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Carragher: I’m Jealous Of Giggs And Scholes

Jamie Carragher has admitted today that he is jealous of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs for all the success they’ve had with United. Carragher’s best moment for Liverpool was winning the European Cup, but our legends have done that twice. Liverpool haven’t won the league since 1990, when Carragher was just 12-years-old old, whilst Giggs has 12 league winners medals whilst Scholes has 10.

“I’d love to have won the league for Liverpool as it’s been so long,” he said. “But were we ever really good enough? We never threw it away. There was always someone better than us. These players who say, ‘Oh, I’ve won the league three times.’ They’ve been at Chelsea or United but they’re not a regular. They play all over the place, they come in, they go out. I could do that. I could do that for Chelsea or United, not a problem. But I’ve been one of the main players for Liverpool, winning the European Cup, winning the Cup treble. OK, I’m probably jealous of Giggs and Scholes and their titles and European Cups. But I played for my team my whole life and I’ve been one of the main players in what we’ve done. I could have won the league going somewhere else and just playing 25 games. I’m good enough to have won the league. I’m not trying to sound big-headed but more often than not we’ve had one of the best defensive records each season.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Kanchelskis – Ha. Strike me down!! No seriously like some say he is a decent lad Carragher and always respectful of United and Fergie. Talks sense and what I love about him is the fact he called up that cunt Durham and offered him out. He doesn’t give a fuck about Ingerlund and fair play for that. Ask any dipper about Nev, Scholes or Giggs and they have upmost respect for them.

    Red Billy – Hey up pal. Sound thanks. He is nearly 9 months now and babbling away. Kips like a log too which is good. You well?

  2. King Eric says:

    “What the fuck do you mean he’s one of them? Stands on the pitch singing songs and chucking piss around does he?”

    Ha. Quality. I have been to Anfield a few times, does this make me a proper fan then? Fuck me.

  3. kanchelskis says:


    Only if Gerrard and Carragher hurled their shit at you like wild apes.

  4. Redbilly says:

    King Eric- sleeping is better than keeping you awake mate . All well thanks. Young stepson now a united obsessed 11 yr old which is fantastic. Miss reading posts from some if the absent posters but all is well. . Dippers worst PL start for 50 yrs so yes, all is well.

  5. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    He’s said nice things about us over the years. In a bitter-but-i-have-no-choice-but-to-admit-it sort of way.

  6. Keanoisdaman says:

    keano99 what a moron you are,its nobheads like you that give football a bad name,Carragher is a decent fella….end of,to hate all things liverpool just because it is liverpool is just retarded.Sure they have some scumbags who throw piss and shit,and other cunts who sing munich songs,but thats not all of them,I know loads of decent scousers who would never do such shite….we have are own twats who sing vile songs(no doubt you are one of these big hard brave boys) but we all dont sing them.Grow up and get a life…

  7. Mr C says:

    What Andooo said @ 18:58 pretty much sums it up.

    A limited player like Carragher should consider himself fortunate to have played in a EPL winning side, and thank Gerrard for that gong. He’s also deluded if he thinks he’d get anywhere near a United or Chelsea side.

  8. Marq says:


    We are football supporters, supporting a club called Manchester United, but we don’t let football loyalties decide who are the people worth respecting. You have too much hate and letting such things run your life is plain silly. By your logic any supporter of a rival club having respect for Scholes & Giggs should be beaten up? You seriously need a check with the psychologist mate, letting a game run your life like that.

  9. Jsb says:

    “OK, I’m probably jealous of Giggs and Scholes and their titles and European Cups. But I played for my team my whole life and I’ve been one of the main players in what we’ve done.”

    So have Giggs & Scholes. They’ve played for their team their entire lives and they’ve been the main players in everything United have achieved. Together they have well over a thousand appearances!

    Also, if he’d have gone to a more successful team he wouldn’t have been ‘just another player’, he would have started every game at a club like Chelsea – AND won the league.

    He appears to be justifying his decision to stay at a relatively unsuccessful club (in comparison to the alternatives) by saying he’s been an integral player in their meager success.

  10. Corea says:

    Clutching at straws ?
    Even if Carragher had his chances to go elsewhere it was his own choice. But i think it is just a matter of him answering direct question.
    Some choices, honest choices, doesn’t necessarily bring success and wellness.

  11. Raizzen says:

    Any man with a single team his whole life deserves respects.

  12. StatesideAussie says:

    In these days of rampant greed and mega-bucks, I’ll tip my hat to any player who devotes his entire career at a single club. Even if he is a cunt :-) hahaha! But seriously, I don’t have anything against him. Seems to me he was being pretty honest about it. “But were we ever really good enough? We never threw it away. There was always someone better than us.” Can’t argue with that for honesty. Compared to some of the loser whinging cunts around, it’s a breath of fresh air.

