting incident did happen, but nobody’s talking about it.

  28. aig alex is god says:

    let me clear myself here.i m getting quite a lot of stick.i m not saying messi is an angel or the perfect player

    i m just saying dat he is better than ronaldo on all fronts and most importantly more loyal to the club dat made him the player he footballer has a perfect life.everyone has some nor the other incident and now dat he is the best in the world the media will try to drag him down,just like they did with cr7.

  29. Malteser says:

    Sean, would you be so kind and count the trophies in the shitty cabinet for me please.

  30. willierednut says:

    Ronny better than messi, of topic any1 getting the top 2moz.

  31. Manutd forever says:

    @aig – i agree with you about messi. All i am saying that it’s not the end result that matter but the intention and the way that the goal is scored. It’s a fucking disgrace when anyone scores a goal with their hand.
    PS – Ronaldo might not be a better person but he is certainly better player than messi .

  32. gingerprince says:

    who gives a shit about what he says now that he’s a city player ……

  33. 7CANTONA7 says:

    Obviously as Ronaldo departed the club after stringing us a long for months i have a bitter taste in my mouth when seeing him or hearing him mentioned with Manchester United. However the absurd claims that are Messi is better then Ronaldo are quite frankly wrong.
    @aig alex is god “i m just saying dat he (Messi) is better than ronaldo on all fronts” Please explain to me how another Argentine midget who weighs 9 stone at best is better then Ronaldo. As much as i despise Ronaldo you can not deny his Natural footballing class he is stronger in the air, dribbling and most importnantly finsihing then Messi which is why he is a better Player. However a key factor which Messi does posses over Ronaldo is Tempermeant and loyalty, Messi wants to play and win for the fans and the club. Ronaldo wanted to play well for his own personal gain wether that be money, personal accolades or his desperate move to “that mob” as put so wonderfly by Sir Alex Ferguson. However all this is insignifcant to Utd fans as neither one of them will be privileged enough to be wearing the red of Manchester United next season.

  34. Scott the Red says:

    Stood – you’re including Charity Shield finals that you lost and promotion from the third division as your “history”? Fuckin hell. Even Sunderland have won three times as many league titles as City.

    Tevez says that Ferguson mistreated him for two years… yet three months ago claimed he had a great relationship with Ferguson because he had always been treated with respect by him. It’s not weak, it’s painfully obvious. Regardless, why you would be so keen to defend someone who loves United fans is beyond me…

  35. TheRedC says:

    I can understand that city fans are in need of a boost after 33 years of sweet FA. I can also understand that they need something-anything to boast about to try and give some relief from the absolute despair they are buried in. The ruins of previous city ‘revivals’ are still fresh in the memory and if it wasn’t for Newcastle then city would be the clear leaders in the ‘how many managers and directors have fucked up at your club’ stakes.

    This time round is no different. They ooze the same air of desperation, ‘quick fix’ and mediocrity that the club has become synominous with. The names that some city fans are now trying to name as superior to their opposite numbers at Old Trafford is simply laughable. Let’s go through some of them;

    Barry has never been considered as a World class player. He is not good enough and is an avarage player in terms of the top four clubs in England. He still wouldn’t get in front of Scholesy in my team, never mind Carrick, Anderson, Rooney (he plays anywhere!) or Fletcher. The same very much goes for Ireland who has always looked out of his depth against quality opposition.

    To try and put Given ahaead of Rooney (he plays anywhere), O’shea (he plays wherever he can get a game and is still better than anything city have) or VDS…well, that’s just pathetic.

    SWP has flopped at a top 4 team and is no way United class. Park and Valencia shuld have that area sown up, with Fletcher, Rooney (he plays anywhere) – John’s up for it as well – and Rafael also able to play there.

    Zabaleta…who the hell is that? Brown, Neville, Rafael, Fletcher,… Rooney (he plays anywhere!) could all play that position and at least the poor guys in India would have a chance of knowing who the right back was!

    Evra or Bridge?…don’t make me laugh! A top 4 flop against the best in the World? Evra wins this by a country mile! Fabian is the next kid to make this position uncomfortable for Evra. There is no one else in Europe who could do that.

    Robinho…only plays when city are at home, and still thinks he’s playing for Chelsea! Absolutely awfull in away games and this shows his lack of interest and character. Has scored some good goals at home but was helped with the best I saw of them by the class youngster Daniel Sturridge…who city have just sold to Chelsea! Robinho must be fuming! It also says something about city’s strategy that they get rid of one of the best youngsters in England. No, Robinho has his moments, but not enough to get in a United team. Giggs, Tosic. Nani, Wellbeck, Evra, Fabian Da Silva – they can all play there on the left and don’t go missing in away games or when they fancy a holiday in Brazil.

