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Carra: I Asked Owen About Nani Injury After My Terrible Tackle

Jamie Carragher has admitted that his attack on Nani, which left our winger with a cut to the bone, was “terrible”. With the game being played at Anfield, Phil Dowd failed to send Carragher off for the assault, but Mr Liverpool has admitted that his action took the shine off the result for him.

“It was a terrible tackle,” Carragher said. “I apologised to the lad after the game. I think he was training again after a week, fortunately. He’s been one of the best players this year – not just at Man United but in the league. I’d just gone to full-back and he’d just switched sides. I’m not stupid – I know Fergie was thinking ‘Let’s get at him’. So I thought I’d try and get as tight as I could. He slightly mis-controlled the ball and I thought I could get it. We beat Man United, great win – but it took the shine off it a bit later on when I watched it. I spoke to Michael Owen a few days later to find out how the lad was doing and I was pleased he was okay.”

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  1. torontored says:

    Scousers are scousers the world over. Played with a few over here – generally first to leave when “it kicks off”. Sawneys / Irish /Cockneys and Geordies always there to cover your back – only knew two who stuck it out.

    Great at telling tales – and great at being hard men when the odds are in.

    Carragher still did apologise so reckon he meant it – probably not a shithouse and always plays for the shirt – remember he is an Everton fan.

    Now what did piss me off was the dirty twat who did Rafael (knee high)and the other fucker who pulled his hair _ ref was a wanker that day – what does go around comes around. Even the FA can see that – so we will not see those refs again.

    UNITED 194 – 2011

  2. jespermoses says:

    Fair play to him coming out with that as he didnt have to.

  3. RedToTheCore says:

    Was going to post a comment…….. read all the comments……….. totally forgot what the article was about……………………………………………………………………………..

    Ah! Carragher’s tackle on Nani, dirty scouse fucker meant it and knew full well what he was doing, can’t wait to give that cunt shit at Old Trafford next season.

  4. Matlab Guy says:

    Sorry… I have not introduced myself yet… I’m a Man United fan from a country next to singapore.
    I just found about this site after a friend of mine mentioned it to me a couple of days ago. It’s really a cool site.

    OK, back to my comment about this entry… I think the tackle was quite similar but not the same as jonny evans did to the unfortunate Bolton player the other day. But I think Nani was really lucky that the injury was not that bad. I think the whole team is lucky that Nani can return and resume playing for the club and lately, the country too. It’s quite tough for a defender to deal with fancy player like Nani, so Nani must expect that coming to him.

    It’s a game and that’s the risk.

    By the way, it’s a boring week because Man U is not playing…

  5. smartalex says:

    Matlab Guy, welcome!

    I think that the 2 ‘tackles’ are in no way similar.

    Carra’s was not a tackle, it was a vicious lunging kick.
    Evans’ also wasn’t a tackle. It was a 50:50 where 2 players went off their feet to win the ball.

    Carra considers his ‘tackle’ to be his worst ever. Quite a statement.

  6. Hassan says:

    Hi am hassan man u fan writing frm east africa great site my comments 2 carra’s apology is not accepted bcs he did it intentionaly..gud luck 2 man u team

  7. smartalex says:

    Hi Hassan, welcome!

    I agree, Carra did it intentionally. He is only apologizing to soothe his guilt.
    Where in East Africa are you? I was born in Nairobi. Jambo!
    Please don’t use text talk like ‘frm’ and ‘bcs’. It is hard enough understanding and communicating with people with diverse educations. Thanks. Also, most supporters find the term ‘man u’ very offensive. A lot of people don’t know that, so no harm done, but take it on board. The term is used by haters of United in songs about the tragic events at Munich.

  8. Kingsamuel ndukwo says:

    Till chelsea march

  9. Den says:

    Fuck u Crra. Every Ref. should have an eye on u from now on.


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