  13. T. says:

    Proper footballer in an average team. Cudos to him for sticking by his club. That if something deserves respect in the days of mercenaries-and-billion-dollar-contract-handed-out-to-everyone-that-can-put-a-signature-on-a-paper-by-those-fuckin-cunt-arabs.

  14. mara says:

    You really hate him, dont’ ya? :-)

  15. FootballWasntInventedIn1992 says:


    I hear you brother. Fan culture is changing for the worse and the majority of people on here reflect that. These arnt dyed-in-the-wool born and bred Mancunian Manchester United fans: They are Soccer AM watching; Toms wearing; moral high ground; no-marks. You will never reason with these people and nor should you try to. Leave them to their little corner of the web where they can brown-nose the enemy and wax-lyrical on how fair and moral they are. How they are all good and born and bred’ders like us know nothing.

    All clubs have these fools. Like the ones who wanted Wenger out at Arsenal. Or the ones whose first cITY shirt had an eagle on the badge. The world needs these fools to balance out the clued-up.

  16. chrsprk26 says:

    So showing a little respect (most of it backhanded, as they’re usually followed by ‘still a twat for that tackle’ or something to that effect) to a rival’s player now puts you down on the level of bandwagon riders and the kind of people who would spit on the likes of Ferguson and Wenger while following either of their respective clubs?

    Seems like you’re being a little TOO nostalgic for the 80s are ya by any chance?

  17. Always Be Closing says:

    @LoneStarRed – it doesn’t matter if it’s malicious or not, he and everyone else knows he’s an awful tackler and puts people in danger by going in.

  18. DreadedRed says:

    FootballWasntInventedIn1992 declares that “all Manchester United fans that are not born and bred Mancunian are Soccer AM watching; Toms wearing; moral high ground; no-marks.”

    Keano99 declares that “only when ur spending a couple of grand on season tickets and travel every season like me and 52 thousand other reds then u can comment” on United.

    You are both cunts. You dismiss 99% of United fans as irrelevant no-marks. Fuck you.
    Fuck your birth, fuck your life, fuck your death. Fuck your views, fuck your selves.
    Fuck your home, fuck your job, fuck you.

    We are United. You are both elitist, self-centered, big-headed, xenophobic neanderthals.

    Manchester United is the greatest football club in the world BECAUSE of us far-flung Reds. Without our support, United would NOT be a world football power. We are United. You are living the dream because we have enabled United. All of us.

    You want a club that only respects local fans? Tough shit, you’re too late. United chose us. United wanted supporters from all over England, United wanted supporters from all over Europe, United wanted supporters from all over the world. United searched us out. They wanted our support, they got our support. United is us.

    There are many “born and bred’ders” that have posted on RoM. The vast majority appreciate and respect us Reds that are not from Manchester. We appreciate and respect them. Together, we are all United. The local fans, the distant fans, all of us, WE ARE UNITED!

  19. Keanoisdaman says:

    footballwasntinventedprick,Ive been watchin utd since the 70`s,been to anfield when the whole of the anfield road was singin about munich,I cant stand liverpool fans,but I would never lower myself by chanting about people dying who went to a football match its pathetic at best…if that doesnt make me a top red like you and that keano nob then so be it…..clued up?? pmsl,grow up more like

  20. United 53 says:

    DreadedRed – agree with you. This whole born and bred stuff is bollox. City use it and it’s absolute bollox.
    1. If you’re born in Manchester and then move away as a kid does that mean you should no longer support United?
    2. If you’re born in Germany but your parents were mancs? same thing?
    3. If you just happened to want support united aged 6 for no other reason than you loved Ronaldo, Beckham or Nobby Stiles….
    Who Gives a FUCK – we’re United…whether you wear ared shirt with Aon on or a black Prada zip up…
    Your team is United – we’re all lucky have made at least ONE great Decision in our lives …to support a great team and club loved by millions around the world….

    Footballwasntinvented in1992 – you are too narrow minded – I don’t doubt you are a staunch supporter but we all are in different ways! I was born in Chorlton (cum hardy as it was known then) and we used to get a bus to Old T in 60′s, 70′s as a teen were great, 80′s too by the 90′s I had 2 season tkts and was going with my lad who know follows FC United whilst I have had to give up my season tkst due to being skint again!!! Each to their own…

    As for Carragher comments – when he says I have played for my team for 2 million years etc His team was Everton until he was 17!!!! NOB!


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