    Obviously Tevez doesn’t get in the team. He said himself that he couldn’t get enough games ahead of Berbatov, and he claims that United chose not to keep him. He claimed he was ‘chucked’ out of OT, and despite saying countless times in the past that he was being treated really well at OT, and Sir Alex was a great manager who had treated him well, now we get the ‘sales pitch’ from Tevez, where he is trying to tell us that all he said before was lies but now he is telling the truth.

    When he said previously that Sir Alex had contacted him in January about a new contract, that also fits in with Sir Alex’s version where he also says he had tried to contact Tevez in January. I said a few months ago that it seemed Tevez and his agent where trying to engineer the absolute best deal for the both of them. They have very strong personal and business ties and are looking out for each other. Tevez wants to go back to Argentina a very rich man and the Iranian will help him in that in return for the best posssible profit on his investment.

    So no place for a single city player at United, though I would have liked to see Sturridge in our Reserve team this year. Pity he went to Chelsea. The team Sparky is being forced to put together is a second rate squad that is built to challenge the likes of Villa and Everton. I say ‘forced’ because city have not attracted a single world class player for their 60 million outlay (so far).

    What about the two in the pipeline? Any one thinking Terry is world class must have forgotten the 2006 World Cup in a big hurry! He wouldn’t get a sniff at OT unless Jonny Evans was injured. Then he might get on the bench!

    Adebayor is one of those players who is living off one good season in the EPL. World class players do not slump so badly as he did. I would put Tevez ahead of him in terms of football ability and attitude (on the field of play). Adebayor will not find the Arsenal team of two seasons ago at city and it is players like Arsenal had then that he needs to look decent.

    Out of all this it is Sparky I feel so sorry for. He looked lost, a bit part, at the press meeting yesterday. He sat there nervously twiddling with his pen and not knowing where to look half the time. He is putting a brave face on everything but he must know deep down that his job is becoming impossible. City are no where near big enough to pull off the galacticos style signings that Real have indulged in again. What Mark is faced with is a circus where he is being forced to pay big money for cast-offs and mercanaries – just like Newcastle did a few years ago. It will all end in tears and I honestly feel that city are being primed for a huge disappointment down the line. The arabs have the money all right, but they have the money to cut their losses at city and move on to something bigger.

    There are no sugar daddies in the world of professional football. They are all after the best possible return and United and city are no exception. Despite the debt burden claims, United have just been valued at £1.8 billion. That means that the Glazers already have a huge profit should they need to meet their debt by selling the club. In that sense United have a huge margin of safety – but city? Is all the money from there owner coming at no cost or consequence? Well look at Abramovich. He actually has loans in place that would need paying back should he ever pull out of Chelsea, and the same would be the case for city I feel.

    These guys may make very affordable ‘payments/loans’ to the clubs they are ‘sponsoring’ with their billions, but they are never going to accept no return from their investement. The problem city have is reaching the heights that the arabs require. Are they going to become Champion League regulars, a stage to highlight the arab’s personal interests? Not with the players they are buying at the moment, that is for sure!

  36. gunnerseenow says:

    u do make me laugh rooney 30m ,rio,30 m,berb 25m nani 19m anderson 19m
    so you can’t talk about money when ronaldo was on about 150,ooo a week?
    80m cant get spent coz the whole club is in debt and the wheels are slowly coming off man city will be a real threat now just like how chelski won the league they will in the next 2 afraid be very afraid as tevez will
    score the winner at old trafford next season!!

    Man city
    Man utd get used to it !

  37. TheRedC says:

    gunnerseenow..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…fucking hell..what a wheeze! Jesus, ther are some clowns in North London! If any club is in danger of slipping out of the top 4 it is you guys, and that has been seen over the last two seasons. If any club is suffering because of it’s debt it is the Dippers and Arsenal. But enough. it is pointless talking to such a clown as you!

  38. willierednut says:

    Shity will probaly take your place you clown, by the way arsenal 2nd, keep sniffing the glue.

  39. mancstan says:

    Full members cup.

    Fucking hell.

  40. ash says:

    hey which team do u support, by ur name it suggests u support arsenal.
    yeah maybe u are right man city will finish in the top 4.
    but one thing u have predicted wrong mate it will not be united it will be arsenals who will be out of the top 4.
    u think u will be finishing 2nd with bendentner(watever his name his) that fucking cunt cant even score goals.
    u know thers one thing common btwn us and ur arsenals both of us make our known talent but see our talent prospers and urs declines.
    its a fact mate.
    to all those guys who think man utd will decline think again bcose we are champs.

  41. 7CANTONA7 says:

    @TheRedC Fantastic point and well backed up with reliable and harsh truths.

    @gunnerseenow how you can believe that Manchester United will be knocked out of the ‘Big 4′ by shitty, when you struggled to hold onto fourth place when Everton and Vill came knocking! Fortunately for you Villas perfomances towards the end of the season were just not good enough and you rightfully claimed fourth place. Back to your claims that United will be pushed down to 5th, last time i checked since the Barclays Premiership was formed the lowest we have finished is 3rd, whilst all other clubs yours include have been erratic in there end of season standings. this reason and the reason that we have a greater influence to players then Arsenal is why after the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez we should be able to if Sir Alex thinks we need to sign better and more promising players.

  42. Ricardo Griffin says:

    Who’s that man from Argentina,
    Who’s that man we don’t adore
    Plays with cunts, plays with twats
    May as well go eat some rats
    Well at least the lying bastard won’t be poor

  43. The Mancunian says:

    did’nt win the falkland war either you little shemale bitch’ and your welcome to the 1 foot midget queer porno star. he’s swallowed more than pride,lol

  44. OTRed says:

    @gunnerseenow: what the heck are you doing on a United blog? Run off to some arsenal forums and discuss with your fellow children, idiot.

    Anyway Man City fans, what a bunch of classy people, weren’t they singing something about Munich yesterday?

  45. bchilds says:

    That’s bollocks, I know who I beleive.

    In Fergie We Trust

  46. El Cid says:

    The cretin is an inveterate liar who does not know in his retarded state just how cantankerous and lowdown he is.

  47. Jay says:

    Theredc. That post just about sums up how bitter you cretins are! I don’t think I’d ever sit down and write that much shit about united because they do not bother THAT much! You lot can say what the fuck you want but it’s clear as owt that you are shitting yourselves. You’ve sold your lynchpin and bought absolute shite. Don’t claim to be happy with that!

  48. lee says:

    i laff at all these city fans thinkin these players r goin there with there best interests at heart ??? there not goin 4 european football and they certainly rnt goin cos there city fans, MONEY GRABBERS F.C

  49. hjah78 says:

    During the last 2 years Tevez had been a player that seemed to give his all on the pitch and seemed to love Man Utd and the fans, so of course we loved him back, and of course we wanted him to stay permanently, but all this was before all the bullshit that’s gone on during the last few weeks.
    First he goes and signs for one of our most bitter rivals, what does he, or any of the City fans criticizing our reaction expect? do you people remember wen Campbell went from Spurs to Arsenal, or when Figo showed up at Nou Camp as a Madrid player for the first time, or whe Ince went and signed for Liverpool? what kind of reception do you think Owen’s gonna get at Anfield when he shows up there wearing a Man Utd top? in football there are some lines you should not cross and if you do you have to live with the consequences… I even lost some respect for Sparky when he took the City job!!!
    But hey, I still didn’t hate him, felt betrayed and very disappointed, but no hate there, then Tevez starts trashing SAF at every given opportunity, saying that scoring against Man Utd and shouting in SAF face would be the most beautiful thing in football, and then he claims to still love the fans??? what on earth is going through this guys head??? what does he expect from us??? there’s a guy who’s given 22 years of his life to our club and guided us to 30 mayor trophies and a guy who scored 19 goals for the club in 2 loan seasons, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who we’re gonna side with!
    The guy is a compulsive liar, we all saw the stories and interviews before were he said was treated like family at Man Utd and that he had a great relationship with SAF and that he couldn’t imagine leaving the club, no he comes out saying all this stuff??? now all the sudden SAF only spoke to him once in two years??? and this is not made up stuff, anyone that watches or reads sports news every now and again would now that!!!
    I would even admit that if asked before all this went down, about a month ago, if I would swap Tevez for Owen I would’ve said no, but that was more for emotional reasons than anything, but lets be honest, Tevez can’t really hold a candle to a fully fit Owen. Tevez has scored 26 goals in 89 Premier League matches with West Ham and Man Utd, hardly a prolific goal scorer, more like decent, just above average striker, in the other hand Owen’s goal tally speaks for itself, also take into consideration that last season Owen’s 10 goals were double the amount Tevez scored for us!!!
    Then there’s of course the fact that he can’t work in a rotation, moaning constantly ’cause he’s not on the pitch on every minute of every game, when last season Tevez played more minutes than Rooney and more minutes than Berbatov, only Ronaldo spent more time on the pitch than him, but hey! he’s only the FIFA World Player of th year!!!
    He leaves us, rejecting our offer, brushes aside the interest from Chelsea, Real Madrid and Liverpool and sings for a team that offers no European football, a team with no chance of winning the league, a team with really poor record in cup competitions and considering the amount of strikers they have plus the ones they’ve bought, he’ll be spending less time on the pitch and more on the bench than he ever did with us. Apart from money, can anyone think of a reason why he would make such a move???
    You know what my dear City fan, you’re welcome to him, good luck with his attitude and his poor goal return for someone of his “quality” that cost you £25 M and £150 K a week!!! good luck when he throws a strop when he realizes he’s not playing every minute of every game and starts bad mouthing your manager, your directives and your team… ’cause we’ll be watching, and god damn it we’ll be laughing!!!


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